The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 373 - A Man of Integrity?

Chapter 373 A Man of Integrity?

Hua Zi’an’s face changed and he stated, “Then I remember. Lu Fei, you are the doctor in charge for this operation. Can’t you bear some responsibility?”

“Now, Hua Zi’an, you remember I’m the doctor in charge. Do you want to beg me?” Lu Fei asked with great pride. “You all heard it just now. I made it very clear that whatever happened, this operation had nothing to do with me.”

His voice was loud and firm, and everyone heard him clearly.

Qin Haodong was amused. Hua Zi’an looked honest, but he was really a sly old fox. His few words made Lu Fei look like an idiot and burnt the bridge completely.

“That’s a relief,” said Hua Zi’an playfully, with a wry smile on his face. “Or I have to be afraid you’d take the credit.”

As these words were spoken, Feng Ziying was stunned and he walked forward, asking nervously, “Sir, do you mean, my brother?”

Hua Zi’an took a glance at him, then at Nalan Wuxia and other people who looked nervous, and uttered, “Let me tell you a piece of good news. The operation went very smoothly and successfully just now because of a magic dose of traditional Chinese medicine provided by Tang Feng, Doctor Tang in our clinic. The patient is now out of danger and is expected to come around soon.”

“The operation was difficult, and it’s all thanks to Doctor Tang’s traditional Chinese medicine, which protected the heart. So Doctor Tang didn’t come to the operating room, but he is the biggest contributor.”

At this point, he looked back at Lu Fei and said, “The success of this operation is not only a miracle of our Guangren Hospital, but also a miracle of the whole human medicine. I’m sure our hospital will reward the relevant people later.”

“Doctor Lu is a man of integrity and selflessness. You never take credit for anyone else’s work.”

Lu Fei’s face changed again and again, his brain racing, and he thought, “Has the wounded man really been rescued? No, that’s impossible.”

When he thought of Feng Zixiong’s nearly dead heart, he thought it was Hua Zi’an playing a trick on him. There should be no credit for him to take, and Hua Zi’an wanted to make him the scapegoat.

Then he smiled and said, “Hua Zi’an, do you think I’m a fool?” “You want me to share the blame with you, don’t you? Don’t even think about it.”

“By the time I left the operating room, the patient was dying and his heart could have stopped at any moment. There is little chance of survival in this situation. Just an hour later, you said the operation was successful and the patient was out of danger. Are you fooling a fool? I think the patient is dead, isn’t he?”

No sooner had he finished than he saw a huge fist appear before his eyes and bang on his face. The blow was so powerful that it sent him straight to the ground and two jets of blood gushed from his nostrils.

It was Feng Ziying who made the move. He glared at Lu Fei and shouted, “As a doctor, instead of being pleased to hear that my brother was all right, you cursed him to death. Are you a human being? Do you have any medical ethics?”


Lu Fei was so bloodied from the blow on his nose and mouth that he could not speak. What he said was indeed too much, and even Zhang Lijun looked at him with discontent.

At the point, Fang Yuqi came out of the operating room and two nurses behind her pushed a bed on which lay Feng Zixiong.

Seeing Zhang Lijun also appear in front of the operating room, Fang Yuqi was slightly surprised and called, “Director?”

Then she realized at once what had happened. Lu Fei threatened to report them to the director, and it appeared that he did, and took the director to the operating room.

“Doctor Fang, what’s going on here?”

There was resentment in Zhang Lijun’s voice. He also didn’t believe what Hua Zi’an just said. In his opinion, traditional Chinese medicine could treat some small ailments such as colds and fevers, but it was unlikely to be of much help in surgery.

Fang Yuqi said, “Director, I had a disagreement with Doctor Lu during the operation. As an assistant, I completed the operation, and it was my fault. No matter how you deal with it, I have no opinion.”

Her manner was sincere, but Hua Zi’an was quite indifferent. He stepped forward and said, “Why punish you? You successfully performed this epic operation, saving a human life and the reputation of our hospital. You have so great merit that our hospital not only can’t punish you, but also give you a big reward?”

Zhang Lijun looked at him quizzically and asked, “Do you mean the patient is really all right?”

“Of course it’s true,” said Hua Zi’an. “I’m not going to lie.”

Zhang Lijun, still unconvinced, turned to Fang Yuqi.

Fang Yuqi nodded and responded, “Yes, director. The operation is a success. The patient is completely out of danger.”

“It’s a success. Great, that’s really great!”

Hearing the news, the police who had gathered around cheered. Just now they thought the operation had failed and Feng Zixiong was dead, so no one dared to approach the bed.

Feng Ziying cried with joy, and immediately rushed to the bed, which scared the nurses. They quickly stopped him and yelled, “The operation has just finished. Don’t touch the patient.”

“No! Don’t touch the patient!”

Feng Ziying looked at his brother in the hospital bed, still pale but breathing steadily and alive. He was too happy to speak.

“No way, no way. You must be lying!”

