The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 12 - Elemental Ability Test

Chapter 12: Elemental Ability Test

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With the successful experience of the potato, Mo Yang and Mo Chu would go to the market every now and then. However, every time they bought something, it was something that others did not like. In the beginning, there were many people who were shocked. However, as time passed, as time passed, everyone got used to it.

There were quite a number of people who imitated Mo Yang because of his fame and bought quite a number of things. However, the key was that they did not know what was the use of buying these things. They could not get anything out of them, and there was no news from the surroundings. In the end, they could only admit that they were unlucky.

Mo Chu could not care less about the doubts and unwillingness of others. She was extremely happy now!

After these few days of scavenging, she had successfully found quite a few ingredients. In addition, Mo Yang had specially ordered a set of kitchen utensils for her on the Starnet. Now, she could already cook a few simple side dishes.

Although it was still lacking in flavor, she had at least managed to get rid of the threat of awful food like clear milk. It was a joyous occasion that deserved to be celebrated by the whole world!

Seeing that Little Chu’s health was getting better and better, Mo Yang was also happy. He even took the time to bring her to the Medical Research Institute for a check-up.

The result of the check-up naturally surprised Shen Yi and the others!

Logically speaking, with Mo Chu’s sensitive constitution, she could only take clear milk. However, the clear milk alone was unable to satisfy the various energy needs of her body. In the long run, Mo Chu’s body should gradually weaken. However, the facts that appeared in the inspection report were like a hard slap in the face!

Not only was Mo Chu’s body not as weak as they had expected, but it was also recovering at a rapid rate. At this rate, it would not be long before Mo Chu’s body would be no different from an ordinary person’s.

Upon hearing this news, Mo Yang finally felt at ease. It was only now that he recalled something that he had neglected for a long time — Elemental Ability Test.

Generally speaking, after a Federation citizen was born, they would be sent by their parents to the relevant institutions to test their elemental ability. However, an accident had happened not long after Mo Chu was born, and she had been unconscious until now. So, naturally, she did not have the chance to have her elemental abilities tested.

“Brother, can I do it?” At the thought of having to participate in the Elemental Ability Test in two days, Mo Chu could not help but feel a little apprehensive.

This elemental ability was not like shopping cabbages on the streets. Not everyone could have it. Just within the Federation’s population of close to a hundred million people as an example, there were only a million people who could activate their elemental ability. The probability of this happening was one in a thousand! It was comparable to the college entrance examination back then!

“It’s alright, just treat it as a game.” Mo Yang was rather open-minded. To him, Little Chu being able to wake up was already a gift from the heavens. The rest was not very important.

On the first night of the test, Mo Chu was actually so nervous that she could not fall asleep!

One had to know that after 1,000 years, the Earth’s resources had been announced to be exhausted. Currently, 90% of the Federation’s resources came from the surrounding magical plants and magical beasts. The place where they gathered was known as the ‘Magical Region’. There, the Federation’s high-tech weapons were completely useless, and the only thing they could rely on was their elemental ability!

To put it bluntly, only when you truly possessed elemental abilities would your life be in your hands!

Although Hu Qing’s words were unpleasant, there was one thing she said that was right. The current Mo Chu was indeed a burden to Mo Yang. She had slowed down Mo Yang’s progress! If it was not for her, with Mo Yang’s strength, he would have long ascended as a rising star, displaying his talents to the world at large. He would not have been limited to a small place like District 12.

Therefore, she had to quicken her pace and catch up with her brother’s pace as soon as possible!

The next day, early morning.

Mo Chu scooped two bowls of white porridge and a plate of cabbage. A faint fragrance spread throughout the house, truly tempting one’s appetite.

Speaking of which, the food of the Federation was really strange.

Take this rice for example. When Mo Chu first smelled it, he thought it was corn. Who knew that after it was cooked, it would actually taste like rice. However, compared to the rice of Earth, the size of the Federation’s rice was clearly much larger. A grain of rice was about the size of a fingernail.

Mo Yang had also fallen in love with the food cooked by his younger sister. Every time he ate it, his taste buds be wholly satisfied as if they had been deprived. Just the smell of the food alone would make him feel good for an entire day.

After finishing their meal, the two of them drove to the testing center.

There were not as many people here as Mo Chu had thought. On the contrary, it was rather deserted. There were only a few people in the bright and spacious hall. However, they were all parents carrying one or two-year-old children, it was rare to see people as old as Mo Chu.

“Hello, is there anything you need?” The intelligent machine in the middle of the hall scanned the information of the strangers and sent out a voice inquiry.

Mo Yang brought Mo chu forward and selected the ‘Elemental Ability Test’ on the light screen. A form immediately popped up on the light screen. After Mo Yang filled in Mo Chu’s basic information and submitted it, after a minute of review, the intelligent machine gave the instruction. “Please come to Room 5 to participate in the test.”

Room 5 was not far away.

Mo Chu took a deep breath and stepped into Room 5. There was no one inside except for a floating ball in the middle.

To outsiders, the ball appeared transparent and clear. However, it was unbelievably beautiful in Mo Chu’s eyes.

Various colors of light swirled around on it as if a rainbow had been thrown over it. It was pure and intense. All the colors blended together, and from time to time, new colors would burst out. It was simply breathtaking.

Mo Yang, who was watching from the monitor outside, could not help but feel anxious. Was Little Chu nervous? Why was she just staring at the test ball foolishly without moving?

Fortunately, Mo Chu snapped back to her senses in time and quickly walked forward.

She had already understood the process, so she carefully placed her hand on the test ball. At the intersection of the two, a faint soft light poured down. Mo Yang quickly closed her eyes and focused her attention. Before the primal power that she had gathered with all her might erupted, a voice notification could be heard. “Detection completed.”

Mo Chu suddenly opened his eyes. That was quick!

The voice notification continued, “Detection result: Water element, tier 1.”

If one were to calculate, the water element should be the least destructive of all the elements. Other than being able to provide water in the Magical Region, it actually had no practical use. People often lamented that this was a type of useless element.

However, to the clueless Mo Chu, and the sister-obsessed Mo Yang, the lethality was not important at all. To be able to possess elemental abilities was already very impressive, okay?

At this moment, no one noticed that the detection sphere in Room 5 was actually emitting a faint white light. However, in the blink of an eye, it quietly disappeared again

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