The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 429 - Black Fist Ring

Chapter 429 Black Fist Ring

Lin Momo didn’t understand why Qin Haodong had taken the initiative to let other people take such a valuable jade. She asked with surprise, “What’s going on?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I just placed that piece of jade into the Storage Ring. What’s under the canvas now is just a big ordinary stone. Whoever wants it to can go and take it.”

At that moment the little fellow said, “Papa, where are we going now?”

Qin Haodong said, “Let’s go eat delicious food. Then we will go to a fun place tonight!”

At the Lutheran Society headquarters, Ruan Zhendong couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that Ruan Zhengbei, who was only wearing a piece of underwear, and a few dozen of his men were the only ones left. After all those years, when had the Lutheran Society suffered such a big loss? It was extremely humiliating.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the humiliation. Ruan Zhenbei had lost his right hand, while all ten members of the Blood Clothes Team had become useless. That had made the Lutheran Society’s strength suffer a great loss.

Such a situation greatly changed Ruan Zhennan’s expression, which had always been calm and collected. He asked, “Fourth Brother, what is going on?”

In his view, as the Lutheran Society had deployed so many elites to crush a raw gemstone exhibition under the Jade Gang, it was impossible to suffer such a defeat.

“Big Brother, Second Brother, you must avenge me. That boy is such a bully…”

The current Ruan Zhenbei no longer had the tough image he had in the past. As he spoke, he burst into tears with snot coming out of his nose. No wonder his heart was on the verge of collapse. Relying on the strength of the Lutheran Society, he had never suffered any losses in all those years.

Not only was his arm ruined, he had also been stripped until he only had his underwear left. It wasn’t just a blow to his spirit; it had also ruined him psychologically. It was really hard for him to bear.

After hearing that, Ruan Zhendong looked so gloomy that it was as if he were dripping with water. He waved his hand and said, “Have someone immediately go and find the best doctor to treat our injured brothers.”

Ruan Zhenbei was taken away. Ruan Zhendong glanced at Ruan Zhengnan and Ruan Zhenxi and said coldly, “After our Lutheran Society became one if the three gangs of the Golden Triangle, we have never suffered such a great loss. If we do not get our place back, I’m afraid that in the future, we will be the laughingstock of all of Burma.”

Ruan Zhennan said, “I am to blame for this. We only considered the Jade Gang and did not expect the guy who bought the Suppressed River Stone to be so strong.”

Ruan Zhenxi said angrily, “So what if he is strong? He’s not a member of the three major gangs in the Golden Triangle. Later, I will take dozens of gunmen to kill him. No matter how powerful he is, how can he be stronger than guns?”

In his view, the Lutheran Society suffered so much because they had not carried any guns.

Ruan Zhennan said, “Don’t worry. Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win a hundred battles. This time, we must find out the details of that person and find out if he has any other hidden strengths. Then, we will make a move.”

Ruan Zhendong said, “What Second Brother said is right. This time, we must be fully prepared and not suffer any more losses. We must find out what that guy does and what relationship he has with the White Wolf Gang and the Jade Gang.

“Also, we must get that billion dollar piece of jade, as we have lost so much today. Otherwise, we will lose more than we gain.”

Ruan Zhenxi said, “Big Brother, I will take dozens of gunmen with me right away to go and get the stone.”

Right at that moment, Ruan Zhendong’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and listened to it. He then quickly hung up and said, “The people we placed inside the raw gemstone exhibition just told me that the guy has placed the priceless jade on a pickup truck. It is now heading towards Huaxia.”

“It’s a good opportunity!” Ruan Zhenxi said excitedly, “Without the Jade Gang, that piece of expensive jade will belong to our Lutheran Society. No one is going to take it away. I will take people there now.”

Wang Zhendong said, “Don’t rush. This seems weird. After the kid put the priceless jade on the truck, he actually didn’t send an escort and just let the driver drive away.”

“Don’t worry, I will take gunmen over there. No matter how many experts he sends, it will be useless…” In the middle of saying that, Ruan Zhenxi suddenly regained his senses and asked in surprise, “What? Not a single guard? Big Brother, you didn’t mishear did you?”

“That’s right. I clearly heard that the pick-up truck had no protection at all.”

Ruan Zhendong frowned and said, “This is very strange. Normally, things of such worth should be protected as much as possible. How come there are no guards? It’s like he wants it to be robbed. What dirty trick is this?”

Ruan Zhenxi said, “Big Brother, is it possible that the car is loaded with a fake stone? Could he have hidden the real high priced jade?”

Ruan Zhendong said, “That is impossible. Our people were watching him the entire time and saw with their own eyes that they loaded the high priced jade into the truck.

“Moreover, that piece of jade weighs about a ton. It isn’t something that can be casually taken away in a pocket. That young man left empty-handed, and it was impossible for him to change the contents.”

“Does this mean that the driver is an expert and can beat a hundred people?”

“No! Our people found out that the boy’s name is Abada. He’s just an ordinary driver from the raw gemstone exhibition. He knows nothing but driving.”

“This is very strange.” After thinking about it, Ruan Zhenxi suddenly patted his thigh and shouted, “I understand now Big Brother. That boy must know that it’s useless no matter how he defends, so he is presenting a bold front to conceal a weak defense, trying to scare us.”

“That is also possible!” Ruan Zhendong thought for a moment, then turned around and looked at Ruan Zhengnan. “Second Brother, what do you think?”

