The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 297 - Real and Fake Tang Long

Chapter 297 Real and Fake Tang Long

No matter how loudly the little fellow called her, Lin Momo was like a wax figure. Although her body did not move and her face was expressionless, the conflict within her almost overpowered her.

Tang Long, the name that had been engraved in her bones, and the handsome face of the man before her merged together. “Humans are fate’s fools.” After getting drunk, they had entered the same hotel room.

Although everything had happened that night after she had gotten drunk, Lin Momo still remembered the man’s face vividly. After five years, her memory had not changed at all.

After the incident, she had used all the strength of the Lin Family to search for Tang Long, but she had not found even the shadow of this man in the whole country.

At first, she’d thought Tang Long had been just a passer-by in her life. The past was the past. She could get over it as easily as any other woman. However, she had gotten pregnant with Tang Tang.

Many times, Tang Tang had cried for her father. She hated the man and had tried to find him and give her daughter a complete family, but she had never seen Tang Long again.

Later, Qin Haodong had appeared in her life. Although her daughter had the ideal father and she thought of this man less and less, Tang Long was always a thorn in her heart that made her feel humble and unworthy of Qin Haodong’s sincere feelings for her.

Thanks to Qin Haodong’s comfort, her and Tang Tang’s life had become happier and happier, and her heart was filled with love. However, just as she’d thought that everything would get better, this man had suddenly appeared. How could she face this?

Her feelings were not important. After all, this had only been a wrong encounter and an unrightful relationship. However, what about Tang Tang?

No matter what, this man was Tang Tang’s biological father. If she rejected him, would that be irresponsible for Tang Tang? Would Tang Tang blame her in the future?

What about Qin Haodong, who was deeply in love with her? Would Tang Long affect his feelings for her with his appearance? Would he still love her just like before?

How could this happen? Was God playing with her? When she’d needed this man the most, he had been nowhere to be found. Now that her life was quiet and she didn’t need this man anymore, he had just appeared without a warning. What should she do?

All kinds of thoughts came in a rush, making her feel like her brain was going to blow up.

Saber was always there. As an experienced man, he immediately realized that Lin Momo had an unusual relationship with this young man. It seemed that the boss’ backyard was on fire. However, he was only a bodyguard, so he could not intervene in personal relationships. He could only hope that Qin Haodong would come back soon.

“Mama, what’s wrong with you? Say something!”

The little fellow shook Lin Momo’s arm vigorously.

Tang Long took two steps forward and said softly, “Momo, you are surprised by my appearance, aren’t you?”

Finally, Lin Momo moved and said in a dry voice, “What are you doing here?”

Tang Long said guiltily, “Momo, I’m sorry you two have suffered all these years, but you should give me a chance to explain. I had my reasons.”

Lin Momo said, “You should leave. It’s been five years. You don’t need to explain. Never appear in my life again, okay?”

Tang Long said eagerly, “Momo, I know I owe you, but you have to give me an opportunity to explain. If you want to push me away, you have to listen to me first.”

The little fellow took Lin Momo’s hand and said, “Mama, who is he?”

This man was her daughter’s biological father. Thus, Lin Momo sighed and said, “Come with me!”

Then, she led Tang Long into the living room. This kind of thing should not been known by everyone.

After entering the room, Lin Momo sat down on the sofa. Feeling that her mother’s mood was not okay, the little fellow sat quietly in her arms.

Tang Long took off the backpack on his back, took out a beautiful Barbie doll and several toys, and passed them to Tang Tang, saying, “Tang Tang, do you like them?”

“No, Papa said I couldn’t accept anything from strangers!”

The little fellow didn’t like the man in front of her at all and felt hostile. Her eyes looked defensive.

Tang Long said, “Tang Tang, how can I be a stranger? I am your Papa…”

The little fellow cried, “Nonsense, my Papa’s name is Qin Haodong. If you talk nonsense again, believe it or not, I wil let Damao and Ermao bite you to death!”

Tang Long looked at Lin Momo with a bitter smile. “You should say something. Tell our daughter that I am her real father.”

Lin Momo hesitated for a moment before she said, “Didn’t you want to explain? Hurry up, I don’t have much time.”

“Well, I know you haven’t forgiven me yet,” Tang Long said with a sorrowful look, “It’s not easy to raise a child these days, but you can’t blame me. Destiny worked against me.

When I woke up that day, you had already left. Later, I inquired about you many times. You were the princess of Lin Group, and I was just an orphan. I thought the gap between us was too wide. I was beneath you, so I didn’t try to find you.

I booked a ticket to M Country. In order to earn an equal status, I worked my way through college and finally got a Business Administration Degree from Harvard.”

At this point, he looked up at Lin Momo’s face. She was not shocked, moved, or even touched a little.