Lu Fei rose from the ground and strode to the bed. As he saw Feng Zixiong breathing normally, his face became whiter than Feng Zixiong’s after the operation. He realized that Hua Zi’an hadn’t lied to him, and that he had really missed a big piece of credit.

But he couldn’t figure out how Feng Zixiong had turned the corner in such a terrible situation. But the impossible was before him.

After the shock, great remorse rose from his heart. He was so regretful that he even wanted to slap himself immediately.

The heroic policeman who captured the suspect was stabbed in the heart with a dagger and was in mortal danger. If he had been saved in such a dangerous situation, it would undoubtedly have been a great medical miracle and the focus of the whole society.

No matter who performed such an operation, he or she would receive infinite halo and great praise. After that, money, fame, and even everything became available to the doctor.

It was all supposed to belong to him. He was the doctor in charge, but he repeatedly distanced himself from the operation like a fool, saying repeatedly that he would not accept any responsibility.

Now, the medical miracle and doctor’s honors had nothing to do with him. At this moment, he really felt heartache.

After a long pause, Lu Fei raised his hand and slapped himself across the face. Then he sat down in the corner and began to cry. He kicked out the lion’s share of the credit.

Some were sad and some were happy. As Feng Zixiong was saved, not only Nalan Wuxia and Wang Jianfeng were happy, but also Zhang Lijun was smiling from ear to ear, feeling very proud.

As a private hospital, Guangren Hospital had never been able to compete with the large public hospitals such as Jiangnan Hospital. The success of this operation would greatly enhance the reputation of their hospital and make people see the strength of their hospital.

“Doctor Fang, you did a good job. You are the pride of our hospital,” Zhang Lijun uttered with a big smile. “As of today, you are officially the chief doctor, and Lu Fei will be your assistant.”

Lu Fei, who had just begun to feel better after his long weeping, cried even more bitterly at this. Could anything sadden him more?

He went to complain to the director and finally brought him to the scene. Instead of bringing down Fang Yuqi and Hua Zi’an, he lost his position as the chief doctor.

But before he could finish crying, he heard Fang Yuqi say, “Thank you director, but I don’t want him as my assistant. I don’t trust a doctor who doesn’t value the patient and leaves the patient on the operating table.”


Lu Fei felt a sense of despair. He was the director of surgery, the chief doctor at the top an hour ago, and suddenly he was reduced to the point where his former assistant refused to have him as her assistant. What could be worse?

Zhang Lijun looked over his shoulder at Hua Zi’an and said, “Senior Hua, you’ve done a great job this time. I had a lot of misunderstandings about traditional Chinese medicine before, and treated the department of traditional Chinese medicine badly. From now on, our hospital will increase investment in the department of traditional Chinese medicine, expand the development of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital, and strive for an innovative road of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.”

Hua Zi’an looked very happy, because his dream was to develop the department of traditional Chinese medicine. The day finally came. He said, “Director, it’s all thanks to Doctor Tang. I dare not take credit. Without his prescription, the operation would not have been successful.”

Then he looked back for Qin Haodong but didn’t find him. Qin Haodong came to the hospital undercover. He didn’t want any publicity or credit, so he left.

“Doctor Tang seems to have left, director.” Hua Zi’an couldn’t help but sigh, “He had such good skills at such a young age. The best part is that he is not proud of the credit. Director, Doctor Tang is definitely our hospital’s talent. You must keep him.”

“I don’t have much time to live. In the future, the development of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital depends on young men like him.”

By this point, he was already thinking about making Qin Haodong an heir.

“Who is Doctor Tang? How come I didn’t notice this talent before?” Zhang Lijun asked in surprise.

Hua Zi’an replied, “Doctor Tang is Tang Feng. Today is his first day at work. He was introduced by your son yesterday. He said Tang Feng was his friend. He did a good job, finding a rare talent for our hospital!”

Learning that his son had found the wonderful Doctor Tang, Zhang Lijun reveled a relieved smile and said, “I’ll talk to Doctor Tang sometime in a few days.”

Now that things were settled here, he took his people back to his office.

Now that Feng Zixiong was out of danger, Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia took the police out of the hospital, leaving only Feng Ziying. With no clue to the serial murders, they still had a lot of work to do.

Hua Zi’an hurried back to the traditional Chinese medicine clinic to find Qin Haodong lounging in a chair sipping tea.

“Why did you come back? Do you know how rare the opportunity is today? If you can get the appreciation of the director, you will have a successful career in our hospital. Our traditional Chinese medicine clinic…”

As Hua Zi’an talked on and on, Qin Haodong, who seemed to be ready for this, grabbed an piece of A4 paper from the table and handed it to him. “Senior Hua, this is the prescription of the Pulse-warming and Heart-nourishing Soup. Are you interested in it?”

“Yes! Yes, I am!”

Hua Zi’an stared unblinkingly at Qin Haodong’s prescription, looking as if a prisoner who had been in prison for 10 years had suddenly seen a naked beauty.

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