The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 431 - A Series Of Upsets

Chapter 431 A Series Of Upsets

Lin Momo asked, “When did you call Brother Fugui to come here?”

Qin Haodong said, “Yesterday!”

After he spoke, he looked sarcastically at the howling gamblers around him. Those idiots had never seen the opponent make a move, yet they were able to judge victory or defeat from his movements on the stage. Qin Haodong was completely speechless because of it.

Lin Momo was very aware of Chen Fugui’s skills, so she immediately understood that Qin Haodong had long been prepared to make a move against the Lutheran Society.

Step by step, Chen Fugui went to the front of the ring and stepped through the iron cage. The staff member behind him locked the iron door outside the cage. The cheers and shouts in the venue became louder and louder one wave after another.

That was the characteristic of the black boxing competition. It officially started after entering the iron cage, and ended only when one side fell to the ground.

Crippled Wolf stared at Chen Fugui like a poisonous snake and said with a ferocious expression, “Weak Chicken is it? That name is really creative. It seems that you know you’re here to deliver food to me.”

Chen Fugui glanced at Crippled Wolf with disdain flashing across his face. “Weak Chicken does not mean me. Rather, in my eyes, you people are all weak chickens. Especially guys like you who are strong on the outside and weak on the inside.”

“Crazy brat. I’m going to rip your head off and shove it in your ass right now,”

Crippled Wolf said and suddenly moved. He took two steps forward, one after another. He punched hard towards Chen Fugui’s face.

It had to be said, that brat did have something to be proud of. That punch was fierce and powerful, and the gamblers who bet on him immediately let out howls of excitement.

It was a pity that he was facing Chen Fugui, the Soldier King. Even without Qin Haodong’s help, Crippled Wolf would not be his opponent. Moreover, Chen Fugui had already entered the threshold of a Covert Power warrior. There was nothing to compete with between those two.

Chen Fugui completely ignored the punch from Crippled Wolf, as he also punched out.

In everyone’s point of view, that Weak Chicken guy was completely looking for death. However, no one would have ever thought Chen Fugui’s punch, which seemed to move at a slow pace, was surprisingly fast and arrived first.

Before Crippled Wolf’s punch had touched Chen Fugui, his punch had already hit Crippled Wolf in the chest.

Hearing only a muted bang sound, Crippled Wolf still kept the punching posture, but his entire person flew backwards as if he had been hit by a cannonball. He hit the cage with a bang, then fell to the ground and vomited blood.

At that moment, the entire audience quietened down. No one had thought that such a thing would happen. The newcomer called Weak Chicken had unexpectedly defeated Crippled Wolf, and it was a one second kill with one move.

Only Qin Haodong nodded slightly. He had not seen Chen Fugui for a few days. Unexpectedly, he had reached the level two of the Covert Power realm. It seemed that those big Spirit Culturing Elixir pills hadn’t been for nothing.

“Get up. Hurry up and get up for me…”

“Hurry up and break his neck. I bet 100,000 on you…”

“Useless thing. Hurry up and attack…”

Those gamblers who had bet heavily on Crippled Wolf suddenly were red eyed as they kept growling in their seats.

Crippled Wolf struggled while trying to get up in the ring. However, Chen Fugui’s punch was so heavy that not only had his sternum collapsed, but also his internal organs were moved.

After several consecutive efforts, he fell inside the ring with a bang and was unable to get up again.

After the referee counted to 10 and saw that Crippled Wolf had yet to respond, the referee directly announced that Chen Fugui had won the match.

After the result was announced, sighs first resounded in the venue, followed by a burst of cursing. Everyone who bet on Crippled Wolf had lost all their money.

The waitress who stood behind Qin Haodong was dumbfounded when she saw the scene in the ring. She had thought that the young man was bound to lose. Never had she thought he would win.

That meant that the one million US dollars bet had turned into 10 million.

“Congratulations sir. Your eyes are very unique!”

The waitress wearing a bikini went to Qin Haodong and bowed down to reveal a large view of her chest. “Would you like to exchange the bonus directly or continue to bet?”

Qin Haodong got Saber to give the waitress a few US dollar bills. Then he said, “I told you this man was lucky and it was impossible for him to lose. Are there any more of his matches coming up?”

The waitress said, “If he’s willing to accept the challenge, then there will be.”

Qin Haodong said, “Then bet it all on him.”

The waitress was surprised and asked, “Do you mean to bet the entire 10 million US dollars you won on Weak Chicken?”

Qin Haodong said, “That’s right. Believe me, he won’t let me down!”

“But his opponent and the odds are not out yet.”

“It doesn’t matter. No matter who the opponent is, no matter what the odds are, you go and place the bet on Weak Chicken to win.”

“Okay. I will bet for you now!”

After the waitress spoke, she skillfully helped Qin Haodong bet all 10 million US dollars on Chen Fugui.

After placing the bet, she hesitated for a moment before also betting 10,000 of her own private money on Chen Fugui. She felt that the young man in front of her was unusual. Maybe he really was a Geomantic Omen master. There was nothing wrong with following his bets.

