The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 300 - The Benevolence of a Doctor

Chapter 300 The Benevolence of a Doctor

As everyone stared, the middle-aged man’s face gradually became ruddy, his breathing became smooth, and the man looked more and more energetic.

About ten minutes later, the middle-aged man shouted excitedly, “I’m healed! I feel like I’m full of strength right now. I’m sure I’m healed.”

Liu Yage immediately led the middle-aged man to the test equipment, so that the medical staff of Jiangnan Hospital would begin to conduct blood tests on him.

When the test results came out, the whole room started boiling. His blood data was normal, which meant that the middle-aged man’s leukemia had been completely cured.

When everyone returned to their positions, the press conference continued, and a reporter asked, “President Lin, although we have seen the effect of the Blood Revival Pill in treating leukemia in this patient, how high is the success rate? Could it be 100 percent?”

“Today, Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company will give out 100 Blood Revival Pills for free so that you can try them. You will see the success rate of the pill by reading the data later,” Lin Momo said.

Next, the staff of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company randomly selected 100 patients with leukemia from the venue and distributed pills for free for field experiments.

Under the supervision of many reporters, these leukemia patients took the pills and soon began to shout excitedly, feeling that they had been relieved of the pain of leukemia.

When the next blood test was conducted, the 100 patients’ test data had returned to normal, which proved that the success rate of the Blood Revival Pill was 100%.

When the results came out, a reporter immediately asked, “President Lin, we have seen the efficacy of the Blood Revival Pill produced by your company. What will the price of the drug be in China?”

“Dr. Qin once said that he developed the Blood Revival Pill to relieve the pain of 4 million leukemia patients in China. We will sell the pill at cost price. Each box will cost 680 yuan,” Lin Momo said.

“Oh, my God! Only 680 yuan? That’s much cheaper than Beconstantine…”

“I’ve been on Beconstantine for two years. I even sold my house. I didn’t expect Dr. Qin’s medicine to be so cheap. He’s really a benevolent doctor!”

“What a conscientious enterprise! Long live Dr. Qin! Long live Tangmen Company…”

After Lin Momo announced the sale price, some of the leukemia patients present cheered and some cried bitterly. They were all full of gratitude for Qin Haodong. This benevolent doctor had finally made them all feel hopeful about living!

However, a discordant voice was suddenly heard as a reporter wearing glasses asked, “President Lin, I heard that the cost of Chinese herbal medicine is very cheap, yet you’ll sell this drug for 680 yuan per box. Are you that cruel?”

His remark aroused public anger among leukemia patients before Lin Momo could even speak.

“Nonsense! Do you have any brains? 680 yuan is like the price of a cabbage for a one-time cure for leukemia…”

“Where did you come from? Why didn’t you step forward and ask this question when Beconstantine cost 28,000 yuan a month?

“I guess he must have been sent by the Beconstantine company to sabotage Dr. Qin…”

When the reporter saw the emotionally agitated patients around him, he became very nervous. He was afraid of being attacked by these people.

Lin Momo waved his hand, motioning for everyone to be quiet, and then said, “Actually, this is easy to calculate. You can check the announcement. Lin Group and Dr. Qin jointly invested 2.5 billion yuan. Dr. Qin personally invested 500 million yuan. The total investment is 3 billion yuan.

There are more than 4 million leukemia patients in our country, so we can figure out the cost of each box of medicine. The value of Dr. Qin’s formula has not been included.”

After she said this, the whole venue went silent. Even pupils could figure out if a box of pills that cost 680 yuan was expensive or not. The journalist, who was even more ashamed, left the meeting room in disgrace.

Lin Momo glanced around and added, “As a merchant, I don’t agree with this price, because a merchant is supposed to make money. However, the price was set by Dr. Qin, who is a benevolent doctor. He wants to cure every Chinese compatriot, so he set the price at 680 yuan.”

“Long live Dr. Qin… Thank you, Dr. Qin…”

“Thank you, Doctor Qin… ”

Leukemia patients and their families hailed Qin Haodong’s name to express their heartfelt gratitude.

After the cheers subsided, another reporter asked, “Miss Lin, Dr. Qin, I want to ask you a question. You are an enterprise, after all, and enterprises always tend to make money. Don’t you want to make money?”

“Of course we want to make money!” answered Qin Haodong, “Lin Group has invested a lot of money and we have invested a lot of energy, so we must make money. However, we are not going to make money from our compatriots in China. We want to make money in other countries.

As I said a few days ago, we must first guarantee the supply of the Chinese market and then enter the pharmaceutical market of other countries. Then, we will make money.”

The reporter asked again, “Dr. Qin, I would like to ask something else. What will be the price of the pill sold in other countries?”

