The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 563 - Power Of A Saint

Chapter 563 Power Of A Saint

“No… no… I didn’t. Mis… misunderstanding…”

Han Zaixing was so frightened that he almost peed his pants. He could not even say a complete sentence.

However, it couldn’t be blamed on him. Qin Zongheng’s prestige was overwhelming back then, as he was a martial arts genius who dominated the capital 20 years before.

Many years had passed since then, who knew what level of cultivation he had reached? It wouldn’t be strange to think he had reached the legendary Divine realm.

“Han Zaixing, do you think I don’t know what you did last night? If I don’t kill you today, others will think my woman is easy to bully!”

Once he said that, Qin Haodong’s solid and murderous aura rose into the air. He was able to create such a strong effect with the help of his powerful spirit. Even an expert at the Divine level would be nothing in front of this.

At the moment, Han Wuji, the family master, stood with hands behind his back in one of the Han family’s courtyards. With a trace of anger on his face, he said to the housekeeper in front of him, “Where is Zaixing? Didn’t he come home last night?”

The housekeeper said respectfully, “There’s no one in the young master’s room.”

“This brat. All he knows is how to flirt and drink outside. No wonder he can’t raise his cultivation…”

Han Wuji suddenly stopped talking, as he looked towards the gate with a horrified expression.

“Murderous aura! An incredible murderous aura!”

Who on earth was this to have such a strong murderous aura? Also, it was also coming from a place near the front gate of the manor. Were they on the verge of an attack?

At the same time, the other experts of the Han family had also felt that amazing murderous aura. Streams of shadows were seen rising from the house and into the sky, rushing towards the direction of the gate.

The two figures at the front wore gray robes, and both were as fast as lightning. They were the Han family’s strongest and most respected elders, as they were both at the ninth level of the Supreme Power realm.

Qin Haodong chose to make his move at the place he currently stood after careful calculations. It allowed the experts from the Han family to notice his existence, and gave enough time to take his leave.

In this world, only he could make such exquisite calculations. As the former Emperor Green Wood, he knew very well how fast experts at each level were. This included the two level nine Supreme Power realm experts who were comparable to cultivators in the late Gold Core realm.

While he faced Qin Haodong’s murderous aura, Han Zaixing felt heat flow down his lower body. His entire person was so frightened that he was stupefied on the spot. He was completely unable to resist.

“Go die!”

A golden light flashed in Qin Haodong’s hand, as the Xuanyuan Sword instantly pierced the Maybach’s front windshield. Like cutting tofu, the sword drilled a hole through Han Zaixing’s head. It then went through the rear windshield and back to Qin Haodong’s hand.

At this moment, the two fastest and strongest experts rushed out of the Han family’s gate. They started trembling with fear when they saw this scene.

“Killing with an imperial sword. This is a cultivation that only half saints would have! Could this person already be at the semi-divine level?”

Qin Haodong killed Han Zaixing with one attack. He slowly turned his head and shouted towards the Han family’s gate, “Han Wuji old man, today I, Qin Zongheng, have killed Han Zaixing. In the future, if anyone dares to disrespect my wife Chu Xuanyue, I will kill your entire Han family, leaving no one alive!”

This shout was like thunder, as it shook the surrounding field and spread to every corner of the Han family’s manor. It frightened the birds in the surrounding mountains and forests, making them fly away one after another.

He nodded secretly in his heart. It seemed that the effect of this Thunder Talisman was pretty good. If he had spoken with his inner energy, he would not have reached this level. He would need to be at least in the late Gold Core or early Nascent Realm.

At the same time, the two level nine Supreme Power realm experts who had rushed to the front were less than 300 meters away.

Qin Haodong knew that he couldn’t stay any longer. If those two experts got any closer, they would see through him.

Therefore, Qin Haodong rose into the air. The soles of his feet were moving like stepping on a ladder in mid-air, as he walked up step by step.

After taking seven to eight steps, he had already soared 50 to 60 meters into the air. At this moment, the two level nine Supreme Power realm experts were only 100 meters away.

Witnessing his actions, they stopped from fear and shouted with their mouths wide open in horror, “Lifting weight easily and ascending in the air. This is a Saint!!!”

A scene that frightened them even more had come to pass, as Qin Haodong’s figure suddenly disappeared in mid-air. Even his force had vanished.

“Teleportation! Oh my god, it really is a saint!”

The two experts were so frightened that they sat on the ground. At the same time, the other experts of the Han family had also rushed out one after another, as shock appeared on their faces when they saw that happen.

Han Wuji had a livid face, as he arrived in front of the Maybach with many of the Han family’s experts. Currently, Han Zaixing lay in a pool of blood, no longer among the living.

He looked back and said to the two level nine Supreme Power realm experts, “Second Brother, Third Brother, you two arrived the fastest. What did you guys see?”

The two of them were Han Wuji’s cousins. One was called Han Wuwei, and the other was called Han Wuju.

In a large family like theirs, the family master didn’t necessarily have the highest cultivation.

Once a member held the position of the family head, a lot of energy had to be put towards managing family affairs. It was impossible to concentrate on martial arts like the respected elders. Therefore, their cultivation would naturally be greatly impacted, unless it was a martial arts genius like Qin Zongheng.

At this time, Han Wuju still had a frightened look on his face as he said, “Qin Zongheng! It was Qin Zongheng of the Qin family. He has actually reached the cultivation of a saint!”

Everyone present was shocked by his words. Qin Zongheng had disappeared for 21 years; it was completely unexpected to see him reappear in the capital.

Han Wuji asked gloomily, “Second Brother, are you sure it was Qin Zongheng?”

