The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 372 - Passing the Buck?

Chapter 372 Passing the Buck?

Then Lu Fei became less angry. On the contrary, he was secretly happy. By doing so, he not only pushed the blame for the risky operation, but also gave him a chance to clean up his old enemy.

After all this, he predicted that Zhang Lijun would not tolerate Hua Zi’an this time, but would definitely punish him and root out the traditional Chinese medicine department. In Lu Fei’s view, such a department without any scientific basis should not exist in such a modern hospital.

After Lu Fei left, all the attention in the operating room turned to the pot of traditional Chinese medicine in Hua Zi’an’s hand, wondering if it could do wonders for the patient.

A minute passed; two minutes passed; three minutes… As Hua Zi’an fed the patient all the contents of the pot, the data on the nearby heart monitor began to change— the heart’s beating curve, which was already tending to a straight line, suddenly became stronger and stronger.

Five minutes later, Feng Zixiong’s heart was beating like a normal heart.

Everyone stared, including Hua Zi’an. They couldn’t believe it.

A minute earlier, they had seen Feng Zixiong in a very bad state— he was really on his deathbed and his heart could stop beating at any moment.

But after he drank a pot of black potion, his heart beat more normally than normal. What on earth was he drinking? Was that traditional Chinese medicine or fairy soup?

Fang Yuqi was the first to recover from her shock and asked, “Senior Hua, what kind of medicine was it? How did it do so much for the heart? It was a miracle.”

Hua Zi’an answered, “I don’t have that skill. This is the traditional Chinese medicine cooked by Tang Feng. It is called Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup. It works like magic. It fits the name.”

“Amazing, it’s amazing. I never thought traditional Chinese medicine could do so much!”

As a surgeon, Fang Yuqi didn’t really believe in traditional Chinese medicine, although she didn’t reject it. The pot of medicine changed her mind completely.

“Doctor Fang, hurry up and have the operation. I don’t know how long this pot of medicinal soup will last. We must save the patient as soon as possible.”

Of course Hua Zi’an wouldn’t leave until the operation was over. Even though Fang Yuqi just said that she was responsible for the operation, how could he let a young man take on so much responsibility? If the operation did not succeed, he intended to take full responsibility.

“Don’t worry, Senior Hua. As far as the patient is concerned, the success rate is more than 90%, even reaching 100%.”

Fang Yuqi was brimming with confidence. She held the scalpel with a flash of heat in her eyes.

In fact, her operation level was not low, but she was junior and suppressed by Lu Fei, so she could only work as an assistant. Today she finally got her chance to show off.

With the cooperation of other medical staff, the operation began in an orderly manner.

Outside the operating room, a rapid sound of footsteps came from the other side of the hallway. Zhang Lijun walked first, Lu Fei next, and a few other hospital principals by his side. They all looked serious, even angry.

“Director, do you smell it? Our modern hospital’s hallway is filled with traditional Chinese medicine. How would other patients see it?”

Lu Fei seized every opportunity to discredit traditional Chinese medicine and Hua Zi’an.

Nalan Wuxia and the others looked back at the sound of voices.

Seeing Lu Fei and the others, Qin Haodong immediately knew what was going on. Not being able to attract much attention now, he whispered in Nalan Wuxia’s ear, “This is the critical time for the operation. These people are here to make trouble. You must stop them.”

Nalan Wuxia understood, waved, and said to the policeman, “Guard the operating room. No one can enter without my command.”

Lu Fei trotted ahead of Zhang Lijun and said to Nalan Wuxia and others, “Make way, everyone. We’re going in!”

Feng Ziying had no regard for the doctor who had run away. If he had not to think of the effect, he would have crushed Lu Fei on the ground and given him a good kick.

“What are you going to do?” He said, with a cold face. “My brother is undergoing surgery. Even if you go in, you’ll have to wait until the surgery is over.”

With the director behind him, Lu Fei became more confident and called out, “Although you are policemen, this is the operating room of our hospital. You have no right to stop us from entering. Get out of the way!”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Doctor Lu, although this is your hospital, there are our policeman lying in it. No one can go in until the operation is over.”

“You…” Lu Fei wanted to be angry, but he held back when he saw the police badge on Nalan Wuxia’s shoulder. Easing his tone, he said, “Officer, you don’t know that those people in there are making fun of the patient’s life. I’ll go in and stop them.”

“You don’t have to worry about that!” Nalan Wuxia responded with a nasty sneer. “I remember Doctor Lu saying just now that whatever happens in there has nothing to do with you, so you needn’t worry.”

“You…” Faced with Nalan Wuxia who was disrespectful to them, Lu Fei had no choice but to turn to Zhang Lijun and the other hospital leaders and said, “See, director, these people don’t agree with us to stop this operation.”

