The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 143 - You Are the Medical Sage

Chapter 143 You Are the Medical Sage

“Really? Is that true?”

Old Maldini sat up from his bed with disbelief all over his face. He felt comfortable just now because of the warm on his head, but he never expected his tumor could be cured in that way.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course it is true, now you can let James take you to check right now.”

Old Maldini was rich and old. He usually had two RVs while he traveled, one for him to ride, and the other to be filled with various medical instruments, like an infirmary.

As everyone expected, James took Old Maldini into the RV to do the head fluoroscopy. The private doctor in the RV was very efficient, and a test result was sent to James within ten minutes.

Seeing the test results in his hand, James was startled to leap even he had prepared for this in his mind.

“God, Mr. Maldini, check this out. Your tumor is gone! Magically! Like it has never existed!”

James said to Qin Haodong with excitement, “Mr. Qin, your medical skills are magical. I feel so honored to be your disciple.”

Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng were shocked as well as surprised. Qin Haodong had cured Old Maldini, which was absolutely great news for the officials in the department of sanity because they had perfectly finished the tasks assigned by their higher-ups.

Gao Fengwen and the other two old men were the most shocking ones because they knew deep about medical skills, and they knew how greatly Qin Haodong had done.

Eliminating tumors was definitely the weak point of Chinese medicine compared to Western medicine. There might be solutions if the tumors were in other parts of the body, but not in the head.

Qin Haodong just taught everyone a lesson with his exquisite medical skills. He could cure the tumor in the head without surgery. The process looked simple, and there were no complications. The patient didn’t even feel any pain.

“Doctor Qin, how did you do it? Can you tell us?”

“Doctor Qin, how about you accept me as an apprentice…”

“Yes, Doctor Qin, we want you as our teacher, as long as you can teach us medical skills…”

The scene now looked quite weird. Three old men in their seventies or eighties, known as the masters of the traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangnan City, scrambling for the opportunity to take the 20-year-old young man as their teachers. Nobody would even believe it if this got out.

Qin Haodong was slightly embarrassed. He said to the three old men, “Gramps, you’re the older generation, and how can I be your teacher?”

Gao Fengwen said with sincerity, “That’s fine. As the old saying goes in Huaxia, ‘he who is an expert can be a teacher’. Your medical skills are magical enough to be the teacher of the three of us.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for you to learn my medical skills.”

See the three old men’s pitiful and disappointed faces, he explained, “The ancient Chinese medical skills stressed that ‘medicine and martial arts should stick together’. My medical skills rely totally on my internal Qi. You haven’t cultivated Internal Qi, so you won’t be able to apply it even if I could teach you the method.”

The three old men were slightly disappointed, but they had no other options. It was already too late for them to cultivate internal force at their age.

Gao Fengwen sighed and said, “What a pity. If only I had met Doctor Qin 60 or 70 years earlier.”

Qin Haodong felt quite awkward. He wondered what was going on in the old man’s mind. 60 or 70 years earlier? Even his parents weren’t born by then.

After the sigh, Gao Fengwen continued, “Doctor Qin is definitely the medical sage in Huaxia with your medical skills. I feel disrespecting calling you Doctor Qin. From now on, I’ll call you Medical Sage.”

“Yeah, we will call you the Medical Sage from now on.”

Shen Xiangfu and Zhong Sihai also agreed and said.

“Medical Sage! That’s a nice title, I’ll be the disciple of the Medical Sage from now on!” James yelled.

Old Maldini had awakened from the surprise. He walked to Qin Haodong and said, “Mr. Medical Saeg, thank you for curing me. Me, Maldini, will be your friend forever.”

Old Maldini had been through the business circles for years, but his real friends were few. Most of his friends were his partners in the business. He was making friends with Qin Haodong today with sincerity. On the one hand, he thanked Qin Haodong so much for curing the tumor; one the other hand, as an old man in his eighties, he was sure that he needed to make friends with a magical doctor like this.

Now Qin Haodong’s position in his heart was definitely high than a head of state because the young man could save his life in a critical time.

After that, he waved his hand to an assistant behind. The assistant brought him a checkbook immediately. Old Maldini wrote a check of 100 million yuan fast and gave it to Qin Haodong. He said, “Mr. Medical Sage, this is your pay, and please take it.”

Qin Haodong didn’t refuse because he deserved the diagnose fee. He took over the check and put it in his pocket.

Old Maldini added, “Mr. Medical Sage, one more question. Is it possible for a man of my age to get fit?”

That was the problem he was most concerned with. Men in his age cherished the days to live more than the money to earn; thus, he asked the question naturally when he met a skilled doctor like Qin Haodong.

“Of course, it’s possible,” Qin Haodong answered.

“What is it? Can you teach me?” Old Maldini asked with full expectation.

Qin Haodong took out a Physique-Improving Pill and said, “This is my secret elixir. One pill will keep you strong for a whole year and away from disease.”

