The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 520 - Wild Wolf KTV

Chapter 520 Wild Wolf KTV

However, to her disappointment, although Qin Haodong stopped, he was still talking with Nalan Wushuang and didn’t pay much attention to her.

Li Meiyu’s promise surprised Feng Bowei, who was overjoyed and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you at the gate after school today. See you then.”

He waved goodbye to Li Meiyu in an elegant way, and then turned away.

He was happy for this easy success. Although he had dated countless women, this was the first time he had met such a perfect beauty, whose obedience was much easier than he imagined.

“It’s terrible. Another lamb fell into the wolf’s mouth…”

“What a pity that such a beautiful girl will be defiled…”

“When money speaks, rich pigs can spoil all the good cabbages…”

The students gathered around all dispersed and walked to the canteen in front of them.

“Meiyu, how can you just promise him that? Do you know him well?” asked Su Hui worriedly.

Li Meiyu was confused, “He is handsome. Why not go with him since he invited me?”

Then she took a glance at Qin Haodong.

Su Hui sighed to herself. As a clever girl, she knew what Li Meiyu was thinking about and realized she was not the only one who loved Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong came to them and asked, “What happened? Who’s that guy?”

“He is Feng Bowei,” Su Hui replied, “A famous playboy in the Medical College who changes his girlfriend faster than his clothes. Meiyu accepted his flowers and promised to have dinner with him in the evening.”

“I see. Let’s go to lunch first.” Qin Haodong snatched the roses worth thousands of yuan from Li Meiyu’s arms and threw them into the garbage can nearby.

“Why do you throw my flowers?” Although Li Meiyu complained, she was quietly happy for Qin Haodong’s concern.

Qin Haodong led her into the canteen without making any explanations.

“Go home this evening and don’t go out with that guy.” He warned.

“Why do you interfere in my affairs? Do you have anything to do with me?” asked Li Meiyu.

She thought that as long as Qin Haodong said, “I am warning you as your boyfriend”, she would break her appointment with Feng Bowei.

However, to her disappointment, Qin Haodong said, “He is up to no good, and it’s not safe for you to go with him.”

“I don’t care. It’s none of your business whether I’m safe or not.” Li Meiyu got rid of Qin Haodong’s hand and entered the canteen alone.

Qin Haodong didn’t say anything to Li Meiyu this afternoon, which disappointed her very much. As the time for school was coming, she felt more and more nervous.

“Why didn’t this hateful guy persuade me? Does he agree that I go out to dinner with others? Doesn’t he care about me at all?”

She was in a dilemma. Although she pretended to have made up her mind to go on a date with someone else, she really didn’t want to go. But she couldn’t take back her words.

“I don’t care. Since you don’t pursue me, I’ll show you how many people want to do so.”

When the bell rang after class, Li Meiyu walked to the school gate angrily.

It didn’t take long for her to feel someone following her. Looking back, she saw Qin Haodong.

She felt happy and asked, “Why are you following me?”

“Didn’t you say you were going to have dinner? I’ll go with you and I won’t eat much.”

Qin Haodong was helpless. He must protect the girl and couldn’t let her face danger alone.

“He wants to date me. What’s your relationship with me? Why are you following me?”

Qin Haodong said, “I just want to have a meal. Take me with you and treat me as your bodyguard.”

“Well, you can follow me as long as you don’t talk too much.”

Li Meiyu was relieved because she was very willing to take Qin Haodong with her. She could not only get a sense of security from this man but also let Qin Haodong see how others pursue her, so as to encourage him to seize the chance.

Qin Haodong smiled and followed her out of the school.

A BMW X7 stopped at the school gate, where Feng Bowei waited, smiling.

Seeing Li Meiyu leaving the school, Feng Bowei immediately got off the car and walked towards her, “Meiyu.”

Then he saw Qin Haodong and asked in surprise, “Who is he?”

Li Meiyu said, “He is Qin Haodong, my classmate. Do you mind it if I take him with us?”

“Never mind.”

“I’m dating Li Meiyu for the first time, and it’s understandable for her to take her classmate with us. This guy doesn’t seem threatening, and I can get rid of him soon.”

After that, he turned to open the door and wanted Li Meiyu to sit in the passenger seat. However, Qin Haodong got on the car directly and let Li Meiyu sit in the back row.

It took Feng Bowei a great effort to remain calm. Then he glared fiercely at Qing Haodong and drove to a five-star hotel.

After parking the car, he took Qin Haodong and the girl into the lobby of the hotel.

The lobby manager trotted to Feng Bowei and said flatteringly, “Young master, what can I do for you?”

Feng Bowei nodded and told Li Meiyu, “The five-star hotel belongs to the Feng Family. Please feel free to order anything you like. We have national-level professional chiefs here with excellent skill.”

He showed off his family’s financial resources and tried to attract the girl with his background.

To his disappointment, neither Li Meiyu nor Qin Haodong was interested in his words as if the five-star hotel were worthless.

