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Chapter 564 - Xuanyin Physique

Chapter 564 Xuanyin Physique

Qin Haodong didn’t know whether he had given himself away with the performance just then. While facing so many experts from the Han family, if he showed even the slightest flaw, he would definitely be pursued by them.

Not to the mention others, just the two level nine Supreme Power realm experts were enough to completely crush him.

Therefore he didn’t stop and used three Wind Talismans in a row. With the Gold Core activated, he traveled as fast as he could and moved forward like a meteor. Fortunately, it was all mountains and forests in the region, so he didn’t attract the attention of others.

With a crack, three Wind Talismans broke and the piece of jade in his hand turned into powder. By this time, he had already run 70 to 80 miles away. Only then did he stop.

He looked at his surroundings. The scenery was beautiful; there was a towering mountain in front of him and a small river flowing below his feet.

Also, Qin Haodong felt that the Spiritual Qi in the area was much richer than in other places. It was a very good spot to cultivate.

Just then, he had consumed a lot of Genuine Qi to run at full speed. He looked back and saw that no one had followed him, so he sat down cross-legged on a clean stone next to the river and began to restore the consumed Genuine Qi.

Within his dantian, a round Gold Core was slowly turning. A large amount of Spiritual Qi was absorbed into his body, quickly restoring the consumed Genuine Qi.

The Spiritual Qi was indeed thicker than in other places. If he cultivated in the city, it would take at least half a day to recover, while it only took him 30 minutes to recover in that remote place.

Just when Qin Haodong was preparing to finish his cultivation, he suddenly felt the Qi of Heaven and Earth around him change. The originally calm and comfortable Spiritual Qi became crazy and restless. It was like a boiling tide rushing towards the top of the mountain.

“What’s going on?”

He opened his eyes and saw that the Spiritual Qi movement had created strong wind around him. The scenery had also changed. The originally calm valley had sand and rocks flying everywhere, surprising the birds and beasts away as they scattered in all directions.

He looked towards the mountain summit and saw the raging Spiritual Qi engulfing everything. It was as if there were a great suctioning power at the top of the mountain.

Qin Haodong’s expression instantly changed. He had often seen these heaven and earth changes in the Cultivation World. Was someone breaking the core and ascending to the Nascent Realm?

There should be no Nascent realm cultivators on earth, which meant someone was hitting the bottleneck of this level. Who was it? Was there such an expert in the capital?”

He carefully felt it again. The surrounding Spiritual Qi was so restless that even if the person entered the Nascent realm, it should not be as crazy as this.

Thinking up to this point, his expression changed again. An offset had occurred for the person who was breaking through to the Divine stage at the top of the mountain—it was Qi Deviation. That was the reason why the Qi of Heaven and Earth had become so restless.

“Who is it? Should I go up and have a look?”

It was almost noon. He was going to return to the capital, but curiosity killed the cat. In the end, he slowly made his way towards the top of the mountain, wanting to see who was attacking the bottleneck of the Divine stage.

For safety, he had used three Invisibility Talismans earlier. After using one earlier, only two remained. He relied greatly on these to ensure that he wouldn’t be discovered by the level nine Supreme Power Realm expert on the mountain.

Soon, he arrived at the top, where the Qi of Heaven and Earth became fiercer. An ordinary person would have been blown away by such a wild wind.

He lowered himself and held his breath, as he slowly arrived at the top of the mountain. He saw that a two-story bamboo building had been built there, which had crumbled under the pressure of the strong wind.

There was a woman sitting on her knees in the middle of the bamboo building ruins. Under the violent changes of the Yuan Qi, her clothes had turned to flying ashes, exposing her white skin.

However, the woman didn’t move as she continued to cultivate. There was a bit of blood flowing out from the corner of her mouth. Obviously, she had suffered internal injuries.

“There is indeed a problem related to Qi Deviation. She should stop, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Qin Haodong immediately relaxed, since he knew that it was a critical moment in this woman’s training and that it wouldn’t pose a threat to him. The powerful spirit was like a radar as it scanned the woman’s situation. He soon found the problem.

This woman turned out to have an extremely rare Xuanyin Physique. No wonder she was able to hit the bottleneck of the Divine stage at such a young age.

Women who had the Xuanyin Physique were generally martial arts geniuses. They were often far ahead of ordinary people in terms of making progress in training.

However, the Xuanyin Physique had one flaw, which was that it required an extremely high technique. The person had to cultivate the extreme Yin attribute technique. However, this woman had cultivated a technique that emphasized the balance of Yin and Yang.

This situation was not obvious in the beginning. As the cultivation became deeper, the drawbacks became more and more prominent. This would make the person’s physique cold and their character strange.

This woman had cultivated to the peak of the Supreme Power realm’s ninth level by using the Xuanyin Physique, which was commendable. However, it was impossible for her to break through the bottleneck of the Divine stage.

It was a pity that only he, who had 500 years of experience as Emperor Green Wood, would understand this. There were probably very few people on earth who could notice this issue. Obviously this woman did not.

The most fatal thing was that this woman was still a virgin. A Xuanyin Physique that had yet to release Yuan Yin—and was relying on a technique that balanced of Yin and Yang to break through the bottleneck—was simply looking for death.

When there wasn’t enough Yang Qi to balance the Yin Qi, it would result in the Yin Qi backfiring. A light impact would cripple the person; a heavy impact would be deadly.