“Before returning home, I inquired about you and discovered that you were the president of Lin Group and had a daughter named Tang Tang. I figured out that she was my biological daughter.

Momo, thank you very much. Thank you for raising our daughter. I’ve thought about it all this time. I’ll help you manage the company well, raise our daughter, and repay the debt I owe you with my life.”

Suddenly, he took a red graduation certificate out of his backpack. “Momo, you see, this is the result of many years of studying. I will be your right-hand man in the future.”

Lin Momo did not look at the certificate. She actually felt reluctant to look at Tang Long. The feelings in her heart were extremely contradictory. If Tang Long had appeared two months ago, she might easily have accepted all this, at least for the sake of her daughter. She would have considered giving Tang Long a chance.

However, she couldn’t do that now. She had fallen deeply in love with Qin Haodong. She couldn’t extricate herself from this love and accept another man.

“Momo, please believe me. I am sincere. Although we only spent one night together, I really fell in love with you. During these five years, I never pursued any other women. I have been thinking of coming back to you and Tang Tang…”

Tang Long was trying hard to persuade Lin Momo. Suddenly, the door behind him opened and a figure as tall as a javelin appeared at the door.

“Papa, you’re back.” Immediately, the little fellow jumped out of Lin Momo’s arms and rushed into Qin Haodong’s arms. She pointed back at Tang Long and cried, “Papa, that bad man said he’s my Papa! You have to hit him!”

Qin Haodong held an irreplaceable position in the mind of the little fellow. Therefore, Tang Long, who had just said that he was her father, had made her very angry.

When he’d entered, Saber had already informed Qin Haodong that there was a strange man in the living room who seemed to have a special relationship with Lin Momo.

Qin Haodong trusted Lin Momo very much. He was just curious about who the man was. However, when he saw Tang Long, he was surprised before a sneer appeared on his lips.

Although he had been reincarnated, he was the only real Tang Long. Thus, the Tang Long before him had to be fake. God knew where this fake good had come from.

Fake Tang Long, who did not know that he had run into the real Tang Long, put on a warm smile and said, “You are Qin Haodong. I know you are Tang Tang’s godfather. Thank you for taking care of Tang Tang for so long…”

Before he had finished speaking, Qin Haodong raised his right leg and kicked him in the abdomen. He immediately flew out and hit the opposite wall.

“Oh yeah! Papa’s beating the bad guy!”

The little fellow raised her hands and cried excitedly.

Lin Momo was shocked. Although she hadn’t figured out how to explain this, she hadn’t expected Qin Haodong to start beating the man when he entered the house.

“Haodong, don’t be impulsive!”

She rushed forward to hold Qin Haodong for fear that he would start again. If Tang Long was really disabled, she would not be able to explain to Tang Tang.

Qin Haodong patted her on the shoulder and comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry, I know how to handle it.”

Then, he handed the little fellow over to Lin Momo, grabbed Tang Long by the collar and brought him close.

He kicked Tang Long on the knee, made him kneel down, and then said, “Tell me, who made you come? What are you after?”

By this time, he had a preliminary theory in mind. It was very likely that this matter was closely related to Wilson Company.

After failing to assassinate him, James could only have found a new way to attack from another direction. If this fake Tang Long could gain Lin Momo’s trust and enter Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, he would have a great chance of getting the secret formula.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Why are you hitting me?”

“If you don’t tell the truth, believe it or not, I will kill you!” Qin Haodong said, his killing spirit overflowing.

“Don’t… Don’t think that you will be able to gain Momo’s trust this way. I am Tang Tang’s biological father!

Lin Momo grabbed Qin Haodong’s arm and said, “Haodong, don’t act impetuously.”

Qin Haodong took a look at the fake and sneered, “Do you think you can mix the spurious with the genuine? Now, let me reveal your true face.”

Suddenly, he grabbed the fake Tang Long and tore open his collar.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Tang Long panicked and tried to resist, but he was no match for Qin Haodong, so he was overpowered like a chicken.

Qin Haodong fumbled around his eyes and neck for a while. Suddenly, by using great force, he pulled off the fake Tang Long’s face and the hair on his head.

Upon looking at the strange scene in front of her, Lin Momo screamed in shock.

Qin Haodong put his arm around her shoulder and shook the thing in his hand to comfort her. “Don’t be afraid, it’s a mask. This boy was a fake.”

One had to admit that this mask was really exquisite. Unlike the previous leather mask, it looked like a new high-tech product. It felt as soft as human skin.

Lin Momo calmed down and took a look at the fake Tang Long. He was much older than before he had torn off the mask. He was about 40 years old. He had an oriental face, and his facial outline was somewhat similar to that of Tang Long, but his appearance was completely different.

It turned out that she had almost been deceived by a fake man, which made her very angry. Thus, she said, “Who are you? Why did you try to deceive me?”

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