The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 296 - Amazing Damao

Chapter 296 Amazing Damao

“Well done!”

Zhang Dazhi jumped up excitedly and said, “I’ve told you that this kind of Snow Mastiff is just pleasant to the eye but useless!”

Upon seeing the scene in the cage, Bai Ziping sighed. Although he didn’t know how Qin Haodong had made Damao grow rapidly, it was still a dog barely more than a month old. It was normal to be scared by such a ferocious Tosa!

He put his hands over his eyes, unable to bear seeing Damao get bitten to death by the Tosa.

Suddenly, an inconceivable thing happened. As the fierce Tosa was approaching Damao, Damao finally moved. It moved its huge body slightly and dodged the Tosa’s attack. Then, Damao raised its right front paw to hit the Tosa on the neck.

This was a powerful attack. The ferocious Tosa backed up four or five meters. When its body hit the dog cage heavily, it stopped.

Although the spectators had watched countless dog fights, they had never seen anything like this. Usually, dogfighting dogs would use their teeth to attack. Why had it switched to its claws? Were they boxing?

Zhang Dazhi was stunned. He had been expecting to see Tosa bite Damao’s throat. Unexpectedly, his dog had been beaten back.

The Tosa got up from the ground. Although it didn’t know what had happened, it was in a mad state. Its body didn’t feel any pain. After another roar, it rushed over to Damao again.

This time, Damao was really like a martial arts expert. It was not in a hurry. Instead, it dodged the deadly attack of the Tosa with a faint move. It could beat the Tosa with one claw easily.

As a result, a strange scene took place in the Dogfighting Ring. The two dogs were not biting each other desperately, but one dog was bullying the other dog with its two front claws.

The mad Tosa launched dozens of attacks but didn’t even touch Damao. The speed and strength of the mad Tosa were no match for Damao. On the contrary, it got badly injured and crumbled on the ground.

Bai Ziping’s eyes widened in surprise before he murmured, “Amazing! It is amazing!”

In so many years of dog fighting, he had never seen such an amazing fighting method as the one Damao used. It seemed even smarter than a human.

“Damn, is that still a dog?”

Zhang Dazhi was so mad that he threw the water cup against the ground!

After a few minutes, although the Tosa was still furious, Damao had lost any interest in playing with it. Damao seized an opportunity and pounced on it, holding the Tosa down with one front claw on its head while the other front claw was on its chest.

The Tosa had no chance to resist Damao. Even though it struggled desperately, it still couldn’t move two of Damao’s forceful claws.

Then, Damao suddenly opened its mouth and bit the Tosa’s throat. The same scene took place again, but the loser was Zhang Dazhi’s Tosa.

After killing the Tosa easily, Damao, walked in a circle in the cage like a winning general and walked out of the cage.

“Good job, Tibetan Mastiff! Tibetan Mastiffs are powerful!”

“What a magic dog! It’s the magic dog of our country!”

There was a burst of cheers in the Dogfighting Ring. Even some people who had bet on the Tosa followed. After all, Tibetan Mastiffs were the most popular dogs in the Celestial Empire.

Zhang Dazhi’s face went pale and he fell down on the chair behind him. Although he had used all his dirty tricks, he had still lost in the end!

A few hours ago, he had thought that he could take Bai Ziping’s Dogfighting Ring and earn a reputation in his family. Now, he had lost all of his capital.

Suddenly, he thought about the bet with Qi Waner. He had wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to take Qin Haodong’s woman as his own, but he had lost the game he had thought he would win.

As the eldest son of the Zhang Family, if he licked Qi Waner’s shoes in public, as the agreement dictated, he would be despised in Jiangnan City.

He wanted to run away when he thought of this. However, as soon as he turned around, he saw Qin Haodong and Qi Waner standing in front of him with fierce Damao and Ermao.

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “Mr. Zhang, what are you going to do?”

“I… I…”

Zhang Dazhi prevaricated for a long time but couldn’t say anything.

Qin Haodong said, “The bet is over. Will you fulfill your promises?”

Zhang Dazhi answered immediately. “My 20 million yuan have been given to the Dogfighting Ring. You can take them directly.”

Then, he turned away to move around Qin Haodong, but Qi Waner stopped him.

“Wait a minute. You haven’t honored our gambling agreement!”

As she said this, she stretched out her leg, revealing a red high-heeled shoe. As she was playing, the tip of the shoe was licked by Damao. The saliva on the shoe was covered with dust. It looked dirty and disgusting.

Zhang Dazhi was stunned. How could the young master of the Zhang Family lower his head to lick a woman’s shoe? He cried angrily, “Qin Haodong, don’t take this too far. You can’t do whatever you want with the Nalan Family’s support. I can kill you if you provoke me!”

Qin Haodong raised his hand and shook the agreement. “It’s written on paper. This is an agreement signed by you. How can you say that?

It’s only natural to honor our gambling agreement since you’ve lost the game. I know about your plan at the beginning of the game. However, you lost now, so you have to pay for it!”

“Yes, it’s natural!”