Right at this moment, the woman suddenly spat a large mouthful of fresh blood. The fresh blood dripped onto the ground and quickly turned into a dark red ice cube, a proof of the coldness inside her body.

But this woman was extremely persistent. She had no intention of stopping despite suffering a serious internal injury. She continued to turn the Genuine Qi inside her body to push towards the bottleneck of the Divine state.

This way, the Qi of Heaven and Earth at the top of the mountain became more and more violent. With a crack, the Invisibility Talisman Qin Haodong used could no longer bear the restlessness of the Yuan Qi and broke into powder.

Qin Haodong secretly cursed. It was dangerous to be exposed to an expert with Qi Deviation, and he might lose his life.

He turned around and tried to run away, but it was too late.

At this moment, the top of the mountain was covered with ice and snow, while he was the only source of heat. The woman who was cultivating was covered with frost. She immediately noticed his existence and arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

The gap between a level three Supreme Power Realm expert and a level nine Supreme Power Realm expert was extremely wide and obvious. Although this woman was internally injured, she was still not someone Qin Haodong could defend against.

She opened her arms and hugged Qin Haodong like holding a child. She seemed to have felt that his mouth was a source of heat, so she suddenly kissed him. She was like a vampire, desperately absorbing the Yang Qi he was spitting out.

Right then, this woman had lost her mind. She instinctively wanted to get warmth, and was aware that his clothes were in the way to get more heat. With a gentle wave of her hand, Qin Haodong’s clothes were torn to shreds and swept away by the strong wind around her.

The two were facing each other naked, as the woman held Qin Haodong tightly in her arms, desperately clinging to him. The cold emitted from her body almost froze him.

“What should I do?”

Qin Haodong was completely stupefied. He wasn’t able to defeat her or run away, so he could only let her kiss him like this.

Although this woman was an absolute beauty, she was a deadly ice beauty. The Xuanyin Qi emitted from her body was so powerful that if he wasn’t careful, he would turn into an ice statue.

He quickly activated the Green Wood Genuine Qi in his body to resist the chill that constantly invaded his meridians.

“God damn it!”

Black lines appeared on Qin Haodong’s forehead. At this moment, he was actually being pushed down by a woman.

Suddenly, his heart shook. One of the important reasons why there was a lot of Xuanyin Qi on this woman’s body was that she was still a virgin, so her Yuan Yin had yet to be released.

If this continued, the woman would be turned into ice by the Yin Qi recoil, and he would also die.

If he wanted to survive, there was only one possibility. He had to break this woman’s Yuan Yin for him to get a glimmer of hope of surviving.

The current situation was that the woman obviously had no experience. She was just hanging there, not knowing what to do.

In order to survive, Qin Haodong could only make a great effort to help her. The moment he succeeded, like a raging tsunami, the Xuanyin Qi entered his body, almost freezing him.

Fortunately, after this flow of coldness, the Yin Qi on her body immediately weakened. It seemed his method was still effective.

After breaking through the body, the woman’s Yin Qi was immediately weakened by more than half. Although the coldness was still there, it could just barely be controlled by Green Wood Genuine Qi.

The woman seemed to feel much better, as she held him tightly. There were no other changes, but her eyes were still confused. She had not yet returned to her senses.

When the danger was lifted, Qin Haodong breathed a sigh of relief. However, it wasn’t good to continue on like this. He had to lift the woman’s Qi Deviation state.

He was startled by what he sensed when he was searching inside the woman’s body. The meridians in her body had been destroyed by a large amount of the Qi of Heaven and Earth. If he didn’t find a way to help repair her meridians, even if she was saved, she would be crippled.

No matter what, this woman had become one with him. It could be counted as a type of fate given to him by God. He had to find a way to save her.

After thinking about it for a while, Qin Haodong thought of a way to save her and decided to take a chance.

He activated his pair cultivation method. However, it wasn’t to pass on his energy this time, but to help the woman repair her damaged meridians through his Green Wood Genuine Qi.

First of all, he injected the Genuine Qi into the woman’s dantian. The Green Wood Genuine Qi had a wonderful healing effect, as it quickly repaired the woman’s broken dantian. Then, it guided the woman’s Genuine Qi to slowly expand to the outside meridians.

Since he wanted to help this woman, he decided to help until the end. When he was in the Cultivation World, he had once received a Xuanyin formula. It was especially suitable for the cultivation of a Yin attribute physique.

Therefore, Qin Haodong directly changed the path of this woman’s energy, and recreated the meridian circulation inside her body according to the path of the Xuanyin formula.

Reality proved that this method was effective.

When Qin Haodong guided the woman’s Genuine Qi to circulate inside her body, the originally raging Xuanyin Qi quickly gathered into her dantian, like birds returning to their nest.

Although the energy path had changed, there was no change in the purity and quantity of the Genuine Qi. She still had a level nine Supreme Power Realm cultivation.

With the Genuine Qi as a safeguard, her injury recovery rate was several times faster.


Qin Haodong was finally relieved. If she had not met him that day, she would have turned into a cripple if she didn’t die.

But she had benefited from the misfortune. Not only was her life saved, her cultivation at the level nine Supreme Power realm also was undamaged. The most important thing was that she had received a martial arts technique that suited her physique.

As long as she recovered from the injuries inside her body and cultivated at ease for a period of time, it wouldn’t be difficult to break through to the Divine stage.

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