The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 How Sharp the Knife Was

“One Cut that Sends man to Death” Wu Biao squinted below.

“Who are you?” his voice reverberate in the moonlit wild hills, “why do you stop me?”

On the top stone peak.

Li Mu, who had changed into a tall old man, didn’t respond.

He stamped gently on the ground with his left foot.

The invisible force turned into a wave and broke out with him as the center.

All the Qingfeng Citadel minions who were stunned there as well as the sixth master of Qingfeng Citadel who died completely, flew out and fell off the stone peak, they dropped in the air and could be found dimly by the moonlight that they were cut into halves just like the spikes of rice cut by the farmers with the sickles.

Cut by the “Lightning Chopping” of the second style of the Wind-Cloud Six Moves, those minions even didn’t know how they died.

“The moon is bright and stars are few, the black magpies are flying southward…”

Li Mu spoke until this moment.

Actually, he just wanted to recite an ancient poem from the earth as a prologue for his incarnation in order to create atmosphere and take this chance to play cool when he saw the Ming Yue in the sky.

But as he just spoke, he suddenly found the later words not suitable for this kind of occasion.

Li Mu paused, he didn’t know how to continue to play cool.

This was really embarrassing.

Li Mu paused, then he corrected himself and said on the top stone peak like an extramundane person of high skill in other obnoxious words from the earth, “I hear that you’re located in the Qingfeng Citadel with invincible Dao-using methods of One Cut that Sends Man to Death. I’m eager for this since there’s another good head now. As the two moons hung above tonight, I’m inviting you for your head and hopefully, you don’t refuse.”

“One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao wore gloomy look and said, “Are you from the Duan Shuiliu Faction? There’re so many people want to kill me and I’m afraid you cannot make it.” As he had just finished, there was a strange whistle in his mouth.

The “Giant Leopard” below him rushed out suddenly and carried Wu Biao towards the stone peak like the black lightning.

Li Mu showed a keen look.

That was so fast.

This black leopard was really an alien species since it passed without a trace and kept quiet when it was walking, it could jump more than 10 meters high at once and arrived below the stone peak only after two or three breathing times when it was running.

Then this beast gained force on four legs and jumped more than 20 meters, it grabbed on the stone wall as if it was grabbing tofu, then tore cracks and jumped up more than 10 meters with the help of anti-seismic force with Wubiao on its back.

Li Mu’s eyes were bright.

“Aha, not only your head, I want this big black cat too!”

He slapped freely and hit on a rock which was higher than a person.


Those giant rocks which had stood on the stone peak for hundreds of years were chopped off and flew out, then wrapped in an infinite impact force toward the person and the leopard below like a meteor.

The time and angle were as accurate and nice as antelope’s horn.

“Aha… Open it.”

Wu Biao cried out and jumped on the black leopard like a big bird, then he cut with the Bloody Giant Dao, leaving bloody light flashing in the sky.


The sound of thin paper being torn.

The power of downward rush was as heavy as about a tens of thousands of kilograms giant rock, it was cut into halves like bean curd, separated by both sides and flew out rubbing Wu Biao’s body, then fell into the cliff.

Li Mu gasped.

What smart Dao-using method it was!

He was no longer the little boy as he just came to this alien planet, and he had already made certain achievement on this world’s martial art, especially the Dao-using methods. Though he didn’t understand it fully and didn’t know the mystery of Wu Biao’s method, he could feel that it was quite terrible.

As Li Mu was thinking quickly, he held the long-handle podao with his back hands.

He held the knife in a rather strange way.

The handle was in front and the blade was backward, it was unknown whether he was really holding the knife or not.

Li Mu stood up straight with both legs stretching, he was taking a deep breath and keeping still in a strange posture, which showed an inexplicable meaning.

Meanwhile, that black leopard roared and jumped again.

It caught Wu Biao accurately who was dropping lightly in the air.

This person and the beast had good cooperation, and Wu Biao was prancing again like a kite supported by this force, then flew up on the top of the stone peak. He was as fast as the lightning and cut Li Mu again.

“Netherworld separating chop… Kill!”

He shouted, like a thunderstorm and the roar of a great beast.

The bloody knife light fell as if the netherworld bloody river was pouring.

Li Mu didn’t move or shake and it was rooting under his feet, he was still holding the long-handle podao and stared at that bloody knife light.

Modified by the “Xiantian Skill”, he had keen sense and sight comparable to hawk’s which made him see the blade point and even the moment when the blade cut the air as well as the layers of transparent air flow and airwaves in the void, though it was rather hard for others to capture the trajectory of the bloody knife night.

In one-thousandth of an instant, Li Mu cut at the same time.

“Dao-Drawing Chopping!”

As Li Mu shouted, it shocked the earth and sky.


Collision between the knives.

Sparks splashed out in the moonlight.

