The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 295 - The Mad Medicine Liquid

Chapter 295: The Mad Medicine Liquid

Suddenly, the situation in the Dogfighting Ring changed decisively. Zhang Dazhi’s dog was bitten in the throat and completely crumpled on the ground.

The spectators who had won continued to cheer, while the spectators who had lost were disappointed. Relatively speaking, more people had witnessed Zhang Dazhi’s victory yesterday, so they had bet on Zhang Dazhi’s dog. However, they lost miserably.

The winner seemed to be trying to vent the gloom of yesterday’s defeat. Although Zhang Dazhi’s dog had lost, it continued to bite. Later, the referee declared the game result and several staff members went to separate them.

People were enjoying it. Damao and Ermao, who seemed to have no interest in this kind of inferior contest, looked sleepy at Qin Haodong’s feet.

Upon seeing his dog win at last, Bai Ziping waved his fist twice. He had been losing since yesterday. Now, he finally vented.

Thus, he turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Thank you, Doctor Qin. The antidote really works!”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not enough to rely on antidotes alone. Your dog is powerful too.”

Bai Ziping said, “All the dogs here are trained strictly. If Zhang Dazhi didn’t use dirty tricks, I could guarantee that he wouldn’t even win one game.”

“What are you talking about? Antidote?”

Qi Waner asked doubtfully.

When Bai Ziping gave a brief account of what Zhang Dazhi had done to his dog, Qi Waner scolded him. “He is really shameless if he even used such dirty means.”

Bai Ziping said indignantly, “I didn’t know where he got the medicine. Without Doctor Qin’s help, I would not have known what happened at all.”

When Zhang Dazhi saw that the first match had been lost, he asked his staff to dispose of the dead dog and then told Zhao Er, who was next to him, “Send that Caucasian and use more drugs on it!”

“Yes, boss. I’ll arrange it now.”

Zhao Er turned around after speaking. It was not long before a tall Caucasian dog was put into the cage.

Caucasian dogs were fierce in nature. Their biggest characteristic was their long hair. Zhao Er had used a big drug dose this time. He had sprayed the dog five times with powder. If one watched carefully, one could see the powder falling off while the dog was walking.

Usually, the breed of the fighting dogs had to be the same, so another tall Caucasian dog was sent into the cage.

As the spectators cried again, the two Caucasian dogs bit each other.

While looking at the drug powder on Zhang Dazhi’s Caucasian dog, Bai Ziping said angrily, “How many drugs did this guy use on his dog? It looks like the dog is smoking.”

He secretly rejoiced at inviting Qin Haodong to help him. If Qin Haodong hadn’t prepared the antidote, there would have been no hope of winning the game whatsoever.

The two dogs were equally competitive. “Boss Bai, can your dog win this time?” Qi Waner asked.

“Of course,” Bai Ziping said confidently, “To win a dog fight, there are four key points to consider: explosive strength, endurance, biting strength, and ferocity.

Generally speaking, biting strength is the most important. If a dog bites its opponent’s throat, it will definitely win the match.

Now that the two dogs are similar to each other in all aspects, the victory will be determined by endurance, which depends on their usual training. I’ve been training dogs for more than ten years. No one is more professional than me at training.

Zhang Dazhi’s drug aims to slow down my dog’s reaction time, endurance, and physical strength. However, Doctor Qin has prescribed an antidote for my dog, so it will only be a matter of time before I win.”

As Bai Ziping made this statement, Zhang Dazhi’s Caucasian dog was obviously weakening. It was in an inferior position a few minutes later.

“What’s the matter? Who can tell me what’s going on here?”

Zhang Dazhi roared angrily. He had been waiting for Bai Ziping’s dog to show weakness. However, his dog had become weak first.

He didn’t know why the drug powder, which had been effective yesterday, had suddenly become useless today. Had the Dogfighting Ring found a solution? It was impossible. The drug he had brought was the latest gene powder produced by M Country. Apart from the antidote in his hand, nothing else could beat it.

No matter how angry and suspicious he was, his Caucasian was defeated in the end. Bai Ziping had won two consecutive games.

However, it was not over. Zhang Dazhi’s dogs were all defeated in the third, fourth, and fifth match.

Suddenly, Zhang Dazhi lost his temper. Even though he was angry, he could not change the situation in the Dogfighting Ring. He certainly knew one thing: His drug powder had completely failed.

In order to make it easier for the spectators to bet, all the dogfighting games were scheduled beforehand. Both sides had paid a deposit. Thus, it was impossible for him to withdraw now. Zhang Dazhi had lost eight consecutive games, not only losing the 100 million yuan he had won yesterday, but also losing another 20 million yuan.

Bai Ziping was really happy that Zhang Dazhi gave back all the money he had won yesterday. What’s more, most of the spectators had bet on Zhang Dazhi’s victory, which would make a lot of money for him.

When there were only two games left, Zhang Dazhi’s eyes were red. He couldn’t stand losing any more games!

While thinking of this, he took a bottle of blue liquid medicine out of his pocket, handed it to Zhao Er, and said, “Put this liquid on the dog’s nose before the game!”