“Great, Mr. Medical Sage. How many pills do you have? I want them all.”

Old Maldini was no longer as calm as he used to be when seeing those pills in Qin Haodong’s hand. He wished he could rush over and grab all of them.

“Mr. Maldini, the materials of the pills are very precious and rare. There are three in total, each worth 10 million. That’s 30 million in total.”

Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng were watching, and they were totally shocked. There was no doubt that Qin Haodong had the most excellent medical skills they had never see, but he asked too much for it. 10 million, most people wouldn’t be able to see that much money throughout their entire lives.

However, the Old Maldini acted like it was such a nice bargain. He grabbed the checkbook and wrote a 50-million check. Then he gave it to Qin Haodong and said, “Mr. Medical Sage, here’s 50 million. The extra 20 million is the earnest money, in case you’ll produce any more pills. Please send them to me first, I promise the price will be good.”

This old man showed his excellent business talent. He paid 20 million for booking.

Qin Haodong took the check. With the money he earned in the auction in Lin’s Group, the fee for Ma Wenzhuo to start the business in Shanghai will be fully covered. 200 million yuan in two days, that was jaw-dropping enough for everyone.

He handed over three Physique-Improving Pill to Old Maldini, and then said, “I’ve cured you, don’t forget your promise.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Medical Sage. I am a man of my words. Tonight I’m going to an economic forum in Huaxia. I’ll tell the world that the Medical Sage in Huaxia cured me. I’ll tell the world that Chinese Medicine is a magical technique.”

Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng were so happy to hear Old Maldini’s words. If that was true, they would be so honored as the Medical Managers.

At the moment, Qin Haodong’s Certificate of Medical Practice arrived. Hou Weiguo handed it to Qin Haodong. His attitude had changed greatly. He said enthusiastically, “Young man, work hard. I see the hope of Chinese medicine in you.”

Since all things had been settled, Old Maldini left the Daddy Security Company with the company of Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng.

At the same time, in a five-star hotel in Jiangnan City, Lin Zhigao jumped off the bed and looked back at the slutty woman. He couldn’t look prouder.

“Brother Zhigao, you was such a tough one last night. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get off the bed now.”

The slutty woman looked at Lin Zhigao with flattering eyes. She was indeed surprised. Lin Zhigao used to take the blue pills, but was still as quick as the speed of delivering a parcel; however, last night, he was like a totally different person. No one knew what tonic he had taken.

“Little slut. Wait for me tonight, we’ll see it then,” said Lin Zhigao as he left the hotel with a smug look.

He was over 50 years old now, and had it three times last night and conquered that woman. He couldn’t be more satisfied.

Looked like the Physique-Improving Pill was really effective and worth 10 million. But he still could not get away with the shame of being stepped on his face by Qin Haodong several times in public.

“You bastard. I’ll teach you the lesson as soon as I have the chance.”

Lin Zhigao swore and drove back to their villa.

When he went in, he saw his son, Lin Pingchao sitting in the living room, staring at a piece of A4 paper in his hand, with viciousness and smirk at his mouth corner.

Seeing Lin Zhigao entering the gate, Lin Pingchao put down the A4 paper in his hand and said, “Dad, you’re over 60 now, can you just stop that when you’re in hometown? You’ve been out too much lately, can you even take that much?”

“Being 60 is the reason why I need to seize the day to enjoy my life,” Lin Zhigao said with excitement, “You don’t need to worry about my health. I bought a Physique-Improving Pill from Qin Haodong yesterday. That actually works, and made me ten years old younger.”

Lin Pingchao looked even more vicious after he heard what Lin Zhigao said. He said, “Qin Haodong is an excellent doctor, and he is quite capable. That is why we need to take him away from Lin Momo. He will be a huge block on my way to be the president of Lin’s Group.”

“Yes, you’re right. We’ve planed it out last time, but he just jumped in from nowhere, or you’re now on Lin Momo’s seat. The young man was too arrogant. He was never afraid of us. We have to teach him a lesson.”

Lin Pingchao said, “He pissed us off. We won’t let him be proud so long.”

Lin Zhigao knew his son usually had lots of ideas. He looked at his face and asked, “Son, you already have the idea to deal with the guy, don’t you?”

Lin Pingchao said viciously, “He was an excellent doctor, isn’t he? He has just made friends with the board by curing them. I’ve already checked that he is still an undergraduate at Jiangnan Medical College. He’s legally unqualified to practice medicine now. That’s a crime according to the law of Huaxia. He will have to spend at least 3 or 5 years in jail if getting arrested.”

Lin Zhigao said, “I knew it. Zhao Zhongchen from the company board brought it up last time, but we had no evidence.”

“Evidence?” Lin Pingchao threw the A4 paper heavily on the table in front of Lin Pingchao and said, “Check out what this is!”

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