The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 106 - Mr. Bai Is Crazy

Chapter 106 Mr. Bai Is Crazy

Looking at Bai Wenjie, Zhang Meng was completely confused. Is he still the brother-in-law of the general bureau, who used to bully people by force and be unreasonable?

The people who were watching were also puzzled. No one expected that the big bully would change his mind. Pigs might fly?

Then Zhang Meng was in a dilemma again. Although Qin Haodong had beaten so many people now, it was self-defense. Bai Wenjie, the victim, also expressed it was acceptable. How could he arrest Qin Haodong?

Bai Wenjie said, “Zhang Sir, I have committed so many crimes. I want to surrender and arrest me quickly please.”

Zhang Meng suddenly felt a headache. What’s going on? He couldn’t arrest the one he wanted; while the one he didn’t plan to arrest surrendered himself. It was the first time he met such a case since he had been a policeman for more than 10 years.

Being hesitated for a moment, Zhang Meng looked at the crowd who aggressively looked at him. He knew that it was impossible to arrest Qin Haodong today. This could only be settled down later. Let’s take Bai Wenjie and others to leave first.

“Take them back.”

Zhang Meng waved his hand and asked his men to handcuff all the hooligans. Then they left the clinic with Bai Wenjie. Of course, this was just making a show, and they would be released when they went back.

Zhang Meng clearly knew this kind of thing, and his staff knew it as well. When they were outside the gate, a policeman whispered in Zhang Meng’s ear, “Sir, shall we let them go now?”

“Not now. So many people are watching. Bring them back to the police station first.”

Zhang Meng already noticed some people were looking at them, and he asked his men to take Bai Wenjie to his car. Other gangsters were also taken to patrol wagons, rushing to the police station together.

There were four people in the car of Zhang Meng. Besides Zhang Meng and Bai Wenjie, there were a driver and the little policeman who talked to Zhang Meng just now. Both of them were Zhang Meng’s trusted subordinates.

After getting on the car, Zhang Meng asked, “Mr. Bai, what’s wrong with you today? Did that guy threaten you? You’re safe now. Just tell me what you want to say.”

“No one threatened me. I really realized my mistakes, so I’m going to surrender. Please give me a chance to reform myself.”

Looking at Bai Wenjie’s sincere repentant expression, Zhang Meng’s heart was really shocked like a thousand horses were running on it. What the hell was going on? He must be crazy.

When the little policeman got on the bus, he didn’t pay any attention to this side and kept fiddling with his cell phone. However, his expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Sir! There’s a big problem!”

Zhang Meng was a little agitated at this time. After hearing the cry of the little policeman, he was dissatisfied and said, “What’s the problem? What’s the big deal? I will solve all the problems, no matter how difficult they are.”

“Sir, look! The video of Mr. Bai has been posted to the Internet. Now many websites’ headlines are his news.”

Then the little policeman played a video on his mobile phone and handed it to Zhang Meng.

Hearing the video of Bai Wenjie, Zhang Meng was stunned. Then he took the mobile phone and looked at it from beginning to end. Then he suddenly became dumbfounded.

Crazy! Crazy! Bai Wenjie was really crazy!

This was the only idea in his mind at this time. Bai Wenjie confessed so many crimes. Many of them were felonies, and he even had killed two people. The most important thing was that the video had been posted on the Internet. It was a major case, and he couldn’t handle it.

At this moment, they had already entered the police station. A policeman behind them came up and asked, “Sir, shall we let these guys go?”

“Bullshit! Send they all to the interrogation room. Without my orders, none of them could go.”

Zhang Meng had been a policeman for so many years. Now he had realized the seriousness of this matter. Bai Wenjie’s lackeys had worked for him for so many years. None of them was innocent. If they were released now, it would be a big trouble when they were investigated.

Not only could these hooligans not be released, but also Bai Wenjie. Now the event had beyond his power, and he was unable to shoulder this responsibility.

Although that policeman did not understand why Zhang Meng suddenly changed his expression, he could only send those hooligans into the interrogation room and detained them all according to the order.

Zhang Meng thought for a moment and decided to give the hot potato to the General Director, Fu Haikun. Thus, the management of Bai Wenjie would have nothing to do with him.

Thinking of this, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Haikun’s phone: “General Director, I am Zhang Meng. There is an important matter that needs to be urgently reported to you.”

“What’s the matter?” A middle-aged man’s voice came over the phone.

“Director, this is particularly important. It’s unsuitable on the phone. I must report it to you face to face.”

Although Zhang Meng was Fu Haikun’s direct descendant, but this matter was too important, so he also kept an eye on it. If he reported it on the phone, what should he do if Fu Haikun asked him to release Bai Wenjie? If he really did that, he would shoulder the responsibility in case Fu Haikun refused to admit after that. So he must hand Bai Wenjie to Fu Haikun face to face.

“Well, come on, I’m at Murraya Hotel.”

Fu Haikun didn’t know what happened here, and he believed in Zhang Meng very much. So he didn’t think much about it and directly told Zhang Meng his position.

Zhang Meng was relieved and let his driver drive straight to Murraya Hotel.

Murraya Hotel was the only four-star hotel in Wufeng County. It was also the most upscale hotel here. In the luxurious No. 1 VIP room, Fu Haikun, General Director of the county public security bureau, was sitting together and drinking with a stout middle-aged man.

