The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 107 - Feel It Like Home

Chapter 107 Feel It Like Home

Hong Tianbao said to Fu Haikun, “Brother. No one should be judge in his own cause. I have a good way to deal with this matter.”

Fu Haikun suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Hong Tianbao. “Brother, you say, what’s your way? As long as you help me to go through, we’ll be blood brothers in the future.”

“Brother, are you worrying about how to deal with Mr. Bai?”

“Yeah, he has made a big mess now, and it’s really difficult to deal with it. If I really arrest him, you know my wife’s temper. She must make a fuss with me. If I don’t arrest him, it’s a big trouble when the higher authorities get involved, and I will be implicated.”

Hong Tianbao said, “In fact, this is easy. Although Mr. Bai said so many things in the video, his spirit is obviously unstable. Who knows if it’s true or false? Besides, Mr. Bai is seriously injured. First, he is granted to be released on bail for medical service. Even if it is found that there is nothing wrong with it.”

“Look, I’m really confused. I forgot about letting him go to hospital. Fortunately, my brother reminded me.” Fu Haikun looked relaxed, but then he said, “Brother Hong, this method is good, but it can only work for a while, and it cannot fundamentally solve the problem.”

Hong Tianbao laughed and said, “It’s not a long-term plan to go to hospital on bail. But old brother you forget, he is crazy now. Then you give him a psychiatric appraisal. As long as you get that little register book, No matter what laws he has violated, he will be released.”

“Brother Hong, you still have a smart mind. I will remember your kindness.” Fu Haikun laughed, and with his power in Wufeng County, it was easy for Bai Wenjie to get a mental illness certificate. Moreover, Bai Wenjie’s head was really in trouble now.

He turned to Zhang Meng and said, “Go ahead and do it. First, send Bai Wenjie to the hospital for treatment, and then make the procedure for medical treatment on bail. The procedure must be done well. Never let the higher authorties find out any problems.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll do it right away.”

Zhang Meng promised and left the office with Bai Wenjie. The outcome of this way was a joy to everyone. He had gained a lot of benefits from Bai Wenjie these years. If he was really thoroughly investigated, it would be worse.

When they left, Hong Tianbao said, “Brother, this matter is now half solved, and half has not been solved yet.”

Fu Haikun occupied in this position of General Director, his mind was very smart. Just now he was too shocked and somewhat confused. Now he was calm down. He immediately responded to Hong Tianbao’s words, “You mean the Li family?”

“Yes, today’s problem mainly lies in the grandson adopted by Li Qingshan. If he keeps his eyes on this case, it’s troublesome when higher authorities thoroughly investigate it. The best way is to handle him in advance.”

Fu Haikun touched his chin and said after meditation, “This case will inevitably be investigated by higher authorities. So if we want to kill that guy, we must thoroughly do more and can’t leave any clues.”

“He is just a babe in arms. It’s easy to dispose of him.” Hong Tianbao said with a sneering expression, “Brother, you just heard that this kid is very angry and is skilled. If I ask someone to demolish their house now, he will not be able to control his temper. He would surely fight with my people.

At that time, brother can arrest him and sent him to the bureau. You can let him stay there for three or five years. By the time he can come out, the event has passed and nothing will happen.

Fu Haikun immediately understood that Hong Tianbao wanted to take this opportunity to demolish Li Qingshan’s clinic, but this approach was also beneficial to him, and he had no further objection.

He thought about it and said, “That’s a good idea, but are you sure Li’s family has no background? If we really provoke some big people behind them, it will be a problem.”

“I can assure you, apart from the patients treated by him over the years; he did not have any relationship at all. And brother you also saw that his clinic was smashed by Mr. Bai. If he had background, it would have been used earlier.”

Fu Haikun thought for a moment, nodded and said, “My brother is right. Just do as you said, but be quick. You must get that kid before the investigation team comes.”

Hong Tianbao was delighted that his method not only solved the problem of demolition, but also tied Fu Haikun to him together. Today’s treat was really worthwhile, and he got such a big surprise.

“Don’t worry, brother. I’m going to arrange it and will let that young guy in prison tonight.”

Then he immediately got up and arranged for the forced demolition.

In the Jishi TCM Clinic, after Zhang Meng and others left, those who received the money were grateful to Qin Haodong. Especially the relatives of the deceased, they suddenly got one million yuan. They excitedly knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Qin Haodong. They didn’t even get any compensation before.

After a long time, they sent these people away. Li Shulan took Qin Haodong’s hand and said, “Little Dong, go quickly. You hit Bai Wenjie. His brother-in-law is the General Director of the Public Security Bureau. He will definitely send men to arrest you later.”

“Don’t worry, aunt. Now Bai Wen has got so many trouble that he can’t protect himself. How can he come to arrest me?”

Qin Haodong had indeed arranged this. According to his present cultivation, the Mind-manipulating could be kept in Bai Wenjie’s mind for three days, and there would certainly be no retaliation within three days. After three days, Bai Wenjie would surely be taken to prison.

“Really?” Li Shulan was still a bit worried.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course, it’s all right. Bai Wenjie’s brother-in-law is just a Director of Public Security Bureau, not an emperor. He can’t keep such a big case in his control.”

Li Shulan thought about it and was relieved.

