The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 371 - You Don't Deserve to Be a Doctor

Chapter 371 You Don’t Deserve to Be a Doctor

Qin Haodong led the way with a pot, followed by white-haired Hua Zi’an, who gasped, “Wait for me, buddy.”

The old man’s eyes were burning with astonishment, because he had just seen Qin Haodong’s amazing way to cook herbs. It was supposed to take 40 minutes to boil a pot of medicine, but Qin Haodong made it in less than 10 minutes, which was a real eye-opener to him. Of course he wanted to come and see the effect of the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup.

As he glanced at the red light above the operating room’s door, Qin Haodong’s face darkened. “Has the operation started?” He asked.

“We have no choice. Feng Zixiong’s condition suddenly deteriorated two minutes ago, so the operation was advanced.”

“Two minutes ago? There’s still time. I’ll get the medicine in now and give it to the patient.”

Then he tried to enter the operating room.

“I’ll do it, buddy,” offered Hua Zi’an. “Given the way Lu Fei behaves, he certainly won’t let you give medicine to a patient on his operating table. And you’re new here, and you can’t get in without a work badge.”

After working in this hospital for so many years, he had been constantly fighting with Lu Fei, so he naturally knew what the man was like. If he tried to give the patient the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup before the operation, it would be no problem, but Lu Fei could never allow Qin Haodong to give the wounded traditional Chinese medicine on his operating table.

Qin Haodong thought about it. Since he came to the hospital undercover, he’d better keep a low profile. So he handed the medicine pot to Hua Zi’an.

“Senior Hua, thank you for your help!”

Hua Zi’an nodded, took the medicine pot, and scratched the operating room door with his badge. With a tick, the gate opened and Hua Zi’an entered.

In the operating room, the doctors and nurses were all busy, and the operation was going on tensely.

Hua Zi’an cast a glance at the heart monitor next to him and his face changed. Although he was a Chinese medicine practitioner, he knew the basics of western medicine. The curve of the heart’s beating on the screen had almost become a straight line, meaning that it was so weak that it could stop beating at any moment.

Assistant Fang Yuqi said, “Doctor Lu, the patient’s condition is too dangerous now. We probably won’t be able to save him.”

Lu Fei said, “Never mind that. We have to get the operation done anyway. There’s no other choice even if we fail to save him.”

Then he told the doctors and nurses around him to get ready to remove the dagger from Feng Zixiong’s chest.

Fang Yuqi didn’t say anything. After all surgeons like them were used to death. Although they would try their best to save every life in the operation, they would not have too big waves in the heart if they could not save the patient back.

The patient’s heart would stop beating at any moment. In this case, perhaps the moment the dagger was drawn, the wounded man would lose his life.

“Wait a minute. Give him the medicine first.”

Hua Zi’an said as he opened the medicine pot. A strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine immediately filled the operating room.

At the cry, Lu Fei drew back his hand from the dagger, looked back and snapped, “Hua Zi’an, are you mad? This is the surgical operating room. What are you doing in here? Get out of here at once with your soup made of roots and rotten bark.”

Upon hearing this, Hua Zi’an glared and snarled, “You are ignorant of the history of our country. Your ancestors lived on roots and bark. Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of our ancestors. You can worship foreign countries, but you can’t belittle traditional Chinese medicine. That’s as cold-blooded as a wolf.”

“Who are you talking about, old man?”

Lu Fei dropped the scalpel and growled angrily at Hua Zi’an. He seemed to want to argue with Senior Hua at close range, but was held back by Fang Yuqi next to him.

Although Hua Zi’an was over 70 years old and had white hair, he was not afraid of Lu Fei. “Doctor Lu, have you forgotten what a doctor is? Now the patient is lying on the bed. In any case, both Chinese medicine practitioners and western doctors should think of the patient in the first place,” he shouted in a cold voice.

He raised his hand to the line, which almost stopped, on the heart monitor next to him. “You see what’s happening. The injured could die at any moment. Doctor Lu, if you’re sure you can save him, I’m sure I won’t say anything, and I’ll apologize right away.”

“But you can’t think of a good way to save him right now. Would you rather risk someone else’s life than try traditional Chinese medicine? You are selfish.”

“This is my operating table. It’s up to me how to treat the patient. I wouldn’t let my patient drink Chinese medicine anyway,” Lu Fei stated in a cold voice.

Hua Zi’an said angrily, “You’re risking the life of the wounded. This is murder. Have you forgotten that you are a doctor?”

Lu Fei sneered, “You say it’s murder? Well, there are so many cops out there, ask them to arrest me!”

“Lu Fei, where’s your medical ethics?” Cried Hua Zi’an, his eyes red with anger. “In your eyes, this patient is just a life ready to die. Have you thought about his family? Have you thought about his parents and children? Did it ever occur to you that one wrong decision could destroy several families?”

The look on Lu Fei’s face paused, but he persisted, “You talk too much nonsense, Hua Zi’an. Get out of here! Don’t interfere with my operation.”

“No, I can’t let such a life go. I’ll give him the medicine myself.”

Hua Zi’an said, striding over to the operating table with the medicine pot.

“Stop it, Hua Zi’an!”

Lu Fei shouted and tried to stop Hua Zi’an, but Fang Yuqi stopped him.

“Doctor Lu, we have no better way now. I think we can let Senior Hua have a try.”

