The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Ning Xueyan Relieves Madam Dowager’s Anger

“Go and see where Mother Yun will be locked up.”

“Young Lady…” Qingyu looked at Ning Xueyan and asked with a quiet voice full of doubt.

“Go!” Ning Xueyan pushed her hard.

This time, Qingyu did not hesitate, but turned and ran away.

Looking at the back of Qingyu, Ning Xueyan smiled.

Mother Yun was Madam Ling’s accomplice who knew a lot. How could she let her die so simply?

The Lord Protector’s Manor was holding a wedding ceremony and the banquet was arranged near the second door. But the backyard was already in chaos.

Nobody noticed that somebody was watching them in a loft near the second door.

In the vast, luxurious living room, an extremely handsome man sat against the railing wearing black clothes on which there were many bloody flowers.

He was extremely beautiful, but also daunting. Several guards stood far away at the entrance of the stairs, not daring to move.

He lifted up a glazed cup and took a sip from it slowly, his beautiful eyes reflecting coldness. The temperature around him was lower than that of other places.

At this time, he looked at the thin Ning Xueyan with great interest.

“It’s really interesting. I didn’t expect there to be such an interesting little girl in the Lord Protector’s Manor!”

He said that as if he had found some interesting prey.

From there, he could clearly see the movements of Ning Xueyan.

“What a surprise!” he thought. Ning Xueyan was just a delicate girl who only knew how to cry, he had not expected her to be as fierce as a wolf.

She bit herself without any hesitation. Everyone knew that it was easy to be cruel to others, but difficult to be cruel to oneself!

“The Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor is so interesting!”

It was late, and the Lord Protector’s Manor was dark. Two people were on the way to the Madam Dowager’s Lucky Garden with a lantern. Just now, the Madam Dowager asked Ning Xueyan to see her.

“Young Lady, why does Madam Dowager want to see you now? Will she blame you for what happened just now?” Mother Han was quite anxious, and could not help asking with a quiet voice.

“Don’t worry. They won’t do anything to me at this time!” Ning Xueyan sneered. She clearly knew Madam Dowager’s purpose. Maybe aside from Madam Dowager and Madam Ling, her father was also in the Lucky Garden.

So many people gathered there only for one purpose—they wanted Ning Xueyan to be responsible for this matter!

Unfortunately, today she would not let them do what they want.

“Young Lady, but…” Mother Han was still worried.

“Mother Han, when I enter the Lucky Garden, you wait for me outside. Then at the proper time, come in to do what I told you.” Ning Xuyan Looked down at the road beneath her feet with a resolute look. Knowing their purpose, she had prepared well before coming.

Looking at the confident Young Lady, Mother Han relaxed and nodded forcefully. “Don’t worry. I’ve got it all in my mind.”

When they arrived at the Lucky Garden, the whole place was ablaze with lights. A large number of servants stood still outside, not daring to move and fearing to provoke the masters in the house.

In the room, the Madam Dowager sat on the couch with an unpleasant look, and Madam Dowager Liu sitting beside her also frowned.

Ning Zu’an sat calmly to the right of the Madam Dowager, and Madam Ling stood beside his chair with her head bowed.

The Madam Dowager in her seat stared at Ning Xueyan angrily as soon as she came in. She knocked on the ground severely with the crutch in her hand and shouted at Ning Xueyan, “Kneel down.”

The atmosphere became more tense.

Ning Xueyan was not in a hurry. When she came in, she saw the entire scene clearly and knew that Madam Ling must have said something bad about her.

The Madam Dowager also wanted to suppress her by using this opportunity. Ning Xueyan sneered at them.”If I were the cowardly Ning Xueyan from before, I would listen to you now after being scolded. But I am not!”

Taking a cup of tea brought in by the maid, Ning Xueyan stepped forward and gently said, “Grandmother, are you better now? Don’t be angry. Your health is the most important.”

Hearing her words, the Madam Dowager could not help feeling eased.

Madam Dowager Liu nodded off to the side. “This girl is kind-hearted. At this time, she still worries about her grandmother’s health. It’s totally different from what Madam Ling said.”

“Xueyan, did you intentionally make trouble in the front yard this time?”

Madam Dowager Liu asked before the Madam Dowager could tell Ning Xueyan to kneel down again.

“Grandma, I’m a mistress of the Lord Protector’s Manor, how could I do that? My mother has died, I was very sad and I didn’t eat for a day, so I felt dizzy. But I can’t be ill. Otherwise, no one would keep vigil for my mom. I had no choice but to go to the kitchen to get some food with Mother Han.”

Ning Xueyan said that sincerely with tears in her eyes, letting them know that she was telling the truth.

“Madam Ling, what’s the matter? Why there was no servant in Bright Frost Garden? And no one sent meals?”

Madam Dowager asked angrily, and almost at the same time, Ning Zu’an stared at Madam Ling.

Madam Ling did not expect Ning Xueyan to say that so methodically in front of so many people.

At this time, when she saw that the Madam Dowager was staring at her and her husband, who had always favored her, was unhappy, she trembled due to fear, stared at Ning Xueyan, and cried out her grievances.

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