The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 105 - Give Me a Certificate of Merit

Chapter 105 Give Me a Certificate of Merit

Soon, Li Shulan’s mobile phone gave out a tinkling sound. She took a look at it. It was Bai Wenjie’s three million yuan transfer.

Although she was very angry when the gangsters smashed the store, Li Shulan felt a little nervous when she saw such a long string of numbers. She whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Little Dong. Is this alright?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s natural to pay off debts. They smashed our store. Now they are willing to offer compensation. There is nothing wrong, you can take it.”

After that, he turned to Bai Wenjie and said, “Am I right? Mr. Bai.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Bai Wenjie endured the severe pain on his arm and tried to make a reluctant smile, which turned out to be uglier than crying.

Although Li Shulan still was a little hesitated, she finally did not say anything.

Bai Wenjie said, “Brother, I’ve paid the money. Can I leave now?”

“Take your time, we haven’t finished yet.” Qin Haodong said.

Bai Wenjie said, “Brother, I’ve paid three million yuan. Why do you say that we haven’t finished yet?”

Qin Haodong pulled a chair and sat opposite Bai Wenjie and said, “I heard that you have done a lot of bad things in recent years. Let’s make these things clearly today.”

Bai Wenjie said, “Well… well… It seems to have nothing to do with your family.”

“It should have nothing to do with my family. But since you have come here today, it has something to do with us. Today, I’ll ask for justice for our villagers in Wufeng County.”

Bai Wenjie grinned, and now he regretted very much. How did he suddenly come here to make troubles today? As a result, he was beaten like a dog and paid for three million yuan. It was not over yet.

However, the initiative was in Qin Haodong’s hands. He has no way for resistance, and could only take it.

Qin Haodong asked, “I heard that seven people died in your mine. Not only did you refuse to make compensation to their families, but you also hit them. Is that true?”

This was not a secret in the whole Wufeng County. It was impossible if Bai Wenjie wanted to deny it, he could only bite his teeth and said, “Yes, this is true.”

“Now pay one million yuan per family.”

Bai Wenjie trembled and cried, “One million, that’s too much. According to the normal compensation standard, that’s about 300,000.”

“According to the normal compensation standard, it will be 300,000 yuan. But you not only refuse to make compensation timely, but also hit their family members. In terms of the delay of time and the mental loss fee, one million is suitable. Quickly make the compensation.”

“I…” Bai Wenjie wanted to oppose it, but in the face of the young man in front of him, he couldn’t resist at all. He could only say, “I don’t know their account numbers. I can only transfer it to them after I go back and check it out.”

“It’s easy. I can help you.”

Then Qin Haodong dialed Qi Waner’s telephone number and told her the story briefly. Then he said, “I need the bank card accounts of those seven victims’ families now. Can you find them?”

Qi Waner said, “This is too simple. It will be sent to your mobile phone in five minutes.”

As the world’s top hacker, thing like this really did have no difficulty for her. In less than three minutes, Qin Haodong’s mobile phone gave out a tinkling sound, and the seven victims’ family information and bank card accounts were all sent out.

Qin Haodong handed his mobile phone to Bai Wenjie and said, “Do the transfer.”

Bai Wenjie took a look at the information on the mobile phone. It was the family information of the seven victims. At this time, his heart was full of doubts and shock. He did not understand how Qin Haodong did it. He found out the information so quickly.

But seven million was also a lot of money for him; his heart would like to drip blood if he just paid the money. He said, “Brother, I will make the compensation, but I do not have so much money in my account. Can I give it in a few days?”

Qin Haodong didn’t believe a word of him, so he was too lazy to talk nonsense. He directly used Mind-bewitching. “Mr. Bai, you are a sensible person. For these victims, you deserve to pay one million yuan. Give money as soon as possible.”

“You are right.” Bai Wenjie shivered slightly, picked up his mobile phone and began to transfer money.

Li Shulan and others were startled. They didn’t understand how this scoundrel became so obedient. Before, he refused to give out 300,000 yuan. Now, he took out one million yuan at once. How could this happen?

Bai Wenjie’s account was still very well-funded. He soon transferred the seven million yuan. Qin Haodong said, “And the wages in arrears should also be paid to your workers now.”

Without any hesitation, Bai Wenjie began to transfer money again. Less than 10 minutes, all the wages owed were transferred into the workers’ accounts.

Qin Haodong nodded satisfactorily and asked. “Are you still in arrears with other people’s money?”

“No, that’s all.” Bai Wenjie said.

“Well, tell me all the bad things you’ve done over the years.” Then Qin Haodong said to Wang Rubing, “Sister. Record it on your mobile phone and sent it to the Internet later.”

All he did was to settle Bai Wenjie thoroughly and send him to prison. Otherwise, this guy would surely come to make trouble later.

Wang Rubing didn’t understand. Since Bai Wenjie was very cunning, how could he possibly say his crimes and make himself videotaped?

But at this time, Bai Wenjie was beginning to talk about the bad things he had done over the years. Although he said them briefly, it still took nearly more ten minutes.

