The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 145 - I'll Prove It

Chapter 145 I'll Prove It

Lin Momo looked even more sullen because she now understood Lin Zhigao and his son had manipulated all this. If Qin Haodong were taken away during the board meeting and with the intense publicity of the media, the consequences would be unbearable; however, it was now too late for her to do anything to stop this.

Two cops came in, the leading one was a middle-aged man in his forties, and the other one was a young man in his twenties.

"Who is Qin Haodong?" asked the middle-aged policeman.

He was the deputy superintendent of the police station which had jurisdiction over Lin's Group. He had been getting along well with Lin Pingchao. He was told by Lin Pingchao to teach a lesson to a college boy who practiced medicine illegally. He answered it fast because he didn't see any difficulty in that.

"That's me," said Qin Haodong sitting in the chair, remaining stable and calm.

Zhang Yong said, "You are suspected of illegal medical practice. Now please leave with us."

Before Qin Haodong could talk, a female reporter in her thirties said, "Officer, can we have an interview before you take him away?"

"Fine, take your time."

Zhang Yong promised without hesitation because that was part of Lin Pingchao's plan. The woman named Li Yuanyuan was a reporter from Jiangnan Metropolis Daily. Lin Pingchao bribed her here today to ruin Lin Momo, and hoped to make this an ugly and front-page thing.

Li Yuanyuan turned back to Lin momo after Zhang Yong approved. She asked Lin Momo, "President Lin, can I asked you a few questions?"

Those cameras in other reporter's hands were focused on Lin Momo as soon as she asked the question. Lin Momo was in no position to refuse; she agreed and said, "Yes, please."

Li Yuanyuan sneered and said, "President Lin, I heard Qin Haodong was just a senior student at Jiangnan Medical College, but you recruited him into the group as a healthcare doctor. Did you know that he had no Certificate of Medical Practice? Wasn't that a violation of the employment principle of Lin's Group?"

The woman from Jiangnan Metropolis Daily was well-known for being tart and mean, and she had shown the idiosyncrasy in the best way today. She looked at Lin Momo as she sneered, looking forward to seeing the pretty president got ashamed.

Lin Momo felt a little panic, but she had enough ability to deal with unexpected situations as an experienced president. She said with a light face, "I hired Qin Haodong as the health doctor of the group because he was an excellent doctor. I had a bad car accident days ago, and he brought me back to life."

She tried to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial, and dodging Li Yuanyuan's attack in a subtle way.

Apparently, Li Yuanyuan didn't want to let go of the question. She continued, "President Lin. You didn't answer my question. Have you been aware that Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice? I heard it that you're now in a relationship with him. Did you deliberately ignored it because of your relationship?"

The question was even sharper than the last one. If Lin Momo answered that she let Qin Haodong be the healthcare doctor with the full awareness that Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice, then everything would be different; there would be legal consequences for her to bear.

Surely, Lin Momo wouldn't be set up by Li Yuanyuan. She said, "Watch your language. Qin Haodong's illegal medical practice has not been proven yet, and surely it's not our decision to make. We need evidence from the police."

Li Yuanyuan then said, "President Lin. We need the police to decide legal responsibilities, but you do know that Qin Haodong is still a senior at Jiangnan Medical College, right?"

"I knew that."

"A medical college student had no access to the Certificate of Medical Practice, and that's common sense. Do you know that?"

Li Yuanyuan was really good at this. She got nothing from the last few questions, so she made concessions in order to gain advantages, and hit right on the weak point of Lin Momo. It was known to all that Qin Haodong was still a senior, and Lin Momo had no way to deny.

Lin Zhigao, Lin Pingchao, and Zhao Zhongchen grew prouder when they saw Lin Momo getting more and more nervous.

Lin Momo hesitated and said, "I didn't consider that much. I knew he was an excellent doctor, and he can do more than a healthcare doctor."

"President Lin, you keep saying that Qin Haodong had excellent medical skills, but It's so hard for me to imagine how excellent a college senior can be. Is it because you love him too much? Or can you at least prove it to me?"

Lin Yuanyuan popped out questions one after another, and the questions were getting sharper and shaper. The last question was a total set-up.

If Lin Momo could give the real case of Qin Haodong curing a patient, it would add more crimes on him because of medical practice under no certificate; and if she couldn't take out any case, she would fail to prove that Qin Haodong was an excellent doctor.

Lin Pingchao nodded slightly. The reporter was really worth his bribe. She did have brought Lin Momo lots of trouble.

