The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Who Will Be Responsible for the Scandal?

Hearing Madam Dowager’s inquiry, Madam Ling hurried to cry out her grievances!

“Mother, I did arrange it. Maybe the servants were too busy to serve the Fifth Young Lady. Today, there were so many guests, I can’t always be with the Fifth Young Lady! Those servants came out to laze around on their own. It really has nothing to do with me.”

“You’ve been in charge of this manor for some time. How can there be evil servants who deceive and bully the masters! Although Xueyan lives in a remote house, she is also a mistress of the Lord Protector’s Manor. Later, you will arrange more servants in her Bright Frost Garden, she can’t be slighted.” Madam Dowager stared at Madam Ling unhappily for a while, then ordered in a deep voice.

“Yes, Mother. I was too busy to neglect Xueyan. Xueyan, it’s mother’s fault, sorry.”

Madam Ling made an apology quickly this time, then turned to Ning Xueyan and was going to salute her.

If Ning Xueyan were to accept Madam Ling’s salute now, she would be criticized for not respecting elders.

Madam Ling had changed her plan to frame Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan sneered in her mind and glanced over at her father, whom she did not hold out any hope for. But she looked at Madam Dowager Liu for a while.

In order to achieve their goals, the Madam Dowager and Madam Ling used the carrot and stick. They wanted Ning Xueyan to know that they were a family.

Unfortunately, this time they were wrong. She already had a solution.

Ning Xueyan stepped away and avoided Madam Ling’s salute with a cold smile on her face. Then she looked up and said in surprise, her cold smile already disappearing, “Mother, you are the First-class Marchioness and my elder, how dare I accept your salute!”

“Madam Ling, don’t embarrass Xueyan. What’s important is what to do next. As the Marchioness, don’t you know it’s a scandal to hold a wedding ceremony when a member of our family has died!”

Ning Xueyan felt surprised, but she behaved well. However, Madam Ling wanted to salute her daughter regardless of her identity, which showed her flippancy. Madam Dowager Liu frowned and directly asked Madam Ling in an unpleasant tone.


Madam Ling could not answer for a moment then turned to the Madam Dowager.

The Madam Dowager coughed and was asked by Madam Dowager Liu before saying anything, “Sister, you don’t know about it, do you?”

This remark surprised the Madam Dowager, making her cough for a while. Then she drank tea with the help of the maids and said, “Madam Ling has covered that up. I didn’t know.”

Saying this, the Madam Dowager was more unpleasant regarding Madam Ling.

Madam Ming had died the night before, but the Madam Dowager found out about it this morning. At that time, the wedding ceremony had started and the bridal sedan chair had left.

Now, the Madam Dowager was so passive because of Madam Ling.

“Now we have to come up with an idea to make up for it. It’s not good for anyone if the reputation of Lord Protector’s Manor is destroyed. Xueyan, just tell others that your mother told you on her deathbed not to announce her death until after your sister’s wedding. This is also your mother’s love for the younger generation.”

At this point, the Madam Dowager did not want to hide it anymore. She told Ning Xueyan her purpose directly.

Someone had died in the family, but they held a wedding instead of a funeral. Now they wanted Ning Xueyan and Madam Ming to be responsible for that. The Madam Dowager and Madam Ling distorted the facts, but thought it was justified!

Only Ning Zu’an, who sat on one side, stopped looking at Ning Xueyan with guilt on his face.

That was the reason why they had called her at this time!

Ning Xueyan clenched her hands in her sleeves and tried her best to suppress the rising anger. Anger and hatred flashed in her eyes!

“You want me and my mother to be responsible for that! How shameful of you! Unfortunately, you can’t achieve your purpose.”

Ning Xueyan nodded with a smile and said, “Grandmother, I know your difficulty. I’m willing to do what you said!”

Hearing Ning Xueyan’s words, Madam Dowager was relieved and thought her granddaughter was understanding.

Seeing that the Madam Dowager had been relieved, Ning Xueyan smiled and continued to speak.

“But now the entire city knows that we held a big wedding while hiding the news of someone’s death. If we put it another way, I’m afraid people will think that we spare no efforts to slander the dead people to cover up the scandal. If some people make irresponsible remarks to expose it to His Majesty, I’m afraid…”

The Madam Dowager became fearful, her gaze wandering. At this point, Ning Xueyan knew that her aim had been achieved.

Realizing that the Madam Dowager was going to change her mind, Madam Ling hurried to speak with a smile. “How could His Majesty know about such a trifle? Xueyan, don’t talk nonsense. You’ve frightened your grandmother!”

Madam Ling’s meaning was that Ning Xueyan was unwilling to help the Lord Protector’s Manor and had intentionally frightened the Madam Dowager.

“Mother, do you think His Majesty doesn’t know? Or do you think this kind of thing won’t be exposed to His Majesty? Mother, don’t doubt His Majesty’s ability. If this matter is spread to His Majesty…”

Ning Xueyan looked at Madam Ling with a cold smile, which scared Madam Ling. Then she said slowly, “The crime of deceiving the monarch is unforgivable!”

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