“They must have never been to a five-star hotel. They don’t know what it means.”

Feng Bowei gave himself an explanation and then asked the manager, “Are all my friends here?”

“They are all here, waiting for you in the room.” As the manager said, he led them into a super luxurious private room, in which there were seven or eight people.

When they saw Feng Bowei, they immediately stood up and greeted him warmly.

A young man with a buzz cut and a gold chain said, “Bowei, is this beautiful girl your new girlfriend? Why not introduce her to us?”

He was Geng Jun, one of Feng Bowei’s sworn followers.

Feng Bowei replied, “Okay, I’ll make a brief introduction. Miss Li Meiyu, the campus belle of Shanghai Medical College.”

As a skillful speaker, he didn’t deny his relationship with Li Meiyu and acquiesced that she was his girlfriend. At the same time, he flattered Li Meiyu by praising her as the prettiest girl in school.

Li Meiyu frowned slightly. She had participated in various high-end parties in Hong Kong, and it was easy for her to see through Feng Bowei’s trick. But it was impolite for her to expose him now.

Feng Bowei continued, “Meiyu, they are all my good friends. He’s the son of the Deputy District Chief of Dongcheng District, he’s the young master of Zhang Group, and he is engaged in the oil industry…”

After introducing the guests one by one, he said, “My friends are all well-known and influential in Shanghai. Please feel free to ask them for help at any time.”

A young man wearing glasses proudly said, “Yes, there is nothing we can’t do in Shanghai. We are respected by both the official and underworld forces.”

He is Zhang Lei, one of Feng Bowei sworn followers, whose family was in the steel business and related to the underworld forces.

Feng Bowei sat down with his friends and deliberately ignored Qin Haodong.

In Feng Bowei’s opinion, Qin Haodong would soon leave the room as long as he knew how to behave in this situation.

However, Qin Haodong didn’t care about it at all. He was here to protect Li Meiyu, and the other clowns didn’t attract his attention.

The rest of the room focused on Li Meiyu, constantly showing off the superiority of their small circle, and competing to praise Feng Bowei.

Feng Bowei enjoyed the praises. It satisfied him that all his friends were clever and knew when to say what.

But what made him dissatisfied was that Li Meiyu’s attention was not on him at all. Instead, she looked at Qin Haodong, the good-looking young men, from time to time.

Li Meiyu was not happy, either, because Qin Haodong was completely attracted by the delicious food as if he came here merely for dinner. The chopsticks in his hand never stopped, and he didn’t even spare a glance at Li Meiyu.

Qin Haodong not only ate most of the dishes on the table but also drank three of five bottles of Bordeaux wine they ordered.

Although Feng Bowei’s friends kept putting forward new topics, none of them could arouse Li Meiyu’s interest so as to enliven the atmosphere in the room.

The dinner took Feng Bowei tens of thousands of yuan but didn’t win him a chance to touch the girl’s hand. Feng Bowei didn’t want to give up, so he asked, “Meiyu, Shall we go to KTV after dinner?”

Geng Jun echoed, “What a good idea! Master Feng is even better than professional singers, but we haven’t heard him sing for a long time.”

Zhang Lei suggested, “What about the Wild Wolf KTV in Xicheng District? The sound equipment there is excellent.”

Li Meiyu was hesitating. She didn’t want to go with these guys, but Qin Haodong’s indifference to her frustrated her.

“I’ll go with them. Will you care about me?”

Li Meiyu nodded as she thought about it.

Feng Bowei was overjoyed by Li Meiyu’s agreement and wanted to drive Qin Haodong away.

“Meiyu, your friend is full. We don’t have a lot of seats in the car. Can he not come with us?”

Li Meiyu wanted Qin Haodong to be jealous, so she was unwilling to let him leave. “No, I won’t go to KTV without him.”

Knowing Li Meiyu had made up her mind, Geng Jun hastened to ease the atmosphere, “Let’s go together, and more people will bring more fun. There are still spaces in my car.”

Zhang Lei also said, “Yes, the more people, the better. I’ll call some girls to serve us, and every one of you will have one of them in your arms. You can have fun with them in any way you like.”

Although Feng Bowei was very reluctant, he had no choice but to take Qin Haodong with them.

They arrived at Wild Wolf KTV in Xicheng District half an hour late. Shanghai’s nightlife had just begun, and the KTV was full of lights.

In the hall inside the KTV gate, there were two rows of princesses in uniform and silk stockings standing on the left and right, with smooth skin, pretty face and long legs. Most of them were students of nearby schools doing part-time jobs here, and they bowed together and said hello to all the new customers.

When the lobby manager saw Feng Bowei, he immediately greeted him, “Master Feng, welcome!”

Feng Bo nodded and said proudly, “I brought some friends to have fun here. Give us the best No. 1 room.”

The manager who was very familiar with Feng Bowei smiled apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, Master Feng, but Brother Wolf is in No. 1 room. What about No. 2 room?”

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