The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 430 - Rookie Weak Chicken

Chapter 430 Rookie Weak Chicken

The name of that ring was quite powerful. It was called the Blood Peak. The decoration was extremely luxurious, and people who went there to watch the black fist matches were all rich people. The parking lot opposite the ring was already filled with all kinds of luxury cars.

At the entrance to the ring, guests of different colors and languages were going in one after another. They were rich people from all over the world, and they were there in pursuit of excitement.

As soon as Qin Haodong and the others entered through the door, a beautiful young waitress greeted them. Unlike other places, all the waitresses there were only dressed in a revealing bikini, giving a panoramic view of their protruding figure, long snow-white legs and slightly trembling mountain peaks. Men couldn’t help but look.

The waitress wearing a bikini said enthusiastically, “This gentleman, I am the 39th waiter of the ring. I will provide service for you. Is this your first time here at our ring?”

As she spoke, she subtly winked at Qin Haodong. The people who went there to watch the black fist matches were all rich people. That young man was imposing, therefore he had to be the rich second generation of some big family. It was a pity that there was a beautiful woman and a little girl next to him, so he seemed to already be married.

But that didn’t affect her enthusiasm. As long as she could make that person happy, there would be a huge tip.

Qin Haodong secretly nodded in his heart. No wonder the business there was so good. Service from girls wearing bikinis was also a major feature. Money and women have always been able to arouse men’s desires, and it was enough for any man to be unwilling to leave.

He said, “This is my first time here. Do you still have the best place available?”

The waitress said, “Sir, you’re just in time. There’s still a VIP seat available, but the minimum bet is 100,000 US dollars. Do you need it?”

“100,000 dollars?” Qin Haodong smiled. “That one it is. Arrange it for me.”

“Okay. Sir, please follow me!”

The waitress was secretly happy that she had really met a big guest that day. It seemed that she would be able to make a lot of money.

Immediately after entering the ring, there was an uproar. There was applause, cursing and cheering.

“It’s very lively here!”

Lin Momo could not help but sigh. Although she could only hear the sound just then, it was enough to realize how excited the guests were.

The waitress took them to the front row of the VIP seats. Unlike the hard seats at the back, it was decorated with a wide leather sofa, and a fruit platter with drinks in front.

After asking Qin Haodong and the others to sit down, the waitress brought over an iPad. She said while pointing to the odds displayed on the screen, “Sir, this is the site of our ring. The contestants’ personal information and odds are all on it. You can make a bet by swiping your card after you choose.

“This is your first time visiting us. If you need, I can give you some information about the boxers.”

After saying that, she looked at Qin Haodong with anticipation. If the guest placed a bet on the fighter recommended by her, she would get a good commission.

Qin Haodong waved his hand. Saber immediately slipped a few US dollar bills into the waitress’s hand. He then smiled and said, “No need. There are introductions on the screen, and I’ve always been lucky. I can win by choosing anyone.”

Qin Haodong looked through the iPad a few times. Then he pointed to a boxer’s avatar and said, “I will pick him and bet one million US dollars.”

He didn’t bet too much. If he put all his money in at once, he was afraid that he would go bankrupt before the game started. Therefore, he only bet one million.

Even so, the waitress was startled. His first bet was one million US dollars. Even though it was a gold grotto there, he was definitely one of the rich guests.

He was young and rich, and was spending a lot of money on the first bet. The key point was that he had good looks as well. That was the Prince Charming she had dreamed of countless times.

Once again she looked at Lin Momo with envy in her eyes. If only the person sitting next to him were her.

Seeing that the waitress didn’t respond but was stunned on the spot, Qin Haodong said again, “Miss, is that all right?”

The waitress only came back to her senses then. She hurriedly said, “Yes sir. I will place a bet for you!”

She said as she took the bank card. But when she saw the selected fighter; she immediately showed a look of surprise and said, “Sir, are you sure it’s this person?”

Qin Haodong said, “I’m sure. Is there a problem?”

The waitress said, “Sir, this contestant named Weak Chicken just came to our ring today. He has never participated in a match before. We have no idea what his strength is. You bet one million US dollars on him. It’s too risky. I suggest you change to another fighter.”

She was really surprised and didn’t know whether the handsome young man in front of her just had a lot of money or no brains. As a normal person, she wouldn’t have made such a risky choice.

Afterwards, something even more unexpected happened. Qin Haodong said again, “Don’t worry, I can tell his fortune by reading his face. This boxer called Weak Chicken will definitely not lose. Just bet my money on him. Also, for this kind of boxer who is just participating in the competition, their odds are very high, right?”

The waitress said, “This… The odds are indeed high. It’s one to ten!”

That kind of black boxing was different from an ordinary competition. Each contestant had to sign a life and death certificate before going on stage. 99% of the defeated players were either dead or disabled, and people with no real skills didn’t dare to fight on that stage at all. Because of that, even for new boxers, the casino didn’t dare to offer odds that were too high. 1:10 would be the highest.

