The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 13 - Magical Cultivation

Chapter 13: Magical Cultivation

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Although Mo Chu had the water element ability, he was still a layman when it came to cultivation.

In this aspect, Mo Yang was naturally an expert. Although the two of them had different types of elements, their cultivation methods were the same.

However, as the saying goes, a master leads the pupil to the door, but the pupil needs to walk the rest of the way. Even if Mo Yang told Mo Chu his cultivation method without any reservations, it was not an easy thing to integrate it.

“Aiya! Why is it still not working?” Mo Chu scratched her head helplessly, her eyebrows were almost knotted.

During this period of time, she had followed Mo Yang’s cultivation method word for word, but there was no effect at all. Feeling extremely depressed, Mo Chu stuffed the french fries into her mouth.

This was a trick that she had just come up with recently.

A few days ago, she had been lucky enough to find beans. With the beans, there would naturally be soybean oil. Then, she cut the potatoes into small pieces and fried them in the pot. This was the simplified version of the french fries, and it was a success! This crispy and fragrant texture was something that she had not tasted for a long time.

The corner of her mouth was chewing with relish. Suddenly, Mo Chu noticed that the elements around her were actually showing signs of fluctuation. These elements had not moved at all before.

In her joy, Mo Yang immediately stopped eating and focused on sensing the elemental energy around her. However, the moment she closed her eyes, it was as if the elements were playing hide-and-seek with her. It instantly calmed down and blended into the air without a trace.

Mo Chu almost spat out a mouthful of blood! You can’t play with people like that! I don’t believe this!

Mo Chu closed his eyes again and concentrated her energy. She tried her best to feel the elemental power around her, trying to absorb the water element into her body.

After concentrating for almost half an hour, the mischievous elements seemed to have fallen into a period of sleep. There was no fluctuation at all, let alone absorbing it into her body.

“Sigh…” Mo Chu let out a long sigh. She suddenly grabbed a handful of french fries and stuffed them into her mouth. At this time, she could only rely on delicious food to comfort her injured little soul.

Unexpectedly, just as she was swallowing the food, the surrounding elements suddenly began to move. It was as if she had pressed the play button. Each and every one of them began to dance to their heart’s content. Their small bodies were twisting with joy!

Mo Chu was dumbfounded. Fortunately, she still had a shred of rationality. She quickly closed her eyes and tried her best to absorb the surrounding water elements into her body.

The absorption turned out to be quite amazing!

All the elements rushed into her body like perverts seeing a beauty. They pushed and shoved each other as if they were afraid of falling behind. It was only until Mo Chu’s body was close to reaching the energy saturation point that the rest of the elements stopped surging. However, they still lingered around her a few moments before they quieted down.

When Mo Chu opened her eyes, she was completely dumbfounded!

It’s over! It’s over for her now!

The reason why everyone’s elements were different was that they could only absorb one type of element. For example, Mo Yang was a lightning element, so he could only absorb the lightning element in the environment.

However, why was she upset?

Water elements users should only be able to absorb the water element, right? Why did all the elements enter her body? Would it not be bad for her to absorb them?

Mo Yang had gone out to do some work, so she did not even have anyone to ask.

Right! Mo Chu came back to her senses and quickly opened her Personal Terminal. She logged onto the element forum and posted anonymously: [May I ask if a person can absorb all the elements?]

Perhaps it was because Mo Chu’s post was too unbelievable, there was no response at first. However, soon, someone replied and the discussion became heated.

[Hehehe, the moderator is too whimsical. This kind of thing simply can not be tolerated by the heavens. The conclusion is: Impossible!]

[Actually, according to the theory of element relativity, the poster’s idea is still possible. But in reality, it is impossible to have a body that can match all the elements, so this is a false proposition!]

[The poster must have read too many novels to have such an idea, right?]

[That’s right. He doesn’t cultivate properly all day and only thinks about such trivial things. Young people nowadays are really hopeless.]

[I agree! + 1.]

[I agree as well. + 2.]

[This is the collision of our young people’s imagination and creativity. What do you know? You bunch of old folks.]

[I agree with the above. +1.]


By the end of the post, the discussion was had been totally crooked.

Mo Chu was not interested to continue reading, but the answer she wanted was already there.

Obviously, it was not normal for her to absorb all the elements! Not to mention the element all rushing into her body spontaneously. It was such a strange thing. She had a hunch that if this matter were to leak, people might regard her as crazy!

After all, the main reason why the gap between special ability users would widen in the later stages of their cultivation was due to the difference in their cultivation talent. The key point was the difference in their affinity towards the elements. With a strong affinity towards elements, naturally, one would be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Generally speaking, the affinity of special ability users fluctuated between 30% to 50%, and an affinity of over 60% could be considered as an outstanding talent. Mo Chu thought back to the situation of her cultivation just now. Her affinity was definitely off the charts!

Before she had time to think further, Mo Chu was suddenly enveloped by a comfortable feeling that she had never felt before. It was as though the discomfort in her body had been alleviated and dissipated at this moment. After being stunned for a long while, she finally recovered from this feeling.

After taking a closer look, Mo Chu discovered that her entire body was in extremely good condition. Unlike her previous weak and listless appearance, her skin was smooth and fair, while her eyes were sparkling with life. Even her hair appeared exceptionally moist and bright. She felt as if her entire spirit was about to overflow!

Was this the feeling of being filled with elemental energy?

It was simply miraculous!

How should she put it? It was as if her entire body was soaked in milk, and energy was slowly seeping into every pore of her body.

When Mo Yang returned, he was truly shocked by his sister’s improvement!

His level was much higher than Mo Chu’s. Naturally, he could see that Little Chu’s energy had increased by a huge margin in just a short day. This cultivation speed could only be described as ‘terrifying’!

His heart could not help but be filled with pride.

My sister is really good!

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