Lu Fei didn’t expect that Fang Yuqi was against him, too. He said angrily, “Have you forgotten who you are? You’re just an assistant. What right do you have to make a decision? Will you take responsibility if anything happens?”

Fang Yuqi looked cold, too. She retorted, “I’m an assistant, but I’m more of a doctor. I can’t watch the patient die. Whatever happens to this patient today, I’ll take it.”

“Well, Hua Zi’an, Fang Yuqi, since you’re so great, you’ll have the operation today. I’m done!”

Then Lu Fei angrily took off his mask and gloves and slammed them down beside the table.

Fang Yuqi looked at him and said coldly, “Lu Fei, you really aren’t fit to be a doctor.”

Hua Zi’an had no time for Lu Fei. He opened the medicine pot and spooned the soup into Feng Zixiong’s mouth.

Lu Fei looked at Fang Yuqi and snapped, “Looks like you’re not content to be an assistant. Don’t think you can take my place by doing this. I tell you, when this operation is over today, you won’t even be a doctor.”

“I don’t care about that. All I know is that I’m still a doctor and I’m responsible for my patients,” Fang Yuqi replied lightly.

Turning to the others in the operating room, she said, “I hope everyone will cooperate with me in the operation. Whatever happens, I promise I’ll take it on my own. I don’t need you to take any responsibility. All we have to do now is save this patient.”

“Doctor Fang, we all listen to you!”

The others said in unison.

“Well, well, you’re all going to rebel.”

Having lost control of the operating room, Lu Fei became totally embarrassed. He pointed at Fang Yuqi and Hua Zi’an and threatened, “Wait and see. Now I’ll report what you’ve done to the director!”

With that, he stormed out of the operating room.

Outside the operating room, a group of police were anxiously waiting, Feng Ziying for his brother, Nalan Wuxia and others worried for their comrades.

When Lu Fei came out of the operating room, they immediately gathered around him. Feng Ziying asked, “Doctor Lu, how is my brother? Does that pot of traditional Chinese medicine work?”

“Did you ask Hua Zi’an to come here?” Lu Fei questioned, with a sullen face.

Feng Ziying paused and then asked, “What’s the matter, Doctor Lu? Haven’t we agreed to give my brother traditional Chinese medicine within an hour?”

Lu Fei wanted to snap at him, but he dared not with the presence of so many policemen. Finally with a face like thunder, he said, “Since you believe in traditional Chinese medicine, let traditional Chinese medicine save your brother. From now on, whatever happens in the operating room has nothing to do with me.”

Then he left without looking back, ignoring Feng Ziying’s screams.

“Captain Nalan, Doctor Tang, what does Doctor Lu mean?”

“Never mind him. I’m sure Zixiong will be all right,” Nalan Wuxia replied.

Qin Haodong patted him on the shoulder to comfort him, “Don’t worry. Your brother will be all right as long as he takes that potion.”

Feng Ziying nodded. Now the only thing he could do was to pray and wait.

Meanwhile, in the director’s office, Lu Fei said angrily, “Director, I have a complaint against Hua Zi’an and Fang Yuqi. They’ve gone too far. They don’t take hospital rules seriously.”

Director Zhang Lijun, sitting behind his desk, put down his teacup, looked at an agitated Lu Fei, and said, “Doctor Lu, don’t worry. You sit down and talk.”

Lu Fei was the chief surgeon in their hospital, who had high operating skill. So Zhang Lijun thought highly of him.

Then he asked Lu Fei to sit on the sofa opposite him and asked, “Senior Hua is a little surly, but he is in the traditional Chinese medicine clinic and has nothing to do with your western medicine department. How did he offend you? By the way, isn’t Fang Yuqi your assistant? Why do you want to complain to her?”

Lu Fei answered excitedly, “Director, you don’t know. I was just having a very important operation, but Hua Zi’an presumed on his seniority and pushed me too far. He even brought his traditional Chinese medicine to my operating table to give it to the patient I was about to operate on.”

“How could such a thing happen?”

Zhang Lijun frowned slightly. Hua Zi’an had been a subordinate to his father and had saved his father’s life, so he had been very tolerant of Hua Zi’an. That was why he kept the traditional Chinese medicine clinic, but the old man went too far.

“Director, if other people know that our Guangren Hospital feeds patients traditional Chinese medicine on the operating table, we will definitely be laughed off by other hospitals, which will seriously affect the reputation of our hospital,” Lu Fei continued.

“More importantly, the patient was dying, and could have died at any moment, but I couldn’t stop them. Fang Yuqi sided with Hua Zi’an in the nick of time. She said if I didn’t do this surgery to save the patient, she did it. She doesn’t look anything like an assistant.”

“I really have no choice but to come here and report to you. You can’t let them run wild, or the reputation of our hospital will be seriously affected.”

“That’s too much!” Zhang Lijun’s face changed after he heard what Lu Fei said. He jerked himself out of his chair and said, “Let’s go and have a look. What are these people trying to do? Is this still a hospital? How could they be so horrid!”

“Director, this time you must not be polite to them. Otherwise later our hospital really thoroughly disorderly.”

Lu Fei’s mouth was smirked with pride. He followed Zhang Lijun, adding fuel to the story. He wanted to seize this opportunity to completely bring down the traditional Chinese medicine clinic.

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