The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 565 - Sweet and Caring Man

Chapter 565 Sweet and Caring Man

After the woman’s Genuine Qi was stabilized, the Spiritual Qi at the top of the mountain slowly returned to normal and the storm slowly disappeared. Everything returned to the way it used to be.

She seemed to be aware that the danger had passed. She passed out and was laying on the ground after having used too much energy due to the Qi Deviation just then.

Qin Haodong got up, took out a set of clothes and put them on. When he saw the red pool on the ground, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He surely had been tricked by fate. He had only wanted to sneak up and take a look, but he hadn’t expected things to turn out like this. He had even become muddleheaded and somehow got pushed back.

Looking at the sleeping woman, she was indeed an absolute beauty. She was born with an extremely beautiful face, and because of her many years of martial arts training, there was not a trace of extra fat on her body. Her s-line body was so perfect that there were no flaws.

He looked around. The bamboo building where the woman used to live had crumbled to the ground because of the storm. All sorts of furniture that had been inside had been blown down to the foot of the mountain; only a blanket hanging from the treetops remained next to him.

As soon as he raised his hand, The Xuan Yuan Sword shot out and cut off the branch. He then caught the falling blanket and gently covered the woman’s body with it.

His feelings for this woman were very mixed. A strange combination of circumstances between them created a fate that had brought them together, and he had tried his best to save her.

But things were changeable, and no one knew what this woman was thinking. What if she woke up angry and tried to kill herself because she realized her innocence had been taken away? He didn’t stand a chance if he were to fight a level nine Supreme Power realm expert.

He had to leave in order to avoid any danger. However, the woman had passed out, so he couldn’t leave too early, otherwise she would be in trouble if she encountered any evil people.

He chose a big clean stone and sat on it, keeping an eye on the woman in front of him. He would leave as soon as the woman showed signs of waking up.

Time slowly went by. The woman may have suffered too much, as she was still passed out and had no intentions of waking up.

Qin Haodong looked at the time and found that it was already past noon. Chu Xuanyue and Ye Qing had to be looking for him anxiously. He took out his mobile phone and wanted to make a call, only to find that there was no signal in the area.

He had no choice but to put away his phone, and take out paper and a pen from the Storage Ring. He wrote down the entire Xuanyin Formula.

Finally, he indicated the reason why she had failed to break through to the Divine rank, and told her that she had to give up her previous cultivation method, then recommending her to use this Xuanyin Procedure to cultivate instead.

After that, he left ten Spirit Recovery Elixirs and wrote down how to use them when she cultivated. He believed that it would not be long before there was one more Saint in Huaxia.

After thinking about it, he felt that there was something missing. He suddenly remembered that the woman had no clothes to wear, so he took out a change of clothes from the Storage Ring and put them next to her. Otherwise, this woman would become the first level nine Supreme Power Realm expert to go down the mountain naked.

Seeing that everything had been prepared for the woman in front of him, Qin Haodong admired himself a bit. Although they had only been intimate once, no, they were intimate once at the top of the mountain, he was able to be this caring for the woman. He really was an example of a good man.

Thinking up to that point, he was a little infatuated with himself and directly wrote the words ‘sweet and caring man’ on the piece of paper.

The woman was still unconscious even after all of the busy work was over. Seeing that the sun was about to set, he walked anxiously on the top of the mountain.

“I wonder why the Spiritual Qi here is many times stronger than at the foot of the mountain.”

Qin Haodong had a Spirit that was as powerful as a Tribulation Realm cultivator, so he was extremely sensitive towards Spiritual Qi. He found that the more he moved towards the west side of the top of the mountain, the stronger the Spiritual Qi became, as if all the Spiritual Qi came from that place.

He slowly walked over. Using his Spirit to feel around the place, he finally found that the source of the Spiritual Qi was a huge rock.

He examined it carefully and found that it was a very ordinary stone. There was nothing special about it.

Suddenly he heard the faint sound of water, which seemed to be coming from under the stone.

“So, it’s hidden under it!”

After some observation, Qin Haodong determined that the oddity was under this rock. He used all his strength to push the rock that weighed tons to the side, revealing a clear spring filled with Spiritual Qi.

“Spiritual Spring! It’s the Spiritual Spring!”

Oh my god, good people were indeed rewarded!

Qin Haodong jumped up with excitement. He never dreamed that he would get to see the Spiritual Spring.

In this era which had a lack of Spiritual Qi, the Spiritual Spring was much more precious than the Spirit Stone. Although the Spirit Stone had Spiritual Qi, it could only help people cultivate.

The Spiritual Spring was different. It could be used as medicine, and the efficacy of the medicine configured from the Spiritual Spring could be increased by as much as ten times.

After seeing the strength of the seven big families of the Capital, he felt that the strength of the people around him was too low. He had to help them advance to at least the Supreme Power Realm.

This could be achieved in two to three years by using the elixir refined by him, but he still thought that it was too slow. Finding the Spiritual Spring had given him a chance to speed things up.

Once he returned, he could use the Spiritual Spring as medicine, then refine a new enhanced version of the Spirit Culturing Elixir and the Spirit Recovery Elixir. It would definitely increase the Daddy Security Company staff’s cultivation by a lot.

Thinking of this, he excitedly took out a bucket and filled it with the spiritual liquid from the Spiritual Spring.

Actually, this Spiritual Spring had been nearly exhausted. All of the spiritual liquid inside was only about 10 liters. Even if he didn’t collect it, the spiritual liquid would disappear naturally in another 10 to 20 years.

When he returned to see the woman, Qin Haodong was still excited and couldn’t help giving her a fierce kiss on the cheek.

He had found the Spiritual Spring right after their intimate moment. She really was a woman that made men prosperous.

