The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 519 - When Are You Going To Pursue Me?

Chapter 519 When Are You Going To Pursue Me?

Qin Haodong was a little confused, “Pursue you?”

“That’s right. You said that you will chase after me. When are you going to start?”

Qin Haodong did not expect for her to ask such a question. After a moment of shock, he said, “Yes… yes, I did say that. Haven’t I already started?”

“When did you start? How come I wasn’t aware of it?”

“It started when I invited you to live at my house. Why would I invite you if I’m not chasing after you?”

“That doesn’t count.” Li Meiyu said unhappily, “Your house has six beautiful women inside, five adults and one child. How can it prove that you are chasing after me?”


This question had indeed baffled Mr. Medical Sage. He really did not want to pursue Li Meiyu. He only did it to make his mission as a security guard easier.

“Then tell me, what will count as chasing after you?”

“I shouldn’t need to teach you how to pursue a woman. I don’t care. You have to start chasing after me tomorrow. If I’m not satisfied, I will go find someone else.”

With that, Li Meiyu left angrily. With a bang, she closed the door behind her.

Qin Haodong patted his forehead. How come this little girl was taking it so seriously?

He turned his head and said towards the window, “Come in. You don’t need to hide anymore.”

“Hehe… How did you know I was here?”

As soon as a voice spoke, the window opened. First, a long, smooth, and white leg came in, then, Qi Waner jumped in.

She went up and wrapped her arms around Qin Haodong’s neck. She patted his cheek, and said in an arousing tone, “As a bodyguard, pursuing the person you are protecting, are you trying to steal her using your authority?”

It turned out she was here a long time ago and had been hiding outside the entire time. She had heard their conversation earlier.

“It’s because of you two, saying that I have to be the bodyguard. If I didn’t trick her into coming to my house, then who will keep a 24-hour watch outside the dormitory?”

Qin Haodong complained, “You two didn’t tell me you were coming to Shanghai. If I had known you guys were coming to complete the mission as well, I wouldn’t have lied.”

“Is it really a lie? I think the faking is turning real.” Qi Waner said, “You really like to flirt. How can I not worry when you have provoked so many women in just a few days after arriving in Shanghai?”

“Do you think I want to? I have no freedom being a bodyguard. When I go back, I will tell Sister Wushuang to adjust my appearance fee to 10 million a day in the future, otherwise, it won’t be worth it.”

Qi Waner pouted and said, “Is it because you think that this bodyguard mission has delayed you from hitting on the lady of the Zhou family?”

“With a beautiful and sexy Miss Qi around me, I don’t have any thoughts of going to see Miss Zhou.”

Qin Haodong said as he looked at Qi Waner, “Are you trying to seduce me into breaking the rules by coming here and looking so sexy tonight?”

Qi Waner was wearing a snow-white silk nightdress, which revealed her sexy collarbones and large areas of skin. The nightdress barely covered her buttocks. The most important thing was that she was not wearing a bra. The partly hidden and partly visible appearance really attracted one’s soul.

Qi Waner pounced into his embrace. She held his neck tightly and said in a seducing voice, “Then break the rules. Do you dare?”

“Okay, you win. I wouldn’t dare to do it.” Qin Haodong licked his lips and asked, “It’s late. How come you came to my room?”

“It’s because I don’t like the feeling of pretending to be a stranger to you every day. I can’t even talk to you properly.

“As soon as Sister Nalan went to take a shower, I came here secretly to see you. I am your girlfriend!”

While Qi Waner spoke, her body got even closer to Qin Haodong. Under the strong pressure, her two big rounded breasts were lifted. Her pretty face was also very close to his face and her breath had a nice smell.

His flame inside that was lit earlier when he was Lin Momo’s room had been finally suppressed, yet he was now feeling it again.

He said with a bitter smile, “Girl, don’t play with fire, okay?”

“I want to. What are you going to do?”

With that, Qi Waner suddenly kissed him.

They parted after a long time, as Qin Haodong said breathless, “If you continue, your entire body will burn.”

“Let it burn. If you can, then burn my entire body!”

Qi Waner’s charming eyes seemed like it was going to drip water, “Are you still a man? How come you don’t seem to have any reaction at all?”

Qin Haodong suddenly became angry. He straightened up a bit, “How do you know I don’t have a reaction?”


The two of them were very close to each other. Qi Waner felt the change in Qin Haodong’s body, and immediately blushed. She slapped that area, “Pervert!”


She had used too much strength as Qin Haodong bent over with pain.

Qi Waner got frightened. She quickly went to help him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You still have the face to ask? Don’t you know that this area is the weakest place for men?”

The slap just now had made the passionate place very painful. Even if he was a third-grade expert in the Supreme Power Realm, that area was still extremely fragile, especially when it was unguarded.

“What should we do? I can help you massage it.”

Qi Waner said as she extended her hand towards that area.

“You evil woman. If I didn’t become a monster, then I would be worse than monsters.”

Qin Haodong could not hold it in any longer. He grabbed Qi Waner and threw her onto the bed. Then, he pounced onto her.

Qi Waner already had a deep affection for Qin Haodong. Was this finally the moment? She slowly closed her eyes and clasped Qin Haodong’s neck with her hands.

As the situation was about to get fiercer, knocks sounded at the door.

