The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 614 - Coming Back to Life

Chapter 614 Coming Back to Life

Master Zha replied, “I’ve known your brother for many years and your family business is also of great concern to me. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask me.”

Li Jianye said, “Master Zha, my elder brother has left me and my sister a will respectively before he passed away. However, Meiyu said she also has one, which bewilders me.

“You’re a great master, and also a good friend of my brother. You must be very familiar with his handwriting, so please help us with these three pieces of will.”

“What? I can’t believe it!” Master Zha said, “I’ve known your brother for 30 years, and I’m very familiar with his handwriting. Show me the wills and I’ll immediately find the real one.”

“Thank you, Master Zha.” Li Jianye handed over their wills and then turned to Li Meiyu and said, “Girl, give me your piece of will and Master Zha will help us with it.”

Li Meiyu was also respectful to Master Zha as he was a good friend of her grandpa. Besides, he had advised her to join the Shanghai Medical College to avoid a fatal disaster, which had a good effect. Thus, she really trusted him now.

She hesitated for a moment and handed over her will amidst the encouraging gazes of Qin Haodong.

Master Zha checked the wills of Li Jianye and Li Yueying carefully and nodded. “Yes, this is the handwriting of my old friend. And the style of writing is also in line with his writing habit.”

Then he picked up Li Meiyu’s will and said after examining for a while, “This is a successful replication. The handwriting is nearly the same as that of my old friend, but something unique is missing. I think this one is fake.”

Upon hearing what Master Zha had said, Li Jianye and Li Yueying were ecstatic. They claimed with great joy, “Thank you for doing justice to us!”

Then, Li Jianye turned to Li Meiyu and said with a stern face, “Meiyu, did you hear that? Master Zha has already verified that your will is fake. I know you’re dying for the inheritance, but you can’t forge a will.

“Given that you’re just a young girl, we’ll forget it this time. But we’ll never allow it to happen again!”


Li Meiyu immediately lost her confidence. Because of her trust in Master Zha, she thought that there must be a flaw in her will, which was identified by him.

At that moment, Qin Haodong took a few steps forward and said to Master Zha, “Master, I’m also good at analyzing handwriting. Could you please tell me the difference between these three pieces of will? And why are you sure that this one is fake?”

Li Jianye’s face fell. “You’re just a bodyguard. How dare you question Master Zha?”

Master Zha rose to the occasion. “I’ve always tried to convince others by virtue, or I don’t deserve the title of ‘Great Master’. Since you have some questions, I’ll explain it to you.”

He pointed to the three pieces of will and said, “Ordinary people can only distinguish them from the handwriting. I have to say this one is an excellent replication and I could hardly tell the difference.

“But a great master like me could check not only the handwriting, but also its charm and force. The will of Li Meiyu lacks the charm and force of my old friend.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said calmly, “What you’ve just said is very convincing, but you can’t fool me with that trick. If I’m not mistaken, the wills of Li Jianye and Li Yueying were forged by you, am I right?”

Everyone present was shocked after hearing his words. Li Jianye and Li Yueying’s eyes gleamed with astonishment and panic.

Master Zha calmed down after a while. He shouted at Qin Haodong, “You ignorant boy, how dare you talk nonsense in front of me! Do you know who I am?

“I’m the most distinguished master in Hong Kong and my teacher Mei Zhanlong is the best practitioner. How could I possibly do such a shameful thing as forging a will?”

Li Meiyu was also terrified by what he had said. She immediately interrupted, “You must have made a mistake. Master Zha is definitely not that kind of person.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Silly girl, you’ve been fooled. ‘Master’ Zha is a big liar.”

He cast a glance at Master Zha and pointed at the will on the table. “There are two individuals’ auras around this will. One is left by Li Jianye while the other belongs to the one who wrote the will.

“But that one isn’t your grandpa. It’s Master Zha! Their auras are exactly the same.

“So, the whole thing is quite clear now. Master Zha has long worked with Li Jianye to take your grandpa’s property and the reason why he advised you to go to Shanghai was that he needed your grandpa to be alone. There’s no fatal disaster at all.

“As a good friend of your grandpa, he’s very familiar with your grandpa’s handwriting. Thus, the forged will is nearly the same as the real one.”

After hearing what he had said, Li Meiyu exclaimed with great astonishment, “Haodong, do you mean that my grandpa didn’t die of illness, but was killed by them?”

