The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 294 - A Vindication for Tibetan Mastiff

Chapter 294 A Vindication for Tibetan Mastiff

The young ladies around him laughed more happily than before. They hadn’t expected that Qin Haodong would not only be handsome, but also speak vehemently.

“You…” Zhang Dazhi blushed in anger and said, “I won’t fight with your dogs myself. My dog will. Would you?”

Qin Haodong said, “Why not? How much money do you want to bet?”

“Would you?”

Zhang Dazhi asked and stretched out two fingers.

“200 million yuan? Okay!”

Qin Haodong said casually.

He was very confident in the fighting abilities of Damao and Ermao. Anyone who bet with him on dogfighting would just be giving him money. Thus, the higher the stakes, the better.

The people around him were shocked. No one had expected that this ordinary young man would propose a bet of 200 million yuan.

Zhang Dazhi had not expected this either. He thought Qin Haodong was a poor man. It would be fine to bet one or two million yuan. However, no one had expected that he would want to propose betting 200 million yuan.

Although he was very confident about his dog, who had taken uppers, he couldn’t afford so much money right now. Some of his previous savings had been invested entirely in the purchase of fighting dogs. He had only won 100 million yuan from Bai Ziping the previous day.

He retracted his finger and said, looking embarrassed, “200 million yuan is too much. I’m afraid you can’t afford that. I will bet you 20 million yuan.”

Qin Haodong said, “Do as you please. I don’t care!”

Zhang Dazhi looked at Qi Waner again, swallowed and said, “Beauty, would you like to play with us?”

Qi Waner looked at him with a sneer and said, “How do you want to have this bet?”

“It’s very simple. If I lose, I will give one million yuan to you. If you lose, you will accompany me and drink with me the whole night. How is that?”

Zhang Dazhi laughed wickedly. Anyone could see his dirty intentions.

“Well, you are on!” Qi Waner said, “I don’t care about the one million yuan, though. The stakes need to change.”

When Qi Wan promised to have the bet, Zhang Dazhi said cheerfully, “Okay, what do you want to bet? I will accept whatever you say immediately.”

Qi Waner put out one of her long, slender legs, pointed to a high-heeled shoe and said, “Damao just licked my shoe. If you lose, you will lick it for me too.”


Zhang Dazhi’s face changed immediately. Qi Waner was basically calling him a dog by proposing this bet.

“Well, would you dare bet against me? Give me an answer. If you dare not, then get out of here.”

Qi Waner was extremely disgusted by this guy, who had provoked Qin Haodong on his own initiative.

The crowd immediately heckled.

“Will you dare accept the bet or not? Answer her quickly…”

“Licking a shoe for a chance to have a good night with a beautiful woman is a bargain. If I were you, I would accept the bet…”

“If you dare not accept, get out of here and don’t make a fool of yourself…”

Upon hearing those words, Zhang Dazhi gritted his teeth and said, “Of course I accept her bet. I’ll do it!”

He had great confidence in his dog. Yesterday, it had beaten Dabai and Erbai. He thought that these two snow mastiffs, who were of the same breed as Dabai and Erbai, were no better than them.

However, he told Qi Waner, “Wait a minute, Beautiful. I will show you that although these two dogs look beautiful, they are weak and unsuitable to be fighting dogs. I’m sure you will accompany me tonight.”

Qi Waner glanced at Zhang Dazhi and didn’t even want to talk with him. She was well aware of Damao and Ermao’s power. On the training ground of Daddy Security Company, the security guards who were under realm six of the Overt Power were no match for them, let alone an ordinary fighting dog. Challenging Damao and Ermao was clearly a foolish act.

Bai Ziping, who was not aware of the power of Damao and Ermao, whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Doctor Qin, are these stakes a bit high?”

Qin Haodong said, “No problem. You can just agree to that.”

Upon seeing that Qin Haodong was confident, Bai Ziping didn’t say anything else. He immediately waved his hand and let two staff members come to compose a formal gambling agreement according to what Qin Haodong, Qi Waner and Zhang Dazhi had said. From now on, this game would be on.

The onlookers cheered and looked forward to the game. However, as the owner of the Dogfighting Ring, Bai Ziping made arrangements so that this game would be the final show!

After paying a deposit of 20 million yuan, Zhang Dazhi took a proud look at Qin Haodong with the agreement in his hand and then returned to his seat. In his opinion, he would undoubtedly win.

After he left, Qin Haodong, Qi Waner and Bai Ziping sat down together and waited for the start of the competition.

Qi Waner said, “Haodong, it is said that the Tibetan mastiff is the king of dogs. Is this guy a fool? How dare he challenge Damao and Ermao?”

Qin Haodong said, “You’d better ask Boss Bai this kind of professional question.”

Bai Ziping said, “The Tibetan mastiff is indeed a fierce dog, but its reputation is mostly based on speculation. It is far less powerful than people say.”

“Speculation? How could this be possible?”

Qi Waner was suspicious. She believed in her heart that the Tibetan mastiff was the king of dogs like most ordinary people.

