The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 432 - Locked With One Punch

Chapter 432 Locked With One Punch

When looking at King Kong, who had been unbeatable, it wasn’t as simple as having his arms destroyed. His courage had also been completely blown by Chen Fugui’s punch, and his eyes were filled with fear.

It was no wonder that only after experiencing that punch in person would you know how terrifying it was. He had fought at the black boxing venue for many years, but he had never seen such an overbearing style of boxing.

Chen Fugui stood upright in the ring like a javelin. He wasn’t a bloodthirsty man. Since King Kong had become such a scared cat, Chen Fugui didn’t continue to pursue him.

The referee saw that King Kong’s hands had been destroyed. Although it was very surprising, the referee still worked dutifully. After asking King Kong’s opinion, Chen Fugui was announced the winner of the second match.

Another match locked with one punch. Chen Fugui had only used two strikes, but had won two matches in succession.

The people present were completely stupefied. It could be seen as reasonable that Chen Fugui’s punch had destroyed Crippled Wolf. Although he had some strength, he could not be considered a top boxer in the ring. However, King Kong was different. That was an amazing man with an 18-game winning streak, yet he was blown away with one attack.

If it hadn’t been for King Kong’s bloodied arms, people would have suspected it was faked.

After a short silence, the boxing venue quickly boiled up. Whether it was the winning gamblers or losing gamblers, they all vented out their feelings. “Is this still a fucking Weak Chicken? This was pretending to be weak for the opponent to lower their guard to defeat them easily!”

Strong! He was too strong!

On the backstage of the boxing ring, Ruan Chengfa, who just saw Chen Fugui beat King Kong with a single strike, slammed the wine glass in his hand onto the ground.

That was not an ordinary punch, but a blow to his innumerable wealth.

Qin Haodong alone bet 10 million US dollars on that boxer called Weak Chicken. According to the odds of one to five, Ruan Chengfa would lose 50 million US dollars.

With a livid expression, he asked the manager who had just run over, “How much did we lose in this match?”

The manager wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “The bets on Weak Chicken were around 13 million. We have to compensate more than 60 million US dollars. The bets for King Kong to win were more than 10 million US dollars, which means we have a net loss of 50 million US dollars for this match!”


Ruan Chengfa kicked over the coffee table in front of him. More than 50 million US dollars was more than 300 million yuan. How could he explain that to Ruan Zhendong? If the news really got out, he was afraid that he would be unable to keep his position as the person in charge.

The manager trembled and asked, “Boss, what do we do next?”

“Do you need to ask? Of course we have to get the 50 million back.” Ruan Chengfa took a deep breath, calmed down and said, “Whatever the method, Weak Chicken has to continue accepting challenges. Then, let Black Panther compete.”

For those who ran a black boxing ring, each venue would be on guard against being challenged by others. They always had to prepare one or two of the best fighters to attend the matches. That level of contestant rarely appeared on weekdays, as they were the key stand for the venue. They had peak vigor, and had also been challenged several times before on the boxing ring. But in the end, Black Panther had appeared to turn the tide.

The manager hesitated for a moment, then finally said with difficulty, “Boss, I think we should let it go. I don’t think Black Panther is a match for this person.”

After so many years in the ring, although he wasn’t a martial arts person, the comparison could still be seen. Black Panther was indeed very strong, but he couldn’t destroy King Kong with a single punch. In contrast, the man called Weak Chicken had to be stronger.

“Forget it? Do you have a fucking brain? We have been challenged to the point of shame, and have been robbed of more than 50 million US dollars. Does our venue still want face in the future? How can we continue to survive in the Golden Triangle?”

Ruan Chengfa was furious as he slapped the manager in the face.

After the first match, it was okay to stop. It was possible to bear the boxing venue’s loss of 10 million US dollars. However, if he stopped right then, he should just leave the position as the person in charge of the boxing venue.

“I… Boss, I was wrong…”

The manager said as he covered his swollen face.

He had simply expressed his opinion. In his view, Black Panther was really no match for Chen Fugui.

Ruan Chengfa said angrily, “Why are you still not going?!”

“I’m going! I will go right now!” The manager asked, “Boss, what are the odds on this match?”

Ruan Chengfa thought for a moment and said, “One to two.”

“I understand boss.”

The manager didn’t dare to dawdle, so he turned and ran out.

Ruan Chengfa looked back and stared at the repeated shots of Chen Fugui’s attack on the big screen. He also felt uncertain of Black Panther’s victory.

After a moment of hesitation, he took out his cell phone and dialed Ruan Zhendong’s number.

At that time, Ruan Zhendong was sitting excitedly on the sofa. He had just received a phone call from Ruan Zhannan, saying that he had snatched the high priced jade and was on his way back.

Although he had lost some power in the afternoon, being able to get that high priced piece of jade valued at one billion US dollars could also be regarded as compensation for the loss. The news made Ruan Zhendong very happy. Right at that moment, his mobile phone rang again.

It was Ruan Chengfa. He picked up his cell phone and asked, “Chengfa, what can I do for you?”

Ruan Chengfa held back his fury and said respectfully, “It’s like this president. Someone has come to our boxing arena and has won two games in a row. That person is very strong. I wonder if you should let Mr. Anthony make a move once?”

