The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 The Power of the Magic Archery

Li Mu’s archery was born out of Ma Junwu’s hunting method, but now he had already excelled his master.

The first shoot through the hunting archery was very important and could be called a fatal blow.

Under the moon light, Li Mu integrated his vital essence and spirit, ran the power inside.

His spine, like a dragon, exerted a force that was surging between his arms. The silver bow had been pulled by a third, which was the greatest extent that Li Mu could make. Then he loosened his fingers while the fine steel wolf teeth arrow turned into a black lightning bolt which tore the night sky apart.

On the mountain road.

Wu Biao was activating the mount and running wildly.

The killing and anger in his heart were like a fire that was going to burn almost everything.

His son died.

He lost his later generation.

Though he had taken so many beautiful girls and got dozens of wives in the Qingfeng Citadel, it was unknown why he couldn’t get a baby. Wu Feilong was his only son, who was placed high hopes by him and even became one of the pillars of his spiritual world.

But he had never expected that this important son died in a little county though it was not dangerous at all.

Now Wu Biao was just like the flames that were about to erupt since he had suppressed it at the extreme.

Once that angry flame burst out, it would destroy the whole world.

He couldn’t help killing and couldn’t wait to get to Taibai County.

The Han fork was near at hand in the front.

“I’m almost there, Taibai County is not far after this fork. I’ll rush there at night to kill and loot everything to make this county into hell, there’ll even not a chicken or dog left and the blood will run into rivers. Everyone will be beheaded and buried with my son… Son, just let them kneel before you and repent on the way to the nether world.”

Wu Biao was so wrathful.

But there was a sudden warning in his heart for no reason at this moment.

An inexplicable sense of danger covered him.


With a loud cry in his heart, he held the bloody horse battle knife in his hand and almost instinctively cut it out in front of him.


A sudden spark exploded in the night.

The spark sputtered.

It seemed that the big knife cut something and the iron chips burst while the terrible sound roared like thunder.

The loud noise rang from thirty to forty miles around.

Wu Biao felt a great shock on both arms and hot feeling on the palms, he flew involuntarily backwards just like riding on a cloud though he tried hard to run the internal qi wildly. However, the “Giant Leopard” below him also whined, it stopped rushing forward and stumbled backwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bloody cavalries were still rushing and suffered a great loss surprisingly.

Wu Biao hit the first battle horse while his body flew back like an iron tower.

The cracking sound of bones came in instantly.

The warhorses and the knights on the horses were smashed into pieces.

But Wu Biao didn’t stop moving backwards and crashed 5 warhorses and 3 Qingfeng Citadel warriors to death before he landed, then he staggered and left ten footprints on the rock before he stopped.

“Enemy attack!”

“An ambush!”

“Stop the horses and defend!”

All shouts of panic rang out continuously.

Though the Bloody Cavalry was an elite team from the Qingfeng Citadel, it was only a group of bandit rather than a regular army. They lost some soldiers and the moral was pretty low than before. Meeting such a terrible attack, how could they remain calm?

The moment when Wu Biao dropped down, he paused lightly and the internal qi was running to the extreme.

The internal qi burst out.

The red glow hung around him as if it was a burning flame.

He held the giant sabre in his hand, looking gloomy and roared.

“Who’s that scoundrel? Who are you hiding and shooting secretly? Get out now!”

The voice was like the sounds of gold and stone, stirring and spreading with the mighty internal qi like the raging waves beating rocks. It was stirring up in the deep mountains in the two moons which made the trees roll around, the leaves fall and the rocks stir since its power was so impressive.

Countless frightened birds soared in panic within a few square miles.

Wu Biao could only manage with an effort to identify that the terrible power was a sneak attack from an arrow the moment when the spark appeared.

But he even had no way to know where this arrow come from with such terrible power.

The wind whispered in the dark night.

There were countless senses around the shadows.

At that moment, Wu Biao’s mind showed the names of the strongest archers within hundreds of miles who were soon denied by him.

Because he knew those archer masters could never make the terrible shoot like that.

Its power also made him feel the deadly fear.

Wu Biao could never doubt that he must be smashed and became blood mist if he didn’t get tele gnosis and got the early warning of danger instantly since he had already been on the top of the Joint-thoughts level to get the higher-level opportunity.

It’s a real moment of life and death.

Those Bloody Cavalry masters from the Qingfeng Citadel also reacted at this moment.

“Stop the horses and defend!”

The second master of Qingfeng Citadel calmed down, he shouted loudly and issued a military order.

The Bloody Cavalry army gathered like the tide and surround the castellan of Wu Biao in the middle.

As the sound of uniform metal friction occurred, countless blood-colored long guns appeared outside.

