The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 299 - Revived from Death

Chapter 299 Revived from Death

Liu Guohua, who was handcuffed, looked completely panicked. He immediately called out to Yang Guozhong, “Captain Yang, what’s going on? Is there a misunderstanding?”

Yang Guozhong said coldly, “There must be no misunderstanding. You know that you have violated the law.”

Liu Guohua said, “Captain Yang, this must be a misunderstanding. I have always been devoted to my job. I really haven’t done anything against the law!”

“Director Liu, so you will give up only at the sight of the gallows?” Qin Haodong said, “Well, I’ll show you the gallows then.”

As he spoke, he opened the laptop in front of him and pressed an audio playback button. Soon, a recording of the conversation between James and Liu Guohua came from the speaker.

“Director Liu, 2 million yuan has been remitted to your account. As long as you put Qin Haodong in prison, the money will be yours.”

“Mr. James, it’s not easy to do so. Two million is okay, but I want US dollars…”

Upon hearing the audio coming from the computer, Liu Guohua looked pale. He had never thought that his phone would be monitored. At the same time, he also wondered how Qin Haodong had done it and why he had watched his phone in advance. Could he have told the prophet that he was coming to set him up?

After the recording was played, Qin Haodong looked at Liu Guohua and said with a smile, “Well, Director Liu, are you satisfied with this gift? Is it a surprise?”

Liu Guohua was silent. His brain was spinning fast, trying to think of a suitable excuse to explain this.

“You are not very satisfied!” Qin Haodong said, “Never mind. I have some other gifts here.”

Then, he handed several documents to Liu Guohua. Upon glancing at them, Liu Guohua almost fell to the ground.

In the past, Huang Weili had hired gangsters to beat up and suppress leukemia patients during demonstrations. In many cases, they had been criminally injured and suppressed by him. Because of this, he had received a $3-million bribe from Wilson Company.

The information before him clearly recorded his transactions with Wilson Company, including the $3-million transfers, which had been printed verbatim.

“How about now? Are you satisfied? You don’t have to defend yourself anymore.”

Qin Haodong handed over the documents to Yang Guozhong.

Liu Guohua’s face was grey as ash. He was silent for a while before he roared, “Qin, you dare scheme against me? I won’t let you get away with it.”

Then, he turned to Yang Guozhong and shouted, “I admit I received 2 million dollars from Wilson Company, but there is no problem with my work. Qin Haodong did kill someone. He killed a great man from Koryo named Kim Lunhai. I have seen the video James sent me. It’s absolutely true. We must catch him.”

Everyone’s eyes focused on Qin Haodong. Liu Guohua would certainly be arrested, but if Qin Haodong had really killed someone, then he would not be able to escape the sanctions of the law.

Qin Haodong smiled and told Liu Guohua, “Sometimes what the eyes see may not be true. I am a doctor. How could I kill someone casually?”

“Don’t argue. I saw you kick Kim Lunhai to death. Although he is a commercial spy, it is against the law to kill him.” Liu Guohua growled wildly. “Boy, you just wait to go to prison. I’ll be sentenced to 10 or 20 years at most. You committed a homicide. You won’t get out alive.”

“You think too much.” Qin Haodong smiled at him, turned his head to the bedroom next to him and said, “Captain Nalan, come out and explain.”

As soon as the bedroom door opened, two people came out. One of them was Nalan Wuxia, Captain of the Jiangnan Provincial Crime Squad, and the other was the commercial spy called Kim Lunhai from Koryo.

When he saw Kim Lunhai come out with Nalan escorting him flawlessly, Liu Guohua was shocked. He had seen Kim Lunhai get kicked to death by Qin Haodong in the video. How had he died and been revived in the blink of an eye?

Yang Guozhong asked Nalan Wuxia, “Captain Nalan, what’s the matter?”

“Kim Lunhai was caught by Dr. Qin, who suspected him of fraud and commercial espionage. He called to report the issue to me, so I came to deal with it.” Nalan Wuxia glanced at Liu Guohua and said, “Doctor Qin asked me to wait in the room for a while. He said there would be a good show. It seems that the show is really wonderful.”

Qin Haodong asked Liu Guohua, “Well, Director Liu, what else do you have to say?

Liu Guohua was totally shocked. Only now did he realize that he and James had both been fooled by the young man in front of him.

“Doctor Qin, we should go now.” Yang Guozhong waved at his followers. “Take him away!”

After Liu Guohua was taken away, Nalan Wuxia spoke up. “Haodong, what the hell is going on?”

She was on duty tonight. Although Qin Haodong had called her and asked her to come over, he had never explained what had happened.

Lin Zhiyuan, who also looked puzzled, asked, “Yes, Haodong, what is this really about?”

Qin Haodong laughed and asked both of them to sit down. Then, he began to tell them the story.

After learning that Kim Lunhai was a spy sent by James, he had formed a new plan. Wilson Company had been doing business in the south of the Yangtze River for a long time. Thus, there had to be many forces left behind by them. If they were not uprooted, there would be trouble in the future.

