The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 613 - Sarah Banta

Chapter 613 Sarah Banta

Since someone dared to sneer at her son, Li Yueying said in a cold voice, “I know my older brother very well and I don’t believe he would marry Li Meiyu to a poor boy who’s good for nothing. I’m pretty sure that you’re faking the marriage contract to take our money away.”

Qin Haodong did not care what she had just said. He laughed instead. “There’s someone faking the marriage contract, but it’s not me.”

Li Meiyu also added, “Yes, I can prove it. Grandpa did promise to marry me to him.”


The marriage contract and the proof of a party involved immediately put Li Yueying and her son at a disadvantage.

Li Jianye frowned with dissatisfaction. He did not expect that their carefully-planned scheme would come to nothing. He was also well aware that it was no use arguing with them.

Thus, he cut in, “Well, Let’s forget about the will and marriage contract then. My brother’s funeral is the top priority.”

He turned to Li Meiyu and said, “Get in and say goodbye to your grandfather.”

Li Meiyu also realized that arguing with them was just a waste of time, so she gave up and went into the inner room with Qin Haodong and Nalan Wushuang.

There was a crystal coffin in the middle of the room and inside lay Li Dongguo, the founder of the Li Group. The lid of the coffin was removed to make the tribute more convenient.

On one side of the coffin sat an old man in a green robe. He was about 60 years old and looked like a great master with his ruddy complexion and neatly-arranged hair.

They walked into the room but the old man didn’t even look at them. He sat still and murmured. It seemed that he was reciting sutras for Li Dongguo.

Li Jianye said, “Meiyu, your grandpa passed away and I’ve invited Master Zha to recite sutras for him. I believe that he will definitely enter Paradise.”

Upon hearing that this man was Master Zha, Qin Haodong looked at him carefully and found a faint fluctuation of spiritual power around him. This old man must have some real techniques.


Li Meiyu could no longer suppress her sadness at the sight of her grandpa. She cried and burst into tears while holding his body.

Li Meiyu’s grandpa was her only family member. She knew that he loved and cared about her even though he had always been strict with her. But now her grandpa had passed away, leaving her alone in this world. How could she live her life?

Li Jianye hastened to comfort her, “Meiyu, please don’t cry. Your grandpa has passed away. Please, don’t let him worry about you.”

Qin Haodong looked away from Master Zha and turned instead to Li Dongguo who was lying in the coffin. A thought suddenly struck him.

Li Meiyu was still crying, so he went forward and comforted her, “Meiyu, don’t cry. It’s no use crying here.”

He pulled Meiyu up and then straightened Li Dongguo’s body. Seemingly unintentionally, he put his hand behind his head and put it straight.

Li Meiyu stopped crying and said, “I want to stay here for the wake.”

Li Yueying said, “It’s your duty to stay here for the wake. You’re a good kid and your grandpa will be proud and relieved.”

Just then, a skinny monk came in from outside. He was in his 30s or 40s and was wearing a purple-red frock. He was clearly a monk but Qin Haodong felt a gloom force around him.

“The master is here.”

Li Yueying greeted the monk with great happiness and then turned to Li Meiyu and said, “This is Master Sarah Banta from Thailand. He came here today to recite sutras for your grandpa. They were good friends.”

Upon hearing that he was a master from Thailand, Li Meiyu said respectfully, “Thank you, master.”

Li Yueying added, “Sarah Banta is a great master. He’s the disciple of the state teacher of Thailand and will definitely help your grandpa enter Paradise.”

Sarah Banta said something in Thai but nobody could understand him. Then, he knelt down on the futon in front of the coffin and began to recite sutras for Li Dongguo.

The sutras he was reciting were strange and sounded like cries or the Buddhist chants. It made one feel gloomy and scared with the dim light in the mourning hall.

Master Zha, who was sitting beside him, opened his eyes and glanced at the weird monk. But he closed his eyes and continued with his Taoist scriptures without saying anything.

Li Meiyu also found a futon and sat down on her knees. Qin Haodong and Nalan Wushuang were standing behind her. They would not leave her alone at this critical moment.

Li Meiyu suddenly felt a little dizzy as Sarah Banta recited his sutras. Her eyelids were dropping and she seemed to lose consciousness with her glassy eyes.

Qin Haodong immediately noticed that something was wrong with her. He looked at Sarah Banta and realized that his sounds had similar effects with Xiao Luochen’s mind-controlling skills. Both of them could attack people’s minds with a particular sound.

Obviously, this monk was Li Yueying’s trump card. If he didn’t interrupt, Li Meiyu would become a fool or even explode before she noticed anything wrong.

