The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Sniping

As soon as he appeared, the whole Qingfeng Citadel seemed to be suddenly silent as if a mute button was pressed down.

Countless villages looked at Wu Biao, who supported Qingfeng Citadel by his own power, with looks full of awe, worship, and excitement.

“Summon our Bloody Cavalry and set off immediately. I want to make Taibai County red with their blood.”

The voice of the Wu Biao was low and hoarse, just as his mood at that moment, also was like a bloody cloud gathering in the sky, brewing a terrible lightning storm.

“My master, marching at night will be harmful to horses…” One of a leader of Bloody Cavalry was shocked and unconsciously opened his mouth and suggested, “Why don’t we wait until tomorrow morning, and it only takes four hours to get to Taibai County…”


A bloody light flashed.

The head of that leader, who did not finish his sentence and was also highly valued by Wu Biao before, flew out into the sky.

Wu Biao slowly withdrew his horse-fighting giant Dao.

Everyone kept silent like a cicada in cold weather.

On the other hand, the second chief, like a counselor, was a well-looking middle-aged man, who was said to be a failed scholar. Seeing that happened, he quickly shouted, “Have you not heard what our master just ordered? Get ready. Our master doesn’t want to say it again. After our Bloody Calvary has set out, Brother Six, you summon our infantry team and all the people who can fight set off and rush to Taibai County with their fastest speed. By then, our master should take over the whole Taibai County, so you guys can rob or kill in the county, anyway, do whatever you want to.”

All the villagers were excited by his words.

Although Qingfeng Citadel was good, it was still a bitter and cold place, so how could it be compared with the fertile Taibai County, besides, as long as they thought of the beautiful housewives and young women, countless gold, silver, jewelry, wine, and delicious food in Taibai County, each villain felt their blood was about boiling.

Soon, the Bloody Calvary was assembled.

Wu Biao turned over and stepped on his Giant Leopard with a serious look, saying, “My order: After we take over Taibai County, you just kill any living creatures no matter what you see, regardless of dogs, chickens, the old or the children. Just kill them me. I want to kill them and bury them with my son. If anyone of you dares to be kind and forgive any man, even a dog, I will let him know living in this world is a painful thing.”

All the villagers responded loudly.

Like attracted like. They were all outlaws who were not worried about their own lives, and had committed all kinds of crime, such as murder and set places on fire, so they would never be kind.

“Big Brother, how should we deal with that Duan Shuiliu?” asked the third chief.

“Duan Shuiliu, and the Li Mu…” Wu Biao snorted coldly.

Wu Biao smiled cruelly and did not continue to speak, but everyone could grasp the gloom in his words, which was like a horrifying demonic tide from the deep hell.

There came the sound of loud clops.

Four hundred Bloody Cavalries, like the blood of evil surging in the darkness of the night, scurried to the mountains in the moonlight.

At the Hancha Intersection.

The moonlight, which was like clear water, shone through that deep forest.

Time passed quietly during the double moons hanging in the sky.

Li Muwan was like a piece of stone rock and did not move at all.

He was practicing Xiantian Skill.

In the past every day, Li Mu had been diligent in that practice taught by that old faker.

The moonlight, like silver, fell on Li Mu.

If anyone looked carefully, they would find that Li Mu’s body was almost breathless like the old tree with withered branches or rocks over a thousand year, and only his chest fluctuated slightly. When he breathed, he took in the Spiritual Qi between the earth and sky with his mouth and nose, and that airflow had formed an invisible whirlpool around him, so, when he breathed in, the leaves and grass around him leaned slightly towards him, while when he exhaled, they moved in the opposite direction.

Even the moonlight seemed to prefer to sprinkle toward Li Mu.

On the surface of his body, there was a faint moonlight, and his body seemed to glow automatically.

And in every breath, Li Mu could clearly feel that the inhaled air was like a warm current, swimming among his Eight Extra-Meridians and all his limbs and bones, like a constant river flowing through the sand, and then scouring the soil sediment blockage away. After about running one time, that kind of different warm Qi gradually dissipated and became ice-cold, like ebbing tide, receding back with impurities, and those impurities were then turned into turbid Qi and were breathed out from his mouth and nose.

Breathe in, and breathe out. Over and over again.

Clean Qi entered Li Mu’s body and cleansed his body, then was turned into turbid Qi with impurities.

His natural born body was constantly improved and developed between such inhalation and exhalation.

That feeling was exactly the same as that described in all kinds of martial arts tactics on the planet to cultivate internal qi, but the problem was that it only appeared when Li Mu was practicing Xiantian Skill, not like other warriors on this planet who could leave internal Qi in his body and turn it into his own strength after each practice. But all the heat flow would dissipate completely and would not remain in his body after Li Mu finished his practice.

That was the problem.

