The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 364 - The Wulong Incident

Chapter 364 The Wulong Incident

After she heard a shout, Wang Rubing immediately turned around. When she saw Qin Haodong lift his leg and kick the man again, she quickly shouted, “Haodong, stop it!”

Qin Haodong had reached the realm of ease. When he heard Wang Rubing scream, he immediately retracted his right leg, turned around and said, “Sister, did you want to personally teach this hooligan a lesson? Feel free to beat him. I will kill him if he dares to resist.”

“Get out of the way! You are the hooligan!”

Wang Rubing pushed Qin Haodong away, lifted the person up from the ground, and said, “Are you okay?”

Qin Haodong was slightly stunned as he said in surprise, “Sister, did you take the wrong medicine? He’s a hooligan. Why are you so nice to him?”

“You are the hooligan!” That person stood up from the ground. The kick had bruised his nose and face and made his head crack and bleed. He looked like a mess, but Qin Haodong could still recognize him. He was Zhang Hao, who had perused Wang Rubing some time ago.

Zhang Hao was currently very different than he used to be. He looked like a sunshine boy wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. The aura of a rich young master had disappeared. However, the T-shirt was covered in dirt, and the jeans had two big holes that made them look like a beggar’s pants.

He rubbed the blood on his head and said angrily, “Qin Haodong, you kicked me too hard. You almost broke my face!”

“How come it was you? Why were you chasing my sister in the middle of the night?” Qin Haodong sensed something strange as he turned his head and looked at Wang Rubing. “Sister, what is going on?”

“Uh… This…”

Wang Rubing had a straightforward and fiery personality, so she rarely blushed like she was now. She immediately stumbled to explain clearly.

In the end, Zhang Hao said, “I’ll say it. I’m dating your sister. We came out of the cinema after watching a movie tonight.”

“You two are dating? Already?”

Qin Haodong’s mouth opened wide in surprise. A few days ago, Wang Rubing had hated Zhang Hao, yet the two of them were unexpectedly together now.

Zhang Hao took Wang Rubing’s scarf and wiped the fresh blood and soil on his face before he said excitedly, “I need to thank you for this. Last time, you told me that I needed to show my sincerity if I wanted to pursue her. Not every woman likes money.

I changed right after I returned home. Instead of relying on my family’s assets, I turned into an ordinary person and pursued Rubing with sincerity. As a result, she agreed to go out with me.”

“What the hell!”

Qin Haodong had only said those words casually. He had even forgotten what he had said. Who would have thought that this fool would actually do what he had said and succeed?

However, he could see that Zhang Hao was good in nature and sincere about Wang Rubing. The two of them being together wasn’t a bad choice.

Zhang Hao said with pride, “You have helped me, so I will forget about your kick.”

Qin Haodong came back to his senses and said, “Even if you have successfully pursued my sister, what were you up to so late at night?”

Zhang Hao said with a sorrowful expression, “Right after we walked out of the cinema, Rubing said she would let me kiss her if I caught up with her. I didn’t expect to be hit by you after only taking a few steps.”

As soon as he spoke, he grabbed Wang Rubing’s arm. “I’ve got you now. You can’t deny it.”

What the hell! Was he going to play like this? Qin Haodong had not expected to create such a big mess.

Wang Rubing rolled her eyes and retorted, “It’s your fault. Otherwise, how could he have caught me?”

Qin Haodong looked innocent as he pointed at Wang Rubing and said, “Say, sister, how can you outrun him wearing high heels and a short skirt? Since you agreed, let him kiss you. Why play such a childish game?

So late at night, anyone would think it was a hooligan if they saw a man chasing after a woman. Can you blame me?”

“What do you know? This is called emotional appeal!”

Zhang Hao held Wang Rubing’s hand and spoke with pride.

“You, shut up!” Wang Rubing yelled. Zhang Hao got frightened and immediately shut his mouth.

She looked at Qin Haodong again and said, “What about you? What are you doing out here late at night instead of sleeping?”

Qin Haodong said, “How can you blame me? The road does not belong to you. Why can’t I go out?

Forget it, it’s late. I will take you two home and treat the wounds of my soon-to-be brother-in-law. Your face can’t be ruined. Otherwise, you will blame me if my aunt doesn’t approve.”

“Nonsense! Who are you calling brother-in-law? We are just ordinary friends!” Wang Rubing grumbled.

“When did you become so open-minded? You’d even let an ordinary friend kiss you? I wonder what will happen if this gets out.”

“Shut up, Qin Haodong! Otherwise, I will tell grandma how many girlfriends you’ve had!”

“Don’t! I surrender. You two are ordinary friends. You couldn’t be more ordinary.”

While he spoke, Qin Haodong led the two of them into the car. Then, he took them home and treated Zhang Hao’s wounds before returning to the Lin Villa.

On the morning of the next day, everything was back on track. He and Lin Momo sent the little fellow to kindergarten and returned to work at Tangmen Company together.

However, not long after they arrived at the company, his phone rang. Nalan Wuxia was calling.

“Haodong, come to the crime squad quickly. We have a case that requires your help.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s just a beggar. Do you need me to do it personally?”

