The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 301 - Plan No.1

Chapter 301 Plan No.1

Garnett was not only the second largest shareholder of Wilson’s Company, but also the heir to the Garnett family in M Country. Last time, after Davis had failed to execute the killer plan, he had reported to Garnett about the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. They had discussed how to deal with Qin Haodong.

He touched his beard, looking a little confused. Then, he said, “Kim Lunhai’s mask cost us millions. It’s made of the latest nanomaterial and was produced with the most advanced 3D printing technology. It should’ve been flawless.

Even the facial infrared recognition system and the experts who made the mask failed to find the issue. How did the Celestial Empire People figure it out?”

Davis said, “Is it possible that Kim Lunhai has appeared somewhere?”

Garnett shook his head and said, “That makes no sense. Kim Lunhai has been doing this for decades. He is the most famous commercial spy in the field. It’s rare for him to be found that soon.”

Davis said, “I told you that the Celestial Empire guy was much sneakier than he looked. That’s why I suggested that you get rid of him with Plan No.2.”

Garnett said, “Plan No.2 would take too long, and we can’t afford to wait. We’ll suffer massive loss once the Blood Revival Elixir enters the market. We’ll have to bring down Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company as soon as possible. Therefore, I insist that we should apply Plan No.1.”

Davis shrugged and said, “But, dude, Plan No.1 has failed.”

Garnett said, “No… no… I didn’t use our perfect Plan No.1 because I didn’t want our strength exposed. We’ll definitely make it as long as I play my trump card.”

Davis argued, “But we’ve already started preparing for Plan No. 2.”

Garnett patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. Trust me, I’ll definitely make it work this time. We’ll switch to Plan No. 2 if I fail!”

Davis said, “Fine by me. I’ll wait for two more days, but I don’t think Plan No.1 will work. That Celestial Empire guy is too sneaky.”

After the press conference of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, the whole pharmaceutical industry was in full swing. The success of the Blood Revival Elixir stirred the pond.

The on-site treatment of hundreds of patients at the press conference had caused the best publicity effect possible: No one doubted the effect of the drug anymore.

The next day, ten retail stores in Jiangnan City started to sell the Blood Revival Elixir. Due to the limited production capacity, the supply was restricted. There was a long line waiting in front of each store.

When Qin Haodong got back to work, he first inspected the production workshop and made sure the production line was working normally. Then, he turned back and walked to the office building after seeing everything go well.

The lobby of the office building of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company was currently occupied by a crowd that spoke different dialects of the Celestial Empire. Some people were even foreigners with different skin colors.

They came from different pharmaceutical companies all over the world. After the Blood Revival Elixir had entered the market the previous day, those companies, who had a high business sense, had acted without delay. At once, they had come to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company for the dealership of the drug.

Those people had been in the industry for many years and had seen the value of the Blood Revival Elixir immediately. They would get a great deal with large profits if they could get the dealership of the drug.

Two more clerks had been employed for reception work at the front desk, but they were still too busy.

“Hey, gorgeous. Please take a message for President Lin. Tell him everything will be negotiable as long as we get the dealership.”

A middle-aged medical representative wearing glasses spoke.

The clerk explained patiently, “Sorry, sir. President Lin said that our medicine is now in short supply, so we don’t need any representatives.”

She was telling the truth. The products of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company were different from other companies’ products. They had set up ten retail stores, but the customers were still unsatisfied. There was no way that they would need someone to represent them.

“Please, gorgeous. Please tell President Lin I only need ten minutes with her. No… How about five minutes?”

The guy wouldn’t stop trying, as he thought he could earn this opportunity with his eloquence as long as he could meet Lin Momo. Therefore, he thrust an envelope filled with money into the clerk’s hand.

The clerk had not seen this coming. She blushed and gave the red envelope back. Then, she said, “I can’t take this, sir. President Lin is too busy today. Her schedule is full already!”

Upon seeing that there was no hope, the guy could only take the envelope and leave in embarrassment.

When he left, another young man in his thirties came in. He was not like other people. He was not humble or cooperative at all. On the contrary, his head was raised high, and he looked quite arrogant.

The man glanced at the clerk at the front desk and said bossily, “I’m Zhao Kai, the head of Mancherk Company’s Celestial Empire Branch. Tell President Lin that I’d like to see her now.”

The clerk smiled professionally and asked, “Mr. Zhao, do you have an appointment?”

Zhao Kai’s expression changed suddenly. He exclaimed as if he had been insulted greatly, “Have you been trained or not? Did you hear what I said? I’m the head of Mancherk Company’s Celestial Empire Branch. Do I need an appointment to see President Lin?”

Although the clerk was scared of his attitude, she insisted, “Sorry, sir. According to the regulations, you have to make an appointment in advance, or you won’t be able to see her!”