Qin Haodong nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Master Zha’s eyes gleamed with anger. He pointed at Qin Haodong and snapped. “Stop talking nonsense! You’re just an ignorant kid. Do you know what aura is?”

He turned to Li Meiyu and said, “Girl, don’t be cheated by him. You’re very clear who I am. How could I forge a will of your grandpa?”


Li Meiyu was confused and didn’t know what to say. Of course, she trusted Qin Haodong, but Master Zha was also a distinguished person in Hong Kong. Since Li Meiyu had known him ever since she was a kid, she didn’t believe that he could do that.

Qin Haodong said calmly to Master Zha, “Why don’t you admit it? I really despise you.”

Master Zha replied, “Kid, this is pure slander. If you don’t apologize, I’ll not allow you to leave here today.”

“You want an apology? Sorry, I can’t do that.” Qin Haodong added, “There’s someone who knows the truth.”

Master Zha said, “Well then, please call him over. I want to confront him.”

“He’s right here.” Qin Haodong pointed at the coffin and said, “The person I’m talking about is Old Master Li. He knows very well which will is forged. ”

After hearing what he said, Li Jianye and Li Yueying who looked nervous immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Li Jianye said with sarcasm, “My brother has already passed away. Why do you have to use him as an easy excuse?”

Qin Haodong glanced at him and teased, “Are you sure that your brother has really passed away?”

Li Jianye replied, “That’s obvious. Everyone can see that brother has really died.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “He will really pass away without me. But now, he will come back to life.”

Master Zha said with disdain, “I thought you were a master, but it turns out that you are just an idiot talking nonsense. He’s already dead. Can you bring him back to life?”

Qin Haodong looked at him coldly and said, “If the soul that has been taken away with the Soul-Taking Spell returns to its body at 1:45, that person can return to life. Hasn’t your teacher told you that?”

Master Zha was shocked at first but then he said in a panic, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s the Soul-Taking Spell? My old friend died of illness. What does it have to do with a spell?”

“You’re so stubborn. Why do you still refuse to admit your mistakes? Fine, I’ll show you the real technique.”

Qin Haodong made an incantation with his hands while he was talking to Master Zha. He pointed at Li Dongguo, who was lying in the coffin, and shouted, “Hey!”

A bright light lit up behind Li Dongguo’s head. It was so bright that everyone present could hardly open their eyes. Then, it turned into a light pillar and shot into Master Zha’s chest.

Before he realized what had happened, a few spells suddenly burned around his chest with a bang. Then, an illusory figure rose up from the fire—it was Li Dongguo!

Seeing that Li Dongguo’s soul had been taken away, Master Zha extinguished the burning Taoist Talisman in his chest with panic and then took out a black porcelain bottle from his chest.

He patted the bottom of the bottle and a gust of black smoke came out. It then turned into a huge skull and tried to swallow Li Dongguo’s soul with its mouth open.

Qin Haodong used the incantation and shouted, “Break!”

The light pillar suddenly enwrapped the black skull, which turned into smoke and dissipated into the air with a muffled bang. The black porcelain bottle in Master Zha’s hand was also reduced into powder.


Qin Haodong shouted once again. The beam of light wrapped Li Dongguo’s soul and instantly absorbed it into his brain.

He walked to the coffin and pushed the body of Li Dongguo. Then, he used Green Wood Genuine Qi to help him move the stiff body and said “Get up!” with a pat on his chest.

Amidst surprised gazes, Li Dongguo really sat up in the coffin and opened his eyes slowly as if he had just woken up.

Qin Haodong found a mirror from the place where Li Dongguo had just been lying and put it into his pocket.

In fact, he had realized that Li Dongguo’s soul had been taken away by force when he had first entered here. And the culprit was Master Zha who was standing beside the coffin.

However, if he took back Li Dongguo’s soul by force at that time, Li Dongguo would have probably become an idiot even if he succeeded. Therefore, he put the mirror of Yin-Yang behind Li’s head in secret to protect his brain. Then he seized the opportunity to take back Li’s souls at the right time.

All the other people were stunned. Li Jianye and Li Yueying were shocked at first, but then they turned pale with fright. If Li Dongguo came back to life, they would definitely be punished.

They had done everything they could to obtain the inheritance, but they had never expected that Qin Haodong could bring Li Dongguo back to life.

Li Meiyu rushed over and took Li Dongguo’s hands and cried out, “Grandpa, are you really alive now?”

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