Although Zhao Er did not know what the blue liquid was, he knew that it must be something very powerful. Thus, he promised to do so and walked away.

For the ninth game, they used two Dogo Argentinos. No one noticed that Zhao Er touched the dog’s nose with his right hand before he put the dog in the cage.

As soon as the two dogs entered the cage, Zhang Dazhi’s dog went crazy. Its eyes were red with blood and it roared like an angry lion.

On the stand, Bai Ziping frowned slightly and said, “This dog looks a little abnormal. Although Dogo Argentinos are fierce, they don’t look like this.”

Suddenly, Zhang Dazhi’s dog rushed over to Bai Ziping’s. Although the two dogs were not that different size-wise, Bai Ziping’s dog was immediately thrown to the ground. Before it could react, its throat was bitten by Zhang Dazhi’s dog.

Then, it began to bleed. After convulsing a few times, it remained motionless.

The fighting was over in less than 30 seconds! The spectators burst into cheers immediately when they realized what had happened. It was like a One Shot in the boxing arena!

However, the game did not seem to end. The crazy Dogo Argentino was still tearing the body of his opponent desperately. Zhao Er took two trainers into the cage. Not only did they not manage to stop it, but they were attacked by the Dogo Argentino. Eventually, a trainer used a high-voltage stick on it and then pulled it out of the cage.

“This dog is weird!” Bai Ziping frowned and said, “Generally speaking, even if a fighting dog is mad, it will not attack a human. Plus, the strength of these two dogs is at the same level. His dog should not have had such an overwhelming advantage.”

Qin Haodong said lightly, “It’s very simple. Zhang Dazhi has done something to this dog. He stimulated the dog’s potential in some way that not only made it crazy, but also really powerful. It is like the Berserker described in the fantasy novels.”

Bai Ziping answered angrily. “This bastard dared to do that? I’ll ask someone to test the dog’s blood now!”

“It’s useless. This drug is applied on dog hair. You can’t get any results.” Qin Haodong thought for a moment and then said, “Get your men to take some blood and fur samples from Zhang Dazhi’s dog. I’ll study them later.”

“Okay, I’ll have someone do it!”

According to the regulations of the Dogfighting Ring, the loser had the right to run a blood test on the winner’s dog. Bai Ziping immediately asked his subordinates to do it.

While thinking about the mad dog, he asked Qin Haodong, “Doctor Qin, what should I do in the next game? Should we keep going?”

If Qi Waner didn’t bet against Zhang Dazhi, he would pay 20 million yuan to Zhang Dazhi, as he did not want to see Damao and Ermao get killed in the game.

Qin Haodong said lightly, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. Just keep the game going.”

He had full confidence in this competition. He had fed Damao and Ermao with all kinds of pills, so they were comparable to the holy beasts of the Cultivation World. How could they lose to a crazy dog?

As the game went on, the radio rang in the Dogfighting Ring, announcing that the last game would be between a Tibetan mastiff and a Nihon Tosa. The spectators cheered for a while. Thanks to so many years of publicity, the Tibetan Mastiff held a unique place in people’s hearts. Many people hoped that the Tibetan mastiff would win.

However, the Dogfighting Ring then announced that the odds of the competition were 1:2. If one bet on a Tibetan mastiff from the Celestial Empire and it won, one would get 500 yuan for a 1,000-yuan bet. If one bet on a Nihon Tosa, one could get 2,000 yuan for a 1,000-yuan bet.

Upon hearing this, a lot of people were hesitant. They liked Tibetan mastiffs, but they also liked money. The spectators who had seen the failure of Dabai and Erbai yesterday all bet on the Nihon Tosa.

No wonder the spectators were hesitant. Everyone present knew that the Nihon Tosa was a large competitive fighting dog bred in Nihon. Its biting force was 1.5 times that of pitbull’s, it had the reputation of the King of Oriental Dog Fighting, and it was also rumored to be bigger than the Tibetan Mastiff.

Therefore, the vast majority of people still bet on the Nihon Tosa.

In the end, Zhang Dazhi won and regained his confidence. He became arrogant and proud again. While looking at Qin Haodong, he said excitedly, “Boy, let’s see how my dog will kill your dog!”

At the same time, he took a greedy look at Qi Waner, as if he had already won this beauty.

When the game began, Zhao Er sent a tall Nihon Tosa to the dog cage. Meanwhile, he used his right hand to apply drugs on the tip of the Tosa’s nose.

Qin Haodong approached the front of the dog cage with Damao and Ermao. Then, he opened the door, turned around and said, “Damao, you are a boy. You should do this bloody thing.”

Damao seemed to understand. Without any hesitation, it jumped into the dog cage and walked at a leisurely pace, holding its chest and head high. It looked just like a king who despised the world and didn’t care about the Tosa at all.

Upon seeing Damao, the Tosa was a little scared. However, it soon entered a mad state. After letting out a loud roar, it rushed over to Damao. It was as quick and fierce as a crazy lion.

Damao stood there quietly without acting. It seemed as if it was waiting fearfully for the attack of the Tosa.

At the moment, all the spectators were filled with anxiety for the beautiful Snow Mastiff!

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