Nor could Zhang Lijun do anything about the police who glared at them. He glanced around and suddenly saw Wang Jianfeng standing with his hands behind his back. They had been in contact before, sort of getting to know each other. He said, “Director Wang, I didn’t expect you were here.”

“The wounded inside are our civilian police,” Wang Jianfeng said.

“To tell you the truth, Director Wang, there is no precedent in our hospital for an operation like this,” Zhang Lijun said. “I don’t think it’s appropriate. We must stop…”

No sooner had he finished than Wang Jianfeng interrupted him and said, “Director Zhang, I don’t care if there’s a precedent. I just want to ask, if the surgery stops, what is the chance that the patient will survive?”

Zhang Lijun immediately looked at Lu Fei. Lu Fei, after all, was the doctor in charge, and he knew the wounded best.

“Er… there is little chance of survival.” Lu Fei hastened to explain, “But it has nothing to do with stopping the operation. The patient’s heart was about to stop before I came out. He probably won’t last long.”

He had just finished speaking, a figure rushed over and punched hard on his face.

It was Feng Ziying who hit Lu Fei. He seized Lu Fei by the collar and cursed, “Son of a bitch, my brother is in there dying, and you came out as the doctor in charge. If anything happens to my brother, I’ll never forgive you.”

Then he struck Lu Fei in the face with one blow after another, leaving him black and blue.

“Help! Director, help me!”

Covering his face, Lu Fei asked Zhang Lijun for help.

Nalan Wuxia waved at the other policemen. At once several men went over and pulled Feng Ziying back. Although she also hated the irresponsible Lu Fei, it was improper for Feng Ziying who was a policeman to be so impulsive.

Feng Ziying was pulled back, but he still looked at Lu Fei with angry eyes. Lu Fei did not dare to make eye contact with him. Turning to Zhang Lijun, he said, “Director, it’s not that I don’t save the patient, it’s that they don’t do what I ask them to do.”

Zhang Lijun frowned and said, “Lu Fei, for whatever reason, as the doctor in charge, how can you go away during an operation?”

Then he reprimanded Lu Fei, but only in formality. His goal for today was Hua Zi’an and Fang Yuqi.

Turning to Wang Jianfeng, Zhang Lijun said, “Director Wang, although the wounded is your officer, you should not interfere with the treatment in our hospital. In this case, you must bear the consequences yourselves.”

Nalan Wuxia had already told Wang Jianfeng that Tang Feng was Qin Haodong. He trusted Qin Haodong’s medical skills completely, so he didn’t hesitate to say, “Director Zhang, don’t worry. Whatever happens, I’ll take it.”

“I have only one condition— you must not disturb the treatment in it now.”

Since Wang Jianfeng said so, of course, Zhang Lijun couldn’t go on talking. He had to wait outside the operating room.

Lu Fei wiped his swollen face, leaned over to Zhang Lijun, and whispered, “It’s not my fault, director. They forced me out of the operating room.”

Zhang Lijun said nothing, but nodded a little, which calmed Lu Fei’s heart.

The minutes ticked by, and soon the crowd had been waiting for an hour. Just as everyone was getting restless, the red light above the operating room suddenly went out.

Everyone’s heart flipped, which meant that the operation was over. Everybody was eager to know the result.

“Since the operation was over so quickly, the injured must have died on the operating table. I blame you for not listening to me. Now you are stupid!”

Lu Fei muttered to himself, a little gloating. But as his face had swollen, his expression looked extremely strange.

He was right to think so. Normally, such a big operation would take at least two hours, but this one only took an hour. Extrapolating from a conventional perspective, it was never going to turn out well.

In all people’s gaze, the operating room was slowly opened, a figure rushed out. After a brief pause, he made a beeline for Qin Haodong.

This was no other than Hua Zi’an. He grabbed Qin Haodong’s hand and said excitedly, “Doctor Tang, where the hell did you get that formula?”

Just in the operating room to see the magic effect of the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup, he had been excited. As soon as the door of the operating room opened, he couldn’t wait to come over and ask.

Qin Haodong couldn’t explain where he got the formula, of course. Just then Lu Fei rushed over and pointed at Hua Zi’an. “Doctor Hua,” he said, “I told you that traditional Chinese medicine is unreliable and that you should trust western medicine represents science, but you insisted on giving the patient traditional Chinese medicine. Do you regret now?”

When he saw Hua Zi’an’s excitement, he thought he was trying to pass the buck to Qin Haodong. In fact. He was not alone. Many people had this idea.

Hua Zi’an looked back at Lu Fei and said, “I do regret it, but what I regret is that I didn’t hit you, an ignorant person. You insult your ancestors’ treasures one by one.”

Lu Fei made no sign of weakness. “Hua Zi’an,” he said, “after all this trouble you don’t realize your mistake. How dare you talk tough!”

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