The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 142 - Removing a Tumor Without an Operation

Chapter 142 Removing a Tumor Without an Operation

“The Rejuvenative Acupuncture.” Qin Haodong answered. “People get presbyopia and astigmatism mainly because the tissues of their eyes become aging and suffer a pathology. I repaired Mr. Shen’s tissues just now, so, he gained normal sight again.”

On hearing the words, Gao Fengwen cried excitedly, “The Rejuvenative Acupuncture! Oh my god, it’s the Rejuvenative Acupuncture! I never thought I could see this magical skill with my own eyes!”

Gao Fengwen was well-known in Chinese medicine for his acupuncture skill, and he had once read some records about the Rejuvenative Acupuncture in ancient books, in which it was described as “King of Acupuncture”. While other acupuncture could be used only to clear the meridians, the Rejuvenative Acupuncture could be used to repair the injured tissues and meridians. Thus, it was no exaggeration to call it a divine skill.

Just now, when Qin Haodong performed the skill, he felt it similar to the skill recorded in the books, but he could not believe it, for the skill had been lost for many years, and he never heard anyone use it.

“Doctor Qin, I never expected you possessed such excellent skills, the Rejuvenative Acupuncture. This will make you the leading person in Chinese medicine in Jiangnan City.”

The skill Qin Haodong causally performed stunned the three old men.

Apart from them, the others present all were stunned by Qin Haodong, especially Hou Weiguo, who had been confused why Old Maldini would come so far to Huaxia to ask a college student for medical treatment, and now, he finally knew this student was an excellent practitioner.

Both presbyopia and astigmatism seemed not serious, but they were incurable in terms of the current medical level. However, Qin Haodong made it in the blinking of an eye.

After the shock, Zhong Sihai said, “Doctor Qin, do you really can cure the tumor in Mr. Maldini’s head?”

“Of course, he can. A man possessing the Rejuvenative Acupuncture won’t lie.”

Gao Fengwen defended Qin Haodong before who could speak. Though he was not clear about how Qin Haodong would remove a tumor in a head, he believed that Qin Haodong could work a miracle again since this young man had worked one by possessing the Rejuvenative Acupuncture.

His doubt of Qin Haodong being able to cure Old Maldini had turned into expectation. He really looked forward to witnessing Qin Haodong perform other amazing medical skills.

Zhong Sihai was late to react and said, “You’re right. The successor of the Rejuvenative Acupuncture would never talk nonsense.”

He turned to Qin Haodong again, “When will you start to treat Mr. Maldini, Doctor Qin? We’re looking forward to widening our view.”

Qin Haodong did not respond but turned to look at Pan Gaofeng. Til then, the three old men remembered the condition Qin Haodong proposed. Gao Fengwen hurriedly said to Pan Gaofeng, “Mr. Pan, we’d love to make recommendations for Doctor Qin.”

Since they agreed, it was legal to grant Qin Haodong a Physician Qualification Certificate now. Pan Gaofeng immediately ordered an officer of Sanitary Bureau nearby to go back to make Qin Haodong’s certificate and bring it here.

Old Maldini said to Qin Haodong after satisfying his first condition, “Doctor Qin, what’s your second condition?”

Now, there was expectation in his eyes compared with before for he had seen Qin Haodong’s skills, which he heard from James before, with his own eyes. Although experienced, he could not help but admire Qin Haodong’s amazing acupuncture skill, with which, the latter cured presbyopia and astigmatism.

“The second condition is about medical fees. You need to pay me a hundred million yuan to get cured,” said Qin Haodong.

Ma Wenzhuo still needed a lot of money to start his business in Shanghai. Considering this, Qin Haodong thought he should rip off this financial magnate who presented himself to his door. Moreover, the money he asked for was not much in his thought as it would cost much more to get his treatment when he was still the Emperor Green Wood in Cultivation World.

However, others were shocked by his words, especially Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng. They had never heard anyone ask for a hundred million yuan as medical fees.

“Doctor Qin, I think you asked for too much. No medical fee would be so expensive in the whole world,” said Hou Weiguo.

“And no one can cure him except me,” said Qin Haodong indifferently.

Hou Weiguo was wordless toward Qin Haodong’s confident and arrogant tone, but he had to admit that except for Qin Haodong, no one else could cure Old Maldini, since who had come so far to Huaxia for medical treatment from a place full of famous doctors.

Old Maldini said with joy, “No problem, Doctor Qin. One hundred million yuan is no big deal if you can cure me.”

As a financial magnate who had billions of dollars, he did take one hundred million yuan lightly. At such an old age, he valued nothing more than his life.

Others remained silent after seeing Old Maldini glad to pay the money.

“Doctor Qin, what’s your last condition?” Old Maldini asked in an eager tone.

“Tell the famous media in the world that you have come to Huaxia seeking for medical treatment. Everyone in the world should know you’re cured by Chinese medicine.”

