The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 363 - Martial Arts Secret

Chapter 363 Martial Arts Secret

After Ye Kai finished speaking, Li Hu straightened his chest and said proudly, “Since you know my master’s name, shouldn’t you let me go now?”

“Let you go? You are overthinking,” Qin Haodong said in a cold voice, “Do you know how many families will be destroyed because of the poison level? Do you know how many families will be separated because of the poison level?

Li Ao’s drug trafficking has harmed a lot of civilians. As a warrior, you helped him without thinking about right or wrong, destroyed two of Brother Long’s places, and hurt so many people. On this basis alone, you must die today.”

Li Hu yelled as his face changed color, “How dare you! Don’t forget, my master is Zhan Wudi. If you dare lay a finger on me, the Qing Gang will never forgive you.”

Qin Haodong sneered, “You are still not repenting for committing such a sin. Forget about your master Zhan Wudi. Even the Jade Emperor cannot save you.”

The Thousand Blades in his hand flashed while he spoke. This time, it pierced Li Hu’s throat directly.

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong did what he had said he would do. He actually killed Li Hu. Ye Kai turned white with fright. After a long time, he managed to say in a trembling voice, “Senior, you really killed him?”

Qin Haodong pulled out the Thousand Blades and said, “Why would you keep people like him alive?”

“But… But his master is Zhan Wudi. Now that you’ve killed him, the consequences will be unimaginable…”

“Just a supreme power is no big deal.” Qin Haodong turned his head and told Long Haisheng, “Brother Long, after we return, spread the word that I killed Li Hu.”

Long Haisheng said, “No way! Brother Qin, you were helping me, so of course if something happened, I would be responsible.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “Brother Long, this is our warrior’s matter. Even if you wanted to take responsibility, you wouldn’t be able to. No one would believe that you killed Li Hu. Just do as I say.”

Long Haisheng said, “But what will you do if Li Hu’s master comes?”

Qin Haodong said, “Brother Long, you don’t need to worry about this. When the time comes, I will find a way to deal with it.”

He did not take Zhan Wudi very seriously. A supreme power warrior was nothing in the eyes of Emperor Green Wood. Even though his current cultivation was not enough, he would still be able to kill a person with supreme power by using his formation if he prepared well beforehand.

At that moment, Ye Kai recovered from his shock. He thought for a moment and then said, “Mr. Long, you don’t need to worry too much. Zhan Wudi has been abroad for ten years. so he will not set foot in Huaxia easily.”

Qin Haodong looked at him and said, “Why? Is there a reason for this?”

Ye Kai said, “Senior, have you really not heard anything about Zhan Wudi?”

“No, I haven’t.”

Qin Haodong shook his head. During the last five years, he had lurked around the Cultivation World. How could he have known what was happening on Earth? Five years ago, he had been just a college student busy with work and studying, so he couldn’t possibly have known anything about warriors.

As a gang leader, Long Haisheng did not know what was happening in the martial arts circle either. He was quite interested in Zhan Wudi, so he said, “Master Ye, tell me Zhan Wudi’s story.”

“It began ten years ago.”

Ye Kai looked nostalgic as he spoke.

“Zhan Wudi was a once-in-a-century martial arts genius who reached the rank of the supreme power at the age of 30. At the age of 50, he challenged every expert in the world. He would personally challenge anyone whose cultivation had reached the supreme power realm. He had vowed to be the number one martial artist in Huaxia.

Everything would have been fine if this had been just a challenge. However, Zhan Wudi used vicious methods. He killed every person he defeated. In less than a month, he killed 18 martial artists with supreme power in Huaxia. Not only was the name Invincible Jingang established, but he also caused a reign of terror within the entire martial world. All the martial artists were at risk.”

Qin Haodong said, “He’s indeed crazy. What was Zhan Wudi’s cultivation at the time?”

Ye Kai shook his head and said, “That was a secret within the martial world. No one knew the level of cultivation Zhan Wudi had reached.

Among the 18 martial artists with supreme power he challenged, the highest cultivation was the level-seven supreme power realm. However, that person did not survive more than 10 moves. This was why other experts are afraid of him. No one knows how strong Zhan Wudi really is.”

Long Haisheng asked, “What happened afterwards? How did he end up abroad?”

Ye Kai said, “Times produce heroes. When the entire martial world was in a state of panic, Master Hao Yue, another mighty expert emerged. He and Zhan Wudi agreed to fight by Lake Dongting.

This battle alarmed the entire martial world. Many people went to Lake Dongting to watch the battle.

Two experts with supreme power battled for one day and one night. I was lucky enough to watch the battle. It was gloomy and dark, and there was no light from the sun and moon.”

Long Haisheng couldn’t help but ask, “What happened then? Who won?”

“Of course, Master Hao Yue won,” Ye Kai said with reverence, “Although Zhan Wudi was a first-generation expert, he was a level weaker than Master Hao Yue. One palm defeated Zhan Wudi and forced him to take a solemn vow. As long as Master Hao Yue is in Huaxia, he will not set foot in Huaxia for the rest of his life.

From that day onwards, Zhan Wudi left Huaxia and stayed abroad. Afterward, it was said that he joined the Qing Gang and became their First Elder.”

At this point, he couldn’t help but sigh. “Fortunately, miraculous Master Hao Yue saved the say. Otherwise, who knows what Huaxia’s martial world would have been like if Zhan Wudi had continued his slaughter.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Who is Master Hao Yue?”

