The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 144 - Lin Pingchao's Trap

Chapter 144 Lin Pingchao’s Trap

Lin Zhigao picked up the A4 paper. That was a query result of a Certificate of Medical Practice from the medical system. The queried person was Qin Haodong, who had no Certificate of Medical Practice for neither western or Traditional Chinese medicine.

“Son, where did you get that?” He felt so happy after seeing it and screamed, “Son, this is something serious! We can use it to put that Qin Haodong in prison! We’ll see if he could still be so arrogant after that.”

Lin Pingchao said, “That’s the result one of my friends got from the medical system, and surely it’s real and contains legal effect. We can deal with Qin Haodong with it, and if we can get rid of him, Lin Momo will be weakened like she has lost both arms.”

“Great, then let’s call the police now. I have friends at the Public Security Bureau. I will call him right away.”

Lin Zhigao smiled and took out his phone. He was going to call the police, but Lin Pingchao stopped him and said, “Wait a moment.”

“Why? Isn’t it better to send the guy in prison earlier? I get irritated just by watching him,” Lin Zhigao asked in surprise.

Lin Pingchao said as he held the A4 paper, “This is our trump card, and we’ll make full use of it if we need to play it. Lin Momo won’t be influenced too much if Qin Haodong got arrested. Grandpa’s backing her up, so it won’t be easy to pull her off the president position. It would be a waste of the card.”

Lin Zhigao asked, “When are you catching him?”

“We’ll have an emergency board meeting tomorrow morning, and I’ll send police to arrest him during the meeting by then. I’ll send some reporters to make the thing ugly and front-page so that we could make full use of the card.

Lin Zhigao asked, “What’s the difference? We couldn’t shake Lin Momo’s position anyway.”

Lin Pingchao glanced at his father and worried about him being so stupid. Sometimes, he even wondered if he was Lin Zhigao’s real son.

He still tried to explain. “There will be three advantages if we do this. First, Lin Momo will be greatly shocked if Qin Haodong is arrested during the meeting. She would be mentally destroyed, and her reputation among the shareholders will be disgraced. She would be panicked.”

“Right, you’re right, son! Anything else?”

“Secondly, after Qin Haodong was arrested, we can once again initiate the vote to replace the president. Qin Haodong will be in prison by then, and his promise of the half-a-year supply of raw gemstone will be invalid.

“Moreover, he would no longer be able to treat those shareholders once he’s put in prison. The shareholders will stop voting Lin Momo for his sake because he has lost all values.”

Lin Pingchao grew prouder as saying that and he continued, “Thirdly, with the press present at the meeting, the whole Jiangnan City will know the ugly thing happened in the Lin’s Group. The president hired a man without a Certificate of Medical Practice to be the healthcare doctor. That would be too huge a scandal for grandpa to protect her.”

“Good idea! That’s three birds in one stone!” Lin Zhigao clapped his hands and praised. “You’re really my smart son; the president position has to be yours.”

Lin Pingchao said proudly, “Dad, now find Zhao Zhongchen, for it’s better if he could be the one initiating the board meeting.”

“Why him? I am also a major shareholder, and I could initiate the meeting, too.”

Lin Pingchao looked at his stupid father and scorned. Then he said, “Lin Momo was put in the position by grandpa. We should be the last one to show up when she’s pulled off the position, or grandpa will be pissed off. Moreover, Zhao Zhongchen is such a perfect scapegoat, what are you saving him for?”

“Understood, son. I’ll go find him now, and let him initiate the board meeting tomorrow morning, at 10 o’clock.”

After he said that, Lin Zhigao left the house in haste.

Lin Pingchao picked up a glass of wine on the table and took a sip. Then he muttered, “Lin Momo, you b*tch, we’ll see if I can get rid of you this time.”

When Qin Haodong and the little fellow went back to the Lin’s Villa, they ran into Lin Momo. She just came back from work and looked quite depressed, and she didn’t even smile when she saw the little fellow.

“Mommy, why are you unhappy?” the little fellow asked.

“Nothing, mom feels just fine.”

“Liar! You looked so unhappy! Did someone bully you? Tell Tang Tang. Tang Tang will send papa to beat him.”

Lin Momo squeezed out a smile and said, “Nobody’s bullying mommy. You can go play with Damao and Ermao.”

“Fine, I’ll go play with them.”

After she said that, she sat directly on Damao’s neck and rushed into the Lin’s Villa.”

After the little fellow left, Qin Haodong asked, “What happened? “Hard time at work?”

Lin Momo looked sullen and said, “Zhao Zhongchen initiates that we should have a board meeting tomorrow morning, at ten o’clock.”

“Let it be if he wants. It’s no big deal. Why are you so unhappy?” Qin Haodong asked indifferently.

“It’s not that simple. During their last meeting, they want to initiate the vote to replace the president, but you stopped them. They brought it up again just days later, I guess there’s a trap behind it.”

Qin Haodong said, “Do you have to hold that meeting as long as someone initiates it? Why wouldn’t they need your approve as the president?”