In a deluxe private room that was at the backstage of the boxing ring, a 30-year-old man sat on the sofa sipping red wine while watching the fight on the big screen. His name was Ruan Chengfa. He was one of Ruan Zhendong’s cousins, and was in charge of the management of the boxing ring.

When he first saw Chen Fugui punching Crippled Wolf, his face changed slightly. He raised his hand and pressed a red button on the table. Soon, the manager of the boxing ring ran in.

“What just happened?” Ruan Chengfa asked.

The manager said, “It’s like this boss. There’s a new fighter in the ring code-named Weak Chicken. His punch just now unexpectedly defeated Crippled Wolf. It was a big surprise.”

A smile appeared on Ruan Chengfa’s lips as he said, “It’s good to be unpopular. If he’s unpopular, then our casino will make money!”

In his view, most gamblers in that boxing match placed bets on Crippled Wolf. Since Crippled Wolf was defeated, the money would belong to the boxing venue.

The manager said, “Boss, that’s not the case. There was an incident during this match. Someone bet one million US dollars on the newcomer.

“According to the 1:10 odds, we should compensate him 10 million USD. All the bets on Crippled Wolf just then totals almost 10 million USD, which means we didn’t make any profit in the match and that all of it was won by that man.”

“There is such a thing?” Ruan Chengfa frowned, “Could they be here to ruin our venue?”

“I’m not sure yet. It could also be a coincidence. I just asked one of our people. She said that the young man said he can face read, so he bet on Weak Chicken.”

After a pause, the manager added, “Boss, now that Weak Chicken has accepted the challenge from the ring, and that young man has bet the 10 million he won on Weak Chicken, what should we do?”

“He bet another 10 million?” Ruan Chengfa’s expression was getting colder and colder. He was obviously treating his boxing venue as an ATM.

He thought about it and said, “King Kong hasn’t competed for a long time. Let’s put him on today to kill that Weak Chicken and get our 10 million back.”

“Okay boss!” The manager said, “What are the odds?”

“The odds should not be set too low, or everyone would bet on King Kong. How could we earn money then? We will start with 1:5.”

Obviously, Ruan Chengfa had confidence in that boxer called King Kong to win.

“Okay boss. I’ll go and do it now!”

With that, the manager turned and left the room. Soon, the big screen announced the opponents and odds of the next match. On one side was King Kong, a boxer who had won 18 consecutive matches in the ring. Weak Chicken was on the other side, who had just won a match, with odds of five to one.

After the result appeared, there was a burst of surprise from the audience. No one expected that King Kong would be sent out to the boxing ring in barely the second match.

Although King Kong was not the top fighter in the ring, he was definitely strong. After all, 18 consecutive victories were no joke.

For some time, countless gamblers bet on King Kong one after another.

However, a small number of people were convinced by Chen Fugui’s punch just then and took a risk betting on Chen Fugui. The money added up to millions. Some people felt that they couldn’t bet on the game, thus they chose to wait and see.

However, people soon discovered that a long list of figures had appeared in the betting area of Weak Chicken. It was 10 million US dollars. Someone had actually directly bet 10 million on him.

The bet ended in ten minutes and the match officially began.

“Look, King Kong came out!”

Amid the noise, a big black man who looked like an iron tower appeared. People saw that he was two meters tall with muscles all over his body, and was flashing with a dark glow, just like cast iron.

The big man was really as strong as King Kong. Every time he took a step, the entire boxing venue seemed to tremble. Chen Fugui who stood in front of him immediately seemed much shorter and much weaker.

The manager of the boxing venue ran to King Kong and whispered a few words in his ear. King Kong nodded knowingly, then strode toward the ring with a ferocious look in his eyes.

At the front of the ring, Chen Fugui also walked slowly toward the cage. That time however, no one dared to belittle him!

After both men entered the cage, the staff locked the iron door again and the match officially begun.

King Kong’s right foot stomped heavily on the ring; the entire boxing venue seemed to tremble. He looked at Chen Fugui in a murderous manner and said, “Boy, you are dead!”

Chen Fugui just lightly rolled his eyes at him and said faintly, “You guys talk a lot of nonsense. Hurry up and make your move!”

“Go die!”

King Kong let out an earth-shaking roar. Then, his fists fiercely punched towards Chen Fugui’s head.

Although their size was enormous, they wasn’t clumsy. Their speed was also extremely fast. The size of each fist was similar to Chen Fugui’s head.

Seeing that form, just when everyone thought that the skinny Chen Fugui would dodge, he didn’t show weakness as he punched out with his fists. He smashed his fists against King Kong’s.

While everyone was shocked, four fists, two big and two small, two black and two white, collided in mid-air with a muddled bang. It was followed by an ear-piercing, bone cracking sound.

“Who lost?”

Everyone stared at the two people inside the ring. They saw that Chen Fugui still seemed to be nailed to the ring, his body motionless.

On the other hand, King Kong’s huge body flew out like a broken sack. His arms had turned into strange shapes. Especially the left arm, where a thick bone had pierced the skin and popped out from the back.

Although Chen Fugui’s punch didn’t kill King Kong, it destroyed his two arms. Anyone could see that King Kong had lost the ability to fight again.

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