He took half a step forward and put his palm on Li Meiyu’s back. Genuine Qi came out of his body and formed an air shield around her, blocking the sounds of reciting sutras.

Li Meiyu immediately came to her senses after being protected from Sarah Banta’s attacks. She shook her head slightly and did not realize what had happened. She just wondered why she was so sleepy and tired just now.

Qin Haodong, of course, was not that kind of man who only defended instead of fighting back. He began to recite the Silent Spell to attack Sarah Banta.

Sarah Banta’s dim eyes suddenly lit up and he started to fight against Qin by reciting sutras in a louder voice.

Unfortunately, he was gradually suppressed by Qin Haodong despite his louder voice.

After a while, Sarah Banta’s eyes gleamed with panic and there was also sweat on his forehead. A thin layer of smoke even rose around him. Others might think that this monk was too dedicated to his work.

But in fact, he was almost overwhelmed by fear. He couldn’t resist Qin Haodong’s silent spell even with all his efforts. He nearly exceeded his limit now.

When facing this direct and powerful attack against his soul, Sarah Banta had no choice but to resist with all his might. He realized that the opponent must be a great master, but he could only struggle and have a try.

Sarah Banta flicked fingers of his right hand and a faint red light shot toward Qin Haodong. No one noticed it with the dim light in the mourning hall.

However, Qin Haodong saw the red light clearly under the state of Spirit. It was a poisonous needle.

He sneered and the poisonous needle immediately changed its direction as he flickered a finger. How dare this stupid monk attack him! The needle pierced into Sarah Banta’s mouth at a faster speed as he was still reciting sutras.

At the same time, the Silent Spell broke out and Sarah Banta’s soul was broken into pieces. The last thing he heard was a rumble of thunder in his head.

The poisonous needle was produced by Sarah Banta himself and the producer had the antidote. But he had already become an idiot after being attacked, so the only thing he could do now was to wait for his death.

Sarah Banta was dead and the sound of reciting sutras also stopped.

Li Yueying was standing and waiting not far away. She had invited Sarah Banta to turn Li Meiyu into an idiot so that they could take all the money away.

Unexpectedly, Li Meiyu still looked energetic and it didn’t seem that she had already become an idiot. Li Yueying was getting impatient but Sarah Banta suddenly stopped his reciting, which made her more perplexed.

At first, she thought that the monk was just tired and wanted to take a break, but he didn’t get started after a long while.

Li Yueying had lost her patience. She went over and patted Sarah Banta on the shoulder, asking, “Master, have you finished your sutras?”

To her surprise, Sarah Banta’s body was cold. Then, he fell to the ground with a thud and his face was pale, showing no signs of life.


Li Yueying had never expected that the monk was dead. She jumped up with scare and shouted, “He’s dead! He’s dead!”

Everyone gathered around her at the sound of her cry. Li Jianye asked, “What’s going on? What happened to him?”

Li Yueying said with a pale face, “I don’t know. The master stopped reciting just now, so I went over to check him. I didn’t expect that he had already died.”

Qin Haodong said with a teasing smile, “I remembered that he was a good friend of Old Master Li. Maybe he felt lonely there and wanted Sarah Banta to be with him.”


Li Yueying knew that Qin Haodong was mocking her, but she had nothing to say to contradict him. She said to Wu Zixiong with bitterness, “Ask someone to send the master back to Thailand right now.”

Wu Zixiong beckoned to the bodyguards and they carried the body of Sarah Banta out of the mourning hall.

At that moment, Master Zha, who was sitting next to the coffin, slowly stood up.

Li Jianye immediately came over to him and said respectfully, “Master Zha, thank you for reciting sutras.”

Master Zha replied, “I’m just an ordinary man practicing Taoist arts. Just now, I’ve recited 49 times of ‘Bitter-Saving Sutra’. I believe that my old friend will definitely enter Paradise.”

“Master Zha, thank you so much for your hard work!”

Li Jianye expressed his gratitude over and over again.

Li Yueying asked, “Master Zha, Sarah Banta died when he was reciting sutra for my brother. Do you know what happened?”

Master Zha said, “My old friend started from scratch and established such a huge business empire all by himself. He’s a man of great fortune.

“One must be strong and skilled enough to recite sutras for my friend. The monk you mentioned was not good enough. That’s why he failed and lost his life in this process. What a pity!” Master Zha said with his face full of complacency, implying that he was much more skilled than Sarah Banta.

“I see. Master Zha, you’re really good at Taoist arts.”

Li Jianye was pleased because Master Zha was obviously better than Sarah Banta who had been invited by Li Yueying. He defeated her this time.

After a pause, he said, “Master Zha, there’s another thing I want to ask for your help.”

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