The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 362 - Undefeated Jingang

Chapter 362 Undefeated Jingang

Long Haisheng turned his head to look and saw a throwing knife on every gunman’s wrist. From the end of the throwing knife to the handle, the tip of the knife penetrated the other side of the wrist, showing the strength of the force.

Li Hu took a quick, fierce look around and said coldly, “If you don’t want to die, then don’t be stupid!”

He once again walked towards Long Haisheng after he spoke. Several personal bodyguards around Long Haisheng dashed forward without fearing death. However, courage does not equal strength. Very quickly, these bodyguards were beaten to the ground by Li Hu’s moves.

He proudly said, “Long Haisheng, under the circumstances, what else do you have to say?”

Next to him, Ye Kai sighed. Although he could still stand, as he was much stronger than the two disciples, he had lost the ability to fight in the end. Even at his best, he was no match for Li Hu. He could not help but sigh at his loss due to the wrong move. He had not expected Li Hu’s cultivation to be so high.

As a mafia boss, although he knew the tide was over, Long Haisheng did not panic too much. He lightly said, “That Long person will fall today. You can kill or cut at your disposal, but I hope you can let me go.”

Li Hu said, “Long Haisheng, as I said before, you only have two options. Either accept Master Ye’s offer or die. Of course, your men will also die.”

“I also said that, as long as I am alive, this poison definitely won’t enter the South of the Yangtze River.” Long Haisheng sighed and said, “My men and I have been through tough days, but that brother of mine is just a doctor, not a mafia man. I hope you can let him go.”

Li Hu followed the direction Long Haisheng stared at and saw a young person sitting on the sofa with crossed legs, leisurely tasting the tea in the cup. He acted as if he could not see what was happening in front of him.

His attention was on the Ye Kai master and apprentice and the two gunmen. He did not look at Qin Haodong. It seemed that the kid was still calm after witnessing his methods. Either the kid had something to rely on, or he was crazy in the head.

Li Hu had been abroad for many years. Even though his methods were cruel, he had always been careful when doing things. When he discovered Qin Haodong’s abnormal behavior, he immediately began observing carefully.

Soon, he shook his head. It seemed that he was being paranoid. There was no martial artist aura on this brat, and he did not feel any threat coming from the kid. He looked like a normal person, and he was probably just a bit crazy in the head.

After turning his head back around, he once again told Long Haisheng, “I always keep my word. I said that everyone here has to die, so no one will live.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Qin Haodong say leisurely, “Brat, does your mother know that you are this arrogant? You can do whatever you want abroad, but it’s very easy to get killed in Huaxia.”

Ye Kai glanced at Qin Haodong. Deep down, he found this young man good-looking. How could he be such a retard? He had dared to offend Li Hu at a time like this. Was he suicidal? Could he not see how scary that fellow was?

Sure enough, Li Hu laughed out loud. Then, he told Qin Haodong with a murderous look in his eyes, “Brat, you have such a big attitude. How dare you say that you’re the first person to kill my men!”

Qin Haodong still sat leisurely on the sofa as he said carelessly, “I’m only someone with a level-seven Covert Power, low cultivation, and big attitude. If your master had stood in front of me, he might have been able to fight against me. You, however, are way too far behind.”

Li Hu’s anger flared when he was looked down upon. He had immense killing intent as he looked at Qin Haodong fiercely and said, “It seems that my methods were too soft. Do you know what people abroad call me? They call me Blood Tiger, because every time I make a move, rivers of blood flow. I will start today’s massacre by killing you.”

After speaking, he jumped into the air and swooped down towards Qin Haodong with a murderous look.

Everyone felt sorry for Qin Haodong, as they had just witnessed Li Hu’s methods. Thanks to his high cultivation and cruel actions, even the famous master and apprentice Ye Kai from south of the Yangtze River was beaten to a pulp. Against Li Hu, there was no chance of survival.

Long Haisheng even closed his eyes. His heart was filled with guilt. He believed that Qin Haodong would die because of him. If he had known that things would turn out like this, then he would not have brought Qin Haodong there.

However, at that moment, Qin Haodong lifted his wrist slightly and a purple light shot towards Li Hu’s chest.

The speed of this purple light was very fast. Li Hu had no time to react before he felt his chest get hit by a cannonball. The body that had been advancing rapidly turned around rigidly and flew seven to eight meters back before slamming into a post and falling to the ground.

He tried to get up from the ground, but he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Immediately, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He lowered his head and saw a purple porcelain teapot lid embedded in his chest. The teapot lid, which had originally not had any edges or corners, had unexpectedly crushed his sternum and gotten stuck there. No wonder his insides had been injured and he had vomited a lot of blood.

He was a level-seven Covert Power warrior and showed faint signs of breaking through to level eight. However, he had unexpectedly been beaten by a teapot lid. This showed that his opponent was very strong. He was at least an expert half-way to the supreme power level.

At this thought, Li Hu broke out in a cold sweat. He had never thought that Long Haisheng would have such an expert by his side. This was downright sinister. If he had known this, he would not have dared to come alone, even if he had the courage to.

When Long Haisheng heard a commotion and turned his head around, he saw that Qin Haodong was still sitting leisurely on the sofa drinking tea. On the other hand, Li Hu was sprawled on the ground spurting out mouthfuls of blood. For a moment, Long Haisheng did not understand what had happened, so he could not help but look at Ye Kai.

Meanwhile, Ye Kai stood there with his mouth wide open like a clay sculpture. He would never have thought that the little doctor he had looked down on could beat the fierce Li Hu into vomiting blood the moment he raised his hand.