Ye Kai said, “Master Hao Yue’s background is also a mystery within the martial world. Before Zhan Wudi, he was an unknown person. No one had heard of Master Hao Yue’s name. No one knows who his master is or where he is from either.

However, he became famous after the battle. Master Hao Yue became the first person in Huaxia to be publicly recognized within the martial world. After that battle, he disappeared again. Exactly ten years have passed, but very few people have seen him again. Still, the number one title in the martial world has not changed hands.

There’s a saying going around the martial world. Anyone who wants to be number one in the world will not qualify to challenge Master Hao Yue unless they go abroad and defeat Zhan Wudi.

However, Zhan Wudi has been overseas over the years. Apparently, his cultivation has reached an unbelievable realm. Some people say he has reached the level-nine supreme power realm. Others even say that he has reached the legendary Saint Level.

Regardless of whether the legend is true or false, it is fortunate that this kind of evil star has not returned to Huaxia. Who would dare provoke him again?”

Qin Haodong nodded. He had learned a story about the past of the martial world thanks to Ye Kai. This had been a worthwhile trip. Although his father’s company had a large number of experts, including more than a dozen people who had reached the level of Covert Power, these people had all been trained by him. They were not authentic martial artists, and they knew very little about the secrets of martial arts.

When he heard that it was impossible for Zhan Wudi to return to Huaxia, Long Haisheng calmed down a lot. At least, he did not have to worry about Qin Haodong’s safety. He ordered his men to dispose of Li Hu’s body. Today’s issues were over.

Ye Kai took a cheque out of his pocket and gave it to Long Haisheng. He then told Long Haisheng with a shameful expression, “Mr. Long, the two of us are not good at learning, and we almost ruined this important issue. I am so ashamed that I will return the full amount to you.

Just like Senior Qin said, I will give you 10 million to compensate you for your loss. However, we do not have that much cash. The amount will be transferred to your account later.”

Long Haisheng said, “Master Gui has been seriously injured, so don’t worry about the compensation. My Brother was only joking.”


Ye Kai looked at Qin Haodong awkwardly.

Qin Haodong said, “Then let’s forget about the 10 million. In the future, remember to avoid being arrogant. There is always someone out there who is better than you. Being too proud won’t do you any good.”

“Senior is right!” Ye Kai said before taking a deep bow in Qin Haodong’s direction. “I did not realize that Senior is such a superior person earlier. Please forgive me for offending you.”

“Let bygones be bygones!”

Qin Haodong stretched out and gently lifted his hand. An invisible wind lifted Ye Kai. Qin Haodong had just learned a lot of martial arts secrets from him, so he felt much better about this person.

“Take off your clothes. I will heal your wounds.”

At first, Ye Kai was slightly stunned. Then, he said in surprise, “Thank you for your help, Senior!”

His internal organs had been injured by Li Hu. It might take a year and a half to fully recover, as the injuries were severe. He was overjoyed when Qin Haodong said he would help. Even though he did not know that Qin Haodong was the legendary Medical Sage, judging by his half-step supreme power cultivation, his medical skills would not be bad.

He quickly took off his coat and sat cross-legged on the ground. Qin Haodong’s palm slapped his back. Ye Kai vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. This time, the blood he vomited was black and mixed with some blood clots. This was congestion caused by the injuries on his internal organs.

After he vomited blood, Ye Kai’s chest immediately felt a lot more comfortable. The pain he had felt also disappeared.

Qin Haodong gave him a healing elixir pill and said, “You will fully recover after you go back and rest for seven days.”

“Thank you for the treatment, Senior!”

Ye Kai bowed in Qin Haodong’s direction again as he spoke. If the salute before had been out of fear for the half-step supreme power cultivation, then the salute this time was sincere. He was thoroughly impressed by Qin Haodong’s cultivation and style.

Qin Haodong nodded slightly and said while pointing towards Zhou Wen and Zhou Wu, “Bring them here. I will treat them as well.”

“Thank you, Senior!” Ye Kai was overjoyed as he quickly brought over the two brothers.

Zhou Wen and Zhou Wu’s injuries were a lot more severe than Ye Kai’s injuries. Qin Haodong gave them some healing elixir pills first, and then used needles on both of them.

After half an hour, the two men, who had been dying, stood up again. Although their spirits were still sluggish, they were much better than before.

The two of them knelt in front of Qin Haodong and said guiltily, “Senior Qin, we didn’t see your strength and we offended you. Please punish us!”

“Forget it. You should all go back now. In the future, avoid being arrogant and practice your martial arts. I should also go back and sleep.”

Qin Haodong said goodbye to Long Haisheng before he turned around and left the Dynasty Nightclub.

Ye Kai and the two brothers, Zhou Wen and Zhou Wu, all bowed deeply while looking at his back. They only stood up after his figure had disappeared from their line of sight.

Qin Haodong drove towards the Lin’s Villa. There were very few people on the road, as it was almost midnight. He only occasionally encountered couples kissing under the streetlights.

Suddenly, he saw a woman running in front of him while a man was chasing her.

Qin Haodong’s face changed color. That woman was his sister, Wang Rubing. He did not know how Wang Rubing had gotten here in the middle of the night, but the person who was chasing her could not be a good person.

Upon thinking of this, he braked and parked his car by the side of the road. He arrived behind the man after taking about three steps, lifted his leg, and kicked him to the ground. The man was defenseless as he struggled to catch up to Wang Rubing. His head hit the ground and started bleeding after the kick as he screamed.

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