Figures were staggered and the clothes were whistling.

Like a big hawk, Wu Biao leaped over Li Mu and landed about 10 meters away behind him.

But Li Mu kept there like a rock, he was in the posture holding a knife and put the blade outwards instead of holding the knife handle backhand and put the blade afterward, and then he raised the knife like a stick of incense.

A silence.

Under the moonlight, the two figures seem to be solidified on the stone peak.

The mountain breeze blew all over the mountains.

The green trees were like waves.

It was deep and long sound from the mountains, which was mysterious as the tide of the sea.

There were still dozens of Qingfeng Citadel minion survivors under the mountain road.

They hid behind all kinds of rocks and trees in great fear, looked up and stared nervously at the top of the mountain. They could vaguely see the two figures but did not know who the winner was.

Especially the second master of Qingfeng Citadel who acted as the military adviser, he hid ahead of time when he noticed this earlier and wasn’t killed by the shoots from Li Mu.

He was hiding behind the rock carefully and looking at the top stone peak nervously. It was rather important for him whether Wu Biao was alive or dead.

On the top stone peak.

Dead silence.

After about five or six breathing time.

Wu Biao put back the knife and turned around slowly.

“What excellent Dao-using methods!” There was an uncertain look on his face as if he was recalling the transmigration of life and death in the moment of confrontation before, then he said, “I’ve seen countless knife masters in my life and even Zhang Yuning is not so good as yours though he ranks fourth of the four greatest swordsmen from the Holy Clan of the ‘Guanshan Pasture’.”

As the wind blew, Wu Biao’s sleeve flew out with the wind.

And Li Mu turned back slowly.

He had a pale face, one drop of blood bead appeared on his left shoulder and more drops of blood beads appeared.

Blood stained his robe red.

Then slowly, there was a crack on these clothes and one tiny cut appeared on the skin below, the blood oozed out of the scars.

“One Cut that Sends Man to Death… That’s really Dao-using method.”

Li Mu couldn’t help sighing.

Clang! Clang!

His long-handle podao was broken from the deep part of the blade and the upper half fell to the ground.

This fine steel podao used by the previous Taibai county magistrate in the exercise room was also one excellent knife among the fine products, it was so sharp but couldn’t be compared with the Bloody Giant Dao from Wu Biao.

But Li Mu didn’t care about the knife loss.

What really made him feel dismayed and frustrated was that the moment when they fought, he had already captured the track radian of the Bloody Giant Dao, and cut with the “Dao-Drawing Chopping” that he had never used before. If it was about the power, the two cuts from the Wind-Cloud Six Moves, which were “Dao-Drawing Chopping”, must be more heavy and stable than the “Lightning Chopping” and could be called the deadly killing, and it was more powerful when Li Mu saved up strength deliberately…

But Li Mu failed against him in the confrontation.

There were no tinhorn men under great fame.

The martial art masters who had been famous for a long time were indeed fearful.

Wu Biao had terrible strength and he must be absolutely the strongest and cruelest one since Li Mu came to this planet, his martial art skills and Dao-using methods were the best too, and they must be above ninth grade, eight or even seventh grade.

This was not the gap about strength.

But the gap about Dao-using methods and fighting skills.

Anyway, Li Mu was new to the martial art.

Even he was aided and taught with the two immortal skills of “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing” from the old faker, he had limited martial art experience, martial art theories, and actual combat experience, so his own Dao-using methods created by himself couldn’t really compete with the Dao-using methods which were really tempered and polished by numerous martial arts sages in this world.

But he was not discouraged or disappointed.

Because Li Mu could understand deeply that anything skillful must be experimented repeatedly while being inclusive in order to truly achieve perfection, while the Wind-Cloud Six Move was the first step for the experiment that he had to temper.

The mountain wind whistled, and the moon was clear and cold.

Wu Biao wore cold face, he was holding the Bloody Giant Dao and came up slowly.

“That’s so sharp the knife is… But it’s a pity that you need sufficient potentialities and stronger reserve strength though you act so fast. Do you want to get the greatness into simplicity to make it? But the greatness is always so complicated and you need to get the deep theories in order to make it simplified. You shall never get the greatness into simplicity in terms of martial art Dao-using methods, so how can you master it since you don’t know the greatness?”

He had to admit that what this little boy had said was right.

This was a knife master, and his perception of the practice of knife was worth comprehending.

Li Mu aroused admiration, he made obeisance and said, “Thank you for your advice, but do you think you’ve already won since you’ve given me such precious words?”

Wu Biao smiled and replied, “It’s an enjoyable enjoyment to kill one master, and no doubt that it’s even the most enjoyable one to kill knife master like you… you were hit by my ‘Netherworld separating chop’ and broke your sternum, the knife hurt your internal organs and it’s impossible for you to react now.”

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