The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 361 - Terrible Li Hu

Chapter 361 Terrible Li Hu

Ye Kai was always proud of himself and seldom took others seriously. Before coming, he had also collected information on Li Hu. He hadn’t heard of such a person, so he had agreed.

Long Haisheng said, “It’s time to meet Li Hu.”

Thus, they left the room and rushed to the Huangchao Nightclub together.

Qin Haodong also followed them. He didn’t think those arrogant men would win. If Ye Kai really failed, he could help Long Haisheng. However, other people believed he just went to watch the fun.

The Huangchao Nightclub was one of the top entertainment places in Jiangnan City and the pillar of Long Haisheng’s business. Therefore, Li Hu had made it his third target.

It was almost 9 p.m. and the nightclub was usually full of people. However, that day, the gate was closed and a sign of business suspension had been put up. The place seemed quieter than before.

The hall of the nightclub was very spacious, so it could accommodate hundreds of people. However, it currently looked very empty. Long Haisheng asked Master Ye Kai and his apprentice to sit down in the hall and made people serve tea and wait for Li Hu.

Ye Kai took a sip of tea and said, “Mr. Long, tell your people to guard the door. Don’t let Li Hu escape.”

Zhou Wen said, “Teacher, how could he escape when you are here?”

Ye Kai said proudly, “It’s better to be careful. Although I will definitely win, Li Hu is also a warrior of Covert Power so he could escape. If he really does, it will be a little tricky since we can’t stay in Jiangnan City all the time.”

Long Haisheng nodded. As a big boss, he hadn’t bet everything on Ye Kai. He had also prepared two excellent gunmen. Meanwhile, dozens of people were watching the nightclub. As long as Ye Kai could defeat Li Hu, he wouldn’t be able to run away.

When it was 9 p.m., Ye Kai set his teacup down on the table and said, “He is here. Li Hu is really on time.”

As soon as he spoke, there was a fight outside the door that soon dissipated. Then, the door was opened and a dark shadow appeared.

The shadow walked steadily. Step by step, he walked into the hall. As the light became brighter, everyone saw that it was a young man in his twenties. He was not very tall, but he looked very strong and full of murderous spirit.

Long Haisheng’s face was serious. There were dozens of guards in the nightclub, but they had all been defeated quickly. Li Hu’s strength had exceeded his imagination.

When he reached the center of the hall, Li Hu stopped. Although he was alone, he was not weak by any means. He glanced at Ye Kai and the others and said, “Is Long Haisheng here?”

“I am here.”

Long Haisheng stood up. Although he was not a warrior, as a gangster, he had an unshakable momentum.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that you would dare to come here.” Li Hu glanced at Long Haisheng and said proudly, “Have you thought about it? Will you agree to Li Ao’s terms?”

Long Haisheng said, “There is nothing to say. As long as I am here, drugs will not be allowed to enter Jiangnan City.”

“Good, you’re strong-willed!” Li Hu smiled coldly. “I wanted to destroy your clubs one by one, but I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’ll break your bones directly to see how long you can resist.”

Long Haisheng said, “Li Hu, don’t think you can do whatever you want when you reach the Covert Power Realm. There are many masters who are better than you.”

Li Hu said with a sneer, “I didn’t expect you to know about inner strength. It seems that you have invited some masters. Call them out then. Today, I’ll convince you completely.”

Suddenly, Ye Kai slapped the table and said in a low voice, “Li Hu, since my men from Rongwei Martial Arts Club are here, you are not allowed to cause trouble!”

Li Hu glanced at him arrogantly and said, “Rongwei Martial Arts Club is nothing. If you annoy me, I will destroy your club later.”

“What an arrogant guy!” Ye Kai told Zhou Wen, “You got to see his cultivation. How dare he not take Rongwei Martial Arts Club seriously?”

“Don’t worry, master. I’ll beat this guy badly.”

Then, Zhou Wen stood up and strode over to Li Hu.

Ye Kai told Long Haisheng, “Zhou Wen is my oldest apprentice. He began to practice martial arts with me when he was five years old. He stepped into the threshold of inner strength one year ago and he is definitely the best among the young martial artists. He’ll have no problem defeating Li Hu.”

However, Qin Haodong shook his head secretly. The moment Li Hu appeared, he could see clearly. This guy’s cultivation had reached the seventh level of Covert Power, which was two levels higher than Ye Kai’s, let alone his two apprentices’ level.

In this case, Zhou Wen would lose. However, Qin Haodong didn’t stop him. Since the two apprentices were so arrogant, they should pay for it. In other words, even if he stopped them now, they would not listen to him. It would be useless.

In the hall, Zhou Wen got into position and told Li Hu, “Come on. Let me see how good you are!”

Li Hu stood up with his hands at his back and glanced at him in disdain. “Boy, if I am right, you have just reached the Covert Power. Daring to challenge me is like asking to die.”

“Boy, are you sick of living?”

Zhou Wen had grown up with Ye Kai and developed the same arrogant personality. How could he stand Li Hu’s contempt? After a roar, he suddenly aimed and kicked at Li Hu’s face.

Li Hu smiled coldly and kicked back. As they touched each other, the result was obvious.

Zhou Wen, who had just been full of confidence, flew back suddenly and crashed into a stone pillar in the hall like a kite with a broken line, making a low and heavy sound. The whole nightclub seemed to vibrate.

