The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 521 - Brother Wolf Who was Fierce

Chapter 521 Brother Wolf Who was Fierce

“Well, No. 2 is okay!”

Feng Bowei finished his words and turned around to Li Meiyu, “Sorry, I used to have the best No. 1 room when I was here. But today Brother Wolf is entertaining some guests here. So we can only kill the time in No. 2 room.”

“What is not good about No. 2 private room?” A man beside Geng Jun shouted, “Mr. Feng, I hear that the consumption in Wild Wolf KTV is high. Even the lowest consumption of No. 10 room should be ten thousand yuan at least. Is that true?”

“Of course. Where this is? It’s the KTV of the highest level in Shanghai.”

Feng Bowei said proudly.

“Mr. Feng, who is that Brother Wolf you just talked about? Is he the awesome Brother Wolf from the underground world of West District?”

Feng Bowei answered, “Sure, how many Brothers Wolf do they have in Shanghai? He is the only one. If anyone dared to name himself Brother Wolf, he would have been thrown into the river already.”

“Oh my goodness, he is really that Brother Wolf. I heard that he had once hacked 18 enemies in a row with two knives in his hands when he first entered the underworld. Then he became well-known in the underground world of Shanghai.”

“I have heard that Brother Wolf’s height has reached two meters and he has learnt kung fu in Shaolin Temple. No one is competent to him…”

“I also heard that Brother Wolf can be ranked in the top three in the underground world of Shanghai. Nobody dares to mess with him…”

“Okay, stop it. Or we’ll be laughed at for that.” Geng Jun said, “Who is Brother Wolf? He’s not that simple like you said. He has solid backgrounds or he would have been caught by the police.”

Zhang Lei said, “That’s true. I have heard that Brother Wolf has connections with both sides. No one dares to mess with him. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Young Master Feng.”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Feng Bowei, “Master Feng, have you ever met Brother Wolf?”

Feng Bowei said with pride, “Of course, my father once ate with Brother Wolf, and I was also there.

“If I had no relations with Brother Wolf, how do you think I could get No. 1 private room? The first three rooms here can’t be got just by money. The key is to have fame and status.”

Speaking of it, he proudly glanced at Li Meiyu again. He thought it would definitely surprise her with such an honor to know Brother Wolf. Then he was disappointed again. At the moment, Li Meiyu’s focus was on Qin Haodong’s face.

But Qin Haodong was looking around for pretty girls with slender legs. He seemed to have no idea what they just talked about.

He coldly snorted and said, “Let’s go.”

With the guidance of the manager, they arrived at No. 2 private room. Although it was not the top one private room in Wild Wolf, it was very wide and took up over 70 or 80 square meters.

Right after they got in, several young girls called by Zhang Lei also arrived. They were all pretty young and seemed to be at the age of high school. But every one of them wore heavy makeup and scanty clothes. Some of them were even smoking and looked pretty bold.

“Come on, one for each of you except for Master Feng and Miss Meiyu.”

Zhang Lei was good at this and divided Feng Bowei and Li Meiyu into a couple. Then he distributed everyone else with a little beauty.

According to Feng Bowei’s demand, he arranged two for Qin Haodong, who sat by both sides of him.

Both of the girls got close to him when they saw Qin Haodong’s handsome face. But Qin Haodong waved his hand and let them sit aside. He said plainly, “Enjoy yourselves. I’m not interested in you.”

Then he took up a glass of Royal Salute, threw his head back, and finished it.

“Damn it, how can you drink like that?”

Feng Bowei and the others were stunned. It was the top Royal Salute worth more than ten thousand yuan and he just finished it in the blink of an eye.

From this night on, all the people’s consumption couldn’t be compared with Qin Haodong’s.

The most annoying thing was that he put the bottle down and shook his head when saying, “The whiskey is tasteless, not tasty enough!”

Geng Jun hurriedly walked up and took the other bottle of Royal Salute in his hand. If he didn’t hurry, they would have nothing to drink.

At the same time, they felt strange that this delicate man had drink almost three bottles of red wine and he still looked fine. He didn’t seem to get drunk at all.

“Meiyu, let’s have a toast.”

Feng Bowei raised up the cup and said to Li Meiyu.

“Sorry, Senior, I really can’t drink.”

Li Meiyu firmly remembered the lesson she got the night she had been drunk. So she wouldn’t take a little bit though she was angry with Qin Haodong today.

Feng Bowei frowned. For the whole night, he tried hard to show the good side of him but it seemed to have no effect on the girl.

“Okay then, as you like. I’ll drain my glass.”

He drank up the wine in his glass and reached out his hand, saying, “Meiyu, have a dance with me. This time, please don’t refuse me.”


Li Meiyu had already found that this guy wanted to do something to her. If she agreed to dance with him, she must be taken advantage of in this dark environment. But it would be improper to refuse. After all, he treated her to a meal and the KTV session tonight.

Suddenly, she had an idea in mind and said, “Senior, sorry. I have to go to the restroom first.”

Then she hurriedly left the room and walked to the restroom.

When he looked at her figure, a sign of evilness appeared in Feng Bowei’s eyes, “Such a little girl. How can you escape from me?”