With shock in his heart, Ruan Zhendong asked, “Don’t you have Black Panther there who can step in? Is he also no match for the opponent?”

Ruan Chengfa said, “I arranged for Black Panther to contend in the third match. But I feel that Black Panther is not as strong as that man, so I wanted to invite Mr. Anthony to appear, just in case.”

“Who’s the opponent? Where did he come from? How can he be so strong?”

Ruan Zhendong was very shocked. Although people had often challenged the arena in the past, such a situation had never happened before.

Ruan Chengfa said, “It’s a new person from Huaxia. The specific details are not clear.”

Hearing that it was a person from Huaxia, Ruan Zhendong immediately had a bad feeling in his heart. He said, “Let Black Panther support you first. I will ask Mr. Anthony to head over right away.”

After hanging up the phone, he motioned for a bodyguard to approach. “You go and inform Mr. Anthony at once to go to the Passion Peak boxing stadium.”

The bodyguard complied, then turned around and walked out of the room.

With Anthony on stage, Ruan Zhendong felt more at ease.

Anthony was an expert he had hired with a lot of money from the world-famous Siberian training camp. He was currently an instructor of the Bloody Team.

All the people who came out of the Siberian training camp was not only strong, but also a killing machine. If Black Panther was the hidden card of the Passion Peak boxing stadium, then Anthony was the last card of all the Lutheran boxing venues. It was just that he had not competed for years.

In the boxing venue, when Chen Fugui accepted the challenge from the venue once again, the enthusiasm of the guests was immediately ignited.

The winner was the king. That sentence couldn’t be more appropriate to use in the Black Fist Boxing Ring. Currently, people had already recognized the strong man in front of them, as they constantly cheered and shouted for him.

Soon, the venue displayed the competitor and their odds for the next match.

Old gamblers were shocked to find that Black Panther had been sent out to the ring. It was known that Black Panther was the strongest in the boxing venue, with legs that seemed to be made of steel. He had kicked countless opponents in the head before.

However, it was precisely because of it that they could gauge Chen Fugui’s strength. Not only had he attained two consecutive victories with one strike, he had also forced out the hidden card of the boxing venue.

Due to that, gamblers were no longer as one-sided as before when it came to the bets. Although many people still supported Black Panther, there were also many who were betting on Chen Fugui.

According to the real-time bets shown on the big screen, there wasn’t much difference between those who favored Panther and those who favored becoming rich. The stakes had doubled since the previous match.

Right at that moment, the screen suddenly flashed. A long list of figures appeared. It was 50 million US dollars that were all bet on Chen Fugui.

Naturally, it was Qin Haodong who had made that bet. He had just won 50 million US dollars in that match, but he didn’t take any of it. Once again, he had bet all the money.

The waitress next to him also had excitement flashing in her eyes. The 10,000 US dollars she had just bet got her five times the profit. She currently had 50,000 US dollars.

The odds of that game were 1-2. If she could win again, it would be 100,000 US dollars. She could leave that boxing venue and stop working there.

Thinking of that, she gritted her teeth and bet all her 50,000 US dollars again.

In the midst of all the attention, Chen Fugui and Black Panther walked onto the front of the ring together.

It was true that Black Panther had dark skin, but he wasn’t pure black. He was from Southeast Asia, and he didn’t look tall. He was even shorter than Chen Fugui.

He was the strongest boxer in the venue. Since his debut, he had fought in more than 100 matches and had never been defeated. Later, he was directly taken in by Ruan Zhendong.

Compared with martial arts cultivation, he was more impressive because of his skills. Especially his two legs, which were so fast on the ring that they made people feel despair. His attack was named Steel Sweeping Legs.

After stepping on the ring, he glanced at Chen Fugui opposite him with a red-hot fighting spirit in his eyes. Since he was allowed to compete in the boxing venue, then it meant the opponent was definitely worth fighting against.

As an excellent black fist boxer, he had never thought of failure, because confidence and momentum were the premise for every black fist boxer to persevere. If his confidence collapsed, then he wouldn’t be far from death.

Compared with the fierce Black Panther, Chen Fugui remained the same. He stood there, tall and straight like a javelin.

Although the opponent in front of him was better than the first two, Chen Fugui still looked down on him.

The two men stared at each other quietly in the ring. No one spoke, and no one took the lead to make the first move.

Black Panther kept raising his aura, trying to force the opponent to reveal his weak point. But Chen Fugui stood there motionless, as if his opponent didn’t exist at all.

Five minutes later, the gamblers in the stands couldn’t hold it any longer; they shouted and cursed.

Black Panther’s eyes flashed as he lost his patience. Suddenly, his body moved. As fast as an agile panther, he pounced on his prey.

With the opponent in front of him, Black Panther didn’t dare to go easy. He directly used his own killing technique—Steel Sweeping Legs.

After he jumped into the air, the strongest right leg turned into shadows of legs across the sky. It completely covered Chen Fugui.

When faced against the fierce Black Panther, all eyes were focused on Chen Fugui. They wanted to know how that man, who claimed that everyone was a weak chicken, would deal with the attack. Would he dodge or fight head on?

At that moment, Chen Fugui moved. Like a black panther, he also kicked out.

Compared with the fierce leg from Black Panther, his leg looked plain. It simply welcomed the Black Panther. It was such a leg that broke the shadows of the legs all across the sky.

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