The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 146 - Grand Master of Chinese Medicine

Chapter 146 Grand Master of Chinese Medicine

“No, no, you can’t make fun of that. That’s very disrespectful to my teacher,” James said and looked serious, “Doctor Qin is indeed my teacher, and I want to learn Chinese medicine from him, but he hasn’t agreed on that now, so I’m just a titular disciple.”

“Oh my Gosh!” The host patted his forehead and tried to ease his shocking. A well-known expert of the World Medical Association was trying to be the student of a 20-year-old boy, and the boy refused him. He was now just a titular disciple. That was beyond the host’s imagination.

He calmed down and asked, “Dr. James. Please introduce Mr. Maldini’s health condition to us. Is it possible that the brain tumor is a misdiagnose? Or did it even really exist?”

James said, “The association had run three tests on the brain tumor of Mr. Maldini, and there’s no chance that that was a misdiagnosis. The tumor gave him headaches, very bad ones.”

The host asked in disbelief, “You mean Mr. Maldini’s brain tumor had been cured through acupuncture and cupping of Chinese medicine?”

“Of course. I’ve been watching when my teacher was treating Mr. Maldini. I have to say my teacher’s medical skills were so magical. I felt like that no illness in the world can beat him. I am so proud of being his student.”

The host asked him again, “Can you introduce us the process of how Dr. Qin Haodong used acupuncture and cupping to treat brain tumors?”

James shrugged and said pitifully, “I’m sorry, I’m just a titular student of his, and my Chinese was too poor to learn medical skills from him. So I haven’t fully understood the treatment of Chinese medicine. But we have another expert on Chinese medicine from south of the Yangtze River here today, you can ask him if you have any questions.”

Soon after the scene was shifted, Gao Fengwen showed up on the screen. The old man was in a robe. His eyebrows and beards were bushy, but his cheeks looked rosy. He looked vigorous, which was the typical figure of an elder Chinese medicine practitioner.

Qin Haodong sneered. Old Maldini prepared so much. He let the patient speak for himself first, then let James show his membership of the World Medical Association; at last, he let Gao Fengwen come in. That diversification would definitely create the biggest effect.

It was not that surprising because Old Maldini had so many professionals working for him, and he had been dealing with the media through all these years.

After Gao Fengwen introduced himself, the host asked, “Doctor Gao, I want to ask you that were you there when Dr. Qin Haodong used acupuncture and cupping to treat the brain tumor?”

Gao Fengwen nodded and said, “I watched the whole process. He was indeed a magical doctor, out of everyone’s imagination. I could never be his match even if I can study for 100 more years.”

The host asked, “Doctor Gao, I heard the older the Chinese medicine practitioners are, they more experienced they will be, so usually patients preferred elder doctors. How can Doctor Qin, a man in his twenties, have such excellent medical skills, in your opinion?”

Gao Fengwen praised and said, “You just said ‘usually,’ but Doctor Qin is definitely not a usual one. I couldn’t think of any other words to describe his medical skills except ‘magical’. I’ve never been convinced by anyone in the field of Chinese medicine, but he just convinced me in every way.”

“It’s rare that you could give so high praise to Doctor Qin. Doctor James just said that Doctor Qin used acupuncture and cupping to cure the brain tumor of Mr. Maldini, is that really so? And if it is, is there any chance that the method could be promotion and benefit the world?”

Gao Fengwen said, “Dr. James is right. That’s true. But there are plenty of ways for cupping, and it is not as easy as everybody thinks.”

“Doctor Qin’s method was too difficult for others to learn. That’s why we called him the medical sage.”

“Medical Sage? What does that mean?” the host asked in surprise.

Gao Fengwen said sincerity, “Medical Sage is the sage of medicine. Doctor Qin deserves that title with his excellent medical skills.”

Qin Haodong felt it unnecessary to continue watching when seeing that. He raised his hand and turned off the screen, then he turned back and asked Li Yuanyuan potently, “How’s that? Is it enough to prove my medical skills?”

The audiences were all muted, including Lin Pingchao, who had been totally shocked when seeing the video. No one thought that Qin Haodong was so capable.

He cured the financial giant Old Maldini within 20 minutes; he was respected as the teacher of a member of the World Medical Association; he was respected as the Medical Sage by the Chinese medicine community of Jiangnan City; any one of the three achievements would be beyond the ordinary’s reach.

Li Yuanyuan’s mouth opened wide, but no words slipped out of it. She was accusing a magical doctor of illegal medical practice, and she felt it was such a joke.

She was not the only one. The Deputy Superintendent of the Police Station, Zhang Yong, was shocked, too. Lin Pingchao asked him to take the Medical Sage into the police station in the name of illegal medical practice. That felt like he had been set up.

Lin Pingchao’s face looked ashen because of anger. He was going to take the opportunity and suppress Lin Momo with the reporter’s questions, but now it had become Qin Haodong’s personal achievement propaganda. He should’ve let Zhang Yong take Qin Haodong away as soon as he entered the room.