Qin Haodong said, “100,000 yuan! 100,000 yuan per box!”

When he was finished, there was another sensation at the scene. 100,000 yuan was more than a hundred times 680 yuan!

Despite the shock, people were also full of gratitude and admiration for Qin Haodong. The pill had high efficacy and value. They could make a big profit in China. The medicine could be sold at 100,000, 200,000, or even more, but they’d only sell it at 680 yuan. This was not Conscience Businessmen. They were living Bodhisattvas who would save the world!

Another reporter asked, “Mr. Qin, as you just said, the cost of a box of pills is about 680 yuan. You raised it a hundred times at once. Isn’t that too greedy?”

Qin Haodong looked at the man and said, “The cost of Beconstantine is about 200 yuan per bottle, but the price is 28,000 yuan, so it’s about 140 times higher. Plus, that’s a monthly price. Although the Blood Revival Pill’s price will be raised more than 100 times, it can cure leukemia once and for all. By contrast, it’s a reasonable price!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a warm applause was heard on the spot. First, they were beneficiaries of the Blood Revival pill. Second, they agreed with Qin Haodong very much. Even if the pill cost 100,000 or 200,000, as long as leukemia could be cured thoroughly, they would have more of a conscience than the cruel businessmen abroad.

Suddenly, a reporter said, “But you just said that you are a doctor and you are not doing it for money. Foreign patients are also patients. You do not deserve to be called a benevolent doctor…”

“Shut up!” Qin Haodong shouted coldly and fiercely. “You say I am not benevolent enough? Have you ever thought that I could completely modify the formula of the pill to cure leukemia in a month or a year? How much more money would I make that way?

I could even change the medicine to control leukemia like Beconstantine, so that every patient would take the medicine for life. How much more money would I make then?”

When he said this, everyone was touched. No one had thought about this before. It was true that if Qin Haodong revised his formula, it would be easy to earn money that he could spend for life.

Relieving leukemia patients of their pain required a doctor’s benevolence. This was the rebirth of Bodhisattva!

Qin Haodong took a deep breath to ease his anger and said, “To tell you the truth, Wilson talked to me before and offered 10 billion yuan to buy the formula of the Blood Revival Pill. If I wanted money, I could have gotten 10 billion yuan in an instant, or even more.

However, I knew very well that if Wilson got the formula, they would never sell it to our Chinese compatriots for 680 yuan. They may sell it for 680,000 yuan or hide it so that you would continue to buy their high-priced Beconstantine.

What I’m doing is absolutely worth the title of Benevolent Doctor. If I don’t deserve it, please tell me, who deserves it?”

The applause that followed was thunderous. Only now did they realize how much Qin Haodong had done silently for them and how much he had done for all the leukemia patients in China.

Although the journalist had been shamed by Qin Haodong’s remarks, he still answered, “I didn’t mean you haven’t done enough, only that you shouldn’t distinguish between domestic and foreign patients.”

Qin Haodong said, “I’m asking you, isn’t the Blood Revival Pill, which can completely cure leukemia and save a person’s life, worth 100,000 yuan?

I am a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and a Chinese man. Is it wrong to sell drugs to my compatriots at a lower price?

I’ve investigated this. Overseas pharmacists have sold anti-cancer drugs in China for years. They have raised their prices at least a dozen times or even hundreds of times. You are telling me it is justified for them to sell medicine at a high price, yet I should treat them with the benevolence of a doctor?

After all these years, have you ever asked those people why the medicine sold to us is tens or even hundreds of times more expensive?”

“Er… ”

The reporter had wanted to ask some sharp questions to highlight his own presence and get some news points. He hadn’t expected that Qin Haodong’s words would be so sharp that he would be stumped by his questions.

“Doctor Qin, we support you. You are a contemporary medical sage…”

“Doctor Qin, you are a benevolent doctor. You are really worthy of this title…”

“You damn reporter, get out of here. You are not welcome here…”

Amid the excitement of the crowd, the reporter ran out of the venue in disgrace just like the last one.

Later, Lin Momo announced to the media ten places where the Blood Revival Pill would be sold. At the same time, she proposed a unique sales method. In order to avoid scalpers, all patients who bought the pill would have to show their medical records, and each medical record would only be used once.

When the conference ended, videos, photos and propaganda reports about the conference appeared on the headlines of major media outlets, causing a great sensation not only in China, but in the whole world.

In a villa in M Country, Davis and a middle-aged man with a big beard sipped red wine while watching the relevant reports on the Blood Revival Pill on the big screen.

Davis took a sip of red wine and said, “Keynes, your plan failed. This Chinese kid not only saw through Kim Lunhai, but he also played us!”

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