The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 615 - Sword-Cultivating Gourd

Chapter 615 Sword-Cultivating Gourd

Li Dongguo patted Li Meiyu on the shoulder and said, “I’m sorry, you were wronged.”

Then he suddenly stood up and walked to Qin Haodong and bowed low him, saying with great gratitude, “Young man, thank you for saving my life and the entire Li family.”

Although all his souls and spirits had been taken away by the Soul-taking Spell, he could see clearly what had happened in the mourning hall. Without the help of Qin Haodong, he would have been murdered by those people.

Qin Haodong smiled and replied, “It’s nothing. Please deal with your family affairs first.”

“Good. Please wait for a moment. I have to first get rid of these little rats!”

Li Dongguo then turned around and looked straight at Li Jianye and Li Yueying.

Meeting his angry eyes, they felt both guilty and scared; they took a few steps back.

Li Jianye pulled himself together and said with embarrassment, “Hey, big bro, you’re really blessed. Congratulations for coming back to life!”

“It’s a pity you didn’t kill me and took all my money away, right?!” Li Dongguo pointed at their noses and reproached, “You two are monsters! You little rats!

“You two competed with me for the property after our father passed away. I gave up and came to Hong Kong alone without any complaints. It is me who started from scratch and built this business empire!

“You only remembered me when I got rich and came here asking for help. I was softhearted, so I allowed you to act as members of the Li family. I even handed over the family business to you!

“But you tried to kill me and bully my granddaughter in front of my coffin. You burned my real will and forged another to take all my property away. What else do you have to say?”


Li Jianye and Li Yueying’s faces were ghastly white; they couldn’t even utter a single word.

Li Dongguo was still angry, so he turned around to stare at Master Zha.

“I’ve known you for 30 years and I didn’t expect that you would work with them to kill me with your evil arts. We were old friends. How dare you imitate my handwriting and forge the will?

“How can you call yourself a great master? How can you live up to the trust I had placed in you over the past years?”

Master Zha was much calmer than Li Jianye and Li Yueying. He said, “My old friend, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You were destined to pass away and you should have entered paradise by now. There’s no need to come back to life and suffer in this mortal world.”

“Bullsh*t! Get out of here! From now on, I have nothing to do with you!”

Then Li Dongguo turned around and said to Li Jianye and Li Yueying, “And you two. For the sake of our parents, I will not sue you for attempting to murder me.

“But from now on, I have nothing to do with you. You won’t get a penny from the Li family. Now, get out of here!”

Li Jianye had already calmed down. He pleaded, “Big bro, we made a huge mistake this time. Please give us another chance.”

Li Yueying also chimed in, “That’s right, brother. We were fooled into cheating you. We won’t dare do that again! Please don’t kick us out. We don’t want to leave you.”

Both of them knew that they were elites of the upper class in Hong Kong because of the support of the Li family. They would become nobodies once they left the place, completely losing their luxurious lifestyle.

Li Dongguo sneered and said, “It’s the money that you’ll miss, not me. You two will definitely try to kill me again if I give you another chance.

Now, get out of the Li family property! Or I’ll call the police!”

Qin Haodong shook his head slightly. Old Master Li was too softhearted to get rid of these two greedy wolves. His indecision would lead to more trouble.

“Big bro, since you’re so cruel with us, don’t blame us for fighting back,” Li Jianye continued, “Although the entire business empire was established by you, it belongs to the entire family.

“Why did you only leave me and Yuying 10% of the company’s shares in your will? We are your siblings!

“You left a big fortune to Meiyu, but she’s just a woman and once she gets married, the wealth of the Li family will be taken away by her husband. I was just trying to keep our property. I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Qin Haodong was stunned. He didn’t expect that Li Jianye would be such a shameless guy.

“What are you talking about!” Li Dongguo trembled with anger. “I worked hard to earn the money and it’s my personal freedom to give it to my granddaughter. Why do I have to give it to little rats like you?”

Li Jianye sneered and said, “It’s not up to you now. I tried to solve this problem in peace but you didn’t appreciate that. So big bro, don’t blame me.”

Then he yelled at someone outside the mourning hall, “Hurry up!”

More than a dozen bodyguards rushed in at his command. All the others who were loyal to the Li family had been driven out by him and those were his followers.