Lin Momo said, “According to the rules of the Lin’s Group, a shareholder holding more than 10% of the stock could initiate a board meeting at any time. Zhao Zhongchen holds 10 %, so he doesn’t need my approval to hold that meeting.”

Qin Haodong said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go with you tomorrow, and if the old man dares to trouble you again, I’ll kick his as*!”

Lin Momo nodded. The man before her might be younger than her, but she felt safe while having Qin Haodong around.

After dinner, Qin Haodong went back to his home, and he received Old Maldini’s call as soon as he arrived.

“Dear Medical Sage, I’ve fulfilled my commitment to you. I’m here in Huaxia Economic Forum, and they arranged an interview for me. I didn’t say anything except for my medical experience this time, and I introduced the magic of Chinese medicine to the world.”

The old man was very efficient. Qin Haodong said with satisfaction, “Old Maldini, you are a man of your words. I think we’ll be friends in the future.”

“I hope so,” Old Maldini said gladly, “I’ve already had Kukok to arrange that my personal interview will be played three times in the international channel of Huaxia TV, and at the same time be published on major websites and newspapers.”

“Okay, I know, I’ll watch it tomorrow.”

Qin Haodong said and hung up the phone.

The next morning, after breakfast, Qin Haodong went to the company with Lin Momo and entered the meeting room at ten o’clock on time.

The shareholders in the meeting room had been used to it that Qin Haodong attended the meeting together with Lin Momo. Nobody objected to it, including Zhao Zhongchen, Lin Zhigao, and his son.

When everybody arrived, Lin Momo asked, “Director Zhao, you initiate an emergency board meeting again this time. Anything wrong?”

Zhao Zhongchen said, “There’s only one topic for the meeting today. That’s about Qin Haodong practicing medicine illegally in our company. He treated patients and sold drugs in our company without a Certificate of Medical Practice.”

He even held an auction in the infirmary to sell those illegal pills of his yesterday. Director Lin spent 10 million on one of them, and he felt so not right after eating.

“I think it is an illegal medical practice. It’s a crime, and that’s a serious issue. The group has to eliminate this ticking boom right now.”

Lin Momo’s heart tightened up. It turned out that the man was going after Qin Haodong again; however, her expression didn’t change much. She said coldly, “Who told you that Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice? You can’t just make that up without any evidence.”

Zhao Zhongchen smirked. He thought to himself that he would never be scared in the same way from last time. He threw the piece of A4 paper on the table and said, “President Lin, check this out. This is a query report from Sanitary Bureau, indicating that Qin Haodong is practicing medicine illegally. ”

Lin Momo was frightened. She never thought that the guy would stab in her back, and he had even got the query report result of Qin Haodong.

She glanced at the A4 paper, which clearly showed that Qin Haodong had no Certificate of Medical Practice of neither western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. There was even an official seal of the Sanity Bureau on it, which meant that the paper carried legal effects wherever it was.

Lin Momo glanced at Qin Haodong and saw that he was still sitting there freely, without a single trace of panic.

Now that the man had put out evidence, she had to declare something as the president of the group. She had no choice because things had already happened. So she said, “That’s fine, if Qin Haodong didn’t have the Certificate of Medical Practice. Then he could no longer be the healthcare doctor. From today on, he would be my personal assistant.”

Zhao Zhongchen sneered and said, “President Lin, what a nice way to solve that. He practiced medicine illegally, but you promoted him to be your assistant instead of punishing him. I don’t think anyone could accept that.”

Lin Momo frowned and said, “What do you want?”

Zhao Zhongchen said, “I don’t want anything. Practicing medicine illegally is a crime, and he shall be sent to the police.”

“That’s impossible,” Lin Momo smashed on the table and said in anger, “He may not have the Certificate of Medical Practice by now, but his medical skills are real. He had cured so many staff recently, and I knew many of the members of the board was cured by him last time.”

At the moment Lin Zhigao said in a sullen face, “There’re rules everywhere, as in a nation or a company. He should take responsibility if he has violated the law.

“We can’t trust a man who had no Certificate of Medical Practice and deceived everyone. It’s impossible for us to believe in him, or the promise he made last time to ensure the next half years’ raw gemstone supply for the company.

“Therefore, I have two proposals. Firstly, send Qin Haodong to the judiciary authorities and let the Public Security Department bring his to justice; secondly, as the president of the group, Lin Momo only hired her supporters, causing great risks for the whole group, so I now initiate the vote again, to remove her off the position as the president.”

Lin Momo said with a cold face, “It’s OK if you want to vote or want Qin Haodong to leave the Lin’s Group, but you can’t send him to the police.”

She had no choice but to make the huge concessions. She was even willing to sacrifice her president position to save Qin Haodong.

However, Lin Zhigao wasn’t going to let go of Qin Haodong so easily. He said proudly, “That’s not your decision to make. I’ve already called the police before the meeting began, and they’ll arrive in no time.”

At the moment, the door of the meeting room was opened. Seven or eight people stormed in. Two of them were policemen in uniforms, and five or six of them were reporters with cameras on their shoulders.

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