As the cold gun points glittered with the metallic luster in the moonlight, the Bloody Cavalry looked like a giant blood-colored metal hedgehog and they laid out the defense array.

As an elite army of the Qingfeng Citadel, it still showed the elegance as a cold-weapon army on this planet.

The moonlight was like a knife in the surrounding mountains.

The shadows of the mountains were like the giant horror beasts with their mouth open.

Those naturally beautiful mountain scenes gave the feeling of gloomy ghosts.

When the wind blew through the mountains and forests, its voice sounded like a hundred ghosts walking at night.

There was slight red spark appearing in Wu Biao’s eyes.

He ran the strength to the extreme successfully, then glanced over the surrounding peaks and cliffs and it was really impossible to find any senses of killing or any traces of the killers 100 meters around.

Wu Biao stopped for a while with a gloomy look and said again, “You cannot be nobody since you’ve made such an amazing shoot, but why didn’t show up? Are you afraid of my knife? Please get back if you are so!”

His voice was surging and reverberating among the moonlit mountains like the sound of gold and iron.

On the stone peak more than one hundred meters away.

Li Mu felt sorry for him secretly among the dark shadows.

As a master with peak Joint-thoughts level, he really had a keen sense.

The moment when the spark appeared, Wu Biao felt the coming danger and reacted.

It’s more like an instinctive response to life.

While the shoot just now was the one integrated with Li Mu’s strongest archery skills and spirit, it was powerful enough to cut the mountains and smash the stones but blocked by Wu Biao at that critical moment.

The first shot of the hunting archery was the quickest and forceful, which was named the death of shoot.

And the later shoots might not be effective if the first one didn’t work.

Hearing Wu Biao’s invitation to war and ridicule, Li Mu sneered silently.

“I’m just following the ADC route now and I’ve to attack from far, I must be an idiot to go out rashly like you when you lead those ‘soldiers’ to start the hand-to-hand combat.”

The shoot just now made Li Mu have a more intuitive judgment on Wu Biao’s strength.

The castellan of the Qingfeng Citadel, whose nickname was “One Cut that Sends Man to Death”, was the most terrible warriors since his coming to this world.

He stood on the stone peak and made a plan quickly in his mind. He overlooked the metal hedgehog defense array of Qingfeng Citadel Bloody Cavalry, drew the silver bow and installed the second fine steel wolf teeth arrow.

The tip of the arrow aimed at Wu Biao in the center of the metal hedgehog army.

The Bloody Cavalry army attended by crowds of over a dozen layers was just like paper paste that could be shoot through with one shoot in Li Mu’s eyes.

But after a little hesitation, he changed his mind.

The arrow tip moved a little and didn’t aim at Wu Biao but at the third master of Qingfeng Citadel of Qingfeng Citadel standing beside Wu Biao.

It was impossible to kill Wu Biao who was defenseless with the first shoot of the deadly killing, not to mention the second one.

After all, this level of masters had already activated all the strength and showed charisma, which was invulnerable since his spirit and reaction had increased to the extreme once the alertness had been generated for alerting, it was impossible to hurt him.

So, it was better to shot other masters beside him who seemed to be leaders to try to eliminate the enemies’ effective strength.

Anyway, there was no possibility of killing a good person by mistake since everyone in the Qingfeng Citadel was sanguinary and full of iniquities.

And this kind of strange idea flashed so quickly upon Li Mu’s mind.

Soon, he loosened the finger that held the bowstring.

One dark running light flashed in the darkness.

It was almost the moment when Li Mu loosened his fingers and the Bloody Cavalry metal hedgehog army who was one hundred meters away seemed to be really split by the thunder and formed a bloodstain crack after the explosion.

Those armored minions who were around 11 layers were poked through like the sugarcoated haws on a stick by this terrible power.

While the third master of Qingfeng Citadel who was riding on the war-horse exploded like the porcelain statue which was shot by the siege crossbow with the absence of perception and reaction.

The arrow didn’t stop but continued to fly and shot through dozens of minions behind the third master of Qingfeng Citadel.

Then it created a pit one meter in diameter on the side of the mountain road, and there was a finger-thick hole which was deep and bottomless in the center of the pit, whose edge was smoking and as hot as the magma.

It was unknown how deeply the fine steel wolf teeth arrow was inserted in the stone wall.

Blood mist filled the air.

White bones were flying everywhere.

All the other Qingfeng Citadel Bloody Cavalry members didn’t realize what happened on earth at this moment.

The living companions had become blood mist as if they were evaporated. Everything was going so fast and those Bloody Cavalry minions didn’t even have the chance to cry in fear before they died.

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