The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 10 - Potatoes Have Appeared

Chapter 10: Potatoes Have Appeared

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After leaving the Wild Wolf Team, Mo Yang rented a room with two bedrooms and a living room in the center of the district. This would do for the time being.

The resources allocated for the previous mission were still in his hands. Leaving behind the necessary item, Mo Yang was prepared to sell the remaining items at the trade market.

He was not short of money at the moment, but if he wanted to change Little Chu’s constitution, he had to head to the Central Region of the Federation. Once he arrived there, his little bit of money would be worthless.

“Little Chu, do you want to go with me?” Mo Yang would not protect Mo Chu under his wings. He was very clear that he would not be able to stay by Mo Chu’s side all the time. The best way for him to take care of her was to allow her to grow up step by step.

“Alright.” Mo Chu agreed immediately.

Up until now, her understanding of the Federation was still very one-sided. After all, there was a gap of over 100 years, and she could not make up for it all at once. She could only slowly come into contact with it bit by bit to better integrate into this society.

The Federation could not be considered peaceful. There were extremely savage magical plants and magical beasts scattered all around this continent. Humans needed to rely on hunting them to obtain sufficient energy, while they would devour the flesh and blood of humans. The two factions would not rest until one of them was dead, forming a magical, tragic cycle.

The Federation was divided into 12 districts. The closer one was to the border, the greater the danger. However, danger also brought rewards. It was because of this that the people were flourishing at the border through their business transactions.

District 12 was one of the outstanding ones. The trading market here had always been bustling.

Of course, depending on the quality of the goods, this place was also divided into several classes. There were stalls like night markets, regular shops, and more advanced ones that directly put the goods into the auction house for auction.

The goods in Mo Yang’s hands were of decent quality, so he planned to place the goods in a shop that he was familiar with. When the goods were sold, the shop would take a commission and automatically transfer the rest of the money to his account.

“Aiyo! This person is…” Will was the owner of this shop, and he was quite familiar with Mo Yang. This was the first time he saw this guy bringing a girl over. Naturally, he could not help but be curious. Just as he was about to tease him, he was interrupted.

“This is my sister. She just woke up a few days ago.” Mo Yang knew that this guy had a wrong idea when he saw the look in his eyes. He glared at him.

“Yo! Your little sister woke up?” Will’s eyes widened when he heard this. He naturally knew that Mo Yang had a little sister who had been unconscious for more than ten years. However, he did not expect to see the real person today!

“This is a joyous occasion.” Will had a warm personality at first glance. He said happily, “Mo Yang’s little sister is my little sister. Come, brother will prepare a gift for you today.”

“No need.” Mo Chu quickly shook his head and declined.

“Little Sister Chu, are you going to decline my gift?” Will seemed to be unhappy as he frowned, “If you dislike me, then just pretend that I didn’t say that!”

“Well…” Mo Chu was in a difficult position.

“It’s alright, this guy is always like this. He’s crazy like that!” It was Mo Yang who spoke again, “Little Chu, just accept it.”

“That’s right!” Hearing this, Will immediately beamed with joy. He carefully took a box from the counter and opened it. Inside, there was an exquisite bracelet, there were many transparent purple beads attached to it. It was extremely beautiful.

Mo Chu naturally did not know how precious this thing was. However, Mo Yang’s expression changed. This Purple Spirit Pearl was obtained from the Purple Deer. It was carved with a special technique and had the effect of gathering Qi to nourish the spirit, it was extremely suitable for Little Chu’s current situation.

Just this bracelet alone was enough to cover the total amount of resources that he had brought with him this time.

“Will, this thing is too valuable. You…” Before Mo Yang could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Will.

“Hey, you rascal, I’m giving this to Little Sister Chu. It’s none of your business. Don’t say anything.” Will straightforwardly waved his hand. “Besides, things are just objects. Why would a man like me keep this?”

Mo Yang was not a shy person, so he simply accepted his kindness. “Alright, thank you.”

“It’s alright. We’re so close, so why do we need to talk about something like this? By the way, it’s still early. Why don’t you bring Little Sister Chu around?”

Will’s business was quite good. As he spoke, several customers entered.

Seeing this, Mo Yang did not want to disturb Will any longer. “Mm, we’ll be leaving first then. You can continue with your work.”

After leaving Will’s shop, Mo Chu looked at the dazzling array of things on the street. She felt like she was at a night market in the past.

Suddenly, a faintly discernible smell entered Mo Chu’s nose, attracting her empty stomach and hungry taste buds. Mo Chu unconsciously touched her stomach.

“Hungry?” Although her movements were subtle, she could not escape Mo Yang’s sharp eyes and ears. He conveniently took out a bottle of clear milk from the terminal and handed it to her.

However, how could Mo Chu care about clear milk at this moment?


This was definitely the fragrance of potatoes!

She used her reputation as a foodie for more than 20 years as a guarantee! It must be potatoes!

Forcefully dragging Mo Yang, Mo Chu sniffled like a drug detector dog, relying on the smell to find the potatoes.

At a stall in the corner, a young man was looking at his things with a distressed expression and sighing!

He had not sold anything this early in the morning. He was worried sick!

“How much for this thing?”

When the young man heard this, he immediately swallowed his frustration. He put on a smile and raised his head to look at the person, “What do you want to buy?”

“This one!” Mo Chu pointed at the bag of broken stalks, his eyes filled with greed.

“Just this one? Is that all?” The young man’s voice cracked.

Sigh! He thought it was a big customer. The Thousand Vine Grass’s roots could not be sold at a high price. He had only intended to use it as a supplement, but who would have thought that there was someone interested in this broken thing?

Even Mo Yang, who was standing at the side, frowned slightly. It was not that he was worried that Mo Chu would spend money recklessly, but that the main energy of the Thousand Vine Grass was concentrated on its fruit. Other than the fact that this root was somewhat poisonous, for research purposes, it was not of much use.

“I want this!” As they got closer, the faint scent of potatoes became stronger. How could Mo Chu be willing to miss this opportunity?

“Okay, we’ll buy it.” It was rare to see Little Chu so determined. Mo Yang agreed to it and turned to look at the seller, “How much is this?”

“You guys really want to buy it?” The young man was a little stunned. He had been in business for so many years, but he had never seen anyone specifically buy this thing.

“Er, 50, no, 100 Federation Coins.” He was even making up the price from thin air.

Mo Yang did not haggle over the price. He paid the money and left with Mo Chu, leaving the young man standing there in a daze!

Hey! There are so many oddities these days!

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