Therefore, when he’d talked to James, he had deliberately pretended to kick Kim Lunhai to death in a fit of false rage. In fact, Kim Lunhai had only vomited blood. The injury had not been as serious as it had seemed, so he had just fainted.

After hanging up the phone, he had immediately asked Qi Waner to monitor James’ phone. Indeed, James had thought that Qin Haodong had killed Kim Lunhai and he had immediately contacted Liu Guohua at the Chengdong Branch and promised to pay him 2 million dollars for taking Qin Haodong into custody.

Qi Waner had also investigated Liu Guohua’s data and discovered that he had received $3 million worth of bribes from Wilson Company seven times before. Meanwhile, he had abused his power to suppress the protests of leukemia patients with violence so that the injured would have no way of complaining.

After obtaining this evidence, Qin Haodong had directly explained the situation to Shi Kuohai, the head of the Public Security Department. Shi Kuohai had immediately ordered Yang Guozhong, who worked at the inspection bureau, to come to Lin’s Villa to arrest the criminal.

Upon hearing the whole story, Nalan Wuxia said, “I didn’t know that you were such a little fox. You came up with such a careful plan in such a short time.”

After thinking about it, she said, “Then why did you call me?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “This man has been a commercial spy for many years. He is a felon wanted by police in many countries. I’m giving you a huge gift.”

He’d really wanted to hand Kim Lunhai over to Nalan Wuxia, but Liu Guohua would have bitten back and accused him of being a murderer. Thus, he had not let Nalan Wuxia directly take the man away. Instead, he had made them stay in the room for a while longer.

Lin Zhiyuan felt increasingly satisfied with Qin Haodong. His son-in-law was a genius. He possessed medical skills, brains, and martial arts training. He felt relieved for his daughter.

After the situation was explained, Nalan Wuxia left Lin’s Villa with Kim Lunhai, and Qin Haodong and Lin Zhiyuan returned to their rooms to rest.

Early the next morning, the first major event ever since the establishment of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company took place. The Blood Revival Pill, an upgraded version of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid, was officially produced successfully.

There were several delicate boxes on Lin Momo’s desk. These boxes had been entirely carved from camphor wood and endowed with classic beauty.

There were three small black pills in each box. This was the improved version of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. The three pills together could cure leukemia thoroughly. In order to distinguish this medicine from the Blood Revival Elixir in the Cultivation World, it had been named Blood Revival Pill.

Lin Momo picked up a box and looked at it. Excited, she asked Liu Yage, “How is it? Has the effect of the pill been tested?”

Liu Yage said, “Yes, it has been tested. I found three leukemia patients this morning and asked them to take the Blood Revival Pill together. The effect was no worse than the effect of the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. After taking the pills, the three patients were cured and recovered completely.”

“Great, we really succeeded!” Lin Momo said, “Inform the media right away that Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company will hold a press conference to launch a new product at 3 p.m.”

“Okay, I’m going!”

Liu Yage was also very excited. As assistant of the president, she had also contributed. As a mother of a child with leukemia, she was really happy for the 4 million leukemia patients in China!

“Wait a minute!” Qin Haodong stopped Liu Yage and said, “When you publish the news, add one more thing. If they want to interview us, each reporter must bring a leukemia patient for an on-site test.”

Lin Momo’s eyes lit up as she said, “Yes, I didn’t think of this. Some people will not believe the results of our experiment, but if we cure patients brought by reporters, things will be different. No one will question the drug’s efficacy anymore.”

Liu Yage said, “This is a good way. I will do what Dr. Qin said immediately.”

Ten minutes later, the news of the successful development of the Blood Revival Pill made by Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company was released, causing a sensation in the entire media network.

Before 3 p.m., the conference room of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company had already been filled. Most of the people present were leukemia patients, while the rest were journalists and leukemia patients they had brought.

Meanwhile, Qin Haodong had contacted Wen Changjiang at Jiangnan Hospital to ask professional medical staff to bring blood test equipment to the conference room.

At 3:00 p.m., the press conference began on time. Lin Momo, as the president of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, officially released the Blood Revival Pill, which could cure leukemia thoroughly, to the public.

After the announcement of the news, the scene started boiling and a reporter asked in a rush, “President Lin, I would like to ask what is the difference between the Blood Revival Pill and the Blood Revival Oral Liquid. Can this medicine really cure leukemia?”

Lin Momo smiled at the reporter and said, “The ingredients of the Blood Revival Pill and the Blood Revival Oral Liquid are exactly the same. It is only for technical reasons that the Blood Revival Oral Liquid was modified into the Blood Revival Pill, but their effect is exactly the same. There is no need to worry about this.

As for your second question, I believe that you have brought leukemia patients here. We can verify the efficacy of the Blood Revival Pill right now.”

The reporter pointed to a pale middle-aged man next to him and said, “Yes, I brought my cousin, who has had leukemia for more than three years.”

“We can test the pill on the spot!”

Lin Momo waved her hand and immediately a staff member passed an exquisitely-packaged Blood Revival Pill to the middle-aged man along with a glass of water.

The middle-aged man took the pills and swallowed them. Then, he drank some water.

Everyone’s eyes and the camera in the reporter’s hand were aimed at the middle-aged man, waiting to witness the result.

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