At this time, Wang Rubing held Qin Haodong’s ear in front of him and said, “Little boy. Tell me, when did you become so fierce?”

Qin Haodong hurriedly cried, “Sister, my sister. Release me quickly. How can I marry a wife in the future if you make my ear become so long?”

He grew up with Wang Rubing, and Wang Rubing was only three days older than him. They were of the same age. They were on good terms in the past and often roughhoused.

Although Qin Haodong had been the Emperor Green Wood in recent years, and his status in the Cultivation World was beyond reach, but he could not find this kind of relative affection anyway. Thus the family atmosphere now made him feel very enjoyable.

Li Shulan said, “Girl, release little Dong quickly, or when your grandma comes back, she will preach at you again.”

Wang Rubing hummed and released Qin Haodong’s ear. Li Shulan asked again, “Little Dong, tell your aunt. What’s going on?” When did you learn kungfu?”

Qin Haodong, of course, could not say that he was a cultivation artist. He said, “Aunt, it’s not surprising. I took freestyle grappling as my elective course in college these years.”

“Come on, can the things taught in college be so useful?” Wang Rubing said with a skeptical expression.

“Maybe I am a martial arts talent. In the future, if you are bullied by your boyfriend, come and look for me. I will beat him as a pig.” Qin Haodong said with laugh.

“You…” Wang Rubing was about to grab the other ear of Qin Haodong again. Li Qingshan said, “Well, stop kidding. I still have something to ask Dong.”

Wang Rubing casted a stern glance at Qin Haodong and resentfully took back her right hand.

Li Qingshan asked Qin Haodong, “Boy, who taught you the skill of bone-setting?”

“It’s an old professor in my school, he’s retired now. If grandpa wants to learn, I can teach you.”

Qin Haodong fabricated a retired old professor at random, and no one knew whether he was telling the truth or not.

“Oh!” Li Qingshan sighed, “There is a master in Jiangnan Medical University. It’s right for you to go there to study medicine. It seems that if you want to learn skills, you still need to go to big cities.”

Hearing of this, Wang Rubing excitedly said, “Little boy, tell you. Your sister also will go to Jiangnan City. No matter what difficulties you encounter in the future, I can look after you.”

Although they took the exam together, the medical university took five years. She graduated from a general undergraduate university in a foreign city for four years. This year, she just graduated.

Qin Haodong asked, “Sister, where will you go?”

Li Shulan said with a happy face: “Dong, your sister has passed the examination of civil servants after she graduated. In a few days she will go to Jiangnan City Public Health Bureau to register.”

For ordinary families like them, it was absolutely a great joy for children to be admitted as civil servants.

“Yes, that’s great.” Qin Haodong was also happy for his aunt and sister. He said, “Sister, when you get to Jiangnan City, go for me and I’ll arrange a place for you to stay.”

He knew very well that she couldn’t afford to buy a house in Jiangnan City in a short period of time with his aunt’s economic conditions. Even renting a house was a great financial burden. As his villa had so many vacant rooms, it was just right for Wang Rubing to live in.

Before Wang Rubing could speak, Li Shulan said quickly, “No. It’s not easy for you to live alone in Jiangnan City. Your sister has already graduated, and she can work to make money. How can she bother you?”

“Aunt, it’s OK…” Qin Haodong broke off in mid-sentence, and finally he did not say anything about his villa. After all, today’s events had shocked his family enough, if he said too much, they would not accept it for a while.

“Little Dong, don’t talk about it. It’s absolutely impossible.” Li Shulan once again refused in good faith.

Qin Haodong sighed and said nothing more. When he returned to Jiangnan City, he could directly take his sister to his villa.

Li Shulan said, “Dong, 30,000 yuan is enough to redecorate the clinic. You take the rest of the 3 million yuan of compensation to buy a house in Jiangnan City. Nowadays you can’t marry a wife if you have no house.”

Qin Haodong was moved by his aunt, who was even nicer to him than his mother. She did think of him for the first time when she got money instead of her own daughter.

He said, “Auntie, I can’t take this money. It should be left to grandpa. The house is too old. There’s no need to renovate it. Let’s build a new clinic.”

Li Qingshan said, “Little Dong, that’s not possible. I can tidy up the clinic alone. You deserve the money. Just take it.”

“Grandpa, I really can’t take it, and I’m not short of money. I have a lot of money now.”

Li Shulan said, “This kid talks nonsense again. Where can you make money as a student? Just listen to your grandpa and take it.”

As they were talking, an old lady with white hair came in from the door. It was Zuo Lanzhi, Qin Haodong’s grandmother. The old lady was over 70 years old this year, but because of good maintenance, she was neither deaf nor blind. And she had no difficulty in walking.

As soon as she entered the door, the old lady did not notice the broken clinic, but saw Qin Haodong. She said, “Little Dong, my grandson! You come back, grandma missed you so much.”

Seeing Zuo Lanzhi, Qin Haodong was moved in his heart. The old lady had a preference for him since he was a child; she was even nicer to Qin Haodong than her own grandson.

“Grandma, you’re back. Be careful when you walk.”

The ground was covered with smashed debris. Qin Haodong rushed over to hold the old lady up for fearing that she might fall.

“What happened?” Zuo Lanzhi noticed that the clinic had been smashed at that moment and asked in surprise.

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