He had just experienced Li Hu’s power, and he was a real level-seven Covert Power expert. However, Qin Haodong had defeated Li Hu the moment he had lifted his hand. What kind of cultivation was that? Supreme power or half-step supreme power? Regardless of which one it was, people were shocked. This youngster seemed to be around 20 years old. How could he have such a high cultivation?

The higher the cultivation, the harder it would be to practice martial arts. Even people with half-step supreme power who were under 30 years old were a once-in-a century phenomenon.

It was ridiculous that he had just pretended to be strong and showed off the strength of Covert Power. He had simply showed off in front of a master, which was a completely stupid act that brought shame on him.

Li Hu did not have the time to think too much. He struggled to stand up, and then turned around and ran towards the door. There was an expert with half-step supreme power present, so he naturally wanted to escape. Even if there had been ten Li Hus here, it would still have been impossible to kill Long Haisheng.

Furthermore, the person in front of him had reached the realm of half-step supreme power at such a young age that it was unbelievable. It was said that his master’s Heavenly Vertical Appearance had reached the half-step supreme power at the age of 25 and the full supreme power at the age of 30. He was now a giant that dominated abroad.

This news had to be spread abroad as soon as possible. Due to the emergence of such a genius in this country’s martial world, the master’s plan to return to Huaxia would need to change.

Li Hu had these thoughts even though his body was getting faster and faster. At that moment, Qin Haodong’s sneer was heard next to his ear. “Didn’t you want to kill everyone earlier? It’s too late to run now!”

He lifted his hand while he spoke and a cold light shot out of his palm. Li Hu had only taken a few steps before his right knee was shot by the Thousand Blades’ lightning, which nailed him to the ground.

Qin Haodong seemed to have done something trivial. He drank all the tea in the cup before he stood up and walked up to Li Hu. Then, he raised his hand and pulled out the Thousand Blades, wiping clean all the blood on Li Hu’s body as he asked, “Say it. Who told you to come? What is your purpose south of the Yangtze River?”

Even though the Thousand Blades had been pulled out, Qin Haodong stood in front of him. Therefore, Li Hu did not dare to think about escaping again. After thinking, he said, “Little brother, although your cultivation is very high, listen to my advice. There are some people you can’t afford to offend…”

He had wanted to say his master’s name to scare Qin Haodong. However, before he could finish speaking, Qin Haodong turned his wrist and the Thousand Blades once again pierced his left leg.

“I told you to answer me,” Qin Haodong said coldly.

“It was Li Ao from Jiangbei City. He told me to come and force Long Haisheng to open the south of the Yangtze River’s poison level market.”

Li Hu had big drops of cold sweat on his head due to the severe pain. He did not dare say anything else. He just truthfully answered Qin Haodong’s question.

“Do you think I would believe that an expert of your level would take orders from a gang boss?”

Li Hu was scared Qin Haodong would make another move on him, so he immediately explained, “It’s because I have blood relations with Li Ao. That’s why I agreed to help him. He would also give me 50 million as a reward after I was done.”

Qin Haodong nodded and asked, “Where did you just say you are from?”

Li Hu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, he had been asked about his master. As long as he said his master’s name, this young man would show him some respect.

“I’m from Qing Bang. My master has a martial arts supreme power. He’s the Undefeated Jingang, Zhan Wudi!”

“What? Your master is Zhan Wudi?”

Ye Kai, who was next to them, was suddenly stunned.

Li Hu’s face lit up slightly as he said, “My master is Zhan Wudi, the Undefeated Jingang. You should let me go now!”

He believed that if he used his master’s name, any martial artist would respect him. No one would dare to kill him.

In fact, he was only putting on a disguise. His brother Li Long was Zhan Wudi’s real disciple, whereas he only relied on Li Long’s relationship and pretended to be a titular disciple. Even so, he could still traverse the world by relying on Zhan Wudi’s name.

Even if someone’s cultivation was higher than his, they still would not dare to offend him due to his master. He thought the young man in front of him would be the same.

However, who would have thought that Qin Haodong would turn his head towards Ye Kai and ask, “Who is Zhan Wudi? What does he do?”

Li Hu again spat out mouthfuls of blood. During the many years he had muddled around Jianghu, this was the first time he had met someone who did not know Zhan Wudi’s name.

Ye Kai clearly felt that his intelligence was not enough today. He looked at Qin Haodong questioningly and said, “Senior, have you really not heard of the title of the Undefeated Jingang?”

Although Qin Haodong was obviously a lot younger than him, even younger than his two disciples, Qi Haodong’s cultivation was high. It was very likely that he was a disciple from a big sect that had come to gain experience and train. Therefore, he directly lowered his status and called Qin Haodong a senior.

“No, I haven’t. Is he very famous?” Qin Haodong said, sounding surprised.

At first, Ye Kai thought Qin Haodong was pretending not to have heard of Zhan Wudi in order to suppress Li Hu’s prestige. However, it seemed that he really did not know, as his expression did not seem fake.

He never would have imagined that an expert with half-step supreme power would not know who Zhan Wudi was.

After he confirmed this, Ye Kai said with a wry smile, “Zhan Wudi is basically his name, and he is a martial fanatic. He reached the rank of half-step supreme power when he was 25 years old. At the age of 30, he officially became a first-generation supreme martial artist. At the age of 40, he created the reputation of the Undefeated Jingang.

No one currently knows how high his cultivation is. However, he was definitely a martial artist that people looked up to!”

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