The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 302 - Are You Off Your Meds Today?

Chapter 302 Are You Off Your Meds Today?

Lin Momo, who had lost all interest in talking to the arrogant guy, said, “Mr. Zhao, one thing you have to know is that the Blood Revival Elixir is in short supply now. We don’t need to worry about sales, and I don’t see the need for this negotiation. We don’t need your representation.”

“What? President Lin, do you have any idea what you are talking about?”

Zhao Kai seemed to be shocked. Mancherk Company was the largest medicine sales chain company in the world. Wherever he went, people respected them like ancestors. They had never been refused a cooperation before, and that was how he had become such an arrogant, disrespectful guy.

Today, he had received an order from his supervisor to go to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company to negotiate about a cooperation regarding the Blood Revival Elixir. He thought he could take advantage of being from Mancherk Company when facing the newly-established Chinese medicine company and believed he could do whatever he wanted to bully them. It had never occurred to him that he would be rejected.

“I said that Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company doesn’t need to cooperate with Mancherk. Please show yourself out!”

Lin Momo spoke in a quite polite way, yet she looked quite determined.

Zhao Kai yelled angrily, “Lin Momo, just think about it! You’re the president of the group and you need to be responsible for the whole company. If you refuse to cooperate with us, I’m sure your product will never enter the market in Europe and America.”

Lin Momo said coldly, “That’s our concern. It has nothing to do with you.”

When he saw that the negotiation was reaching a dead-end, Zhao Kai’s attitude softened and he said, “President Lin, please don’t rush to make a decision. We’re negotiating now, and I think we should discuss it.

Don’t forget that you are a businesswoman. The first thing you should think about is how to make the biggest profit. I’m not judging, but you’ll really charge 680 yuan for a pack of Blood Revival Elixir? What’s gotten into you? Why don’t you just give it away for free?

As long as you grant us this dealership, I can guarantee you that you will earn more than 100,000 yuan per pack.”

Lin Momo, who had lost interest in talking, was waiting for him to finish and get lost.

Zhao Kai misread her reaction and thought Lin Momo had been convinced by the profit he had mentioned. Thus, he added with flying spit, “I’ll tell you what. You can’t trust that little doctor on product management. We’re businessmen, and all we need is to make profit. Forget about the whole doctor and benevolence thing. That’s totally insane…”

Upon hearing the guy smearing Qin Haodong, Lin Momo could no longer hold her anger and suddenly yelled. “Get out!”


Zhao Kai could barely believe his ears. He had experienced numerous commercial negotiations on behalf of Mancherk Company. However, he had never met someone who had told him to get out.

“Did you hear me? Get out of here right now!”

The door was opened and Qin Haodong walked in. His six senses had granted him the ability to hear the whole conversation between the two of them.

After being yelled at twice, the man felt ashamed and angry. Thus, he shouted at Qin Haodong, “Who are you? Can’t you see that I’m talking to your boss? There’s no place for you here!”

Lin Momo said, “You’re wrong. I’m just the president of the company. He is my boss!”

“B… Boss?”

Only then did Zhao Kai find out that the young man was Qin Haodong, who had gone viral on the internet.

“Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m the head of Mancherk’s Celestial Empire Branch, Zhao Kai…”

Before he could finish, Qin Haodong waved his hand and said, “That’s not necessary. My girlfriend just asked you to get out. Did you hear her?”

“I…” Zhao Kai glared furiously, feeling quite embarrassed. After all, he was the head of Mancherk Company’s Celestial Empire Branch.

However, given the mission and the strict order of his boss before he had come here, he could only swallow his pride, put on his most flattering expression, and say, “Mr. Qin, you must have misunderstood some things about our company. Cooperating would benefit both of us. We can negotiate on everything as long as you give us the dealership of the Blood Revival Elixir.

Take the profit for example. You can have 70% of it, and we’ll take 30%.”

Qin Haodong said, “I’ve heard those three requests of yours. We won’t agree to any of those. You should go.”

Zhao Kai’s face froze before he explained in no time. “Mr. Qin, it’s okay if you don’t agree. Commercial deals are all about negotiating. We can negotiate on anything as long as you grant us the dealership.”

Qin Haodong looked at him with an intriguing smile and asked, “You’ll drop the pricing authority?”

“Yes, yes. It will all be up to you!”

Zhao Kai said obsequiously. His attitude now was totally different from how he had been just a moment ago. Lin Momo, who was surprised, thought to herself that the guy could really make a great actor.

“You won’t ask us to stop selling it in the Celestial Empire?”

“Well, it would be better if you did, but we won’t force you.”

“As far as the profit was concerned, what if I said that we won’t share any of the profit with you?”

“What?” Zhao Kai was shocked at first, but then he ground his teeth and said, “That’s fine. We can do it for free.”