Han Wuju nodded and said, “There’s no mistake. Back then, the humiliation of being defeated by him in just three moves is still in my mind. After practicing so hard, I thought that the gap between us would have narrowed after reaching the ninth level of the Supreme Power realm.

“Alas! I really didn’t expect that he has already broken through to the realm of a saint! In the past, he was seen as an immortal martial arts genius in the Qin family. I was unconvinced at first, but now I absolutely believe it.”

Being the family master of the Han family, Han Wuji was a lot calmer than the others. He was very meticulous in his mind as he asked without confidence, “Second Brother, within the families of the Capital, there are many experts in the ninth level of the Supreme Power realm. None of them have reached the saint realm. In fact, many believe that such a level is just a legend. Are you sure Qin Zongheng has broken through this threshold?”

“First Brother, I can’t be wrong!” Han Wuwei said solemnly, “Originally, I was happy that I was able to kill at a distance, and that my cultivation had reached the Half Divine realm. However, after seeing Qin Zongheng successively using the abilities of ascending in the air and teleportation… it was definitely the ability that only someone at the Divine level could have. This is definitely not wrong!”

Han Wuju continued, “It is indeed like this. Although Laosan and I have not yet touched the threshold of a saint, it is impossible for ordinary people to pretend to be strong in front of us.

“Whether it was the murderous aura Qin Zongheng emitted, or the teleportation and the vertical ascent later, they all belonged to someone with the cultivation of a saint. This can’t be wrong!”

Seeing that the two experts were so sure, Han Wuji no longer had any doubts. He waved to the people from the Han family and said, “Pass my order down. Gather up for an emergency family meeting, immediately!”

At the same time, he said to a middle-aged man next to him, “Go and immediately investigate for me, what this Zaixing brat did. He actually lured out a devil like Qin Zongheng.”

The middle-aged man was Han Zaiyi, a second generation’s eldest son of the Han family. He controlled a massive intelligence system. After receiving the family master’s order, he immediately rushed into the Han family’s manor. The intelligence system that the Han family had operated for many years began running at a high speed.

30 minutes later, Han Wuji sat in the conference hall of the Han family. Next to him were Han Wuju and Han Wuwei, while below sat dozens of core members of the Han family.

Han Zaiyi held a stack of documents in his hand as he rushed into the hall and said to Han Wuji, “Family master, I have thoroughly investigated the matter.”

Han Wuji said, “Tell me, what caused all this?”

Han Zaiyi said, “Ever since Qin Zongheng disappeared, Zaixing has been after Chu Xuanyue. He wanted to take both her and the Haodong Group.

“Last night, he privately mobilized one of the family’s elders at the seventh level of the Supreme Power realm and two elders at the sixth level of the Supreme Power Realm to assassinate Ye Qing.

“He failed in the end. The three elders died in unclear circumstances. One of them was Xu Qingju, the shadow assassin.”

Up to this moment, the briefing had surprised everyone present. Three Supreme Power Realm elders had died, and one of them was Xu Qingji, an expert at the seventh level of the Supreme Power realm.

Han Wuji asked with a livid expression, “Did you find out who did it? Was it Qin Zongheng?”

Han Zaiyi said, “Time was limited, so I haven’t found out about this detail just yet.”

Han Wuji knew that trying to assassinate Ye Qing was not enough to infuriate Qin Zongheng, so he said, “Go on.”

Han Zaiyi said, “After sending people to assassinate Ye Qing, Zaixing went to the Haodong Group with a level six expert of the Supreme Power realm. First, Zhang Jingsheng pretended to be a doctor to treat Chu Xuanyue. Then, Zaixing tried to sexually assault her.”

Hearing this, everyone understood that this was the reason why Qin Zongheng was furious.

This Han Zaixing was too bold. He had dared to sexually assault Chu Xuanyue. Wouldn’t this be an attempt to turn Qin Zongheng into a cuckold?

Han Wuji asked, “What happened in the end?”

Han Zaiyi said, “In the end, Ye Qing returned in time and killed Zhang Jingsheng. She also gave Zaixing a violent beating and kicked him out of the Haodong Group.”

Hearing this, everyone took a long breath. Han Wuji’s back broke out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately Han Zaixing had not succeeded. Otherwise, Qin Zongheng would have killed more people. The entire Han family would have been buried with him.

Although the Han family was the strongest among the seven big families of the capital thanks to its number of elders, the strength of saints was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Just from that day’s event, it was clear that no one could confront a furious Qin Zongheng.

Han Wuju said, “Judging from the current situation, Qin Zongheng was not at the Capital back then. He came back after hearing the news.”

Han Wuwei said, “This Han Zaixing brat, he almost destroyed the entire Han family.”

Right then, everyone in the Han family was intimidated by the strength Qin Zongheng had displayed. They were afraid of the consequences. No one was angered by the death of Han Zaixing, and no one was the slightest bit sad for his death.

Han Wuju said, “First Brother, what should our Han family do next?”

Han Wuji said, “Pass my order down as the family master. Before a Divine level expert appears in our Han family, no one is allowed to provoke the Haodong Group, let alone go after Chu Xuanyue. Otherwise, they will be killed without question!”

“We obey the family master’s order!”

No one present opposed this order. In fact, they even breathed a sigh of relief. Many people were afraid that Han Wuji would retaliate against the Haodong Group. If that happened, they would all become cannon fodder under Qin Zongheng’s sword!

Qin Haodong had no idea about any of this, let alone how much shock and awe he had brought to the Han family.

After using the Invisibility Talisman, he quickly crushed a Wind Talisman, turning his entire body into a meteor and fleeing into the distance.

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