The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 370 - The Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup

Chapter 370 The Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup

“Nonsense!” Hua Zi’an grew so angry that his beard shook. “I’ve been a Chinese medicine practitioner all my life, but I’ve never seen anyone fill prescriptions without weighing it.”

“I’m really in a hurry, Senior Hua,” Qin Haodong uttered. “If you don’t believe me, check it out.”

Then he went on.

Hua Zi’an snorted, thinking that the young man refused to be convinced until he was faced with grim reality. “How many notoginseng did you just catch?” He asked.

“105 grams.”

Qin Haodong answered without looking back.

Hua Zi’an picked up the notoginseng and put it on the scale. Then his eyes widened in surprise because the scales showed exactly 105 grams.

“How is that possible? It must be a coincidence,” he thought and then asked. “How many fleece-flower roots did you catch?”

“325 grams.”

Hua Zi’an checked it again and found it was exactly the same.

“What about the Bodhi leaves…”

“160 grams…”

“What about Herba Abri…”

“230 grams…”

After verifying six or seven herbs one by one, Hua Zi’an finally believed that the young man had the unique ability. The weight of the herbs Qin Haodong grabbed by hand was exactly the same as that of he weighed.

Composing himself, Hua Zi’an stepped forward and asked, “Buddy, how did you do this?”

His anger at Qin Haodong had turned into admiration, even calling Qin Haodong buddy.

“I used to fill prescriptions with my grandfather when I was very young. If you catch too many, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Qin Haodong gave a random reason, then pulled the herbs together and poured them into a nearby pot of boiling herbs.

“What’s your prescription, buddy? Why didn’t I see that?”

Hua Zi’an, who had been involved with traditional Chinese medicine for many years, could tell what it was for by looking at the herbs if it was an ordinary prescription. However, he had no idea what Qin Haodong’s prescription was for.

“Senior Hua, I’ll tell you later. I’m in a hurry to save a patient with this medicine.”

Qin Haodong said, going to boil these herbs.

Hua Zi’an was so curious about Qin Haodong that he wouldn’t let him leave. He hurriedly said, “Just ask Zhao Ying to do this kind of small matter. Let’s have a good talk.”

Then he called a young nurse nearby.

The nurse was called Zhao Ying, who was specially equipped for the consulting room of traditional Chinese medicine. She was always lazy and late every day. Anyway, the benefit of traditional Chinese medicine clinic was poor. She did not worry about being deducted bonus. Qin Haodong didn’t see her just now because she was late.

“Zhao Ying,” called Hua Zi’an, “go and boil the herbs.”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to curb the old man’s enthusiasm, so he gave Zhao Ying the pot and repeatedly told her what should be paid attention to during the process of boiling the herbs.

“I know!” Zhao Ying impatiently replied and took over the pot.

As soon as she turned around, she pouted and thought to herself, “It’s just boiling herbs. What a long-winded man! Do you really think of yourself as a Medical Sage?”

When Zhao Ying went to boil the herbs, Hua Zi’an immediately pulled Qin Haodong to sit down and asked eagerly, “Buddy, what’s going on? What kind of medicine are you making? What is it for?”

“This medicine is called Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup, which has extremely powerful effects on protecting and nourishing the heart…”

Qin Haodong then told Hua Zi’an about what happened, and then concluded, “There’s only an hour left, so I need to get the soup ready as soon as possible to increase the success rate of the operation!”

Hua Zi’an gaped at his words. He had studied traditional Chinese medicine all his life, but he had never heard of the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup.

“Buddy, is this medicine okay? Will it work or not? Does it really protect the human heart?”

“Of course it will work. It concerns a human life. How could I possibly joke about that!” Looking at the confusion on Hua Zi’an’s face, Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Senior Hua, when this operation is over, you will know the effect of the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup.”

“Oh!” Hua Zi’an gives a dubious response, and then started talking to Qin Haodong again.

As the conversation progressed, his surprise grew because he realized that Qin Haodong’s understanding of traditional Chinese medicine had reached an incredible level.

At first, he wanted to test Qin Haodong, so he asked him some questions about traditional Chinese medicine to see how the young man was doing in traditional Chinese medicine. As a result, he marveled at how well Qin Haodong answered and understood traditional Chinese medicine better than he did.

Then the conversation turned into an equal exchange, and then Hua Zi’an consulted Qin Haodong on a few problems. Hua Zi’an got to the heart of his perennial doubts, but no matter how hard his questions were, Qin Haodong was quick to come up with near-perfect answers.

“Who did you learn medical skills from, buddy?” Hua Zi’an asked with an admiring look on his face.

“It’s handed down in my family. I learned it from my grandfather!” Qin Haodong replied.

“That’s very impressive. I have lived for more than seventy years, and you are the most accomplished doctor of traditional Chinese medicine I have ever seen. It’s rare for a doctor to have such excellent medical skills at such a young age. Maybe the legendary Medical Sage Qin Haodong isn’t as good as you.”

Qin Haodong smiled, but said nothing. He didn’t have to compare himself.

Both of them had a genuine love for traditional Chinese medicine, so they had a good talk. More than half an hour passed quickly, and then Zhao Ying came back with the medicine pot, and said, “The medicine is ready.”