This man was Hong Tianbao, the president of Tianbao Real Estate Group in Wufeng County. He had a very good relationship with Fu Haikun and they had done a lot of illegal things together.

Today, although only two of them eat, they had ordered many wine and vegetables which were full of the table. It was a sumptuous feast.

Hong Tianbao grabbed a bottle of Maotai and poured a cup for Fu Haikun. He smiled and flatteringly said, “Big brother. Please help me of the reconstruction of the old street.”

Fu Haikun picked up his glass and took a sip. Then he said, “Things in the old street are not easy to handle. Now the government has gave repeated orders and injunctions. Police forces are not allowed to be involved in the demolition.”

Hong Tianbao said, “Brother, I know, I don’t want to make you any trouble. The only thing I asked for is when my men are working; you just turn a blind eye to them.

To tell you the truth, the biggest difficulty in this demolition is Jishi TCM Clinic. The old man Li is really a stone in the pit, smelly and hard. But he is very prestigious in that area. Nobody will move if his family does not agree to move.

So I want to make a breakthrough from his house, and then other ordinary people will be easy to relocate.”

Fu Haikun said, “It’s not easy to move the old Li Qingshan. He has a high reputation in Wufeng County. Even the two leaders of the county have been treated by him. If there’s any trouble, nobody will be able to afford it. I think you’d better give him more money to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

“Brother, you don’t know. I’ve talked to the old man. I’ve deducted half of the relocation fees of other people’s houses, but I give him all they should get. But this old man still doesn’t agree. He said I have to build a clinic for him in the vicinity first. And he said he had to ensure the treatment of everyone, and then he will agree to move.

Brother, think about it. How much a contact points in commercial network takes nowadays. If I build a clinic for him like this, how much can I earn? What do so many of my brothers eat? Besides, with that old man’s bad temper, if I really give him more money. He’s sure to go around and show off. Then the reconstruction will be more difficult.”

As Hong Tianbao saying this, in his heart he scolded Fu Haikun. This guy usually gained a lot benefits from him, but he didn’t want to take any responsibility when he needed his support. But if he wanted to demolish Li Qingshan’s TCM clinic, he must told the local emperor Fu Haikun in advance.

Just when he wanted to say something more, the door opened and Zhang Meng came in, followed by Bai Wenjie and the young policeman.

Fu Haikun looked up at Zhang Meng and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Meng looked at Hong Tianbao and was hesitant. Fu Haikun said, “Old brother Hong is on our side. You can say anything.”

With Fu Haikun’s consent, Zhang Meng stopped hiding and said, “General Director, there’s a big problem! Mr. Bai is crazy.”

“What? What did you say? Fu Haikun asked with an incredible expression.

At the same time, he looked at Bai Wenjie standing next to him. He saw his brother-in-law was covered with blood, with a bloody nose and a swollen face. He asked again, “What’s happened?”

“It’s hard to say, General Director. You’d better look at this first.” Zhang Meng said and he waved to the yong policeman, who immediately handed over his mobile phone to Fu Haikun, and at the same time clicked on the key to play the video.

Fu Haikun suspiciously looked at the video. The more he looked at the video, the more severe he looked. Finally, his whole face turned black. After watching the video, he patted the table and scolded Bai Wenjie, “Did you let the donkey kick your head? How dare you say that? If you just want to die, don’t take me with you!”

Bai Wenjie, however, did not change his expression much. He said, “Brother-in-law, I know I’m wrong. I’ve done too many immoral things these years. I’m going to surrender myself to the public security bureau…”

Fu Haikun didn’t expect his brother-in-law’s change. He shouted to Zhang Meng, “What… What the hell is going on?”

“General Director, I suspect that there is something wrong with Mr. Bai’s brain. He must be crazy, or no one will make all these deadly things clear.”

Hearing this, Fu Haikun took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. After all, he was also a person who had seen storms. He knew that the best thing to do now was to calm down.

Thinking back on the video just now, Bai Wenjie’s was indeed mad, but he didn’t say anything about Fu Haikun, which was a fortune in unfortune for him.

Thinking that his hat could be preserved, he became confident in his heart. He asked Zhang Meng, “What happened today? Why did Wenjie become like this?

“I don’t know exactly. It was this…”

Zhang Meng narrated today’s story from the beginning to the end, and finally he said, “General Director, I think this must have something to do with the young bastard adopted by Li Qingshan. This video must have been posted on the Internet by him. The sudden madness of Mr. Bai probably caused by him too.”

Hearing this, Fu Haikun did not speak. He leaned his head on the back of the chair, slowly closed his eyes and began to think.

Now the urgent matter was how to deal with Bai Wenjie. If he was released, no one could shoulder the responsibility once it was investigated. Now the case was too big, the higher authorities would inevitably send people to investigate it. He was only a County Public Security Bureau Director, an administrative level official. It was impossible for him to handle such a big case.

But if he didn’t let Bai Wenjie go, the tiger wife in his family had only such a brother. If he really sent Bai Wenjie to prison, his wife must put up a desperate fight with him.

Just when Fu Haikun was in a dilemma, Hong Tianbao smiled. He was worried that his problem could not be solved. Now the opportunity came.

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