Hearing what Bai Wenjie had done, the surrounding onlookers were also shocked. This guy really did all kinds of bad things. Relying on his forces in Wufeng County, he had bullied men and women with robbing, injury, rape as well as killing of two people. On the basis of these crimes, he should be sentenced to die more than ten times.

“What’s your background? You have done so many illegal and criminal matters. Is he shielding you? Qin Haodong wanted to pull Bai Wenjie down at one time as well as his brother-in-law behind him. He didn’t expect that just when he asked about it, there was a noise at the door and seven or eight policemen rushed in.

Although he felt a little pity, what Bai Wenjie had said was enough to put him into prison. Qin Haodong said to Wang Rubing, “Send this video online.”

Wang Rubing nodded and immediately sent the video to some websites which had the highest flow rate in Huaxia. Although Bai Wenjie had background in Wufeng County, as long as the video was released, he believed no one dared to speak for him anymore.

“Don’t move, what happened?”

Zhang Meng, the head of the police station in charge of this street, was a middle-aged policeman with glasses. He had received the emergency call from Li’s family half an hour ago.

However, Bai Wenjie had already greeted Zhang Meng before he came. He was rich, and was the brother-in-law of the head of the Public Security Bureau. So Zhang Meng dared not refuse him, and he arrived late on purpose.

Originally Zhang Meng planned to deal with things for Bai Wenjie, but he didn’t expect to see such a scene after entering the door. Bai Wenjie, who had always been so brutal, was kneeling down in front of a young man with a trembling look. All the little gangsters following him were lying horizontally.

A little gangster who was closest to Zhang Meng climbed up from the ground and pointed to Qin Haodong and cried, “Director Zhang, that guy hurts us; you must uphold justice for us!”

Zhang Meng took a look at Bai Wenjie, who was covered with blood. His face was covered with glass debris, and his left arm was badly deformed.

The director-general’s brother-in-law was beaten like this in his jurisdiction. How could he deal with this? If he did not dispose properly, he might lose his position. Thinking of this, he immediately cried, “Come on, arrest the criminal.”

The two policemen behind him responded and rushed to Qin Haodong with handcuffs. Wang Rubing blocked the two men and said angrily, “When our house was smashed, you didn’t care. Now my brother has cleaned up these hooligans and you have come to arrest him. Do you obey the law?”

“Yes, you can’t arrest him…”

“This young man is a good person, you can’t arrest him…”

At this time, people who had stood in the doorway to watch the bustle rushed in and filled the clinic, making the spacious clinic become crowded with 70 or 80 people in it.

These people gathered in front of the clinic when the gangsters smashed it, but they were afraid of Bai Wenjie and dared not help.

Most of these people were old neighbors of the Li family, who had benefited from the Li family over the years. There were also some families of the dead miners, migrant workers who were in arrears of their wages. They had just received a short message from the bank. They at last received the money which they should be paid a long time ago. They were grateful to Qin Haodong.

Now when they saw that the police were going to arrest Qin Haodong, they could no longer hold back and rush together to prevent the police from arresting him.

Seeing so many people rushed in together, Zhang Meng was very nervous. But he still forced himself to calm down and cried, “What are you doing? You are obstructing official duties and breaking the law.”

“We don’t care. We only know that this young man is a good person and you can’t arrest him.”

“Yes. You are police officers. You should arrest these hooligans…”

Zhang Meng, watching the excitement crowd, was also lacking in self-confidence. If it really caused mass incidents, he could not afford the consequences. But if he did not take the young man away, he could not afford the anger of the general director.

Thinking of the hat on his head, he shouted to everyone, “Didn’t you see that he broke the law? We have to take him to the police station for examination.”

At this time, Qin Haodong walked forward and said to Zhang Meng, “Police officer, tell me. How did I break the law?”

Zhang Meng pointed at the injured hoodlums and cried, “Isn’t it illegal for you to injure so many people?”

Qin Haodong’s expression changed and said, “You only see they are injured. But you can’t see what they did. They not only smashed my grandpa’s store, but also attacked me with lethal weapons. Should I just stand here and be chopped down by them?”

Wang Rubing also said, “Yes, it is justifiable defense. We have surveillance video in the store, you can check it if you do not believe.”

“We’ve all seen that young man is self-defense. These hooligans deserve to be fought. We can all bear witness to him.”

The crowd of onlookers shouted loudly.

Zhang Meng’s face was dull. He knew what was going on. He pointed to the miserable Bai Wenjie and said, “Even if you hit those people due to self-defense, what about Mr. Bai? Since you have beaten him like this, you have to explain about it.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said to Bai Wenjie, “Mr. Bai, this police officer wants my explanation. You can tell him about it.”

Bai Wenjie said, “Director Zhang, I deserve to be beaten. I led my men to smash the clinic of traditional Chinese medicine, and I wanted to harass the little girl. This is my fault. It has nothing to do with this young man. He also educated me, teaching me to accumulate virtue and do good deeds, and to begin my life anew…”

Qin Haodong smiled at Zhang Meng and said, “Director Zhang, you’ve heard it. I am doing a good job. You should not arrest me, but give me a certificate of merit.”

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