The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 One Chop that Sent Wu Biao to Death

Li Mu thought in his mind, diverted his attention and looked around.

After finding the next foothold, Li Mu used the lightness skill to continue to leap like a lightning.

That abyss of that cliff was not as narrow as the training room at the back office. That place was really vast and wide, so Li Mu was really unrestrained and could explore the limit of lightness skill of Zhenwu Boxing. First, he put much power to his feet, and then jumped thirty or forty meters high with a simple leap, besides, his speed was as fast as lightning. In a word, he was more agile than the most agile ape monkey in the mountains.

After many times of exciting jumping to the top, Li Mu felt as if he was flying with enthusiasm and vigor.

Flying was the most popular dream of human beings on the earth since ancient times. Although with the development of science and technology, people on the earth could feel the beauty of the flying in the sky by taking means of transportation, such as planes, paragliding, hot air balloons, etc., no one could actually feel the same way as Li Mu at that time anyhow.

Li Mu felt as if he had really grown a pair of wings and was flying between the cliffs and the abyss.

He couldn’t help but scream.

The roar was accompanied by the roar of the thunder-like Nine-dragons Fall, which echoed in the cliff abyss.

With Li Mu’s constant leap, Li Mu had a more profound understanding of the mystery of the lightness skill contained in the Zhenwu Boxing. With the new keen insight, his power was also incredibly increasing.

After half an hour later, Li Mu could jump to around 100 meters with one leap.

That leap distance was very terrifying. On the earth, only a superhuman had that ability. A jump would enable him or her to the top of a 100-meter skyscraper, which would absolutely shock the whole world. Even on that martial arts planet, that lightness skill was still frightening. At least so far, Li Mu had not seen any master who could jump that high, even a first-ranked master of Joint-thoughts level could not do that.

Moreover, gradually, Li Mu could master the speed of each jump.

When he held his breath, he could drift like a feather in the wind, almost getting out of the control of gravity, or he could suddenly turn into a meteor and fall like a shooting star as quick as lightning.

Li Mu quite enjoyed that feeling.

It seemed to him everything was under control when he was flying in the sky.

About an hour later, Li Mu reached the bottom of that abyss.

Below was a vast lake with great waves.

That lake was huge in size, and Li Mu could not see its margin, but he could feel it was very deep with cold air above it. It should be formed after thousands of years’ erosion by that Nine-dragons Fall. At such a deep abyss, that lake was like a giant mirror reflected moonlight, which was really primitive and horrifying.

Li Mu did not know if it was an illusion or not, he felt absolutely terrified that made his hair stand on end when he looked at the calm lake. He just felt that a wild danger may appear in silence, and it seemed to him that some giant abyss monster may hide under the calm water.

Thus he didn’t stay too long and left immediately.

The moonlight, which was like clear water, shone through that deep forest.

Li Mu, whose figure was like a black light, shuttled through the mountains.

After about two hours, he stopped.

“Here it is.”

Li Mu was standing on a 100-meter-high stone peak overlooking the lower part.

There were many mountains and thick forests in front of Li Mu.

In the valley, there was a junction of three roads, and under the moonlight, those three uneven roads with different breadth were like three white snakes in the dark mountain, winding through countless gullies and hills, intertwined and finally converged in that intersection.

That three-way intersection was named “Hancha Intersection” distinctively.

It was the only way which must be passed if anyone wanted to go to Taibai County.

No matter where tourists and businessmen came from, if they wanted to enter Taibai County on the way repaired by the government, they would surely pass through here.

So if that crazy Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death of Qingfeng Citadel, was really anxious to attack Taibai County to revenge for his own son with his armed force, he must pass through that Hancha Intersection.

Tonight, Li Mu came here to stop him.

That could also be called an ambush.

“If Little Qing Feng’s calculation is not wrong, then after another two hours, people of Qingfeng Citadel will appear at the Hancha Intersection below, and then…” Li Mu took a deep breath, and he had already planned how to solve that problem.

Coming there by himself that time was the best solution he could think of.

To be honest, Li Mu was afraid of death, and he was somewhat timid.

Although these days he had experienced several battles, seen blood and killed some people, he almost killed within one move in previous battles, which were not special tests, and he also fully adhered to the old faker’s golden rule: “Fight when you have the ability to win, and run immediately if you are going to lose.” For Li Mu, all the previous battles were just quizzes.

Tonight, it would be “an important exam”.

Because his opponent was Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death.

In the evaluation system of little Qing Feng, Wu Biao was a horrifying opponent because he had already entered the Joint-thoughts level decades ago, so his fighting power was stronger than many first-class masters and therefore, Wu Biao was regarded as a super-class master. That is to say, Wu Biao was much stronger than Si Kongjing, the grand master of Shennong Faction, Li Bing or Nan Wenzheng and so on. If the Nan Wenzheng was considered famous in northwestern Wulin World, then Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death, could be regarded as the real legend.

Li Mu’s former achievements could be easily accomplished by Wu Biao.

So there was nothing comparable.

