The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 15 - A-Rank Mission

Chapter 15: A-Rank Mission

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“Hello, everyone. My name is Mo Chu. I’m Mo Yang’s younger sister.” The girl’s clear and soothing voice rang out in the hall, unconsciously easing the tense atmosphere. “As you can see, I only have the ability of a water-type, tier 1. As for my brother, Mo Yang, the reason why he is standing here to take on the C-rank mission is just to accompany me.”

“As for what Xiao Yuan said just now,” Mo Chu had a faint smile on her face, and her gaze was firm. “Everyone, why don’t you think about it carefully and see if my brother has received any missions below C-rank before?”

When he said this, everyone who had been excited earlier gradually calmed down.

Indeed, when Mo Yang was in the Wild Wolf Team, he had accepted group missions above S-rank. Even when he was alone before, he had never accepted any missions below C-rank.

He was only doing this to protect his tier 1 sister. Then, they looked at the little girl standing in the middle. She looked pale and frail. Everyone did not know what to say.

“So what?” How could Xiao Yuan not notice the change in everyone’s mood? He immediately refuted, “Now, it’s a fact that Mo Yang wants to accept a C-rank mission. Even if you quibble, you can’t change facts!”

“Xiao Yuan is right. My brother is about to accept a mission, but he hasn’t accepted any missions yet.” The smile on Mo Chu’s face deepened. You want to play with words, right? I’ll accompany you!

“As the family member of a high-tier person, since I’ve accepted the benefits, I naturally have to bear the corresponding obligations.”

“My brother and I won’t accept a C-class mission. Even if I’m only a tier 1 special ability user, I still dare to go for an A-class mission!” Mo Chu’s words were sonorous and powerful, but her thin body was bursting with fearless courage at this moment! People could not help but look at her in a new light!


“Well said!”

Upon hearing those words, both low-tier and high-tier special ability users could not help but praise Mo Chu. Everyone had their weak points, but willpower and courage played a large part in whether they could continue to advance or not. It was sometimes more important than aptitude and luck.

“Ha! I don’t know whether I should say you’re brave or ignorant!” Xiao Yuan’s face turned pale from Mo Chu’s words, he could not help but mock her. “Do you know how dangerous A-rank missions are, little girl? You’re just a mere tier 1 special ability user. Even if tier 3 or 4 special ability users were to go there, they wouldn’t be able to come back in one piece!”

Mo Chu was only a tier 1 special ability user, yet she dared to directly accept A-rank missions. On the other hand, Xiao Yuan had been stuck at tier 2 for many years, and only dared to accept C-rank or D-rank missions. In such a comparison, all of his dignity had been trampled on by this little girl!

How could he allow her arrogance to continue?

Although Xiao Yuan’s words were unpleasant to hear, they were like a bucket of cold water that had been poured over everyone’s heads. After provoking them, they still had to face reality.

The danger factor of an A-rank mission was extremely high. Normally, only those at or above tier 4 would have the confidence to accept this mission. Even so, there was no guarantee that they would be able to escape unscathed from every mission.

Mo Chu, this little girl, had only stepped into tier 1. The energy in between was simply too great. Even with Mo Yang’s help, it would be extremely difficult for her to escape safely from the A-rank area!

Facing Xiao Yuan’s ridicule, Mo Chu was not angry at all. “Am I be bold or ignorant? We’ll know after we finish the mission, won’t we?”

Instead of fighting a war of words with Xiao Yuan, it would be better to achieve results. She will use the facts to give him a hard slap on the face!

“Enough! Little girl, I advise you to think about it again.” Xiao Yuan glanced at Mo Yang behind her, his eyes were full of provocation. “If anything happens to you, your brother will have to pay with his life. Do you think it’s fair?”

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but frown. At this moment, this guy did not forget to drag down her brother’s reputation!

“Then how about we make a bet?” Mo Chu’s eyes turned and her voice instantly became high-pitched, “If I can come back safely with my brother and complete the mission, you have to apologize to my brother in front of everyone! If not, I’ll apologize to you, how about it?”

Mo Chu’s words forced Xiao Yuan into a dilemma.

Although he did not believe that Mo Chu could come back safely, Mo Yang was obviously very strong. Who knows, they might really be lucky enough to bring this little girl through the mission. At that time, if he were to apologize, it would be a huge loss of face!

Before he could think of a way, Mo Chu spoke leisurely again, “From the looks of it, you don’t dare to bet with me?”

Mo Chu was infuriating, and she changed the tone of her voice. “Well, that’s true. You’re still at tier 2 at your age. It’s not surprising that you don’t have the courage. Why don’t we just say that I have won the bet by default…”

Having said that, if Xiao Yuan still did not agree, he would become the laughingstock of everyone!

“Alright! I’ll take the bet!” Being forced into a corner, Xiao Yuan simply agreed. He did not believe that a tier 1 little girl could come back from the A-class mission zone in one piece!

“However, there are various difficulties with the A-rank mission zones. With Mo Yang’s ability, he should at least choose one that is challenging, right?” Xiao Yuan suddenly added.

Xiao Yuan was not an easy person to deal with. After being fooled by Mo Chu, no matter what, he had to get back at her!

He glanced at the big screen that issued the mission. Suddenly, one of them lit up. “How about that one!”

Looking towards the direction of the sound, everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!

A grade mission: Collect the mane on the head of the Blood Luminescent Beast.

The Blood Luminescent Beast was a type of magical beast that everyone was unwilling to provoke!

This type of magical beast loved flesh and blood. Whether it was humans or other exotic beasts, as long as the Blood Luminescent Beast set its eyes on it, it would be a fight to the death! Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that the Blood Luminescent Beast would not immediately eat the prey it had caught. On the contrary, it would eat a piece of flesh from the prey every day until the blood of the prey was completely drained, turning into a pile of white bones!

It was such a terrifying magical beast. You would not even be able to hide in time, let alone even think about obtaining the mane on its head!

However, the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane possessed extremely high strength and toughness. It was used in many large-scale types of equipment in the Federation. Hence, the price of the Blood Luminescent Beast’s mane had always been high.

Truthfully speaking, even Mo Yang might not be able to succeed in completing this mission, not to mention having a burden like Mo Chu dragging behind him.

The smile on Xiao Yuan’s lips became increasingly gloomy, feeling exceptionally satisfied with this move of his. “How about it, little girl? Do you still want to continue this bet?”

Hmph! Did you try to dig a grave for him? Why don’t you bury yourself in it!

Although Mo Chu did not know what a Blood Luminescent Beast was, she had already understood a little from the fear in everyone’s eyes. However, now, she was already riding a tiger. If she did not agree at this moment, not only would she be ridiculed, even Mo Yang would not be spared.

“Why wouldn’t I continue?” Mo Chu gritted his teeth. “This bet is set!”

Even if they did not succeed in completing this mission, at most, they would have to apologize to Xiao Yuan.

However, it would be even more shameful if they ran away at the last minute!

She understood the way this game is played!

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