“Since you signed, you should lick the lady’s shoe as soon as possible…”

“Are you still a man? You should keep your promise and admit defeat…”

Some of the spectators disliked Zhang Dazhi’s attitude, while others just found this situation fun. No matter the reason, they all supported Qin Haodong.

“Shut up!” Zhang Dazhi shouted. The spectators, who were shocked, retreated one after another.

Then, he pointed to Qin Haodong and Qi Waner and cried, “Teach them a lesson for me. Break their men’s legs and take their women away.”

The guy was crazy. He thought that since Qin Haodong had found Qi Waner, Nalan Wushuang would not support him anymore.

After hearing their master’s order, a dozen bodyguards immediately rushed over to Qin Haodong with steel pipes in their hands and surrounded Qin Haodong and Qi Waner. However, Damao and Ermao were nearby, so they didn’t dare do so directly.

“Qin Haodong, you asked for it,” Zhang Dazhi said as he waved his hand at the bodyguards. “Break his legs!”

These bodyguards had all been hired by him at a high price. Some were professional special soldiers, while others were underground boxers. In his opinion, they could dispose of Qin Haodong easily.

However, Qi Waner had already taken action before Qin Haodong could make a move.

These bodyguards, whom Zhang Dazhi relied heavily on, were nobodies in front of the master of Covert Power. Before they could realize what had happened, they had been kicked to the ground by Qi Waner’s two long legs. They could only scream as a result.

The people around were stunned at first, but then they clapped their hands. No one had expected that this beautiful woman would possess such a skill. Scenes they had only seen on TV in the past were actually staged in front of them.

After the bodyguards were defeated, Qi Waner used a beautiful rising kick to directly make Zhang Dazhi fall to the ground. Then, she stretched the tip of her shoe in front of him and said, “Do you want to lick it or not?”

The power of the kick was so strong that he was almost out of breath. Although he regretted this very much now, he couldn’t lick a woman’s shoe in front of so many people. He could only bite his tongue without saying a word.

Qin Haodong squatted down and told him, “You don’t want to lick it? Well, I’ll find two beings who are willing to lick you.”

Suddenly, he snapped his fingers. Damao and Ermao immediately approached Zhang Dazhi’s head and their bright red tongues started licking his face.

“Ah… Help! Stop them!”

As he looked at the big mouths of Damao and Ermao, Zhang Dazhi was so scared that he almost peed himself. If the two dogs went crazy and bit him on the neck, he would die. He had witnessed with his own eyes Damao kill the Tosa. There was still blood on Damao’s mouth right now!

“I will do it. I will lick it. Stop them. I’ll lick it right away!”

Qin Haodong snapped his fingers again and Damao and Ermao stopped immediately.

Zhang Dazhi raised his head to gasp for breath. Then, he lifted his hand and wiped the wet saliva on his face. Finally, he focused on Qi Waner’s shoe.

After some hesitation, he put out his tongue and licked the high-heeled shoe. The people around him were all scrambling to watch. Some even took out their cell phones and began to take photos.

Upon looking at Zhang Dazhi’s appearance, Qi Waner suddenly felt like vomiting and kicked him.

“Get out and don’t let me see you again!”

Although he was kicked away, Zhang Dazhi was very happy deep down. This was better than licking Qi Waner’s shoe. Only the spectators felt sorry for not taking a photo of this moment.

At the end of the competition, the spectators left. Qin Haodong also left the Dogfighting Ring after he was thanked by Bai Ziping. First, he took Qi Waner back to Daddy Security Company and then he rushed home.

At Lin’s Villa, after supper, the little fellow said, “It’s all Papa’s fault. He took Damao and Ermao away. No one wants to play with me.”

Lin Momo said, “Your father has something to do. I will play football with you in the yard.”

“Then let’s go out and play football.”

The little fellow picked up a ball after speaking. Then, he went to the yard with Lin Momo and they played football together.

Suddenly, the little fellow kicked hard and the ball rolled to the gate. She ran after it in a hurry.

As she was trying to catch up with the ball, suddenly, a pair of black shoes appeared in front of her and the ball was taken by a hand.

Upon looking up, the little fellow saw a young man in his 20s standing in front of her. He was wearing a famous brand suit, had an elaborate hairstyle, and was carrying a big backpack on his back.

Saber had been guarding the nearby area. When he saw the young man, he immediately approached the little fellow. If the man made any unusual moves, he would launch a fatal attack.

“Uncle, this is my ball. Please give it back to me!”

The little fellow addressed the young man.

The young man grabbed Tang Tang’s shoulder and said excitedly, “Tang Tang, you shouldn’t be calling me Uncle. You should call me dad.”

“Bad man, let me go. I have Papa. I don’t know you!”

The little fellow shook off the young man’s hand and turned around to run away. She didn’t even take back the ball.

Then, Lin Momo approached. When she saw the young man’s face, she was shocked. She stood there with a dull look on her face, not saying a word.

The little fellow hugged Lin Momo’s thigh and cried, “Mama, he’s a bad guy. He said he’s my dad. Hurry up and tell him to go away!”

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