The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 11 - Turning the Tables

Chapter 11: Turning the Tables

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When they returned home, Mo Chu began to fiddle with the roots of the Thousand Vine Grass.

At first, Mo Yang was a little worried. After all, the roots of the Thousand Vine Grass were poisonous, and Little Chu’s physique was so weak. What if something happened to her? However, after observing for a while, he saw that Little Chu was still going strong, so he did not interfere.

Mo Chu was also very curious about this thing. She poured out the sack of roots and covered it all over the ground.

The Thousand Vine Grass got its name from its very well-developed roots. As long as there was soil, it could quickly take root and sprout, making it impossible to guard against. Once a person was entangled, it was impossible to escape from it without being sucked dry of flesh and blood.

However, the ones in Mo Chu’s sack had been harvested in a special way and did not have the ability to regenerate, so there was no need to worry.

Mo Chu swallowed her saliva. The moment she thought that the thing in front of her might be a potato, she could not help but burst into laughter.

Now that she had this sack of strange plants, there would be sweet and sour potato shreds, braised potato pieces, and fried potato chips. Just thinking about it made her feel extremely happy!

However, Mo Chu flipped through them carefully and suddenly realized that a small part of each root was covered by a sort of white gas, while the rest was covered by black gas. The color contrast was very distinct.

Mo Chu had a flash of inspiration. She took out a small knife and cut off the white part. She sniffed it, and the fragrance of the potato was several times stronger than before. When she sniffed the black part, there was almost no smell of the potato.

The roots of the Thousand Vine Grass were poisonous. Could it be that the area covered by the black gas was the poisonous part, and the white part was the edible potato?

The more Mo Chu thought about it, the more excited she became. She wanted to test this theory immediately.

However, she realized that there was not even a spatula in this world, let alone basic oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea!

How could she make sweet and sour potato strips without these things? Mo Chu, you’re really too naive!

She had no choice but to settle for the next best thing. She simply picked out the potato pieces one by one and threw them into the small fire. She could even eat a baked potato directly.

Half an hour later, a strong fragrance was emitted. Mo Chu’s stomach started to growl as if it was responding to her.

Mo Chu could not care less about whether it was too hot to hold or not. She casually picked one out from the pile and swiftly tore off the outer skin. A fragrance unique to potatoes assailed her nostrils. That familiar fragrance made her even more impatient as she stuffed the potatoes into her mouth. With a light bite, she was so moved by that delicious taste that she was about to cry!

Could you blame her? Compared to drinking pure milk every day, Mo Chu felt as though she had gone to heaven!

After just one bite, the hunger in her stomach was aroused. Mo Chu continued to eat four or five more before she stopped. Even after that, she still clutched one in her hand and took a bite from time to time. She looked like a pet hamster.

Mo Yang saw this scene as soon as he came out and could not help but laugh.

However, he instantly came back to his senses. What was Little Chu eating? Looking at the roots of the Thousand Vine Grass that had been cut into pieces, Mo Yang’s expression instantly changed. With a ‘Pow!’, he forcefully slapped away the root in Mo Chu’s hand.

This girl actually ate the roots of the Thousand Vine Grass, and she ate it with relish. It almost scared him to death!

“Little Chu, how are you feeling?” Mo Yang’s heart was beating rapidly. “This thing is poisonous. How can you eat it recklessly?”

“I’m fine.” Mo Chu had yet to react. She only ate a baked potato, right? What could be wrong with her?

“No, you have to follow me to the Medical Research Institute to have a look.” Mo Yang was still worried. Although the poison of the Thousand Vine Grass was not very strong, Little Chu had eaten so much. It was hard to guarantee that there would not be any problems. Just in case, it was better to take a look.

“I’m really fine.” Mo Chu only reacted at this moment and hurriedly grabbed Mo Yang’s hand. “Brother, do I look like I’m poisoned?”

Hearing this, Mo Yang carefully examined her. His tightly knitted brows gradually relaxed.

Previously, Mo Chu’s face had always been pale, and she looked appeared extremely weak. Now, her face was rosy and her eyes were spirited. It was as if she had suddenly eaten some kind of tonic.

If Mo Chu knew what Mo Yang was thinking, she would definitely complain. It was because she was starving half to death that she looked like that before!

“Brother, why don’t you try it too?” Mo Chu had already proven that the potatoes were harmless. Naturally, she hoped that Mo Yang could try it too.

After receiving the baked potato from Mo Chu, Mo Yang could not help but be slightly stunned.

After calming down, he finally recalled that the poison of the Thousand Vine Grass acted up very quickly. Previously, someone had accidentally eaten its rhizome. In less than 30 seconds, there were signs of poisoning. That person was instantly disoriented and was extremely dizzy. However, Little Chu had probably eaten it for more than half an hour now. She was still in high spirits. This could only mean that she was not poisoned.

In other words, not only was the Thousand Vine Grass not poisonous, it could also be eaten?

Thinking of this, Mo Yang subconsciously took a bite.

Although it was his first time coming into contact with this kind of food, his stomach, which was forced to get accustomed to something like a nutrition capsule, was instantly satisfied. An indescribably wonderful taste lingered in his taste buds.

“Also, brother, look at this.” Mo Chu placed the potato and the poisonous root in front of Mo Yang. “Look, do you see any difference between these two?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but observe carefully. However, after looking for a while, he really did not see any difference between the two. He could only shake his head helplessly.

“No? How could there be no difference?” Mo Chu was puzzled.

“There’s a very obvious ball of black gas on this.” Mo Chu pointed at the poisonous root. Then, she pointed at the potato again. “There’s a ball of white gas on this. It’s very obvious. Brother, take a closer look.”

“Black gas? White gas?” Mo Yang frowned slightly. He once again looked at the potato in his hand and the Thousand Vine Grass root on the ground. However, he still did not see the black gas and white gas that Mo Chu mentioned. “Little Chu, I really don’t see it.”

Mo Chu could not help but be stunned. Initially, she thought that everyone would be able to see it. However, looking at her brother’s appearance, it was clearly not what she thought. Could it be that she was the only one who could see it?

Mo Yang’s thoughts were far deeper than Mo Chu’s.

The Federation’s resources relied on plundering the energy of magical plants and magical beasts. No one had ever thought that something like the roots of the Thousand Vine Grass could actually be used as food. Once this news was spread out, it would definitely cause a huge uproar.

“Little Chu.” Mo Yang put down the potatoes in his hands and looked at her with an extremely serious gaze. “You must keep this matter a secret. You must not let anyone else know about it. Do you understand?”

“Okay, I understand.” Mo Chu nodded. She understood the principle that one would be punished for possessing wealth. Without absolute strength, she would naturally not foolishly reveal her trump card.

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