After hearing that, Qin Haodong immediately shouted, “Him it is. Quickly make a bet for me!”

The waitress said, “Sir, do you want to think about it again? If you really lose, the one million USD dollars will be gone.”

Although the odds of losing 10 to 1 were indeed high, however in her eyes, it was impossible for Qin Haodong to earn back 10 million US dollars.

On one side was a rookie with no experience, and on the other was an old powerful fighter. Anyone who had a bit of brain would know how to choose.

“I will pick him. Quickly swipe my card,”

Qin Haodong said firmly.

“Yes, sir!”

The waitress secretly sighed. Since the guest insisted, she couldn’t say anything more. It wasn’t her money that would be lost, but that way, she wouldn’t be able to get any tips.

She took the bank card and skillfully placed a one million US dollars on the Weak Chicken player.

“Sir, this competition starts in ten minutes. Good luck!”

Qin Haodong nodded, then turned his head and looked at the middle of the ring.

Although it was a black boxing ring, the scale of the construction was no weaker than that of a regular boxing ring seen on TV. It could hold nearly 1000 spectators.

The difference was the enormous iron cage in the middle of the ring, and the steel bars of the cage were as thick as a child’s arm. It looked very sturdy.

In the black boxing competition, only one contender could remain standing. The iron cage could only be opened after the referee announced the result of the match. That kind of scene undoubtedly stimulated the senses of the guests to the maximum.

Soon, at the end of an ongoing match in the ring, the neck of the defeated contestant was directly broken by the other side. The iron cage was opened and two staff members went up and carried the dead body down, while cheers and angry curses roared in the venue.

Of course, those who cheered were the gamblers who bet on the winner, while those who screamed angrily were the guests who had bet on the dead person.

That was the rule of the black boxing arena. The winners take all. People always gave applause and cheers to the victors, and there was no sympathy for the dead; only spitting and cursing.

After one match, the front of the arena was briefly cleaned. The next match began immediately, and the information for the fighters on both sides of the match were displayed on the big screen.

On one side was a boxer with a 90% win rate, code-named Crippled Wolf. That person was about 1.85 meters tall; he had strong muscles and bloodthirsty eyes.

It was said that Crippled Wolf’s methods were so cruel that none of the fighters defeated by him would survive.

Because of that, there was a burst of cheers in the back of the venue as soon as his name was displayed. Many familiar gamblers bet on him, but it was very rare for people like Qin Haodong to spend millions of dollars.

Crippled Wolf threw off his cloak and stretched out his big hairy hand. He scratched the chest of a nearby bikini girl, then jumped into the ring, striding into the cage with great arrogance towards the boxer off stage.

His opponent was the newcomer called Weak Chicken. As soon as his name was announced, there was a burst of laughter in the arena.

Generally speaking, even the new boxers would give themselves a domineering and resounding name. It could boost their confidence. No one had ever seen anyone code-name themselves Weak Chicken.

The man called Weak Chicken was about 30 years old with an ordinary appearance and ordinary figure. Coupled with such a funny code name, there was no doubt that no one would lay their eyes on him. The bet was one-sided on the Crippled Wolf. Qin Haodong alone had bet a million dollars on Weak Chicken.

The big screen above the ring showed real-time changes in numbers and odds. When everyone saw the lone one million US dollars on Weak Chicken’s name, everyone became excited. In their view, that guy was no different from a fool.

A million dollar bet on an extremely weak newcomer was almost like sending money to them.

Seeing those bets, Crippled Wolf was very excited. He had participated in a lot of black boxing competitions. It was rare for an investor to bet a million dollars like that in one go. As long as he won the match that day, his prize money would be multiplied several times.

He burst out laughing again and shouted towards his opponent off stage, “Weak Chicken, come up quickly and let me rip your head off!”

He did not take his opponent seriously as his eyes were full of disdain.

There were no reactions on Weak Chicken’s face, as if he did not see the provocation from Crippled Wolf. He lowered his eyes and walked towards the ring step by step.

He walked very slowly, without any aura. It was the complete opposite from Crippled Wolf who jumped into the ring.

That kind of display invoked a burst of boos from the guests in the venue. Many people cast their sarcastic eyes on Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong didn’t seem to notice it, as he attacked the fruit platter in front of him with the little fellow.

Lin Momo, however, was surprised when she saw the appearance of Weak Chicken. “Haodong, why does that man look a lot like a Brother Fugui?”

While he ate a banana, Qin Haodong said, “It’s not a lookalike. He is Chen Fugui.”

That’s right. The contestant codenamed Weak Chicken, who was heading into the ring step by step, was Chen Fugui, the captain of the Daddy Security Company. He was once the Soldier King of a generation.

Lin Momo suddenly realized why Qin Haodong had placed such a heavy bet on that newcomer. It turned out that he had already made sufficient preparations beforehand.

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