Li Jianye immediately became more confident at the sight of those armed bodyguards. He said to Li Dongguo triumphantly, “Big bro, why do you want to come back to life? It’s too much trouble to kill you once again.

“But that’s OK. I will kill you four all at once and you won’t be lonely in paradise.”

Then he waved his hands to the bodyguards standing behind him, “Now, shoot! Kill these people and each of you will get 10 million yuan!”

A fierce look also settled on Li Yueying’s face. She stared at Qin Haodong and the others, then she said, “This affair could have been settled in peace, but you wouldn’t allow it. Now, go to hell!”

They shouted aggressively, but the bodyguards didn’t even move after a long time passed.

Li Jianye waited for a while but his men had yet to take any actions. He turned around and shouted with great anger, “What the f**k are you doing? Didn’t you hear my command? Kill them and each of you can get 10 million yuan!”

However, those bodyguards were standing still, not reacting at all.

Li Jianye was about to shout again but Master Zha stopped him, “Stop it. They’re all dead.”

“What? They’re dead? What happened?”

Li Jianye and Li Yueying were shocked to find that all the bodyguards fell to the ground with a thud. There was a shining silver needle between each person’s eyebrows.

Master Zha glanced at Qin Haodong and said coldly, “Young man, good job.”

Qin Haodong smiled and replied, “Just a small trick. It’s nothing.”

All those people had been killed by Qin Haodong. After all, Li Dongguo and Li Meiyu who were standing in the mourning hall knew nothing about martial arts. How could he give the bodyguards the opportunity to shoot?

Li Dongguo was nearly wild with anger. He had already promised to forgive them, but those two people had tried to kill him and his granddaughter again. It wasn’t worth his time to try to change them.

“Bastards! You two bastards! I will send you to jail!”

There was a glint of panic in Li Jianye’s eyes. All his bodyguards had been killed, so Master Zha became his lifeline. He rushed over and shouted, “Master Zha, kill these people!”

Li Yueying also cried out, “Yes! All of us will die if we don’t kill them!”

Master Zha replied, “I can kill them, but the agreed terms must be changed. 10% of the company’s shares are far from enough. I need at least 30%.”

Li Jianye agreed after some hesitation. If Master Zha could kill all those people, he could still get part of the properties of the Li family. Although the share would be smaller, it was still better than spending the rest of his life in prison.

Li Yueying nodded in hurry and said, “It’s a deal!”

Li Dongguo said angrily, “It belongs to me and none of you can divide it.”

Master Zha smiled and suddenly discarded his great master bearing. Then he said with a greedy face, “It belongs to you, but the owner will change soon.”

Then he turned to Qin Haodong and said, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re a warrior. And your cultivation is quite high, right? Your needle-shooting skill is excellent, but you’re nothing in front of me.”

Qin Haodong said, “Well, I’d like to see your skills. You’d better deserve the title of ‘Great Master’.”

In fact, Master Zha was not much stronger than an ant when confronting Qin Haodong. If he used the Xuan Yuan Sword right then, he would be able to kill Master Zha immediately.

But Hong Kong was different from Huaxia. Geomantic Omens were popular there and that was the reason why Master Zha could become famous. Through fighting with him, Qin Haodong wanted to figure out how powerful the Geomantic Omen was there.

But Li Meiyu didn’t know what he was thinking, so she said anxiously, “Haodong, please be careful. He’s quite powerful.”

Li Dongguo also said seriously, “Yes, young man, he’s a bad guy. But he’s really good at Geomancy. You must be careful.”

He had seen Master Zha defeat a Geomantic Omen master in Southeast Asia; he had been truly shocked by his skills. That was why he just wanted to kick him out instead of holding him to account.

On the contrary, Li Jianye and Li Yueying both looked relaxed. They believed that Master Zha could solve every and each problem.

Nalan Wushuang was the only one who looked calm. In fact, she trusted Qin Haodong more than she trusted herself.

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t worry. He’s just a charlatan, and knows nothing but little tricks.”

Master Zha was furious to hear that Qin Haodong looked down on him and compared him to those con men. He said with great anger, “Ignorant boy, you’re getting your death! I’ll show you my skills!”

Then he took out a shiny little gourd from his pocket.

“You’ve used your flying needle just now. I’ll show you my Sword-Cultivating Gourd.”

Then he opened the lid and a silver light shot into Qin Haodong’s eyebrows like a meteor.

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