The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Close Battle

Then, then same thing happened.

Another black power fall, it opened a deadly bloodstain on the existed broken metal hedgehog army.

Everything came instantly like the disaster.

In less than a breath of time, more than 40 Qingfeng Citadel minions died and vanished instantly as if they had evaporated.

All the Qingfeng Citadel minions were seized deeply by the terror.

Their heavy armors and iron shields in hands gave no sense of security for them at all.

At this moment, Wu Biao, whose nickname was “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” was stained with the broken arms and plasma from the third master of Qingfeng Citadel, he was filled with great sense of killing then pointed to the front with the bloody giant knife and roared, “He’s over there…. Go and get him out.”

Finally, he was aware of the direction where the terrible arrow shot.


Some archery masters also shot instantly from the Bloody Cavalry Army.

These archers were masters with Joint-qi levels and they also mastered high-level archery which could reach one hundred steps away. They were elaborately trained by Wu Biao, repulsed the encirclement and suppression by the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty Army and killed some self-proud righteous masters, which was why they were called the trump card by the castellan of Wu Biao.

Instantly, the arrows were like locusts and rainstorms in the night sky.

A sudden tremor of bowstring sounded like a fine thunderstorm.

The bow shocked like a thunderbolt.

The shooting direction was just the stone peak where Li Mu stood.

“One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao was really aware of the right position.

But those arrows couldn’t reach Li Mu and they fell on the ground askew when they reached half the distance and got exhausted, the so-called Qingfeng Citadel elite archers were just a joke.

Then they received a response of three glowing radiance.


As the three bows fell, more than 40 Qingfeng Citadel senior archers became blood fogs of meat paste and exploded.

Li Mu stood on the distant stone peak and also felt shocked.

This was the first time for him to put his archery into actual combat after he finished the practice.

It was so powerful that it was beyond his initial estimate.

“That’s so amazing! The silver bow can be compared with the Barre sniper rifle on the earth when it is combined with the terrible force of the ‘Zhenwu Boxing’… it is more terrible than the sniper rifle just like the cannon shells. It really has fantastic destructive power.”

As he sighed with emotion, the distant Bloody Cavalry began to charge.

The array changed like the pointed cone that was activating the warhorses along the mountain road, they were rushing towards the stone peak like a bloody undercurrent.

The remaining archer masters ran halfway and started to shoot again under the cover of the lance and shield cavalry, and there were countless arrows falling towards the stone peak like the rain. This time the arrows like the locusts could finally reach the place where Ye Qingyu located when the distance became closer.

Meanwhile, more than 40 Qingfeng Citadel minions with good Lightness Skills were rushing out carrying the long rope hooks and the varnish on their backs, then threw out the hook to hook on the rocks to get close to the stone peak top with the strength of the ropes like the apes while they were all so agile.

It had to be said that the Qingfeng Citadel Bloody Cavalry responded quickly and reasonably.

This planet was a world of martial art and the air was filled with “Spiritual Qi” like what the old faker said since everyone could practice the martial art for physical improvement. They were more powerful, faster and more skillful than those on the earth and that’s why their level of cold weapons was much higher than that of ancient Earth. It could be imagined how terrible the Elite Armies of the three Empires since they reacted like this though this Bloody Cavalry was only a citadel elite focusing on the mountains.

Li Mu could find that Crazy Wu of Wu Biao whose nickname was “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” didn’t even launch the charge attack relying on his personal brutal force the first time, instead he delayed with some trusted soldiers to watch and judge like a wolf king who remained calm in his anger.

There was even such a moment when Crazy Wu was calm.

But this didn’t make Li Mu retreat.

“So… Let me see how long you can stand.”

Despite the flying locusts’ arrows, Li Mu made a decision for the continuous shoot as he closed and opened the bows in his hands, then he shot out the remaining dozen special fine steel wolf teeth arrows without a break.

At the same time, the Bloody Cavalry’s arrows fell in front of Li Mu like the rain.

However, after crossing such a long distance, these arrows were already weak, and most of them fell on the nearby rocks and pine trees while some occasionally shoot on Li Mu since most of the arrows were not accurate when these cavalry charged and the arrows scattered, as a result, it was simply ineffective since his body and skin couldn’t be shot through after transformation and upgrading by “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing”, instead, it was just the shot on the thick special leather, and then bounced off.