“Open the door! Open the door!”

The two passionate people immediately separated, as if they had been electrocuted. They looked at each other as Qin Haodong whispered, “It’s Li Meiyu. Why is this girl back again?”

“It’s your fault for provoking women everywhere you go.”

Qi Waner put on her nightdress again and kissed Qin Haodong gently on the lips, “Remember, you owe me this. You will have to pay it back sooner or later.”

With that, she jumped out of the window. Like a cunning lizard in the night, she went back to her room along the wall.

Qin Haodong got down from the bed, then helplessly shook his head as he opened the door.

“Your Highness, it’s late. Why are you here instead of sleeping?”

“Why are you so slow?” Li Meiyu said as she stood at the door, “Did you do something shameful?”

Qin Haodong said helplessly, “Big Sis, I’m ready to go to bed. What shameful things can I do alone?”

“It’s because you are alone that it’s shameful!” Li Meiyu said as she pushed him out of the way and walked into the room.

“What are you doing? Do you plan on sleeping here?”

“In your dreams. I left my phone here earlier.”

Li Meiyu arrived at the foot of the bed and grabbed her phone. She turned around and was about to leave when her eyes were suddenly fixed on Qin Haodong’s body.

“What are you looking at?” Qin Haodong asked nervously.

“Why do you have a long hair on your body?”

Li Meiyu pinched a long hair from Qin Haodong’s body.

“Are you hiding a woman in your room?”

As she spoke, she carefully scanned the room.

“I want to have a secret mistress, but someone has to be willing.”

Luckily Qi Waner had already left. Qin Haodong said in a relaxed manner, “I have so many beautiful women at my house; it’s not strange for me to have a long hair on me.”

“Fine, you pass. Don’t forget to chase after me tomorrow.”

Li Meiyu glared at him, then walked out of the room.

Qin Haodong shook his head. He did not expect her to take it seriously. This matter had turned more complicated.

The next day, Qin Haodong and the others went to Medical College together. The morning passed and Qin Haodong still had no reaction; Li Meiyu’s face became more and more ugly.

“What exactly is this guy doing? Is it so hard for him to chase after me?”

Li Meiyu was Hong Kong’s Lady Li. In Hong Kong, there was a line of men that wanted to chase after her. Now she was giving Qin Haodong the chance, but he didn’t even want it.

As long as he expressed his interest, gave her flowers, asked her out to see a movie or have a meal together, she would have agreed. Why wasn’t he doing anything?

While she was angry, Su Hui said, “Meiyu, let’s go eat.”

Every afternoon they would eat lunch at the school cafeteria. Nalan Wushuang, Qi Waner, and the four guys from dormitory 508 would also join them.

Not long after they left the classroom, they saw a handsome male classmate holding a bunch of flowers in his hand standing next to the road.

He wore a designer suit and a watch worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. Although he was not as handsome as Qin Haodong, he was still pretty good-looking.

“Isn’t this Master Feng, Feng Bowei? Is he giving flowers to a female classmate?”

“It’s over. Another girl is going to suffer. A lot of beautiful girls have been spoiled by this guy over the past few years…”

“It’s none of your business. He is rich, so how can we bitter people compare to him…”

Among the sounds of discussions, many students gathered around, waiting to see which female classmate Feng Bowei was going after this time.

Li Meiyu pouted. She kicked the stones on the ground as she walked, not caring about the limited edition high-heels that were worth more than 100,000 yuan.

“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.” Su Hui asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Li Meiyu said, while her face still looked gloomy.

At that moment, a bunch of bright roses suddenly appeared in front of her. “Li Meiyu, can we get to know each other?”

Li Meiyu lifted her head, as Feng Bowei’s smiling face appeared in front of her.

“Who are you? I don’t know you.”

Li Meiyu said unkindly.

“My name is Feng Bowei. I am a third-year student at Medical College, your senior.”

Feng Bowei placed the red roses in front of Li Meiyu with both hands. “The beautiful flowers are for someone beautiful like you. I hope you can accept them.”

Li Meiyu originally wanted to reject him, however, when she saw from the corner of her eyes that Qin Haodong was talking and laughing with Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner, Li Meiyu suddenly became angry. So, she directly accepted the flowers.

“Even if you are not chasing after me or giving me flowers, others will. I have a number of people pursuing me.”

Feng Bowei did not know that Li Meiyu had accepted his flowers because she was angry. He became ecstatic, as he thought that his charm was not something a young woman could resist.

“Meiyu, may I have the honor of having lunch with you?”

As he spoke, a gentleman smile appeared on his face.

“Meiyu, are you crazy? Do you accept the flowers given to you by anyone?”

Su Hui whispered in Li Meiyu’s ear, then said to Feng Bowei, “She doesn’t have time. Meiyu and I already promised to each lunch with our classmates.”

She grew up at Medical College, so she was clear what Feng Bowei was like. She immediately rejected him for Li Meiyu.

Feng Bowei’s expression changed. However, in order to maintain his gentleman’s image, he smiled and said, “That’s a pity. Can we have dinner together?”


This time, before Su Hui spoke, Li Meiyu had agreed.

Afterward, she secretly glanced at Qin Haodong. She didn’t really want to have dinner with Feng Bowei, she just wanted to see if Qin Haodong cared about her or not.

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