It was Lin Momo’s turn to get shocked. She wondered why an international group like Mancherk would stoop so low and why the Blood Revival Elixir’s dealership mattered so much to them.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “That’s a generous offer. It can’t get any better.”

Zhao Kai quickly replied, “That’s right. We are quite sincere. How about we cooperate, Mr. Qin?”

He thought this was a favorable turn, yet then Qin Haodong’s face changed and he said, “Enough about the cooperation. We’ll never give the dealership to you. Now get lost!”

“Mr. Qin, don’t be like this. Whatever requests you have, just bring them on. All we need is for you to give us the dealership!”

Zhao Kai pulled at Qin Haodong’s sleeve, looking like he was weeping.

“What requests? Pay 100 million yuan to our company as a sponsorship fee before we give you the dealership? Would that be okay for you?”

“I…” Zhao Kai almost choked on his own saliva. His company was always the one who took the biggest share of the profit. Now, instead of sharing the profit, they would actually give money away.

Lin Momo also thought Qin Haodong was joking. That would be impossible. Taking no share was the biggest concession they could make. It made no sense that they would give money away.

Her jaw dropped open when she saw Zhao Kai grinding his teeth and agreeing. He actually said, “Fine. We could sign the contract now and pay 100 million as a sponsorship fee as long as Mr. Qin gave the dealership to us.”

“What the hell!”

Lin Momo found this overwhelming, as she had never seen a negotiation like this before. The other party would represent the product for free and pay them 100 million as a sponsorship fee. Plus, the company in question was the world-famous Mancherk.

She thought that Zhao Kai might be crazy. Thus, she asked, “Did you take your pills before you left your home today?”


Zhao Kai felt so ashamed that he wished he could find a floor crack to hide in. He would’ve been long gone if his boss hadn’t given him a strict order to get the dealership at any cost.

Qin Haodong asked Lin Momo, “Getting confused?”

“Yes,” Lin Momo answered, her eyes fixed on him. “You know what’s going on?”

Qin Haodong said, “I had Wan’er collect some intelligence about Mancherk Company. Among their 10 biggest shareholders, eight hold the shares of the Wilson’s Company. The top two shareholders are the same, Davis and Garnett.”

He then turned to Zhao Kai. “Go back and tell Davis that his little tricks won’t work on me. He can stop thinking about the Blood Revival Elixir.”


Although Zhao Kai was extremely reluctant, staying here was of no use, as his scheme had already been discovered by Qin Haodong. Therefore, he walked out of the office dejectedly.

After he left, Lin Momo said, “Haodong, I’m still confused. If Mancherk is supported by Wilson’s Company, why do they need the dealership? They can’t have the formula anyway.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not that simple. If Wilson’s company got the dealership of the Blood Revival Elixir, that would be a quite flexible deal that would give them multiple choices.

First of all, given the great amount of Blood Revival Elixir, they could run tests again and again until they found the right formula.

Secondly, if we were really scared by Mancherk Company and let them have the bigger share, they would be able to make a fortune and make up for the reduced sales of Beconstantine.

Last but not the least, I guess that as soon as we gave the dealership to Wilson’s Company, their priority would be to play some tricks while selling it, thus making it ineffective or even poisonous and killing patients. The Blood Revival Elixir’s reputation would be ruined and the big cake of leukemia treatment would go back to Beconstantine.”

“Oh, I see!”

Lin Momo finally realized the truth. She was an experienced businesswoman, yet only in the jewelry business. The pharmaceutical industry was new to her, and she couldn’t see the full picture the way Qin Haodong did.

Qin Haodong had always attached great importance to drug safety. He had asked the patients for their medical history and made them take the pills in stores. That was because he was concerned someone would bring the pills home and mess with them. If an accident occurred, Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company would have to take responsibility.

After all, the Blood Revival Elixir would make massive profits and cut down many other companies’ profits. It was highly likely that those people would go after Tangmen Company.

Lin Momo considered this and said, “In that case, what should we do when we enter the European and American markets?”

“That will be none of your concern,” Qin Haodong said, “First, we’ll just meet the needs of the market of the Celestial Empire. When we are finished, someone will pay us a visit and beg us for the medicine.

As the saying goes, good wine needs no bush. If the Blood Revival Elixir really works, it will sell itself well around the world without Mancherk Company as a dealer. That’s because we’re the only company that can cure leukemia.”

Lin Momo nodded and said, “You’re right. Patients from Europe and the United States will come for it even if we only sell it in the Celestial Empire.”

The two of them were talking, when Liu Yage hurriedly walked in and told Qin Haodong, “The technician responsible for purchasing medicine is on leave today. Could you please go to the materials market with the purchasing department and bring back the materials we need as soon as possible?”

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