The picture that blood flowing over the ground like water because numerous civilians died tragically when Taibai County was attacked by Wu Biao and his men, constantly flashed in Li Mu’s mind. If it was not that, Li Mu really wanted to give up and run away. After all, if he was defeated, he might get seriously injured or even lose his life.

But the problem was that he could not run away heartlessly.

After all, Li Mu had learned five stresses and four points of beauty and core values of socialism in China. So, although he was timid, he did not fail to shoulder his responsibility. In Li Mu’s opinion, he was transmitted to that planet and became the county magistrate of Taibai County coincidently. Since he had caused trouble to Taibai county, then he would resolve it no matter what.

Sometimes, even if you were really afraid of something, you still had to insist on finishing it.

That was human nature.

“Damn. Forget about it. I will run away if I am going to be defeated. Anyway, I am already doing my best.”

The county magistrate Li Mu comforted himself in his mind.

Then, he chose a relatively concealed pinnacle, sat under an ancient pine, began to breathe, and operated Xiantian Skill to practice and adjust his state. Xiantian Skill had a very abnormal effect in calming himself down, relaxing his muscles and bones, and restoring his strength.

Soon, Li Mu seemed to be integrated with the whole rock.

In the deep mountains, cliffs were very steep and the stone peaks erected like swords.

The name Qingfeng Mountain sounded poetic and picturesque, but in fact, it was the steepest and precipitous place along the Taibai Mountains, which stretched for more than several ten thousand meters. Qingfeng Mountain with fog all year around was like split by an ax of God. Although it was windy all year round, the gray fog never got dispersed.

Qingfeng Citadel was located in the deepest part of Qingfeng Mountain.

There was only one way to Qingfeng Citadel from the outside mountain, and people needed to pass through four One-Line Skies which were more than 100 meters long, so Qingfeng Citadel was easy to defend but difficult to attack, and if they arranged traps in advance, then even the super-class martial arts masters were hard to enter Qingfeng Citadel forcibly.

Qingfeng Citadel was a well-known place of villains in hundreds of miles. The warlords who had committed crimes, the Jianghu hooligans, and the detestable deserters would gather here, and they would raid homes and plunder houses, in a word, committed all kinds of crimes.

But over so many years, Qingfeng Citadel had not been destroyed by the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, nor destroyed by some so-called righteous masters. On the contrary, it had become more and more prosperous. Except for the topographic reasons, the powerful personal strength of the owner of Qingfeng Citadel was also a very important reason for their prosperity. Even the grand master of Taibai Sword Faction, the dominant clan in the Taibai Mountains, did not want to provoke these madmen.

Over the years, thousands of desperate people had gathered in that citadel, and Qingfeng Citadel could be regarded as the hegemony in that area with its great influence.

However, the key to one’s success was also one’s undoing. Wu Biao, the owner of the Qingfeng Citadel, supported Qingfeng Citadel by his strong personal strength, but also because he was only a simple short-sighted martial arts master though he had strong martial arts power. In addition, Qingfeng Citadel was notorious and therefore could not get the support from most Wulin people. Otherwise, it would be qualified to become a new imperial powerful clan just like the Bloody-moon Faction.

At dusk, smoke from the kitchen chimney wreathed over the cottage.

In the past, that time in the Qingfeng Citadel, everyone must be indulged in the carnival, and sounds of the devils dancing and crying could be heard everywhere, but today it was completely different. Since a spy who got the news from outside came back and saw Wu Biao, a violent roar came out from the hall of the Juyi Main Hall as if the mate of a giant bear was taken away when they were doing sex.

Everyone in the citadel could hear it clearly. It was the angry roar of the owner of Qingfeng Citadel.

When was the last time that the owner of Qingfeng Citadel became so angry?

Some people who had joined Qingfeng Citadel for no more than five years did not have that experience.

“Crap, our master is angry.”

“The sky is falling…”

“The last time when our master was so angry was one of his beloved wives had eloped with Master Eight. Later, the two men were captured and then they were cut alive for ten days and ten nights, and finally they did not have the energy to scream and died, but our master was still not relieved from anger, so he slaughtered three villages around us, and after the bloodstream of slaughter became a river, he finally stop killing.”

“Shh, keep your voice down. At this time, don’t talk nonsense. You will be beheaded if our master has heard that.”

Some masters who stayed at Qingfeng Citadel for a long time were already beginning to panic.

Wu Biao was going to kill his men if he got crazy.

So what exactly had happened?

Soon, a man with a strong body like an iron tower appeared. His muscles were like made of steel, and he had worn a simple scarlet armor. A scarlet heart protector was put to protect his heart. Although his scarlet hairs were not long, they erected like steel needles. His arms were nearly as thick as the waist of ordinary people, and a scarlet horse-fighting Dao more than two meters long, which was forged with bloody steel, was dragged upside down in one of his hands. That Dao was not sharpened, but it rubbed on the ground and emitted a cluster of sparks, accompanied by a palpitating sound of friction.

That horrifying man who was like a black tower was the owner of Qingfeng Citadel, Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death.

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