Zhou Wen fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, the nightclub’s pillars were all covered with soft layers. Otherwise, he would have broken his tendons and bones.

“Zhou Wen!”

Ye Kai’s face changed a lot as soon as he saw Li Hu’s move. He immediately rushed over to help Zhou Wen sit up.

At the moment, Zhou Wen had a huge footprint on his chest. As soon as he sat up, he spat out a mouthful of blood again.

By now, Zhou Wu had rushed over to Li Hu.

“Zhou Wu, come back quickly. You’re no match for him!”

When Ye Kai said this, it was already too late. Zhou Wu’s body flew back again, hitting the stone pillar that Zhou Wen had just hit. Then, he fell on the ground and spat blood.

The difference was that Zhou Wu had a huge palm print on his chest. This was obviously the Iron Palm Technique.

Li Hu took two steps forward and told Ye Kai coldly, “Your two apprentices are so poor that they can’t warm up for me at all. Now, it’s all up to you.”

Ye Kai’s heart was cold, and his face was not proud anymore. Although his two apprentices were worse than him cultivation-wise, they were still warriors at the Covert Power Realm. Who would have expected that they’d be so vulnerable in front of Li Hu?

Of course, he had no way back right now. He could only fight hard.

As everyone watched, Ye Kai slowly stood up, approached Li Hu and said with his hands clasped in his fists, “I’m Ye Kai from Jiangnan Rongwei Martial Arts Club. Where do you come from?”

Now, he was very eager to know where Li Hu came from. Li Hu was really young, yet he had accomplished so much. It didn’t matter if he was alone. The gains couldn’t make up for losses if he belonged to a powerful force.

Li Hu smiled and said, “Do you want to have a relationship with me? Don’t waste your time. I came back from overseas. I’ll give you two ways. You can either get out of here or come here to die.”

Ye Kai was the head of Rongwei Martial Arts Club as well as a celebrity in the Jiangnan martial arts circle. However, this time, he had been severely humiliated. How could he not be angry? “Boy, you really arrogant!” he said angrily.

“It doesn’t matter. What really counts is your strength!”

Li Hu struck first to gain the initiative. He hit Ye Kai’s face with one of his fists. Ye Kai, who did not want to be outdone, greeted him with his palm.

Then, they grappled with each other with seven or eight moves.

The people around saw only two black entwined shadows. Wherever they were, each fist and each kick of theirs smashed the desks and chairs into pieces.

“Is this the power of the internal strength of a warrior?”

Long Haisheng was astonished secretly. Although he used to be the underground boss, Qin Haodong was the man with the best cultivation he had seen. At the time, Qin Haodong had not yet stepped into the threshold of Covert Power and had not done his best.

This time, Li Hu also taught him a lesson. In the future, no matter how much money he spent, he would also search for some masters of Covert Power to keep a foothold.

As he thought, he stared at the two people in the hall and prayed that Ye Kai could defeat Li Hu, or at least that he wouldn’t be defeated by Li Hu. Otherwise, he did not know how he would make it out tonight.

As it turned out, his prayers didn’t work. Strength was the most important factor.

A thud was heard as they separated. Li Hu was standing like a nail in the hall. His momentum was amazing, while Ye Kai took seven or eight steps back in succession. He was pale, and there was blood on his mouth. His body was shaking so much that he almost fell to the ground.

Long Haisheng and his men’s minds were weighed down. Ye Kai had finally failed.

At the same time, they were also very afraid of Li Hu. They knew that Ye Kai was one of the top masters in Jiangnan City. Unexpectedly, he had been easily defeated by Li Hu, which showed the terrible cultivation of this man.

Long Haisheng sighed. After all, he despised Li Hu. He had thought that he could win the game if he invited Ye Kai and his apprentices, but he had been defeated easily.

Although he didn’t know martial arts, he could see that Ye Kai was not at the same level as Li Hu, even though he boasted about himself loudly. It seemed that the situation was not favorable that day.

Ye Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “I lost, but I didn’t expect that you would have reached the seventh level of Covert Power so young. I despise the heroes of the world.”

Li Hu was calm and relaxed. Obviously, he hadn’t expended so much energy. Therefore, he said proudly, “My master has been abroad for many years. He is a famous supreme power master of martial arts. Although I am the least accomplished of my master’s students, my skills are at a higher level than your showy but impractical martial arts.”

Although Li Hu had said his skills were showy but impractical, Ye Kai dared not show his anger. Thus, he said with a surprised expression, “If your teacher is a supreme power master, it’s no wonder you’ve made such cultivation accomplishments. I don’t feel wronged.”

“You are wise enough to get out of the way. I’m looking for Long Haisheng today.”

After winning three games in a row, Li Hu’s face became increasingly prouder. Then, he strode over to Long Haisheng.

Upon realizing that Ye Kai and his apprentices couldn’t be counted on, Long Haisheng waved his hand and two gunmen quickly pointed straight at Li Hu with their guns.

These two men were the high-cost gunners he had hired. They were so-called magic shooters. This was the second plan he had prepared for Li Hu tonight.

However, as soon as the two shooters raised their guns, before they could pull the trigger, Li Hu raised his hands, which were like two lightning bolts. The two shooters immediately screamed as their guns fell to the ground with a crack.

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