“What did you say?” Zhao Kaiqi slapped the desk and yelled, “I’m the head of Mancherk Company’s Celestial Empire branch and I’m here for the dealership. You won’t possibly be able to bear the consequences if this collaboration is delayed.”

“Well… ”

The clerk’s face froze. She would totally have turned the guy down if he had been from another company. After all, rules were rules. However, Mancherk Company was a pharmaceutical giant who held 60% of the global drug chain. It was possible that she would be punished for pissing Zhao Kai off.

Upon seeing her get scared, Zhao Kai added, “Call President Lin now and ask her if she wants to see me. I’ll leave if she doesn’t.”

“Fine then. Please hold on, Mr. Zhao. I’ll call the president’s office now.”

The clerk picked up the phone on the desk and dialed a number. Soon, she hung up and said, “Mr. Zhao, please come with me.”

A proud smile formed on Zhao Kai’s face. Finally, Lin Momo had agreed to see him. He looked around and strolled to the elevator with the clerk.

Mancherk Company was a giant in the global pharmaceutical sales industry. A newly-founded Chinese medicine company couldn’t afford to offend them.

The other representatives didn’t protest at all. Mancherk Company was too famous for them to even feel envy.

Qin Haodong entered the elevator as soon as Zhao Kai had walked in. Nobody stopped him, as he was the boss of the company. He walked straight into Lin Momo’s exclusive elevator.

The other medicinal representatives, who were irritated, protested to the front-desk clerk, “Who’s that guy? How can he just walk in there? Shouldn’t he have made an appointment?”

“Yeah, the representative of Mancherk Company walked in and we said nothing because his company’s huge and we are no match for him. What about this guy, though?”

The clerk glanced at them and smiled before she explained, “That’s the boss of our company, the inventor of the Blood Revival Elixir. What do you think? Does he need to make an appointment?”

The representatives were shocked and regretful. They had come by to visit Lin Momo, but they had forgotten about the other boss, Qin Haodong.

They regretted it a lot, because they could’ve won the dealership of the medicine if they had bonded with Qin Haodong. They had just missed this opportunity.

No wonder they hadn’t recognized Qin Haodong. Every time he showed up in public, he used some magic on his face, making it slightly different from how he looked in photos. The slightest change made the photos look like him but not fully match his appearance.

Zhao Kai followed the clerk and entered Lin Momo’s office. He didn’t greet her before he sat directly on the sofa across the room. Then, he raised his chin, checked out Lin Momo, and introduced himself. “You’re Lin Momo, right? I’m the head of Mancherk Company’s Celestial Empire Branch. I’m here today to discuss the dealership of the Blood Revival Elixir with you.”

Lin Momo frowned. Mancherk Company was the largest drug chain company in the world. She currently had no plans to sell the Blood Revival Elixir to the rest of the world, but she knew she would have to enter the international market someday. That was why she met Zhao Kai without an appointment. She had not known that the guy would be so arrogant. It looked like he looked down upon Tangmen Company a lot.

“Mr. Zhao…”

Lin Momo was immediately interrupted by Zhao Kai before she could open her mouth.

Zhao Kai said proudly, “Mancherk Company would be glad to represent your products provided that we can be the rule-makers. You have to accept three requests from us, or I’ll just pass.

First, you will stop selling the Blood Revival Elixir in the Celestial Empire now. Have you lost your mind? 680 yuan for a box of meds with such a high value? That’s basically charity.

Second, after we sign the dealership contract, we’ll share the profit thirty-seventy, which means 30% of the profit will go to you and 70% to us.

Third, the right to adjust the price of the Blood Revival Elixir shall belong to us. We’ll make it as high as we want.”

Lin Momo was shocked by this arrogant guy. Who the hell was he? God? Those were three tough requests. She couldn’t possibly accept even one of them, let alone three.

Thus, she asked, “Mr. Zhao, are you having a hangover? Did you not have enough sleep this morning? Or did you forget to take your meds at home?”

“What do you mean?” Zhao Kai, who was pissed, asked, “You found that harsh, didn’t you? Don’t forget that we’re Mancherk Company. We’re totally different from those small companies. Cooperating with us would bring you big advantages.

As the president of the group, you should be more far-sighted and able to see the truth. No matter how great the Blood Revival Elixir is, it’s a kind of Chinese medicine. Have you seen the miserable lots of Chinese medicine in Europe and America nowadays?

Many developed countries in Europe and the United States believe that Chinese medicine is unscientific. No one believes in Chinese medicine, and no one believes it cures diseases. Your company is too small to make its own way into the European and American markets. You will never get this done unless Mancherk helps you with its great influence.

Moreover, Mancherk has a wide sales net around the world, and we have the best sales marketing team. If you hand the dealership of the Blood Revival Elixir to us, you can quit worrying about sales. All you’ll need to do is stay at home and count the money flowing in.”

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