The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 612 - The Marriage Contract

Chapter 612 The Marriage Contract

Li Yueying smirked and said aggressively, “Meiyu, your grandfather has just passed away. You wouldn’t go against his will, would you?”

Li Meiyu cried out, “Of course I won’t go against his wishes! But I’m sure you’re faking his will because I’m his favorite grandchild! He wouldn’t do this to me!”

Li Jianye slapped the will on the table and said, “This was written by your grandfather and you can also see his signature on it. Do you think we’re cheating you all the way?”

Li Yueying also handed over the will in her hand and said, “If you don’t believe us, please check it to see if it’s true.”

Uncle Cheng shook his head and left alone. He was well aware that he had no say in this matter, but he couldn’t bear being an onlooker.

Li Meiyu picked up the piece of paper and her face grew paler as she read it. Her grandfather loved calligraphy and she used to practice it with him when she was a child. Thus, she was very familiar with his handwriting.

It was clear that these two wills were actually written by her grandfather and there were also his seals at the bottom.

Li Jianye said triumphantly, “Did you see that? Was that written by your grandfather?”

Li Yueying chimed in, “Girl, just do what your grandfather said, or he will not lie in peace.”

Li Meiyu suddenly threw away the piece of paper and shouted, “Impossible. This is impossible. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it!”

Unfortunately, her resistance was practically useless because the property of the Li family had always been controlled by Li Jianye and Li Yueying. She couldn’t get a penny if she didn’t follow the will.

At that moment, a man suddenly cried out in a harsh voice, “My stomach hurts. My stomach hurts so badly.”

Li Jianye looked around at the sound of the voice and found that it was Qin Haodong.

He frowned in puzzlement. What they had said put great pressure on Li Meiyu and she was about to submit to their will, but this guy interrupted the whole process in an absurd way.

Qin Haodong simply ignored his expression. He took Li Meiyu’s arm and said, “Where’s your bathroom? Please show me the way! I can’t bear it any longer!”


Li Meiyu had been taken out of the room before she realized what had happened.

“The bathroom is over there!”

Li Meiyu took him to the bathroom and Qin Haodong rushed in. She stood outside alone with her mind wandering.

Her grandfather had been providing shelter for her since she was a child. But he passed away today and she must face the challenge all by herself, which made her feel weak and frustrated. At this time, she was in a hurry to find a strong man to rely on.

“Grandpa, why do you leave me? Did you really make that will?” Li Meiyu murmured, with tears flowing down her tender cheeks.

Just then the door was opened and Qin Haodong came out. He looked contented and comfortable.

“Here you are. Just take this!” Qin Haodong said and shoved a few sheets of paper into her hand.

“What is this?” Li Meiyu asked in surprise.

Qin Haodong smirked and said, “I talked with your grandfather when I was in the bathroom and asked him to make another will for you. Take it and that two old bastards dare not force you anymore.”

Li Meiyu unfolded the A4 paper in her hand and to her surprise, it was another will. But the content was completely different.

It read: Li Meiyu was the only heir to the estate of the Li family and all the properties were handed over to her. Also, she was in charge of all the wealth and industry of the whole family.

The content was different but the handwriting was exactly the same. It must be written by the same person and her grandfather’s seal was also at the bottom.

“Where did you get it?” asked Li Meiyu, astonished.

She didn’t believe that her grandpa would handed his will to Qin Haodong. Besides, he must have shown it before if he had it. There was no reason to waste time. But how could he forge a will in such a short time? This was absurd.

“Take it and stop asking more questions. I just don’t want those two bastards take any advantage of you.”

Then he said, “Let’s go. I wonder what they’ll do next.”

The two of them walked toward the mourning hall.

In the mourning hall, Li Jianye and Li Yueying looked at each other and saw the pride in their eyes. Since they were working together, they would completely control the Li family and Li Meiyu would also fall in their clutches.

Li Jianye asked, “Yueying, why did you make this marriage contract?”

Li Yueying answered, “Even if we take all the property, this girl might also get us into trouble if she marries someone else in the future. Hence, it’s better to make her marry Zixiong as we will be completely safe by then.”

Li Jianye nodded and said, “It’s very thoughtful of you. She will never be able to get away if she marries Zixiong.”

Li Meiyu and Qin Haodong came back when they were talking.

Upon seeing them, Li Jianye said triumphantly, “You’ve already read the will and what we’ve said is true. Your grandfather insisted on giving us the property and we had no other choices but to accept.