Bai Ziping laughed and said, “Although Tibetan mastiffs are fierce, only pedigree and wild Tibetan mastiffs are the kings of dogs. When it comes to Tibetan mastiffs that are raised by humans, even if they are pedigree, they are not very powerful in the Dogfighting Ring.”


Although Bai Ziping was sure to give the most professional analysis, Qi Waner still couldn’t believe it. First, she had heard the name of the Tibetan Mastiff long ago. Second, he had seen its fierce hair. Therefore, the idea that Tibetan Mastiffs were the kings of dogs was deep-rooted.

Bai Ziping said, “Do you know how our dogs are trained? Every morning, they need to run for two hours to warm up. Then, they are put on a special treadmill with a live chicken in front of them and have to run and chase the chicken for two hours.

Besides, we don’t just train them physically. We also train their biting force.

In contrast, the Tibetan mastiff has a good economic value. No one will casually train the Tibetan mastiff, which is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan as a fighting dog. If a master wants to sell their dog at a high price, they have to make their dog look good. Who will buy a Tibetan mastiff that looks terrible?”

What he said expressed his own feelings. If he’d had another choice yesterday, he would not have used his two purebred Tibetan mastiffs, which were worth tens of millions of yuan, as fighting dogs. As a result, they had almost lost their lives.

With a sigh, he said, “The reputation of Tibetan mastiffs is speculated by profiteering merchants. I believe that wild Tibetan mastiffs on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau can drive wolves away. However, Tibetan mastiffs raised in a farm can’t match a well-trained fighting dog. Even Tibetan mastiffs are sold at a high price and are purebred.

This is also why Zhang Dazhi dared to say that Damao and Ermao are useless.”

Of course, he didn’t say that Zhang Dazhi was so confident because his fighting dog was poisonous, or Dabai and Erbai would not be defeated miserably.

Qi Waner did not speak. Although she knew Bai Ziping’s theory was reasonable, she had absolute confidence in Damao and Ermao. These two purebred Tibetan mastiffs would surely earn their reputation again tonight.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the competition officially began and the whole Dogfighting Ring was bustling.

Bai Ziping’s Dogfighting Ring was an oval building with a concrete platform that was about one meter tall in the middle. There was an iron cage about eight meters long, eight meters wide, and three meters tall on the concrete platform. The cage was welded entirely by fat steel bars, so it was very sturdy.

Both sides of the cage had an iron gate that was about two meters tall and one meter wide. At the beginning of the competition, dogs would be put there.

Usually, dogs brought by guests would challenge the Dogfighting Ring’s dogs, and then the guests would choose their favorite dog to bet on.

For the first game, Zhang Dazhi used a tall male pitbull. The dog began to get agitated before even entering the cage. It looked very violent.

On the other side of the ring was also a male pitbull. The two dogs were not very different in size. By contrast, Bai Ziping’s dog was stronger, while Zhang Dazhi’s dog looked more violent.

After the two dogs entered the cage, the staff closed the door and the competition began. According to the rules of the Dogfighting Ring, only when a dog was completely unable to move or died, the competition would end.

Pitbulls were very rough fighting dogs. After entering the cage, the two dogs immediately began to bite each other. The spectators were crying excitedly to cheer on the dog they had bet on.

As a woman, Qi Waner grasped Qin Haodong’s arm instinctively when she saw the scene. Dogfighting was not full of strength and beauty as she had imagined. Instead, it was violent and bloody.

The two dogs became fiercer and fiercer. They collided and worried each other’s neck in an attempt to kill their opponent. Just a minute later, a lot of wounds began to appear on the two dogs, who began to bleed.

While looking at the scene, Zhang Dazhi furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He felt that the dog was familiar and looked like the one that had almost been killed yesterday.

However, he shook his head. That was impossible. Yesterday, that dog had been lucky to survive. How could it possibly be fighting again?

At the same time, he was very doubtful. According to yesterday’s results, Bai Ziping should have no more fighting dogs. He had even speculated that the Dogfighting Ring might be closed today.

However, Bai Ziping had not closed the doors. On the contrary, he did not seem to be timid. Where on earth had he found these fighting dogs? Why was he so confident?

Anyway, he thought that he would surely win and Baizi would give up sooner or later.

With this in mind, the scene in the cage changed. His dog was in an inferior position. The dog’s left forepaw had been bitten by the other dog, and its reaction speed was slower than the other dog’s. It would only be a matter of time before it lost the competition.

“How is that possible?”

Zhang Dazhi couldn’t believe his eyes. If there hadn’t been a huge difference in fur color between the two dogs, he would have thought that his eyes were deceiving him. How could his dog be suppressed by the other dog? He had expected the roles to be reversed.

He waved his hand, called a young man next to him, and asked in a low voice, “Zhao Er, what the hell is going on? Did you forget to put powder on the dog?”

Zhao Er said quickly, “Boss, I sprinkled it with my own hands. It shouldn’t face any problems.”

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