Qin Haodong sniffed first and frowned slightly. Then he opened the lid of the pot and sniffed again. Then he looked up at Zhao Ying and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you do what I asked you to do?”

Zhao Ying paused for a moment, thinking, “How did he know I didn’t boil the medicine as he asked?”

But she wouldn’t admit to anything without proof. She craned her neck and said, “I made it the way you told me.”

“That’s impossible. It doesn’t smell right at all. You definitely didn’t follow my instructions.”

Qin Haodong was secretly annoyed. He had just spoken very clearly to the nurse, detailing every minute of the heat. Zhao Ying, however, didn’t seem to listen.

“You have to cook herbs exactly right. The medicine you made is not effective enough. It will kill a patient!” He scolded with a sullen look on his face.

No wonder he was angry. This medicine concerned Feng Zixiong’s life, so it must not be treated carelessly.

Hearing his scolding, the young nurse’s face grew cold. “It’s just herbs. What’s the big deal? This is your first day here. What are you pretending to do? Do you really think you’re a Medical Sage?”


Pressed for time, Qin Haodong had no time to deal with the smug nurse. He hurried into the pharmacy again. This medicine would not work at all. He had to fill a prescription again. Now there were only a dozen minutes left, so he must hurry up.

The young nurse glanced at his back and said disdainfully, “He’s pretending, as if he were a miracle doctor. Where did this fool come from?”

Then, as if feeling a little out of line, she turned to Hua Zi’an and said, “Where did he come from? With you here, he told me what to do.”

Then she noticed that Hua Zi’an was livid and pointed at her, saying, “Zhao Ying, from now on, you don’t have to come her to work.”

“What? What have I done wrong, Senior Hua?”

Zhao Ying was completely stunned. She could ignore Qin Haodong who was new here, but she could not ignore Hua Zi’an’s attitude towards her. One word from the old man could cost her job.

In the Guangren Hospital, the nurses in the clinic of traditional Chinese medicine were supposed to be the worst jobs. She had no connections or background. If she was fired here, she would have to go home.

“As a nurse, you don’t respect doctors and traditional Chinese medicine. Why should I keep you? Collect your things and get out of here.”

The old man was really furious. Even he had a genuine respect for Qin Haodong’s abilities, and of course he couldn’t stand a nurse offending Qin Haodong.

Zhao Ying turned pale. It was the first time she had seen Hua Zi’an so angry after working here so long. She knew her job was at stake.

She just didn’t understand why Hua Zi’an valued this young man so much. Did he have backing? But why a man who had backing come to the traditional Chinese medicine clinic to be a small doctor?

At the pharmacy, Qin Haodong had been pushing his speed to the limit. In less than a minute he had filled the prescription. Then he poured the herbs into the pot and began to boil them himself.


Hua Zi’an gaped. He had never seen anyone who could fill prescriptions and boil herbs as well as Qin Haodong could. It was amazing.

Time was running out. If the medicine was boiled in the ordinary way, it would be too late. So Qin Haodong used his Green Wood Genuine Qi to quickly activate the medicinal properties of various herbs. Seven or eight minutes later, a strong smell of the medicine wafted out. The world’s first Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup came out.

Meanwhile, outside the ward, Lu Fei, wearing a cold face cold, said, “There are only 10 minutes left, but Tang Feng hasn’t come back yet. I think he is a liar. Let’s not wait for him. It’s time to start the operation.”

Nalan Wuxia said quietly, “We made an appointment for an hour. There are 10 minutes left. What’s your hurry?”

Lu Fei turned to Feng Ziying and said, “Sir, the patient’s condition is critical and could deteriorate at any time. We can’t put it off any longer. I suggest we start the operation immediately.”

Feng Ziying was worried about his brother, but thinking of the less than 5% success rate, he gritted his teeth and insisted, “Let’s wait. Doctor Tang should be back soon.”


Lu Fei’s face darkened. For a little Chinese medicine practitioner, he, a number one among the surgeons, waited here. It was obvious that they didn’t make him look good.

But the patient’s family did not agree, he could not force an operation, or no one could afford the consequences.

The minutes ticked by, only two minutes left, and they still didn’t see Qin Haodong.

Just then, a young nurse ran out of the ward and said in alarm, “Doctor Lu, bad news. The patient’s condition has suddenly deteriorated and is critical.”

Hearing this, the faces of the people at the door changed.

Lu Fei shouted, “You are to blame. You insist on waiting for a strange Chinese medicine practitioner. Now that the patient’s condition is deteriorating, it will be really late if we don’t start the operation now.”

Feng Ziying said nervously, “Doctor Lu, you must save my brother.”

Lu Fei waved and said, “We can’t wait any longer. Start the operation now.”

There were only two minutes left in an hour, but the situation was critical. No one could be held responsible if anything happened to Feng Zixiong, so Nalan Wuxia and others didn’t stop Lu Fei.

Lu Fei put on his mask and hurried into the operating room.

Feng Ziying stared at the red light above the operating room, praying for his brother, hoping he would be safe.

Then a young nurse came out. Nalan Wuxia took her and asked, “How is the patient?”

“His situation is very critical. His heart is so weak that it could stop at any moment!”

The nurse said and then hurried away. Everyone’s heart seemed to sink to the bottom.

Just then, Nalan Wuxia saw a figure coming from the end of the hallway— it was Qin Haodong!

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