It seemed this woman only knew that there was plenty of Spiritual Qi there, and that it was a good place to cultivate, so she had built a bamboo building to cultivate. However, she had not noticed the existence of the Spiritual Spring.

After kissing her cheek, he kissed her once again on her delicate red lips. They had a fleshy sensation, with a hint of sweetness, and felt really good.

Just as he was thinking about the kiss, he suddenly noticed that one of the woman’s little fingers moved.

“Not good, she’s about to wake up.”

Qin Haodong quickly jumped and ran down the hill like the wind.

She was a level nine Supreme Power Realm expert. If she found out he had hugged and kissed her, she might even cut off his small little brother.

He directly ran more than 1,000 meters away. When he was sure that he would be safe, Qin Haodong hid on a tree and looked back towards the top of the mountain. He saw a fair-skinned figure standing there.

The woman had regained her senses, which meant she was safe. Qin Haodong did not stay; he continued his full speed run down the hill.

At the Haodong Group, Chu Xuanyue and Ye Qing were as anxious as ants in a hot pot. They had just found Qin Haodong, who had been lost for many years. However, in the blink of an eye, he was gone again. How could they not be anxious?

At noon, Chu Xuanyue cooked a meal and went to Qin Haodong’s room to ask her son to eat. After opening the door, she saw no traces of him.

But after reading the note left at the headboard, she didn’t feel as anxious and sat at the dinner table with Ye Qing.

However, a long time passed and he still had not returned. Ye Qing began to call Qin Haodong, but she could not get through.

Chu Xuanyue said with worry, “Xiao Qing, where do you think this child Haodong went to?”

“Sister, don’t worry. Maybe Haodong just went out for a walk. He’s not familiar with the Capital, so he will be back a little late.”

Although Ye Qing was anxious, she could only pretend to be calm in order to comfort Chu Xuanyue.

Just like that, the two of them waited from noon to evening, but they still did not see Qin Haodong, and they were still unable to get through to him on the phone.

During this period of time, Ye Qing had sent countless people to look for Qin Haodong, but there was still no news. Chu Xuanyue was having a breakdown by then.

“Xiao Qing, do you think Haodong went to see the Han family?”

“How could that be? Impossible. Haodong is not a reckless man.”

Although she had not spent much time with Qin Haodong, she felt that her brother was calm and imposing, not a hot-blooded kind of person.

Chu Xuanyue choked up and said, “Where do you think he could have gone to in broad daylight? He must be in danger.”

“This… Sister, don’t worry, he might be back soon.”

“No, I can’t wait any longer. Haodong must have gone to get even with Han Zaixing. I must find a way to save him,” Chu Xuanyue said as she got dressed. Then, she said to Ye Qing, “I will go to the Chu family and beg my father for help. If I can’t come back, the Haodong Group will be given to you and your brother. You are the elder sister, so you must take good care of Haodong.”

Ye Qing grabbed her by the arm and shouted, “Sister, you can’t go.”

Chu Xuanyue said with a determined face, “Xiao Qing, don’t stop me. I’m going to save Haodong even if I have to give away my life.”

Right at that moment, Xiao Qing’s phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and quickly said, “Sister, don’t rush. I sent someone to the Han’s family’s house to find out some information.”

While she spoke, she pressed the answer button. After listening to a few sentences, her expression suddenly changed.

Chu Xuanyue’s heart suddenly beat faster as she asked anxiously, “Xiao Qing, what’s wrong? Is there news of Haodong? Did something happen to him?”

Ye Qing said, “Sister, don’t panic. The news don’t have to do with Haodong; he did not go to the Han family. However, something happened at the Han family estate.”

“What is it?”

Chu Xuanyue immediately relaxed after hearing that it wasn’t related to Qin Haodong. What she cared about the most right then was her son’s safety.

Ye Qing said, “Han Zaixing is dead!”

“What? Han Zaixing died? Who killed him?”

Chu Xuanyue’s nerves tightened as the news had shocked her. Who dared to attack the Han family in the capital?

Even with Ye Qing’s character, the little witch, she had only beat Han Zaixing yesterday, which showed how much power the Han family had in the capital.

“Apparently it was brother-in-law!”

Chu Xuanyue had enough of a shock, but she jumped up after she heard what Xiao Qing said. Disbelief was shown on her face.

“Xiao Qing, what did you say? Could it be a mistake?”

She couldn’t believe her ears.

Xiao Qing was an orphan she picked up. The brother-in-law she mentioned could only be Qin Zongheng. However, Qin Zongheng had disappeared for 21 years, so how could he have killed Han Zaixing?

“I’m not mistaken. The information I just received said brother-in-law is back.”

Ye Qing slowly recovered from her shock. She sorted out her thoughts and said, “Just this morning, brother-in-law went to the Han family and killed Han Zaixing in front of their house.”

“What? Brother Zongheng went to the Han family? How is he now? Is he in danger?”

Chu Xuanyue was shocked at first, then she quickly panicked. Although Qin Zongheng was known as a martial arts genius, the Han family was one of the seven big families in the capital, and had two Supreme Power realm experts at the ninth level, as well as countless other Supreme Power realm experts. How would one person be able to defend against them?

“Sister, don’t panic,” Ye Qing said, “I heard brother-in-law has already reached the Divine level. Not only did he kill Han Zaixing with one move, he even warned the entire Han family that in the future, if anyone dared to be disrespectful to sister, he will wipe them out!

“Han Wuji, that old thing, has already given the family master’s order that no one is allowed to mess with our Haodong Group in the future.”

Chu Xuanyue breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately after, she asked in a trembling voice, “Then where is Brother Zongheng? Why hasn’t he come to see me?”

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