Ruan Zhennan shook his head and said, “This is too strange. I can’t see through it. How about this? I will take people there with Laosan. We won’t make a move, but we will wait and see the situation more clearly first.”

Ruan Zhendong said, “That is fine. I will be more relaxed if you go.”

After the discussion, Ruan Zhennan and Ruan Zhenxi got into the car followed by dozens of gunmen and set off.

Abada was both nervous and excited while driving the pick-up truck. He was nervous about carrying a high-priced jade worth a billion dollars in the back of the truck. It was one billion US dollars, which made people tremble when they thought about it. Because of that, it was likely for an emergency to take place on the road.

He was excited because Qin Haodong had just given him 10,000 US dollars. He currently kept the money firmly in his pocket. With such amount, he could immediately marry a beautiful wife to take home.

Also, when he arrived, Mao Wenlong had already explained to him that as long as he encountered any abnormal situations, he could just get out of the car and run for his life. He didn’t have to take care of anything else.

He couldn’t understand why no more money was spent to send people to protect something so important. Instead he was allowed to drive it away alone. What was the difference between that and just giving it to someone else?

However, he was just a small driver. He just needed to drive well. Those were not things that he needed to consider.

He even thought that someone would soon show up to rob the jade. However, it was already sunset and the surroundings were still quiet. Although several cars passed by from time to time, no one made a move.

After driving for another full hour, the sky turned completely dark. There were no street lights on the road, and the surrounding area was so dark that it was frightening.

Right at that moment, Abada suddenly found a car parked across the road, with four to five people standing in front of it. Each of them held an AK in their hands.”

“Damn it! It’s here!”

As soon as he saw the situation, he was sure that they were there to rob the high-priced jade.

Abada slammed on the brake, opened the door, then got out of the truck and ran. He soon disappeared into the night.

He cared more about his life and the 10,000 US dollars in his pocket than the jade in the truck behind him. Anyways, the boss had already told him that he didn’t need to be responsible for anything else.

The several people, who stood opposite the truck and were ready to rob, were suddenly stunned. Just then they didn’t shoot, for fear of making the truck turn over and ruining the priceless jade inside. However, they would have never thought that the truck driver would run away after seeing them get out of the car, leaving the truck and the jade behind.

Confused, several people slowly approached the pick-up truck to check. The jade was still inside.

“Big Brother, what are we going to do?” Asked a man in black with a hoarse voice.

“Why care so much? We got the treasure anyways, so let’s quickly drive it away,”

Said another man in black. He reached out and grabbed the door of the truck. However, before he could get inside, there was sudden gunshot sound. A dark bloody hole appeared on the forehead of the man in black, as he fell to the ground on his back.

The rest of the men dressed in black grabbed their AKs and looked at their surroundings for the enemy. Suddenly, a low voice sounded from the night sky, “This is the Lutheran Society. Those who don’t want to die, quickly get out of here!”

Then, countless headlights were turned on, seemingly everywhere. The place was surrounded by SUVs that had swept in.

Seeing that situation, the men in black didn’t dare to stay any longer. They didn’t even took care of the body of their accomplice, as they immediately ran away and quickly disappeared into the night.

Ruan Zhennan and Ruan Zhenxi had been following behind the pickup truck with their people. They didn’t find anything unusual along the way. Seeing that the high-priced jade was about to be robbed away by small thieves, they made their move.

Kicking away the body on the ground, Ruan Zhenxi said, “Second Brother, this is too easy!”

Ruan Zhennan said, “Don’t worry too much. Quickly get someone to drive the truck away.”

Ruan Zhenxi patted the high-priced jade wrapped in a canvas in the back of the truck and said, “Should we examine it?”

Ruan Zhennan said, “No need, such a big thing is not easy to switch. Plus, the long delay may cause trouble. Maybe the White Wolf Gang and the Jade Gang will send someone over right away. Let’s drive it back to our place first.”

“You’re right. We’re leaving!”

Ruan Zhenxi said as he got into the pick-up truck and sat in the driver’s seat. The group of people hurried back to the headquarters of the Lutheran Society.

On Qin Haodong’s side, he asked for several cars from Mao Wenlong. They travelled around the city of Pa Gan. Towards the evening, they enjoyed a delicious meal there.

After dinner, they got into the car and drove towards the city center.

Seeing that it wasn’t the way back to the hotel, Lin Momo asked, “Haodong, where are we going?”

Qin Haodong said, “Those poor people this afternoon didn’t have any money with them. It’s not fun to rob them at all. We’re going to the ring of the Lutheran Society. There must be a lot of money there.”

Lin Momo immediately understood that he was going to play with the Lutheran Society, as she said, “Is it appropriate to go to that place with Tang Tang? Why don’t we take her back to the hotel first?”

Upon hearing that, the little fellow quickly shouted, “No! No! I want to be with Papa.”

Qin Haodong patted the little fellow on the head and said, “It’s fine. Our daughter has the Suzaku Sacred Body. She is destined to not be an ordinary person in the future. It’s okay to go to the ring and have a look.”

Soon, they arrived at a huge magnificent building. If it were in Huaxia, it would be a nightclub or an entertainment city. But in Burma, it was the largest black fist ring of the Lutheran Society.

There, even drugs were legal, let alone black fists. Therefore, every night that place was filled with rich people looking for excitement.

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