At the same time, Zhao Zhongchen stood up and yelled, “That’s not right. He might have cured Old Maldini, but that was still illegal medical practice, even if the one he had been treating was the president of M Country.”

After that, he turned back and yelled at Zhang Yong and the other one, “Comrade, please take him away. He practiced medicine without certification.”

Lin Momo was afraid that things would go just like Zhao Zhongchen had said. No matter how excellent Qin Haodong’s medical skills were, how many people he had cured, how serious disease he had cured, that would still be illegal medical practice.

Zhao Zhongchen yelled to Qin Haodong proudly, “Just wait to be put in jail.”

As he said that, something red flashed before him. After a banging, a red booklet slapped on his face heavily.

The old man’s face was swollen, and he was just about to lose temper. At the moment Qin Haodong said, “Who told you I don’t have the Certificate of Medical Practice? What’s this?”

Zhao Zhongchen was shocked. He picked up the booklet and read the five big words on it, A Certificate of Medical Practice. He opened it up and saw Qin Haodong’s name on it.

“That’s impossible, how’s that possible? You obviously had no Certificate of Medical Practice.” Zhao Zhongchen still had the query result given by Lin Pingchao, so he insisted that Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice.

“That’s a fake one, that must be a fake one.” Zhao Zhongchen turned back and yelled to Zhang Yong and other people, “Comrades, the guy was using a fake certificate. That’s doubly guilty!”

Zhang Yong picked up the certificate and checked it. The printing was clear, and it looked exquisite. There was the seal of the Sanitary Bureau of Jiangnan in it, and he could not see anything fake in it.

Zhao Zhongchen held the query result and said, “I’ve already checked it. Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice. That must be fake!”

Qin Haodong said indifferently, “The director of Sanity Bureau, Pan Gaofeng, granted the certificate to me on his own. Are you saying he has given me a fake one?”

Zhao Zhongchen argued and said, “That’s not true! Has his head kicked by a donkey? Why would he give the certificate to a student who has not graduated yet?”

“Who said my head had kicked by a donkey?”

This time, a voice came from the door. Everyone turned back to look, only to see the Director of the Sanity Bureau, Pan Gaofeng walking in with two fellows.

Pan Gaofeng strode to Zhao Zhongchen and looked checked him with sharp eyes. “I give Qin Haodong the Certificate of Medical Practice on my own. What? You got a problem with that?”

“I, I…”

Zhao Zhongchen blushed out of shame and couldn’t speak a word. Granting the Certificate of Medical Practice was the job of the Sanity Bureau, which had nothing to do with him; moreover, he was no more than a company shareholder. His position was no match for the Director of Sanity Bureau.

Pan Gaofeng ignored him and strode to Lin Momo. He asked politely, “President Lin, can you please lend us your conference room for a moment?”

Everyone could tell that Pan Gaofeng was here to help Qin Haodong. Lin Momo would never refuse that, so she said, “Of course.”

Qin Haodong had no idea why Pan Gaofeng would come to the board meeting all of a sudden. So he asked, “Director Pan, why are you here?”

“I just went to the Daddy Security Company and didn’t find you there. Your phone is disconnected. Your staff said you’re working in Lin’s Group, so I’m here.”

“What’s the thing?” Qin Haodong asked.

“It’s a big nice thing,” Pan Gaofeng said as he turned to the reporters below the stage, “Since the press is here, I’ll take the chance to announce major news of the Sanity System, in the conference room of Lin’s Group, today.”

“Some of you might have read from the news that yesterday, Qin Haodong cured the brain tumor of the financial giant Maldini from M Country, which has caught the attention of the word and earned honor for our country, for Chinese medicine, and for Jiangnan City.”

Someone started to applause below the stage. It began as one or two claps but went wild until the whole meeting room was filled with thunderous applause. Zhao Zhongchen, Lin Zhigao and Lin Pingchao were sitting there in embarrassment.

“You must’ve seen the news that Qin Haodong’s achievements have inspired the whole nation.”

When the applause declined, Pan Gaofeng continued, “The Ministry of Sanity of Huaxia approved Doctor Qin’s achievement and authorized me to grant him the title of ‘National Grand Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine’, and reward him 100,000 yuan.”

After that, the staff beside Pan Gaofeng took out a red certificate out and opened it; he showed the certificate to the audiences. On the certificate, there were seven big words, “National Grand Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

All the people in the meeting room were excited. They whispered to each other.

“Gosh, what a young National Grand Master! Maybe the youngest in the history of Huaxia.”

“Well done, Doctor Qin. You have really won glory for the country…”

“Good job! We’re so lucky to have Doctor Qin here in the Lin’s Group as our healthcare doctor…”

At the same time, cameras in all reporters’ hands were focused on the certificate in Pan Gaofeng’s hand. The flashlights kept rustling.

Lin Pingchao, Zhao Zhongchen, and other people felt their face burning. They were just planning to get Qin Haodong arrested in the name of illegal medical practice, now within an eyeblink, Qin Haodong was entitled Medical Sage, and was granted the National Grand Master of Chinese Medicine by the Ministry of Sanity of Huaxia. Those were all heavy slaps on their faces.

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