According to the old faker, Xiantian Skill was divided into twelve levels, each of which had different magic functions. Although it was similar to Zhenwu Boxing, the speed of practicing Xiantian Skill was a little slower compared with Zhenwu Boxing. So Li Mu had not finished the first level of Xiantian Skill.

Xiantian Skill was more like exercises to benefit the internal organs compared with the Zhenwu Boxing, which aimed at building up a good physique and improving one’s health.

Li Mu could not be sure that after he finished the first level of Xiantian Skill, could he improve the situation that he could not remain the internal Qi.

But even so, the transformation of Li Mu’s body and the other gains brought to him by practicing Xiantian Skill were already beyond his imagination, and it was not inferior even compared with Zhenwu Boxing, because he could clearly feel that he was getting stronger every minute and every second.

In a blink of an eye, another hour passed.

Li Mu’s spiritual and physical state reached a peak.

He suddenly seemed to have sensed something and opened his eyes.

In the deep mountains of the south-west road of Hancha Intersection, a flock of large black birds was suddenly startled, and they were flapping their wings loudly and fleeing in a panic. It was very striking in the silent night.

Here they came.

Li Mu’s hearing was amazing, so he could hear the sound of horses’ hooves coming from the deep mountain road like thunder.

“It’s an hour ahead of the time before the calculation made by little Qing Feng.”

He slowly untied the cloth-wrapper behind him and took out the silver bow painted black.

Under the moonlight, the ink absorbed the brilliance from the moonlight, and thus the silver bow did not reflect any light, so it would not be found for that reason.

The fine steel wolf teeth arrow was also painted by black ink, and the position of the arrow feathers was also replaced from the real feathers to the three-edged steel wings, which was specially made by some craftsmen ordered by Li Mu according to the shape of firearms on the earth. Any ordinary archers could not use that heavy arrow at all.

But Li Mu was not an ordinary person, nor was the silver bow an ordinary bow.

He laid those twenty fine steel wolf teeth arrows in front of him, took out one and put it on the bowstring. He did not rush to draw the bow but continued to gaze down the mountain path.

The moonlight was dim, and the sound of horses’ hooves became clearer and clearer in the distance.

The location of Li Mu’s stone peak was about 100 meters away from the Hancha Intersection. Although it was that high, it’s difficult to for an ordinary master of Joint-thoughts level to see clearly under the moonlight, even if he or she could direct inner Qi through the meridians of eyes.

But after the transformation of the five sense organs via Xiantian Skill, Li Mu’s eyes were just like a high-powered telescope, and with the dilation and contraction of the pupils, which seemed that he could automatically adjust the focal length. So, after a short period of adaptation, Li Mu could clearly see what was going on at the mountain road hundreds of meters away.

On the mountain road, 400 Bloody Cavalries rolled up like turbulent evil blood.

Wherever they went, dust was blown about and countless tired birds were startled and flew high in the sky.

“No wonder…” Li Mu saw this scene and nodded thoughtfully.

The time that people and horses of Qingfeng Citadel arrived at the Hancha Intersection was earlier than little boy Qing Feng’s anticipated time, and that was because they had sacrificed horses to rush to Taibai County. On that mountain road in the moonlight, the running horses were easy to get trapped. Once they were not well controlled, “a traffic accident” would occur, which would be harmful to horses and knights. It seemed that Wu Biao was madder than the little Qing Feng had imagined.

Those Bloody Cavalries arrived at a crazy fast speed like a flood.

“That should be Wu Biao.” Li Mu looked at that giant man, who was like an iron tower, in front of the whole team. Even though Li Mu was hundreds of meters away, he still felt a kind of pressure when he saw that man’s face.

To describe that in the words of Martial arts novels on the earth was Li Mu was dragged by a terrifying Qi, kind of like a magnetic field.

What made Li Mu even more surprised was that the mount under Wu Biao was not a warhorse, but a leopard that was much bigger and fiercer.

That leopard was extremely weird. There were orange spots on its black fur like chrysanthemum blossomed, and it was two meters tall and three or four meters long, which was extremely strong. It had worn a simple animal armor, carrying a strong man like Wu Biao, plus a two-meter-long blood-colored Dao, but it still ran like a flying horse and was faster and more agile than the elite battle horse of the Bloody Cavalry.

“Cool, if I ride such a prehistoric leopard when I come back to earth, I can really show off.”

Li Mu’s eyes were bright.

He never thought that in this world, there were people who took this kind of leopard as a mount. It was like opening the door of a new world in Li Mu’s mind. Since leopard could be ridden, could other animals, such as mutant lions, lizards or dragons, which could be domesticated as a mount too?

Li Mu became excited.

He forgot the fear as soon as he got excited.

After calculating the distance, Li Mu raised his arms, drew the bow and took a deep breath. The first fine steel wolf teeth arrow was aimed at the man riding that leopard at the front of the Bloody Cavalry team.

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