On the contrary, Li Mu’s fine steel wolf teeth arrows were like precisely-guided missiles and bombarding the minion teams who were charging down the mountain roads with guns and shields. They were so powerful that they directly caused a devastating blow. More than 100 Qingfeng Citadel minions were shot instantly and their bodies exploded into pieces, while the rocks burst and flew apart, more of them were killed and injured in the flying dust.

This was actually an asymmetric massacre.

“One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao was riding on the back of the weak “Giant Leopard” in a gloomy look.

“This archery and power… Is the ‘Control Battalion’ master from the Holy Clan of the ‘Guanshan Pasture’ coming? That’s quite impossible, how can those masters from the ‘Control Battalion’ appear in such remote villages? Even the archery master of Li Buyu, the ‘Shooting Wolf’, is not so powerful like this.”

Wu Biao kept thinking.

That was the reason why he didn’t rush there the first time.

This archery was so aggressive and terrible.

Though he was called Crazy Wu, he was not really mad.

It was not just insanity that kept him famous for decades.

Those who didn’t know the truth all knew he was a rash fellow who was not afraid of death, but actually, he was.

The Bloody Cavalry suffered heavy loss but Wu Biao only felt a little pity and didn’t feel heartache.

He cultivated those lackeys for himself to urge, and those minion were only chesses that could be abandoned at any time for him.

This time, Wu Biao revenged at the cost of all the elites from the citadel.

He had always wanted to butcher in Taibai County.

But he was quite clear what the result would be if he did so- He must be wanted by the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, and then there would be no way for Qingfeng Citadel to exist, as a result, he had been ready to escape after he murdered and burned in Taibai County. It was just ok for him to lose the business of Qingfeng Citadel since it was useless when his son died.

With the flame of hatred and anger, Wu Biao looked at the stone peak in the distance.

At this time, the elites lead by the sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel had finally climbed this stone peak which was about 100 meters high with the help of the rope hooks.

The sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel was a tall and thin man like a bamboo pole with grey skate look, he was the No.1 master with Lightness Skill in the Qingfeng Citadel. Then he was biting a thin machete, jumped up to the top, threw the rope, and grinned as he saw only one man there. Then he held the machete in the hand and rushed there to kill.

The thin and long machete reflected with white light under the moonlight.

The sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel was quite confident about his Dao-using methods, he had ever learned from castellan Wu Biao and got an affirmative appraisal. In his view, even the best archer must die like a crab with its pliers cut off when he was got closed.

However, it was a knife light receiving him.

The knife light was full of fantastic colors under the moonlight.

The sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel didn’t want to hide or shout in fear that he might disturb the beauty of this knife light as if his soul was attracted by the knife light. There was even a smile on his ferocious face as if he had seen the girl next door who had maddened him when he was a teenager.

“That is…” “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao was taken by sudden surprise below the stone peak.

He was also a knife master and sensed the skills close to the lasting appeal of the Tao in the dash of knife light.


The other Qingfeng Citadel minions climbed up the stone peak with the hope of ropes.

They were surprised when they saw the sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel stood at the same place who was as petrified there, but they still rushed towards the strong old man on the peak. This old man must be the archer who made the sniper’s shot and their task was to entangle this archer and made him unable to attack stealthily.

The old man didn’t dodge.

“Kill him!”


“Cut off his hands!”

More and more minions climbed up the stone peak, they shouted loudly carefully and changed the direction towards the old man in order to kill him with the help of Lightness Skill.

Another knife light appeared at this moment.

It was fascinating like the brightest star in the night sky.

Wherever the star knife light crossed, all the Qingfeng Citadel minions stood at the same place and held the forward posture with the weapons in the hands, they looked so strange as if they saw something incredibly beautiful with dull looks, and the stone peak top became strange and quite in an instant.

Two moons hung high above.

The moon was clear and cold.

The moonlight shone on these motionless figures like mercury, casting cascading shadows on the ground. It was like the shadows scattered by cannibals in the devil’s woods with a palpitating breath.

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