Qin Haodong’s words lit up many people’s eyes. Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng, the officers of Sanitary Bureau, as well as the three Chinese medicine practitioners, Gao Fengwen, Zhong Sihai, and Shen Xiangfu all knew the significance of the condition, which would turn the Chinese medicine around.

As the situation of Chinese medicine became more and more embarrassing, many people, especially those foreigners, did not acknowledge Chinese medicine as legal, and some of them even described Chinese medicine as a trick, witchcraft, and even pseudoscience.

However, if Old Maldini, the well-known financial magnate in the world, shared his experience about Chinese medicine with the media, it would win Chinese medicine more reputation and improve its status in the world. The advertising effect it brought was much more valuable than one hundred million yuan.

Facing this condition, Old Maldini hesitated. He said to Qin Haodong, “Doctor Qin, you know, I coming to Huaxia seeking for medical treatment is of top secret. If I let it out, the economy worldwide will be affected. So, could you please ask for something else?”

Qin Haodong explained. “Mr. Maldini, you got me wrong. I’m not saying announce the news right now but after you’ve totally recovered. By then, you’ll be very healthy, and the announcement won’t cause any adverse impact on anything.”

“Okay, I agree, then.” Old Maldini blurted out. He’d love to propagate Chinese medicine using himself as an example if Qin Haodong could cure him.

“Great. Let’s start the treatment now.” After saying this, Qin Haodong took Old Maldini to his clinic from the meeting room.

James, Gao Fengwen, Zhong Sihai, and Shen Xiangfu, as well as Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng, followed them while others waited in the meeting room.

With a table, several chairs, a ward bed, and some simple medical appliances of Chinese medicine in it, Qin Haodong’s clinic looked so different from Western doctors’.

Old Maldini glanced around and asked, “Doctor Qin, this is where you will treat me?”

“Yes, right here.” Qin Haodong answered.

“Well, isn’t it a little shabby for a long stay?” asked Old Maldini.

“Long stay? Why? It won’t take more than thirty minutes to cure you.”

In great surprise, Old Maldini asked, “Did my ears deceive me, doctor Qin? You just said you could cure me in less than thirty minutes?”

“Well, in fact, twenty minutes are enough.”

“Oh my god, do you really mean it? Am I encountering a god?”

Old Maldini found it incredible, and if not for James’s guarantee and that he had seen Qin Haodong’s skill with his own eyes, he would think he met a swindler.

Shen Xiangfu asked, “Doctor Qin, which treatment will you use?”

He still could not think of any way through which Qin Haodong could cure the tumor without doing an operation. It was beyond his cognition.

“Of course, follow some old practices, acupuncture and cupping.”

With this, Qin Haodong turned around, took out three glass cups, and told Old Maldini to lie down.

“This…” Gao Fengwen and the other two old men looked at each other with an expression of disbelief. They had practiced cupping many times, but they never heard that it could be used to cure a tumor within twenty minutes.

Fully prepared, Qin Haodong started to treat Old Maldini, whose bald head saved him a lot of work of shaving his hair when Qin Haodong cupped him.

Beginning with pushing several silver needles into Maldini’s acupoints, Qin Haodong fetched a glass cup, filled it with Green Wood Genuine Qi, and upended it on the Baihui acupoint on Maldini’s head. After that, he upended a cup on Maldini’s both temples.

Seeing that, Gao Fengwen and the other two old men looked confused. They were experienced in cupping that they knew the cups should be heated from inside to stand firm on human bodies. Therefore, they were really bewildered when seeing the cup attached to Maldini tightly after being placed causally by Qin Haodong.

After those steps, Qin Haodong reached out his right hand and felt Old Maldini’s dantian, insert Green Wood Genuine Qi into it. Watching aside, everyone was nervous and wondered if Qin Haodong could cure the tumor thought this strange way.

In fact, Qin Haodong had cured tumors more than once in this way in Cultivation World. Basically, it was about converting the tumor into fluid with Green Wood Genuine Qi and forcing the fluid out of the body into the cup with the silver needles.

The tumor in Old Maldini’s head was as small as the yolk of an egg, so, it was easy to remove it. Soon, Gao Fengwen and others saw a drop of black fluid flow out from Old Maldini’s Baihui acupoint and fell into the cup. The same happened to his both temples, and more and more fluid flew out from his three acupoints.

“It’s… it’s…”

The onlookers were amazed at the scene, but none of them knew the skill Qin Haodong was performing.

About fifteen minutes later, Qin Haodong cleared out the tumor from Old Maldini’s head, five minutes earlier than he had expected.

He withdrew his right hand and took back all the needles from Old Maldini’s head. At the moment, some black fluid the tumor turned into had been gathered in the three glass cups.

He took the cups down and threw them into the trash bin beside. After that, he told James to fetch some towels and hot water to clean Maldini’s head.

“Get up, you’re cured now.”

Qin Haodong said while patting Old Maldini’s shoulder.

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