Lin Momo knew clearly where the problem was. She felt it wrong whether she answered it or not. When she was in a dilemma, Qin Haodong, who had been silent, began to talk.

"Hey, you, I can prove it to you."

Li Yuanyuan looked at Qin Haodong with an intriguing smile and asked, "How?"

Qin Haodong didn't answer his question directly. He took over the remote and turned on the electronic screen in the conference room.

The conference room had been equipped with various electronic facilities. The big screen was the most advanced kind, but nobody knew what Qin Haodong doing was going to do with it.

As all the eyes watching, the screen flashed several times and jumped into the international channel of Huaxia TV. A special interview about Huaxia Economic Forum was on. On the screen, the world famous finance giant Maldini was talking.

The interviewer asked, "Mr. Maldini, welcome to Huaxia Economic Forum. Could you please tell us why are you here to attend this time? Are you going to invest in Huaxia?"

Now the onlookers were even more confused. They wonder if Qin Haodong was nuts, and why would he have other people watch the Economic Forum Program.

Li Yuanyuan asked, "Aren't you going to prove your medical skills? Why are you letting us watch TV?"

Qin Haodong said with a light face, "Don't worry. Just keep watching for a few minutes, and you'll find your answer."

On the screen, Old Maldini said, "To be honest, I wasn't here for the economic forum this time. I am here to visit a doctor."

He pointed at his chubby head and said, "Unfortunately, I found a tumor in my head recently. It was benign, but it gave me a painful headache every day.

"The tumor wasn't that complicated. It could be removed through just surgery, but I refused the anesthesia and the surgery because I need to keep myself sober. That made the tumor hard to deal with for other doctors in the world except for Chinese medicine practitioners in Huaxia."

The host's eyes were immediately lightened up by Old Maldini's words. The financial giant hadn't shared any of his opinions on finance, but his words just now were shocking enough to catch the eyes of the world.

"Mr. Maldini, did you find the right doctor? How are you feeling now? I know a few excellent Chinese medicine practitioners, and I can introduce them to you."

"Thank you, I'm now fully recovered," Old Maldini once again pointed at his head and said, "I found an excellent Chinese medicine practitioner, and he treated me in a magical way. The tumor was cured with 20 minutes. Now I feel so good, better than any time before."

"Cured your brain tumor with 20 minutes? "Are you sure you didn't have a surgeon performed surgery on you?"

"Of course not. Do you see any scars on my head? If I want surgery, the World Medical Association will perform the best one for me. I don't need to come to the far-away Huaxia."

When Old Maldini finished, he had the host carefully checked his chubby head and said, "The doctor used acupuncture and cupping to cure my tumor, pure Chinese medical treatment."

The host opened his mouth in shock and asked in disbelief, "Did you just say that acupuncture and cupping can treat brain tumors? Are you serious?"

Old Maldini smiled and said, "I am here by myself, why would I joke about that? I wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it myself. I have to say Chinese medicine is really amazing, so was the doctor who has treated me."

The host asked in haste, "Who's the doctor? Is he the Grand Master in the capital of Huaxia?"

"No... not him," Old Maldini waved his hand and said it earnestly, "He's the most excellent doctor I've ever seen in my life. But he hasn't graduated from college at this moment. He is a senior at Jiangnan Medical College, and his name is Qin Haodong. Others call him Medical Sage."

The host on the screen and all the audience present were shocked as the show went on. Nobody could imagine that it was Qin Haodong who had cured Old Maldini.

The host on the screen woke up and continued to ask, "Mr. Old Maldini, forgive me if I'm being rude, but are you sure you had a tumor in your head before, and now it has gone? There are lots of scammers now, are you scammed?"

"I'm waiting for the one who can scam me to be born." Old Maldini was in a good mood. After the joke he said to the host, "Dr. Qin Haodong had cured my brain tumor. Dr. James will answer your questions on medicine."

After he finished that, the screen shifted, and James' face appeared on the big screen.

"Mr. James, do you mind introducing yourself?" The host was getting more and more excited. The interview now had gone beyond the range of economy, but that topic would definitely catch the eyes of the world. The audience rating will be high, and may hit a new peak."

"Hello everyone, my name is James, a member of the World Medical Association and an expert in cardiopulmonary, also the apprentice of Dr. Qin Haodong."

The host was even more surprised when he heard that. He was a professional host, indeed, so he didn't panic out and kept asking. "Dr. James, you're a member of the World Medical Association. Why would you be the apprentice of a 20-year-old doctor? Did you say it wrong? Are you Doctor Qin's teacher?"

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