“After all, he’s my brother and I don’t want to go against his will since he has already passed away.”

Li Jianye feigned reluctance as he talked, but it was clear that he couldn’t wait to get the inheritance.

Li Yueying also added, “Yeah, you have to follow your grandpa’s will. After the funeral is over, I’ll hold a wedding ceremony for you and Zixiong. Your grandfather will be able to rest in peace then.”

Wu Zixiong was standing behind her, with his salacious little eyes fixed on Li Meiyu. He couldn’t help laughing at the thought that this woman would soon be his wife.

Everyone thought that Li Meiyu had no choice but to submit. However, she shook her head and took out a piece of paper from her bag and said, “I can’t hand the inheritance to you, let alone get married to Wu Zixiong. I’m sure that your will is fake because the real one is in my hands. You can’t take a penny now.”

Then, she slapped the will on the table and said, “Have a look. Grandpa left the will to me and the inheritance belongs to me. It has nothing to do with you guys.”

Li Jianye and Li Yueying’s faces seemed frozen. They looked at each other and then shook their heads.

Her grandpa had left her a will, but they had already destroyed it. They had forged their wills by imitating his handwriting.

Li Jianye said, “Meiyu, your grandfather wrote the wills and handed them to us. We know the truth and don’t try to cheat us with a fake one.”

Li Meiyu retorted, “Grandpa gave this will to me and you can have a check if you don’t believe it. Why do you think this is fake?”

Li Jianye was confused. He checked the will carefully, only to find that it was exactly the same as his except for the contents.

No one could find a flaw in this will, even if it was given to a professional department for identification.

Li Yueying thought for a moment and then said, “According to the law, only the final will is legally binding. So your document is of no use.

“Your grandpa might have thought of giving you all the property, but he must have changed his mind…”

Li Yueying believed that Old Master Li must have written two wills. One of them had been left home, the one that they had already destroyed, while the other was in Li Meiyu’s hands.

Li Meiyu nodded in agreement and said, “You’re right. Only the final document is legally binding. You can see that my will is two days later than yours, so yours is bull and void.”

Li Yueying and Li Jianye were both shocked. They immediately checked the date and found that Li Meiyu’s will was two days later than theirs.


Li Jianye was at first shocked but then he realized something and cried out, “It’s impossible! Your grandpa was ill at that time. How could he make that will for you?”

Li Meiyu said,” This is none of your business, You just need to know that this will is real and legally binding.”

Li Yueying rolled her eyes and suddenly came up with an idea. She said, “Meiyu, the will does not matter. After all, we don’t care about money. The most important part is the engagement that your grandfather has made for you and Zixiong. You can’t go against his will.”

Then she pushed a piece of paper toward Li Meiyu. It turned out to be a marriage contract between Li Meiyu and Wu Zixiong. At the bottom were his signature and seal.

Upon hearing those words, Li Jianye shot her an angry glance. This woman was cunning and changed her mind so quickly. As long as Meiyu was married to their son, the property of the Li family would also belong to them.

Li Meiyu glanced at the marriage contract and then turned to Qin Haodong for help. She didn’t know how to solve this problem now.

Qin Haodong took the piece of paper and clicked his tongue after reading it. “It seems that the old man is really old and confused. How can you marry two men at the same time?”

Li Yueying glared at him and said, “Who are you? What do you mean by that?”

Qin Haodong laughed. “It doesn’t matter. But I also have a marriage contract and it was given to me by Old Master Li.

“He was attracted by my good looks and urged me to marry his granddaughter. He was such a nice man that I couldn’t refuse the offer. Look, here’s the marriage contract.”

Then, he took out a piece of paper and put it on the table. Li Yueying was astonished to see that it was also a marriage contract between Li Meiyu and Qin Haodong. There was also Old Master Li’s name and seal at the bottom.

Wu Zixiong cried out, “That’s impossible! You’re just a bodyguard. How could Grandpa marry Meiyu to you? Your marriage contract must be fake and it doesn’t count.”

“What’s wrong with bodyguards? What makes you so proud of yourself?” Qin Haodong said with a teasing smile, “You can take a good look at yourself if you don’t believe me. Why do you think Old Master Li would marry his granddaughter to you?”

“How dare you…”

Wu Zixiong choked with anger but he was indeed uglier than Qin Haodong.

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