Li Meiyu hid in the restroom for a while and finally had to admit she couldn’t stay there all the time. She washed her hands and went to the private room. But before she could reach the room, a fat drunk man walked directly to her.

That drunk man was really fat and was over 100 kilograms. He had been completely drunk. But seeing Li Meiyu, his eyes brightened and he blocked her way.

“Girl, stay with me tonight. How much do you charge for a night?”

She was taken to be a prostitute. Li Meiyu frowned and shouted angrily, “Damn fat guy, stay away from me!”

“Bitch, how dare you scold me? I’ll f*ck you tonight.”

The drunk man said and threw himself in Li Meiyu’s direction.

Li Meiyu quickly stepped aside but it was inconvenient for her because she was on high heels. Though she evaded, her hand was caught by the drunk man and she fell into the drunk man’s arms.

Then Li Meiyu became flustered instantly. She shouted hurriedly, “Qin Haodong, help!”

Qin Haodong was drinking in the private room. Although it was noisy in the KTV, his senses were so sharp that he heard Li Meiyu’s scream instantly.

He kicked the door open and rushed out at once. Then Feng Bowei and the others also heard the scream of Li Meiyu and followed him out.

By then, Li Meiyu just got out of the arms of the drunk man and hid behind Qin Haodong nervously.

Although Qin Haodong and the others went out, the drunk man had no intention to give up. He walked over swaying and shouted, “Girl, you can’t escape tonight. I must get you…”

Feng Bowei became very happy and thought it was a chance given by god. It was a good chance for the hero to save the beauty. Thinking of this, he rushed up and kicked on the drunk man’s belly without hesitation.

Seeing his move, Geng Jun and Zhang Lei didn’t hesitate either. They all went up and beat the man heavily.

Seeing it almost finished, Feng Bowei asked the others to step aside and he walked up to the drunk man, “You, open your eyes wider from now on. There are people whom you can’t mess up with.”

The drunk man was beaten so heavily that there was blood all over his nose and mouth. He was half-sober now and struggled up from the floor. He pointed Feng Bowei and said angrily, “How dare you beat me? Just you wait!”

“Hahahaha…” Feng Bowei laughed wildly, “That’s so funny. You dare to shout at me in Shanghai. My name is Feng Bowei, and I’m in the No. 2 VIP room. You can find me if you dare. I’ll take whatever you offer, no matter if they’re the official or underworld forces!”

Then he spat on the man and took the others back to the room. He looked like a general who just won a battle.

After they were back in the room, he asked Li Meiyu, “Meiyu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Li Meiyu shook her head. She was a little regretful that she came out today.

“Okay. Take a glass of wine and calm down.”

Then Feng Bowei put a glass of red wine in front of her and finished the wine in his glass.

Then his friends came to them and said, “Master Feng, you were fierce just then. You almost kicked him out of breath…”

“Definitely. Who is Master Feng? In Shanghai, there is nobody he doesn’t dare to beat…”

Those guys complimented him hard, but a man who was a bit timid asked, “Master Feng, do you think that guy will come back to cause us trouble?”

Geng Jun said, “What are you talking about? Who is Master Feng? That guy was just bragging. How would he possibly come back? Or Master Feng would crack his leg.”

Feng Bowei agreed, “Xiao Jun is right. Just with my relationship with Brother Wolf, who dares to find trouble for me?”

Zhang Lei followed too, “That’s right. The person would be crazy if he dared to bring trouble to Master Feng. Well, let’s have a toast to Master Feng’s bravery…”

Then they all raised their glasses and drank up the wine.

In the room next door, a middle-aged man with tattoos all over his body was sitting on the couch and drinking red wine. Behind him was a hot woman whose hands kept rubbing on his shoulders.

In the front were also two beautiful women in scanty clothes, rubbing his legs. By the side were a dozen strong and fierce gangsters. This gesture could be compared with an emperor’s in ancient times.

“Brother Wolf, try this grape. It’s very sweet.”

Another woman beside took a peeled grape to Wolf.

Wolf opened his mouth and swallowed it. Right then, the door of the room was knocked open and a person staggered in. It was the drunk man who had just been beaten up.

When he looked at the drunk man with blood all over his face, Wolf’s face turned dark. He said coldly, “Bro, what happened? Who beat you like that?”

“It was a bunch of young bastards. They are in the No. 2 VIP room.” The drunk man gritted his teeth and said, “Cousin, you have to teach them a lesson for me.”

“Don’t worry. No one can hurt my brother here.”

Wolf’s face became extremely dark and scary. The drunk man was his younger cousin who just moved to Shanghai from his hometown. But now he was beaten up like that in his place. He would be completely disgraced if the news was spread to his hometown.

He waved his hand aside and a bald gangster came to him. “Brother Wolf, do you want me to teach them a lesson?”

Wolf looked fierce and said, “There is no need. You take them here. I want to see who is so powerful and dares to behave wildly in my place.”

“Okay, Brother Wolf. I’ll go there right away.”

Then the bald man led some people out of the room quickly.

In the No. 2 VIP room, Feng Bowei and the others just put down the glasses and heard the door being kicked open. Then a bald man led some people and rushed in.

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