Nalan Wuxia said in a serious tone, “It’s not that case. We have already dealt with the beggar case. It’s another murder case.”

“Okay. I will come now.”

After he hung up, Qin Haodong briefly explained to Lin Momo the situation.

Lin Momo said, “You are busy all day. Are you a policeman or a doctor?”

“You can’t blame me for being capable.” Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Have you not heard? The more capable you are, the more responsibility you have. We need to do what has to be done and help when help is needed.”

After speaking, he left Tangmen Company and drove to Jiangnan City’s crime squad.

When he walked into the conference room, he saw Wang Jianfeng, who had been promoted to deputy director. He was sitting in the middle, while Nalan Wuxia was sitting next to him. There were also about seven to eight other members of the criminal police force present. Even Wang Jianfeng was at this meeting, which meant that this was a big case.

Wang Jianfeng quickly stood up when he saw Qin Haodong walk through the door. He warmly greeted Qin Haodong and invited him to sit down next to him.

“Doctor Qin, I’m truly sorry to bother you again. However, in order to solve the case quickly, I could only ask for your help.”

Qin Haodong smiled slightly and said, “It’s fine, Doctor Wang. Of course I should help if I can. Tell me, who do you want me to interrogate?”

He had helped the Public Security Bureau several times in the past and was always in charge of the interrogations. Thus, it was only natural that he would think they wanted to borrow his Mind-Manipulation for an interrogation.

“Doctor Qin, this time, we are not asking for your help to interrogate someone.” Wang Jianfeng smiled bitterly and said, “To tell you the truth, there have been several murder cases one after another. However, we have no idea who the suspects might be, so there is no target to interrogate.”

Qin Haodong said in astonishment, “So that’s the problem. What can I help you with? I am not as good at solving crimes as you guys.”

Wang Jianfeng said, “Everyone knows that you are a Medical Sage who has inherited Chinese medicine practice and is proficient in the three ways of Medical Martial Xuan. I invited you here because you might be able to help with this case.”

Qin Haodong said, “Okay. Director Wang, just say it. What do you need me to do?”

“Thank you, Doctor Qin, for your help.” After Wang Jianfeng spoke, he turned to Nalan Wuxia and said, “Captain Nalan, let’s begin our case analysis.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Six days ago, a murder case occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of the East City Branch. There was only a single case at the time, so it was placed under the jurisdiction of the East City Branch.

Three days ago, there was another homicide in the West City Branch. As the connection between the two cases could not be determined at the time, it was placed under the jurisdiction of the West City Branch.

However, just last night, another murder occurred in the South City Branch. Three murders took place in under a week. There are also connections between the three cases, so the City Bureau decided to hand all three cases over to the City Bureau’s crime squad for an investigation.”

After saying this, she opened the notebook in front of her and said, “I will now explain the basic information of the cases.

Case number one occurred inside Jiangnan City’s Yaowang Temple. The deceased is a 38-year-old male who was killed after being anesthetized. He died when his heart was removed while he was alive. This case is under the jurisdiction of the East City Branch.

Case number two occurred on a boat on the river. The deceased is a 32-year-old female who was also killed after being anesthetized. Her kidneys were removed. This case is under the jurisdiction of the West City Branch.

Case number three occurred in Jiangnan City’s forest park. The deceased is a 46-year-old male who was also put under anesthesia before his liver was removed, which led to his death. This case is under the jurisdiction of the South City Branch.

After we studied these cases, we found that, in all three cases, the criminal’s method of removing the organs from the victims was very professional. The culprit must have received professional training in medical treatment. This was probably done by one person, so they agreed that we put a case on file for an investigation.”

Then, a policeman said, “Captain Nalan, there have been more and more cases of human organ trafficking recently. More and more criminals have also been involved in the removal of human organs. Wouldn’t it be a bit hasty to connect the three cases because of the surgical techniques?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “You’re right. That alone is not enough to connect the three cases. However, we found this at the scene of all three murders.”

As she spoke, she opened a file bag. She took out a stack of photos and gave one to each person.

The policemen present picked up the pictures and saw a very strange red symbol on them. However, no one knew what it was.

“Captain Nalan, what is this?” the policeman who had just spoken asked.

“I don’t know what it is either. The criminal drew this strange symbol at each of the crime scenes. It’s because of this that we think these three cases were committed by one person or a gang.”

After speaking, Nalan Wuxia turned her head and looked at Qin Haodong. “Haodong, this is why we invited you here. Do you recognize this symbol?”

Qin Haodong took a look at the photo in his hand and said, “If I’m right, this is the Invoking Figure Talisman of Taoism.”

At first, Nalan Wuxia had only wanted to give this a try. That was why she had invited Qin Haodong over. She had not expected him to actually recognize this symbol. Thus, she excitedly asked, “Are you sure?”

Qin Haodong confirmed this carefully by saying, “Yes, this is the Invoking Figure Talisman. During ancient times, Taoists often used this Taoist Talisman to suppress the souls of unjust or violent deaths and prevent these ghosts from harming living creatures.”

“This is nonsense,” said a policeman dismissively, “Which era are we living in now? How can people still believe in such strange things?”

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